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Complete list of papers sorted by code
Paper #003 Chan Mun Keat, Cowan Colin Using a normalised LMF algorithm for channel equalisation with co-channel interference
Paper #004 Rautiainen Mikko, Malmivuo Jaakko Iterative method for creating wavelet dictionaries
Paper #005 Jensen Jesper, Heusdens Richard A Comparison of Sinusoidal Model Variants for Speech and Audio Representation
Paper #012 Kamiya Yukihiro, Besson Olivier A constant power algorithm for partial-band interference rejection in frequency-hopping communication systems
Paper #013 Schnell Karl, Lacroix Arild Analysis of Nasals and Nasalized Vowels Based on Branched Tube Models
Paper #014 Faúndez-Zanuy Marcos N-dimensional nonlinear prediction with MLP
Paper #015 Derrode Stephane, Ghorbel Faouzi Shape distance for rotation estimation and rotational symmetry detection in gray-level images
Paper #016 Evangelista Gennaro, Göckler Heinz Arbitrary Sampling Rate Conversion of Complex Signals
Paper #020 Ibnkahla Mohamed Statistical analysis of neural network inversion of Hammerstein systems for gaussian inputs
Paper #021 Dumitrescu Bogdan On Convex Stability Domain and Optimization of IIR Filters
Paper #022 Bernabeu Pablo, Vegara Luís, Bosch Ignacio Nonlinear prediction of infrared data by the Wiener system
Paper #026 Nezan Jean Francois, Le Mener Yann, Raulet Mickael, Kountouris Apostolos, Moy Christophe Syndex executive development for DSPs TI C6x aplied to real-time and embedded multiprocessors architectures
Paper #027 Chapeau-Blondeau François, Rojas Varela Julio Noise-assisted signal transmission for nonlinear systems with saturation
Paper #028 Berberidis Kostas, Karybali Irene A new efficient cross-correlation based image registration technique with imporved performance
Paper #031 Saito Takahiro, Satsumabayashi Jun, Yashiro Kentarou, Komatsu Takashi Selective image-sharpness enhancement by coupled nonlinear reaction-diffusion time-evolution and its practical application
Paper #032 Saito Takahiro, Yashiro Kentarou, Satsumabayashi Jun, Komatsu Takashi Statistically optimal control of a blending-type filter with its application to old film restoration
Paper #034 Psarakis Emmanouil, Moustakides George Closed form expressions for optimum FIR polynomial predictive filtering
Paper #035 Pham Dinh-Tuan Blind Separation of Non Stationary Non Gaussian Sources
Paper #036 Pinho Armando, Neves Antonio Improvement of the lossless compression of images with quasi-sparse histograms
Paper #037 Erdogmus Deniz, Príncipe José, Vielva Luis Blind Deconvolution with Minimum Renyi's Entropy
Paper #038 Erdogmus Deniz, Rao Yadunandana N., Príncipe José, Fontenla-Romero Oscar, Vielva Luis An Efficient, Robust, and Fast Converging Principal Components Extraction Algorithm: SIPEX-G
Paper #039 Erdogmus Deniz, Hild II Kenneth E., Príncipe José, Vielva Luis Blind Separation of Uncorrelated Sources
Paper #043 Goupil Alban, Palicot Jacques Constant Norm Algorithms Class
Paper #044 Burykh Serguei, Abed Meraim Karim Multi-Stage Reduced-Rank Adaptive Filter With Flexible Structure
Paper #045 Lopez Francisco, Vesma Jussi, Renfors Markku Defining the wordlength of the fractional interval in interpolation filters
Paper #047 Volkmer Markus, Banke Boris Pulse-induced masking of sonagrams for the enhancement of speech
Paper #048 Wyzgolik Roman Determination of P phase arrival in low-amplitude seismic signals from coal-mines with wavelets
Paper #049 Koutsogiannis Grigorios, Soraghan John Kernel Principal Component Analysis (KPCA) for the de-noising of communication signals
Paper #052 Kajikawa Yoshinobu, Nomura Yasuo Linearization Technique for Stereophonic Reproduction Systems with Nonlinearity
Paper #056 Parisi Raffaele, Gazzetta Riccardo, Di Claudio Elio D. Common-acoustical-pole preprocessing for source localization in reverberant rooms
