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Keywords by alphabetical order

Cabin Car Communication Ortega Alfonso, Lleida Eduardo, Masgrau Enrique DSP to improve oral communication inside vehicles Paper #380
Capacity Mestre Xavier, Fonollosa Javier R., Pagès Alba Capacity of MIMO Channels: Asymptotic Results for Correlated Fading Paper #715
Carrier Correction Heute Ulrich, Guelzow Thomas, Kolb Hans-Joachim SSB-Carrier Mismatch Detection from Speech Characteristics: Extension beyond the Range of Uniqueness Paper #124
Carrier synchronization Noels Nele, Steendam Heidi, Moeneclaey Marc The true Cramer-Rao bound for carrier and symbol synchronization Paper #720
Causality Torokhti Anatoli, Howlett Phil, Pearce Charles A Causal Optimal Filter of the Second Degree Paper #128
CCSDS Moury Gilles, Ribes André, Lesthievent Guy Overview And General Principles Of Source Coding, Channel Coding & Modulation In CCSDS And DVB-S Standards Paper #758
CDMA Vaton Sandrine, Chonavel Thierry, Saoudi Samir Iterative multi-user detection and decoding for turbo coded DS-CDMA systems Paper #358
Guainazzo Marco, Peluffo Marta, Sacchi Claudio, Regazzoni Carlo A higher-order-statistics based blind interference cancellator for asynchronous DS/CDMA systems Paper #379
Fung C. Y., Chan S.C., Tse K.W. Space-time decorrelating RAKE receiver in multipath CDMA channel Paper #463
CELP Coded Speech Dar Ghulam Raza, Chan Cheung Fat Enhancing quality of CELP coded speech via wideband extension by using voicing GMM interpolation and HNM re-synthesis Paper #511
CFAR Játiva René, Vidal Josep Coarse First Arriving Path Detection for Subscriber Location in Mobile Communication Systems Paper #292
Chandrasekhar Algorithm Sayadi Mounir, Fnaiech Farhat, Mahlouthi Ahmed, Chaari Abdelkader, Najim Mohamed A New Two-Dimensional Fast Adaptive Filter Based on the Chandrasekhar Algorithm Paper #629
Change Detection Oberti Franco, Marcenaro Lucio, Regazzoni Carlo Real-time change detection methods for video-surveillance systems with mobile camera Paper #383
Channel Coding Laot Christophe, Lebidan Raphael, Leroux Dominique multiple-input turbo equalization over time-varying frequency selective channels Paper #367
Poulliat Charly, Vila Pierre, Pirez Didier, Fijalkow Inbar Progressive Quality JPEG2000 Image Transmission over Noisy Channel Paper #766
Channel equalization Chan Mun Keat, Cowan Colin Using a normalised LMF algorithm for channel equalisation with co-channel interference Paper #003
Channel Equalization Kwan Man-Wai, Kok Chi-Wah Channel Precoder with Nonuniform Sampling Equalizer Paper #384
Channel equalization Pérez-Cruz Fernando, Artes-Rodriguez Antonio Adaptive SVC for nonlinear channel equalization Paper #729
Liavas Athanasios Robustness of the finite-length MMSE-DFE with respect to channel and second-order statistics estimation errors Paper #738
Channel Estimation Sellami Noura, Fijalkow Inbar, Perreau Sylvie Performance analysis of a List-type equalizer over estimated MIMO frequency selective channels Paper #223
Enescu Mihai, Koivunen Visa Kalman Smoothing Based Channel Estimation for Space-Time Block Coding Paper #310
Rice Garrey, Stirling Iain, Garcia-Alis Daniel, Stewart R. W. A Novel Channel Estimation Algorithm Applied to UTRA-FDD Paper #385
Huang Yufei, Djuric Petar A blind particle filtering detector for joint channel estimation, tracking and data detection over flat fading channels Paper #505
Spagnolini Umberto, Nicoli Monica, Simeone Osvaldo A multi-slot method to estimate fast-varying channels in TD-CDMA systems Paper #634
Channel Identification Wen Yu, Chan S.C., Ho K.L. Robust Subspace Tracking Based Blind Channel Identification In Impulsive Noise Environment Paper #410
