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03 September 2002

09:00 Opening Session (Opening/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Francis Castanié, TéSA/ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France

10:00 Plenary 1 (Plenary/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Benoit Macq, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Paper 772: Feature-space Mutual Information for Multi-modal Signal Processing with Application to Medical Image Registration.
Butz Torsten, Thiran Jean-Philippe

11:00 Image Processing: From Acquisition to Interpretation (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Vincent Charvillat, Max Buvry, ENSEEIHT, France
Paper 028: A new efficient cross-correlation based image registration technique with imporved performance.
Berberidis Kostas, Karybali Irene
Paper 089: A New Stereo Method Based on the Detector of Local Structures.
Cyganek Boguslaw, Borgosz Jan
Paper 100: An adaptive MRF model for boundary-preserving segmentation of multispectral images.
D'Elia Ciro, Poggi Giovanni, Scarpa Giuseppe
Paper 107: Oil spills detection in SAR images using mathematical morphology.
Gasull Antoni, Fábregas Xavier, Jiménez Jorge, Marqués Ferran, Moreno Victoriano, Herrero Miguel Angel
Paper 197: Estimation of polarization on time-scale plane for seismic wave separation.
Roueff Antoine, Chanussot Jocelyn
Paper 212: Facial feature segmentation from frontal view images.
Marqués Ferran, Sobrevals Carles
Paper 383: Real-time change detection methods for video-surveillance systems with mobile camera.
Oberti Franco, Marcenaro Lucio, Regazzoni Carlo
Paper 437: Active Contours Propagation in a Medical Images Sequence With a Local Estimation.
Djemal Khalifa, Puech William, Rossetto Bruno
Paper 469: Segmentation of fractal objects : application to the measure of algae deposit density in the 'green tide' phenomenon.
Cariou Claude, Chehdi Kacem
Paper 526: Steerable pyramid for contrast enhancement and directional structures detection.
Denis Florence, Davignon Franck, Baskurt Atilla
Paper 552: Advantages of Hexagonal Sampling Grids and Hexagonal Shape Detector Elements in Remote Sensing Imagers.
Aiazzi Bruno, Baronti Stefano, Capanni Annalisa, Santurri Leonardo, Vitulli Raffaele

11:00 Multimedia Signal Processing: Communication and Data Processing (Oral/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Ahmed Tewfik, University of Minnesota, USA
Paper 073: Inverse Mapping of SCS-Watermarked Data.
Eggers Joachim, Bäuml Robert, Tzschoppe Roman, Girod Bernd
Paper 351: An interpreted approach to multimedia streams protection.
Alberti Claudio, Romeo Antonio, Mattavelli Marco, Mlynek Daniel
Paper 482: Lattice vector quantization with dead zone for an efficient combined compression and watermarking algorithm.
Guillemot Ludovic, Voinson Teddy, Moureaux Jean-Marie
Paper 507: A Scalable and Reliable Hybrid Scheme for Image Multicast Applications.
Lawabni Abed Elhamid, Tewfik Ahmed
Paper 515: Multimodal signal analysis of prosody and hand motion: temporal correlation of speech and gestures.
Valbonesi Lucia, Ansari Rashid, McNeill David, Quek Francis, Duncan Susan, McCullough Karl-Eric

11:00 DOA Estimation (Oral/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Jean-Jacques Fuchs, IRISA, Rennes, France
Paper 361: Joint angle and delay estimation using uniform circular array receiver.
Grosicki Emmanuele, Abed Meraim Karim, Muhammad Wrya
Paper 075: An Approach to Direction of Arrival Estimation of Multiple Coherently Distributed Sources by Searching Maximum Eigenvalue.
Wan Qun, Peng Ying Ning
Paper 608: DOA estimation performance breakdown: a new approach to prediction and cure.
Abramovich Yuri, Spencer Nicholas
Paper 665: A Robust Array Signal Processing Maximum Likelihood Estimator Based on Sub-Gaussian Signals.
Georgiou Panayiotis G., Chris Kyriakakis
Paper 267: Using a model of scattering in a low-symbol-interference channel for array beamforming.
Yamada Kenichi, Tsuji Hiroyuki

11:00 Pattern Recognition and Classification (Oral/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Sergios Theodoridis, University of Athens, Greece
Paper 114: Human-perception-like image recognition system based on the associative processor architecture.
Yagi Masakazu, Shibata Tadashi, Takada Kenji
Paper 181: Facial expression recognition by combination of classifiers.
Dubuisson Séverine, Davoine Franck
Paper 183: Simplifying Hand Written Digit Recognition Using A Genetic Algorithm.
Parkins Andrew, Nandi Asoke
Paper 284: Measuring similarity between color image regions.
Akcay Mahmut, Baskurt Atilla, Sankur Bulent
Paper 352: A classifier based on normalized maximum likelihood model for classes of Boolean regression models.
Tabus Ioan, Rissanen Jorma, Astola Jaakko