Paper #058 Petrovsky Alexander, Bielawski Krzystof Auditory model based speech enhancement system for hands-free devices
Paper #059 Stankovic Srdjan, Ivanovic Veselin, Stankovic Ljubisa Hartley Transform Based Architecture for Time-Frequency Analysis and Time-Varying Filtering
Paper #067 Djurovic Igor, Stankovic Ljubisa, Boehme Johann Myriad filter based form of the DFT
Paper #068 Tchobanou Mikhail, Woodburn Cynthia Implementation issues in 2-D filter bank design based on matrix
Paper #073 Eggers Joachim, Bäuml Robert, Tzschoppe Roman, Girod Bernd Inverse Mapping of SCS-Watermarked Data
Paper #075 Wan Qun, Peng Ying Ning An Approach to Direction of Arrival Estimation of Multiple Coherently Distributed Sources by Searching Maximum Eigenvalue
Paper #078 Oien Geir E., Holm Henrik, Hole Kjell J. Channel prediction for adaptive coded modulation in Rayleigh fading
Paper #081 Kuruoglu Ercan Engin, Bedini Luigi, Paratore Maria Teresa, Salerno Emanuele, Tonazzini Anna Component Separation in Astronomical Images Using Independent Factor Analysis
Paper #082 Bilcu Radu Ciprian, Kuosmanen Pauli, Egiazarian Karen Noise constrained LMS algorithm in transform domain
Paper #084 Jonsson Roland Bayesian Model Selection and Estimation of Multiple Cisoid Models
Paper #085 Moxey C E, Ell Todd, Sangwine Stephen Hypercomplex operators and vector correlation
Paper #086 Rodríguez Paul Radix-2 Multi-Dimensional Transposition-Free FFT Algorithm for Modern Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) Architectures
Paper #087 Marshall Stephen Optimum non linear document restoration through linear greyscale operators
Paper #089 Cyganek Boguslaw, Borgosz Jan A New Stereo Method Based on the Detector of Local Structures
Paper #094 Poor H. Vincent, Tanda Mario Asymptotic performance of a robust multiuser detector for fast-fading channels with impulsive noise
Paper #095 Bertalmío Marcelo, Caselles Vicent, Rougé Bernard, Solé Andrés Total variation image restoration with local constraints
Paper #096 Matsuda Ichiro, Itoh Susumu Video Coding Based on Seamless Combination of Motion Compensation and Matching Pursuits
Paper #097 Pollak Petr Efficient and Reliable Measurement and Simulation of Noisy Speech Background
Paper #098 Cvejic Nedeljko, Seppanen Tapio Audio prewhitening based on polynomial filtering for optimal watermark detection
Paper #099 Treetasanatavorn Siripong, Rauschenbach Uwe, Heuer Jörg, Kaup André Automatic Video Structuring for Multimedia Messaging
Paper #100 D'Elia Ciro, Poggi Giovanni, Scarpa Giuseppe An adaptive MRF model for boundary-preserving segmentation of multispectral images
Paper #101 Bekkouche Hocine, Barret Michel Comparison of lossless codecs for satellite and MRI medical images
Paper #103 Tenze Livio, Marsi Stefano, Carrato Sergio Design and implementation of a high-quality, low-power deinterlacer circuit
Paper #104 Pingault Mathias, Pellerin Denis Optical Flow Constrait Equation Exended To Transparency
Paper #105 Fanucci Luca, Saponara Sergio VLSI design for low-power data-adaptive motion estimation
Paper #106 Garcia Begoña, Vicente Javier, Aramendi Elisabete Time-spectral technique for esophageal voice regeneration
Paper #107 Gasull Antoni, Fábregas Xavier, Jiménez Jorge, Marqués Ferran, Moreno Victoriano, Herrero Miguel Angel Oil spills detection in SAR images using mathematical morphology
Paper #108 Selouani Sid-Ahmed, O'Shaughnessy Douglas A Hybrid HMM/Autoregressive Time-Delay Neural Network Automatic Speech Recognition System
Paper #112 Vasile Patrascu, Vasile Buzuloiu Image Dynamic Range Enhancement in the Context of Logarithmic Models
Paper #114 Yagi Masakazu, Shibata Tadashi, Takada Kenji Human-perception-like image recognition system based on the associative processor architecture
Paper #117 Ouyang Shan, Ching P.C. A unified framework for fast extraction of principal and minor components