Channel Modelling Jaffrot Emmanuel, Nguyen Van, Soamiadana Marcella, White Langford, Fijalkow Inbar Symbol by symbol reduced complexity highly selective OFDM channel estimation Paper #363
Channel Prediction Oien Geir E., Holm Henrik, Hole Kjell J. Channel prediction for adaptive coded modulation in Rayleigh fading Paper #078
Chaos McLaughlin Stephen, Unsworth Charles, Cowper Mark, Mulgrew Bernard Correlation Integral Analysis of radar sea clutter Paper #182
Cowper Mark, Mulgrew Bernard, Unsworth Charles Radial basis functions: normalised or un-normalised? Paper #531
Chaotic Signals Luengo David, Pantaleón Carlos, Santamaria Ignacio Bayesian Estimation of Discrete Chaotic Signals by MCMC Paper #330
Chf Patients Accardo Agostino, D'addio Gianni, Maestri Roberto, Vitale Dario, Furgi Giorgio, Rengo Fabio fractal dimension and power-law behavior reproducibility and correlation in chronic heart failure patients Paper #279
CIC Decimator Lehtinen Vesa, Renfors Markku Truncation Noise Analysis of Noise Shaping DSP Systems with Application to CIC Decimators Paper #340
CIC Filter Babic Djordje, Renfors Markku Programmable Modified Fractional Comb Decimation Filter Paper #336
Circle Fitting Tico Marius, Rusu Corneliu, Kuosmanen Pauli, Delp Edward Circle Fitting by Iterative Inversion Paper #221
Circular Array Grosicki Emmanuele, Abed Meraim Karim, Muhammad Wrya Joint angle and delay estimation using uniform circular array receiver Paper #361
Cisoid Estimation Jonsson Roland Bayesian Model Selection and Estimation of Multiple Cisoid Models Paper #084
Classification Kornagel Ulrich Spectral widening of telephone speech using an extended classification approach Paper #281
Classification In Genomics Tabus Ioan, Rissanen Jorma, Astola Jaakko A classifier based on normalized maximum likelihood model for classes of Boolean regression models Paper #352
Classifier Combination Dubuisson Séverine, Davoine Franck Facial expression recognition by combination of classifiers Paper #181
Clipping Banelli Paolo, Leus Geert, Giannakis Georgios Bayesian Estimation of Clipped Gaussian Processes with Application to OFDM Paper #173
Clustering technics Kopsinis Yannis, Theodoridis Sergios A novel cluster based MLSE equalizer for 2-PAM signaling scheme Paper #744
CM Equalization Touzni Azzedine, Endres Tom, Fu Haosong, Casas Raul Behavior and corrections of constant modulus equalization with a DC offset Paper #484
CMFB Xie X.M., Chan S.C., Yuk T. I. A Class of Perfect-Reconstruction Nonuniform Cosine-Modulated Filter-Banks with Dynamic Recombination Paper #503
CNN Ozmen Atilla, Tufan Akman Emir Edge Detection using Steerable Filters and CNN Paper #342
Co-Channel Interference Chan Mun Keat, Cowan Colin Using a normalised LMF algorithm for channel equalisation with co-channel interference Paper #003
Cochlear Rouat Jean, Pichevar Ramin nonlinear speech processing with oscillatory neural networks for speaker segregation Paper #718
Codes Raos Ivana, Zazo Santiago, Páez-Borrallo José-Manuel MC-CDMA with Prolate Spheroidal Functions-based Orthogonal Codes Paper #355
Coding Figueras I Ventura Rosa M., Vandergheynst Pierre, Frossard Pascal Evolutionary Multiresolution Matching Pursuit and its relations with the Human Visual System Paper #371
Ferreira Paulo, Pinho Armando Histogram packing, total variation, and lossless image compression Paper #375
Mary David, Slock Dirk Backward adaptive transform coding of vectorial signals: a comparison between unitary and causal approaches Paper #396
Boulgouris Nikolaos, Thomos Nikolaos, Strintzis Michael Error-Resilient Coding and Forward Error Correction for Image Transmission over Unreliable Channels Paper #460
Coherence Faucon Gérard, Le Bouquin-Jeannès Régine, Conze Jean-Pierre Statistical analysis of a linear relation between noisy repetitive signals Paper #621
Coherently Distributed Sources Wan Qun, Peng Ying Ning An Approach to Direction of Arrival Estimation of Multiple Coherently Distributed Sources by Searching Maximum Eigenvalue Paper #075
Collusion Resistant Trappe Wade, Wu Min, Liu K.J. Ray Joint Coding and Embedding for Collusion-Resistant Fingerprinting Paper #743
Color And Shape Description Akcay Mahmut, Baskurt Atilla, Sankur Bulent Measuring similarity between color image regions Paper #284
Color Images Lukac Rastislav Vector Directional Order-statistics for Impulse Detection Paper #266
Salvador Elena, Ebrahimi Touradj Cast Shadow Recognition in Color Images Paper #425
Color Quantization Chan Yuk-Hee, Fung Yik-Hing Regularized Restoration of Color-Quantized Images Paper #454
Color Restoration Chan Yuk-Hee, Fung Yik-Hing Regularized Restoration of Color-Quantized Images Paper #454
Color spaces Larabi Mohamed-Chaker, Fernandez-Maloigne Christine, Richard Noël Psychovisual evaluation of the effect of color spaces and color quantification in JPEG2000 image compression Paper #711
Color Texture Description Vertan Constantin, Stoica Adrian, Fernandez-Maloigne Christine Color Texture Recognition and Indexing by Fuzzy Color Spatial Distributions Paper #122
Colored Noise Hasan Md., Khan M. A New Method For Parameter Estimation of Autoregressive Signals in Colored Noise Paper #151
Common Acoustical Poles Parisi Raffaele, Gazzetta Riccardo, Di Claudio Elio D. Common-acoustical-pole preprocessing for source localization in reverberant rooms Paper #056
Communication Grant Peter, McCormick Andrew, Thompson John, Arslan Tughrul, Erdogan Ahmet Optimising the Implementation of a FFT-based Multicarrier CDMA Receiver Paper #132
Brossier Jean-Marc, Amblard Pierre-Olivier, Geller Benoît Self-adaptive PLL for general QAM constellations. Paper #356
Nordlund Per-Johan, Gunnarsson Fredrik, Gustafsson Fredrik Particle Filters for Positioning in Wireless Networks Paper #750
Yang Zigang, Wang Xiaodong Sequential Monte Carlo for Mobility Management in Wireless Cellular Networks Paper #751
Compact Representation Siohan Pierre, Pinchon Didier, Siclet Cyrille A fast design method for biorthogonal modulated filter banks Paper #374
Compensation Of Temperature Fluctuation Tatekura Yosuke, Saruwatari Hiroshi, Shikano Kiyohiro Adaptive Compensation of Temperature Fluctuation Effect in Sound Reproduction System Paper #149
Complex Signals Evangelista Gennaro, Göckler Heinz Arbitrary Sampling Rate Conversion of Complex Signals Paper #016
Complexity Le Barz Cédric, Elmostadi Rachid, Nicholson Didier Real Time Implementation of JPEG2000 Paper #765
Complexity Control Gosme Julien, Goncalvès Paulo, Richard Cédric, Lengellé Régis Adaptive diffusion and discriminant analysis for complexity control of time-frequency detectors Paper #150
Compressed Domain Indexing Simitopoulos Dimitrios, Tzovaras Dimitrios, Strintzis Michael Image compression for indexing based on the encoding cost map Paper #350
Compression Magli Enrico, Olmo Gabriella DPCM compression of SAR raw data Paper #200
Guillemot Ludovic, Voinson Teddy, Moureaux Jean-Marie Lattice vector quantization with dead zone for an efficient combined compression and watermarking algorithm Paper #482
Computation Accuracy Menard Daniel, Quemerais Philippe, Sentieys Olivier Influence of fixed-point DSP architecture on computation accuracy Paper #341