Paper #118 Vainio Olli Design of FIR predictors as a tapped cascaded interconnection of subfilters
Paper #120 Vielva Luis, Santamaria Ignacio, Pantaleón Carlos, Ibáñez Jesús, Erdogmus Deniz, Príncipe José Estimation of the Mixing Matrix for Underdetermined Blind Source Separation using Spectral Estimation Techniques
Paper #122 Vertan Constantin, Stoica Adrian, Fernandez-Maloigne Christine Color Texture Recognition and Indexing by Fuzzy Color Spatial Distributions
Paper #123 Panagopoulos Spyros, Soraghan John Two-dimensional feed-forward functionally expanded neural network
Paper #124 Heute Ulrich, Guelzow Thomas, Kolb Hans-Joachim SSB-Carrier Mismatch Detection from Speech Characteristics: Extension beyond the Range of Uniqueness
Paper #126 Wilson Simon, Zerubia Josiane Unsupervised Segmentation of Textured Satellite and Aerial Images with Bayesian Methods
Paper #127 Vrabie Valeriu, Mars Jerome SVD-ICA: A New Tool to Enhance the Separation Between Signal and Noise Subspaces
Paper #128 Torokhti Anatoli, Howlett Phil, Pearce Charles A Causal Optimal Filter of the Second Degree
Paper #129 Niedzwiecki Maciej, Klaput Tomasz, Kaczmarek Piotr Increasing accuracy of frequency estimation by decimation
Paper #131 Dakovic Milos, Djurovic Igor, Stankovic Ljubisa Adaptive local polynomial Fourier transform
Paper #132 Grant Peter, McCormick Andrew, Thompson John, Arslan Tughrul, Erdogan Ahmet Optimising the Implementation of a FFT-based Multicarrier CDMA Receiver
Paper #134 Sidorov Denis, Kokaram Anil Removing Moire from Degraded Video Archives
Paper #137 Miyazaki Akio, Okamoto Akihiro Analysis and improvement of correlation-based watermarking methods for digital images
Paper #138 Delmas Jean-Pierre, Meurisse Yann Asymptotically minimum variance second-order estimation of frequencies for mixed spectra time series
Paper #139 Yen Rainfield, Liu Hong-Yu, Chen Jin-Qun Generalized Decision Error Probability for Linear Equalization Using M-ary PAM Transmission
Paper #140 Panagiotakis Costas, Tziritas Georgios A Speech/Music Discriminator using RMS and Zero-crossings
Paper #141 Magli Enrico, Olmo Gabriella A minimax-constrained superresolution algorithm for remote sensing imagery
Paper #144 Bergen Stuart, Antoniou Andreas Generation of Ultraspherical Window Functions
Paper #145 Cerisara Christophe, Fohr Dominique Fast Channel and Noise Compensation in the Spectral Domain
Paper #149 Tatekura Yosuke, Saruwatari Hiroshi, Shikano Kiyohiro Adaptive Compensation of Temperature Fluctuation Effect in Sound Reproduction System
Paper #150 Gosme Julien, Goncalvès Paulo, Richard Cédric, Lengellé Régis Adaptive diffusion and discriminant analysis for complexity control of time-frequency detectors
Paper #151 Hasan Md., Khan M. A New Method For Parameter Estimation of Autoregressive Signals in Colored Noise
Paper #153 Terebes Romulus, Lavialle Olivier, Baylou Pierre, Borda Monica Directional Anisotropic Diffusion
Paper #154 Nishikawa Tsuyoki, Saruwatari Hiroshi, Shikano Kiyohiro Comparison of Time-Domain ICA, Frequency-Domain ICA and Multistage ICA for Blind Source Separation
Paper #155 Moustakides George, Cerou Frederic, Audouin Olivier, Noirie Ludovic Eye diagram reconstruction using asynchronous imperfect sampling, application to BER estimation for fiber-optic communication systems
Paper #157 Hossen Abdulnasir, Heute Ulrich A Novel Simple Adaptive Spectral Analysis Zoom For Narrow-Band Signals
Paper #160 Fahmy Mamdouh F., El-Raheem Gamal M. The Lifting Theory and The Design of Biorthogonal Filter Banks
Paper #161 Lu Wu-Sheng Minimax Design of 2-D FIR Filters with Low Group Delay Using Convex Optimization
Paper #165 Abdallah Fahed, Richard Cédric, Lengellé Régis On equivalence between detectors obtained from second-order measures of performance
Paper #166 Virette David, Scalart Pascal, Lamblin Claude Analysis of background noise reduction techniques for robust speech coding