Concentration Measure Dakovic Milos, Djurovic Igor, Stankovic Ljubisa Adaptive local polynomial Fourier transform Paper #131
Condition-number Minimization Oliveira E Silva Tomas On the choice of a basis for a linear-in-the-parameters model Paper #206
Congruent Pencil Tomé Ana Maria, Ferreira Nuno On-line Source Separation of Temporally Correlated Signals Paper #574
Constrained And Unconstrained Detection Structures Abdallah Fahed, Richard Cédric, Lengellé Régis On equivalence between detectors obtained from second-order measures of performance Paper #165
Constraint Optimization Harris Fred, Bologna Frank Joint Zero-Forcing and Matched Filter Processing in an Adaptive Equalizer Using the Linearly Constrained Least-Mean Square Algorithm Paper #589
Content characterization Leonardi Riccardo, Migliorati Pierangelo, Prandini Maria Modelling of visual features by Markov chains for sport content characterization Paper #748
Context Dependent Dynamic Time Warping Pikrakis Aggelos, Theodoridis Sergios, Kamarotos Dimitris Recognition of Isolated Musical Patterns using Context Dependent Dynamic Time Warping Paper #666
Continuous Speech Recognition Deviren Murat, Daoudi Khalid Continuous Speech Recognition Using Structural Learning of Dynamic Bayesian Networks Paper #669
Contour Coding Verbert Pierre, Guédon Jean-Pierre An exact discrete backprojection operator Paper #420
Contrast Castella Marc, Pesquet Jean-Christophe, Petropulu Athina P. New contrasts for blind separation of non iid sources in the convolutive case Paper #376
Convex Stability Domain Dumitrescu Bogdan On Convex Stability Domain and Optimization of IIR Filters Paper #021
Convolutive Mixtures Castella Marc, Pesquet Jean-Christophe, Petropulu Athina P. New contrasts for blind separation of non iid sources in the convolutive case Paper #376
Dapena Adriana, Serviere Christine A new way to invert the sliding Fourier transform and its application to signal separation Paper #619
Copy Attack Deguillaume Frédéric, Voloshynovskiy Sviatoslav, Pun Thierry Hybrid Robust Watermarking Resistant Againts Copy Attack Paper #406
Copyright Protection Alturki Faisal, Mersereau Russell Secure, blind image watermarking technique for copyright protection Paper #465
copyright protection Hachez Gaël, Quisquater Jean-Jacques Which directions for asymmetric watermarking? Paper #774
Correlation Integral Radar McLaughlin Stephen, Unsworth Charles, Cowper Mark, Mulgrew Bernard Correlation Integral Analysis of radar sea clutter Paper #182
Cramer-Rao bound Noels Nele, Steendam Heidi, Moeneclaey Marc The true Cramer-Rao bound for carrier and symbol synchronization Paper #720
Cross-correlation Berberidis Kostas, Karybali Irene A new efficient cross-correlation based image registration technique with imporved performance Paper #028
Cross-correlation Analysis Nagano Koji Blind detection of an elliptically polarized wave in three-component seismic measurement Paper #610
Cryptography Adelsbach Andre, Katzenbeisser Stefan, Sadeghi Ahmad-Reza Cryptography Meets Watermarking: Detecting Watermarks with Minimal or Zero Knowledge Disclosure Paper #731
Cumulants Martin-Clemente Ruben, Acha Jose A new cumulant-based criterion for iterative blind source separation Paper #357
Cyclostationarity Raad Amani, Antoni Jérôme, Sidahmed Ménad Third-order Cyclic Characterization of Vibration Signals in Rotating Machinery Paper #285
Cyclostationary Ferréol Anne, Chevalier Pascal, Albera Laurent higher order blind separation of non zero-mean cyclostationary sources Paper #365
Dasgupta Soura, Pandharipande Ashish Subband Coding of Cyclostationary Signals with Overdecimated Filter Banks Paper #488