Paper #167 Izzo Luciano, Napolitano Antonio Effects of channels introducing time-variant delays on generalized almost-cyclostationary signals
Paper #168 Ibáñez Jesús, Pantaleón Carlos, Diez Jose, Santamaria Ignacio Spline pulse shaping with isi-free matched filter receiver
Paper #169 Santamaria Ignacio, Pantaleón Carlos, Vielva Luis, Príncipe José Adaptive blind equalization through quadratic pdf matching
Paper #171 Magadán Margarita, Niemistö Riitta, Möttönen Jyrki, Ruotsalainen Ulla ICA for Acoustic Echo Control
Paper #173 Banelli Paolo, Leus Geert, Giannakis Georgios Bayesian Estimation of Clipped Gaussian Processes with Application to OFDM
Paper #174 Antoni Jérôme, Sidahmed Ménad Blind Identification of ARMA Systems using the Discrete Random Decrement
Paper #176 Khan Ekram, Ghanbari Mohammed Error Resilient Virtual SPIHT For Image Transmission Over Noisy Channels
Paper #179 Le Bihan Nicolas, Mars Jérôme Quaternion subspace method for vector-sensor wave separation
Paper #180 Mukhopadhyay Jayanta, Ghosh S.K. Low bit rate video compression using relative fractal coding
Paper #181 Dubuisson Séverine, Davoine Franck Facial expression recognition by combination of classifiers
Paper #182 McLaughlin Stephen, Unsworth Charles, Cowper Mark, Mulgrew Bernard Correlation Integral Analysis of radar sea clutter
Paper #183 Parkins Andrew, Nandi Asoke Simplifying Hand Written Digit Recognition Using A Genetic Algorithm
Paper #186 Zilany M. S., Hasan Md., Khan M. Efficient hard and soft thresholding for wavelet speech enhancement
Paper #189 Markovic Milan, Unkasevic Tomislav, Gjordjevic Goran RSA Algorithm Optimization on Assembler of TI TMS320C54x Signal Processors
Paper #190 Nguyen Phu Chien, Akagi Masato Limited error based event localizing temporal decomposition
Paper #191 Sakai Hideaki, Sakaguchi Tomoyasu Performance analysis of a new adaptive algorithm for blind multiuser detection
Paper #193 Somervuo Panu Two-level phoneme recognition based on successive use of monophone and diphone models
Paper #197 Roueff Antoine, Chanussot Jocelyn Estimation of polarization on time-scale plane for seismic wave separation
Paper #198 Feng Yumang, Zarzoso Vicente, Nandi Asoke Application of blind signal separation to WDM optical transmission monitoring
Paper #199 Sernec Radovan, Zajc Matej, Tasic Jurij Multithreaded Systolic Computation
Paper #200 Magli Enrico, Olmo Gabriella DPCM compression of SAR raw data
Paper #202 Puder Henning, Soffke Oliver An approach to an optimized voice-activity detector for noisy speech signals
Paper #204 Maj Jean Baptiste, Moonen Marc, Wouters Jan Theoretical analysis of adaptive noise reduction algorithms for hearing aids
Paper #205 Arroabarren Ixone, Zivanovic Miroslav, Carlosena Alfonso Analysis and Synthesis of Vibrato in Lyric Singers
Paper #206 Oliveira E Silva Tomas On the choice of a basis for a linear-in-the-parameters model
Paper #209 Lacoume Jean-Louis, Guy Canadas Blind deconvolution of seismic data
Paper #212 Marqués Ferran, Sobrevals Carles Facial feature segmentation from frontal view images
Paper #216 Farias Mylene, Carli Marco, Foley John, Mitra Sanjit Detectability and Annoyance of Artifacts in Watermarked Digital Videos
Paper #219 Aldea Rafael, Giurcaneanu Ciprian Doru Using stochastic complexity for ECG signal analysis
Paper #221 Tico Marius, Rusu Corneliu, Kuosmanen Pauli, Delp Edward Circle Fitting by Iterative Inversion
Paper #222 Chennamsetti Siva Ram Prasad, R Munish, CA Jalaludeen Speech Enhancement using Fast Hartley Transform
Paper #223 Sellami Noura, Fijalkow Inbar, Perreau Sylvie Performance analysis of a List-type equalizer over estimated MIMO frequency selective channels
Paper #225 Ben Slimane Rahmouni Amel, Bouzid Aicha, Ellouze Noureddine Wavelet decomposition of voiced speech and mathematical morphology analysis for glottal closure instants detection.
Paper #226 Lopez-Risueño Gustavo, Grajal Jesus, Yeste-Ojeda Omar A. Signal detection and classification using atomic decomposition
Paper #230 Barbedo Jayme, Ribeiro Moisés, Zuben Fernando, Lopes Amauri, Romano João Application of Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps to Improve the Performance of Objective Methods for Speech Quality Assessment
Paper #232 Woo Kam-Tim, Chan Kam-Fai, Kok Chi-Wah Vector Quantizer Design by Conjugate Gradient Optimized Hyperplane
Paper #233 Gil Pita Roberto, Rosa Zurera Manuel, Pérez-Cruz Fernando Improving lossy image compression Wavelet transform based algorithms by predicting discarded coefficients
Paper #236 Portefaix Christophe, Cavaro-Ménard Christine, Chapeau-Blondeau François Identification and modeling of fractal signals with iterated function systems
Paper #238 Djermoune El-hadi, Tomczak Marc Snr enhancement of damped exponential signals in noise
Paper #239 Divorra Escoda Oscar, Petrovic Ana, Vandergheynst Pierre Segmentation of natural images using scale-space representations: a linear and a non-linear approach
Paper #243 Gómez-Vilda Pedro, Álvarez-Marquina Agustín, Martínez-Olalla Rafael, Nieto-Lluís Víctor, Rodellar-Biarge Victoria Optimal Steering of a Negative Beamformer for Speech Enhancement
Paper #244 Delmaire Gilles, Lherbier Régis, Carlier Erick Two joint estimation decision methods for pollutant source monitoring : a comparison
Paper #245 Zanatta Filho Danilo, Cavalcante Charles C., Romano João, Resende Leonardo An LCMV-Based Approach for Downlink Beamforming in FDD Systems in Presence of Angular Spread
Paper #248 Aksasse Brahim, El Ansari Mohamed, Berthoumieu Yannick, Najim Mohamed High Resolution 3D Spectral Method Estimation
Paper #249 Combet François, Martin Nadine, Jaussaud Pierre Recovery of a high shock probability process using blind deconvolution
Paper #250 Coussy Philippe, Baganne Adel, Martin Eric IP Cores Integration in DSP System-On-Chip Designs
Paper #251 Izquierdo David, Berthoumieu Yannick High and low level object descriptions for video tracking process
Paper #253 Merckel Olivier, Fleury Gilles, Bolomey Jean-Charles Propagation model choice for rapid SAR measurement
Paper #255 Gutman Dan, Bistritz Yuval Speaker Verification using Phoneme-Adapted Gaussian Mixture Models
Paper #258 Kouno Toshikazu, Ohmori Hiromitsu, Sano Akira Adaptive Active Noise Control for Uncertain Secondary Pathes
Paper #259 Caspary Olivier Generalized Gerschgorin's theorem for source number detection
Paper #261 Azemi Ghasem, Senadji Bouchra, Boashash Boualem Instantaneous Frequency Estimation of Frequency Modulated Signals in the Presence of Multiplicative and Additive Noise: Application to Mobile Communication Systems
Paper #262 Chan Kam-Fai, Woo Kam-Tim, Kok Chi-Wah Vector Quantization Fast Search Algorithm using Hyperplane Based k-dimensional Multi-node Search Tree
Paper #264 So H.C., Ip S.K. A novel frequency estimator and its comparative performances for short record lenghts
Paper #265 Marti Pere, Sala Josep Fine Frequency Offset Estimation for OFDM Signals in Frequency Selective Channels
Paper #266 Lukac Rastislav Vector Directional Order-statistics for Impulse Detection
Paper #267 Yamada Kenichi, Tsuji Hiroyuki Using a model of scattering in a low-symbol-interference channel for array beamforming
Paper #271 Thiebaut Carole, Boër Michel, Bringer Mathieu Steps towards the development of an automatic classifier for astronomical images
Paper #272 Bastiaans Martin, Alieva Tatiana Rotation-type input-output-relationships for Wigner distribution moments in fractional Fourier transform systems
Paper #276 Fermo Andrea, Sicuranza Giovanni, Pahor Vojko A Pipelined Systolic Architecture for the Hardware Oriented Region Based Motion Estimation Algorithm
Paper #278 Garcia-Alis Daniel, Stirling Iain, Rice Garrey, Macpherson Kenneth, Freeland Graham 3G FDD Rapid Prototyping and Training
Paper #279 Accardo Agostino, D'addio Gianni, Maestri Roberto, Vitale Dario, Furgi Giorgio, Rengo Fabio fractal dimension and power-law behavior reproducibility and correlation in chronic heart failure patients
Paper #280 Nicolas Jean Marie Alpha-stable Positive Distributions : A New Approach Based on Second Kind Statistics.
Paper #281 Kornagel Ulrich Spectral widening of telephone speech using an extended classification approach
Paper #282 Kouamé Denis, Girault Jean-Marc, Chemla Jean-Paul, Reméniéras Jean-Pierre, Lethiecq Marc Nonstationary Methods and application to Noisy Ultrasound Doppler
Paper #284 Akcay Mahmut, Baskurt Atilla, Sankur Bulent Measuring similarity between color image regions
Paper #285 Raad Amani, Antoni Jérôme, Sidahmed Ménad Third-order Cyclic Characterization of Vibration Signals in Rotating Machinery
Paper #288 Saliu Sokol, Birand Ahmet, Kuadiberdieva Gulmira Bisprectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability
Paper #292 Játiva René, Vidal Josep Coarse First Arriving Path Detection for Subscriber Location in Mobile Communication Systems
Paper #293 Cardinal Jean, Elloumi Sourour, Labbé Martine Local Optimization of Index Assignments for Multiple Description Coding
Paper #294 Kamejima Kohji Structure Sensitive Sampling of Noisy Fractal Patterns
Paper #295 Ioana Cornel, Freza-Boin Krystel, Quinquis Andre Application of the overcomplete wavelet transform for underwater transitory signal characterization
Paper #296 Fék Márk, Várkonyi-Kóczy Annamária Rita, Boucher Jean-Marc Comparing scalar and Zn lattice based encoding of wavelet coefficients in sinusoidal plus wavelet packet coding
Paper #297 Rombouts Geert, Moonen Marc QRD-based optimal filtering for acoustic noise reduction
Paper #300 Lachiri Zied, Ellouze Noureddine Wavelet packet based voiced / unvoiced classification in noisy environement
Paper #302 Watanabe Osamu, Kiya Hitoshi Lossless JPEG2000 Coding for Lossy Images and its Applications
Paper #303 Ito Rika, Fujie Tetsuya, Suyama Kenji, Hirabayashi Ryuichi New design method of FIR filters with SP2 coefficients based on a new linear programming relaxation with triangle inequalities
Paper #308 Ando Katsutoshi, Kobayashi Hiroyuki, Kiya Hitoshi A method for embedding binary data into JPEG2000 bit streams based on the layer structure
Paper #310 Enescu Mihai, Koivunen Visa Kalman Smoothing Based Channel Estimation for Space-Time Block Coding
Paper #311 Ammari Saloua, Wautier Armelle Rake Receiver Analytical Study for Td-Cdma Downlink Evaluation
Paper #312 Weber Rodolphe, Clerc Vincent, Denis Laurent, Rosolen Carlo High Performance Receiver for RFI Mitigation in Radio Astronomy : Apllication at decameter wavelengths
Paper #314 Huez Regis, Perrin Eric, Sockalingum Ganesh, Manfait Michel blind source separation : application to microorganism raman spectra
Paper #315 Ahmadyfard Alireza, Kittler Josef Enhancement of ARG Object Recognition Method
Paper #318 Colotte Vincent, Laprie Yves Higher precision pitch marking for TD-PSOLA
Paper #319 Resende Leonardo, Rocha Carlos Aurélio, Bellanger Maurice Degradation Analysis for Interpolated Wiener Filtering
Paper #320 Ceyssens Tim, Verhelst Werner, Wambacq Patrick On the construction of a pitch conversion system
Paper #321 Sirbu Marius, Koivunen Visa Propagation delay estimation in asynchronous DS/CDMA using multiple antennas
Paper #322 Spors Sascha, Rabenstein Rudolf A Multidimensional State-Space Approach for the Numerical Simulation of Sound Propagation in Enclosures
Paper #323 De Lathauwer Lieven, De Moor Bart On the blind separation of non-circular sources
Paper #324 Souza Richard, Resende Leonardo, Rocha Carlos Aurélio, Bellanger Maurice Multi-Split Equalizers for HDSL Channels
Paper #325 Holobar Ales, Févotte Cédric, Doncarli Christian, Zazula Damjan Single autoterms selection for blind source separation in time-frequency plane
Paper #328 Niemistö Riitta, Mäkelä Tuomo, Myllylä Ville Robust Fast Affine Projection Algorithm for Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Paper #330 Luengo David, Pantaleón Carlos, Santamaria Ignacio Bayesian Estimation of Discrete Chaotic Signals by MCMC
Paper #331 Sarti Augusto, Defferara Claudio, Negroni Fabio, Tubaro Stefano The epipolar constraint in geometric algebra and the self-calibration problem
Paper #334 Mielikainen Jarno, Toivanen Pekka Improved Vector Quantization for Lossless Compression of AVIRIS Images
Paper #336 Babic Djordje, Renfors Markku Programmable Modified Fractional Comb Decimation Filter
Paper #340 Lehtinen Vesa, Renfors Markku Truncation Noise Analysis of Noise Shaping DSP Systems with Application to CIC Decimators
Paper #341 Menard Daniel, Quemerais Philippe, Sentieys Olivier Influence of fixed-point DSP architecture on computation accuracy
Paper #342 Ozmen Atilla, Tufan Akman Emir Edge Detection using Steerable Filters and CNN
Paper #343 Radoi Emanuel, Quinquis Andre, Totir Felix Achieving superresolution by subspace eigenanalysis in multidimensional spaces
Paper #344 Bouteille Franck, Scalart Pascal, Kovesi Balazs Packet Loss Concealment Using Audio Morphing
Paper #345 Gelli Giacinto, Darsena Donatella, Verde Francesco A time-frequency synchronization algorithm for MC-CDMA systems in LMDS applications
Paper #346 Malasne Nicolas, Yang Fan, Paindavoine Michel Real time implementation of a face tracking
Paper #348 Pascual Iserte Antonio, Pérez-Neira Ana I., Pérez Palomar Daniel, Lagunas Hernández Miguel Ángel Power Allocation Techniques for Joint Beamforming in OFDM-MIMO Channels
Paper #350 Simitopoulos Dimitrios, Tzovaras Dimitrios, Strintzis Michael Image compression for indexing based on the encoding cost map
Paper #351 Alberti Claudio, Romeo Antonio, Mattavelli Marco, Mlynek Daniel An interpreted approach to multimedia streams protection
Paper #352 Tabus Ioan, Rissanen Jorma, Astola Jaakko A classifier based on normalized maximum likelihood model for classes of Boolean regression models
Paper #353 Vanbleu Koen, Ysebaert Geert, Moonen Marc, Vandaele Piet Combined equalization and alien crosstalk cancellation in ADSL receivers
Paper #355 Raos Ivana, Zazo Santiago, Páez-Borrallo José-Manuel MC-CDMA with Prolate Spheroidal Functions-based Orthogonal Codes
Paper #356 Brossier Jean-Marc, Amblard Pierre-Olivier, Geller Benoît Self-adaptive PLL for general QAM constellations.
Paper #357 Martin-Clemente Ruben, Acha Jose A new cumulant-based criterion for iterative blind source separation
Paper #358 Vaton Sandrine, Chonavel Thierry, Saoudi Samir Iterative multi-user detection and decoding for turbo coded DS-CDMA systems
Paper #361 Grosicki Emmanuele, Abed Meraim Karim, Muhammad Wrya Joint angle and delay estimation using uniform circular array receiver
Paper #363 Jaffrot Emmanuel, Nguyen Van, Soamiadana Marcella, White Langford, Fijalkow Inbar Symbol by symbol reduced complexity highly selective OFDM channel estimation
Paper #364 Muhammad Wrya, Grosicki Emmanuele, Abed Meraim Karim, Delmas Jean-Pierre, Desbouvries Francois Uplink versus downlink wirless mobile positioning in umts cellular radio systems
Paper #365 Ferréol Anne, Chevalier Pascal, Albera Laurent higher order blind separation of non zero-mean cyclostationary sources
Paper #367 Laot Christophe, Lebidan Raphael, Leroux Dominique multiple-input turbo equalization over time-varying frequency selective channels
Paper #370 Le Guelvouit Gaetan, Pateux Stephane, Guillemot Christine Information-theoretic resolution of perceptual WSS watermarking of non i.i.d Gaussian signals
Paper #371 Figueras I Ventura Rosa M., Vandergheynst Pierre, Frossard Pascal Evolutionary Multiresolution Matching Pursuit and its relations with the Human Visual System
Paper #372 Ferreira Paulo, Kempf Achim The energy expense of superoscillations
Paper #374 Siohan Pierre, Pinchon Didier, Siclet Cyrille A fast design method for biorthogonal modulated filter banks
Paper #375 Ferreira Paulo, Pinho Armando Histogram packing, total variation, and lossless image compression
Paper #376 Castella Marc, Pesquet Jean-Christophe, Petropulu Athina P. New contrasts for blind separation of non iid sources in the convolutive case
Paper #379 Guainazzo Marco, Peluffo Marta, Sacchi Claudio, Regazzoni Carlo A higher-order-statistics based blind interference cancellator for asynchronous DS/CDMA systems
Paper #380 Ortega Alfonso, Lleida Eduardo, Masgrau Enrique DSP to improve oral communication inside vehicles
Paper #382 González-López Miguel, Dapena Adriana, Castedo Luis MAP Space-Time Receivers for GSM in Subway Tunnel Environments
Paper #383 Oberti Franco, Marcenaro Lucio, Regazzoni Carlo Real-time change detection methods for video-surveillance systems with mobile camera
Paper #384 Kwan Man-Wai, Kok Chi-Wah Channel Precoder with Nonuniform Sampling Equalizer
Paper #385 Rice Garrey, Stirling Iain, Garcia-Alis Daniel, Stewart R. W. A Novel Channel Estimation Algorithm Applied to UTRA-FDD
Paper #386 Dugelay Jean-Luc, Garcia Emmanuel Protection of 3-D object usage through texture watermarking
Paper #388 Rouas Jean-Luc, Farinas Jérôme, Pellegrino François Merging Segmental, Rhythmic and Fundamental Frequency Features for Automatic Language Identification
Paper #389 Mullins Sinead, Heneghan Conor Alternative Least Mean Square Adaptive Filter Architectures for Implementation on Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Paper #391 Aziz Mohamed, Boussakta Said Parallelisation of the Overlap-Add Block-Filter Algorithm for Image Processing
Paper #392 Dominguez Jimenez M. Elena, Gonzalez Prelcic Nuria Polynomial extension method for size-limited paraunitary filter banks
Paper #393 Tobias Orlando J., Seara Rui Performance Comparison of the FXLMS, Nonlinear FXLMS and Leaky FXLMS Algorithms in Nonlinear Active Control Applications
Paper #394 Zerguine Azzedine A Time-Varying Normalized Mixed-Norm LMS-LMF Algorithm
Paper #395 Kragh Thomas, Hero Alfred Image Resolution-Variance Tradeoffs Using the Uniform Cramer-Rao Bound
Paper #396 Mary David, Slock Dirk Backward adaptive transform coding of vectorial signals: a comparison between unitary and causal approaches
Paper #397 Linardatos Dionisis, Kalouptsidis Nicholas Synthesis of minimal cost nonlinear feedback shift registers
Paper #399 Vasilache Adriana, Tabus Ioan LSF quantization with multiple scale lattice VQ for transmission over noisy channels
Paper #401 Tammi Mikko, Jelinek Milan Signal Modification for Coding Purely Voiced Sections in a Wideband ACELP Speech Coder
Paper #402 Safar Zoltan, Liu K.J. Ray Space-Time Correlation of MIMO Flat Rayleigh Fading Channels
Paper #403 Silva Magno, Gerken Max A RNN-LC Hybrid Equalizer
Paper #404 Jacovitti Giovanni, Neri Alessandro Anisotropic Wavelet Thresholding For Bayesian Image Denoising
Paper #406 Deguillaume Frédéric, Voloshynovskiy Sviatoslav, Pun Thierry Hybrid Robust Watermarking Resistant Againts Copy Attack
Paper #409 Misic Vladimir, Parker Kevin, Buckley Robert MRC for Compression of Colored Engravings
Paper #410 Wen Yu, Chan S.C., Ho K.L. Robust Subspace Tracking Based Blind Channel Identification In Impulsive Noise Environment
Paper #412 Lu Xiaojian, Champagne Benoit Pitch analysis-based acoustic echo cancellation over a nonlinear channel
Paper #415 Pesquet-Popescu Beatrice, Piella Gemma, Heijmans Henk Construction of adaptive wavelets using update lifting and quadratic decision criteria
Paper #416 Yu Eric, Chan Cheung Fat Phase modeling and quantization for low-rate harmonic+noise coding
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