11:00 Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Analysis (Oral/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Christian Doncarli, IRCCYN, Nantes, France
Paper 150: Adaptive diffusion and discriminant analysis for complexity control of time-frequency detectors.
Gosme Julien, Goncalvès Paulo, Richard Cédric, Lengellé Régis
Paper 226: Signal detection and classification using atomic decomposition.
Lopez-Risueño Gustavo, Grajal Jesus, Yeste-Ojeda Omar A.
Paper 645: Wavelet-thresholding for bispectrum estimation.
Touati Sami, Pesquet Jean-Christophe
Paper 516: 2-D Nonseparable Wavelet Filter Bank With Adaptive Filter Parameters.
Sersic Damir, Vrankic Miroslav
Paper 658: Selecting the optimal time-frequency distribution for real-life multicomponent signals under given constraints.
Sucic Victor, Boashash Boualem

12:40 Signal and Image Processing Activities in Major Companies: Thalès Communications (1) (Industrial/To Be Defined)

14:00 Room Acoustics and Noise Control (Oral/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by André Gilloire, France Telecom R\&D, France
Paper 056: Common-acoustical-pole preprocessing for source localization in reverberant rooms.
Parisi Raffaele, Gazzetta Riccardo, Di Claudio Elio D.
Paper 258: Adaptive Active Noise Control for Uncertain Secondary Pathes.
Kouno Toshikazu, Ohmori Hiromitsu, Sano Akira
Paper 393: Performance Comparison of the FXLMS, Nonlinear FXLMS and Leaky FXLMS Algorithms in Nonlinear Active Control Applications.
Tobias Orlando J., Seara Rui
Paper 412: Pitch analysis-based acoustic echo cancellation over a nonlinear channel.
Lu Xiaojian, Champagne Benoit
Paper 635: Efficient Geometry-Based Sound Reverberation.
Sarti Augusto, Tubaro Stefano

14:00 Parameter Estimation and Statistical Signal Analysis (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by André Ferrari, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
Paper 084: Bayesian Model Selection and Estimation of Multiple Cisoid Models.
Jonsson Roland
Paper 151: A New Method For Parameter Estimation of Autoregressive Signals in Colored Noise.
Hasan Md., Khan M.
Paper 165: On equivalence between detectors obtained from second-order measures of performance.
Abdallah Fahed, Richard Cédric, Lengellé Régis
Paper 173: Bayesian Estimation of Clipped Gaussian Processes with Application to OFDM.
Banelli Paolo, Leus Geert, Giannakis Georgios
Paper 236: Identification and modeling of fractal signals with iterated function systems.
Portefaix Christophe, Cavaro-Ménard Christine, Chapeau-Blondeau François
Paper 259: Generalized Gerschgorin's theorem for source number detection.
Caspary Olivier
Paper 272: Rotation-type input-output-relationships for Wigner distribution moments in fractional Fourier transform systems.
Bastiaans Martin, Alieva Tatiana
Paper 280: Alpha-stable Positive Distributions : A New Approach Based on Second Kind Statistics..
Nicolas Jean Marie
Paper 292: Coarse First Arriving Path Detection for Subscriber Location in Mobile Communication Systems.
Játiva René, Vidal Josep
Paper 343: Achieving superresolution by subspace eigenanalysis in multidimensional spaces.
Radoi Emanuel, Quinquis Andre, Totir Felix
Paper 488: Subband Coding of Cyclostationary Signals with Overdecimated Filter Banks.
Dasgupta Soura, Pandharipande Ashish
Paper 509: Likelihood-Based Selection of Filtering Parameters.
Míguez Joaquín, Bugallo Monica
Paper 604: On the generation of sequences simulating higher order white noise for system identification.
Kolokotronis Nicholas, Gatt George, Kalouptsidis Nicholas
Paper 616: Theory and application of entropic-graph based I-divergence estimation.
Michel Olivier, Hero Alfred
Paper 621: Statistical analysis of a linear relation between noisy repetitive signals.
Faucon Gérard, Le Bouquin-Jeannès Régine, Conze Jean-Pierre
Paper 622: Estimation of Spatial Spectra in a Non-stationary Environment.
White Paul
Paper 659: Spectral estimation using dynamical system theory.
Klumpp Eric, Mailhes Corinne

14:00 Segmentation and Voice Detection (Oral/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Cédric Demeure, Thales Communications SA, Gennevilliers, France
Paper 190: Limited error based event localizing temporal decomposition.
Nguyen Phu Chien, Akagi Masato
Paper 202: An approach to an optimized voice-activity detector for noisy speech signals.
Puder Henning, Soffke Oliver
Paper 300: Wavelet packet based voiced / unvoiced classification in noisy environement.
Lachiri Zied, Ellouze Noureddine
Paper 512: Multichannel Voice Detection in Adverse Environments.
Rosca Justinian, Balan Radu, Fan Ning Ping, Beaugeant Christophe, Gilg Virginie
Paper 578: Voice Activity Detection with Array Signal Processing in the Wavelet Domain.
Hioka Yusuke, Hamada Nozomu

14:00 Source Coding (Oral/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Pierre Duhamel, L2S - CNRS - Supélec
Paper 232: Vector Quantizer Design by Conjugate Gradient Optimized Hyperplane.
Woo Kam-Tim, Chan Kam-Fai, Kok Chi-Wah
Paper 262: Vector Quantization Fast Search Algorithm using Hyperplane Based k-dimensional Multi-node Search Tree.
Chan Kam-Fai, Woo Kam-Tim, Kok Chi-Wah
Paper 293: Local Optimization of Index Assignments for Multiple Description Coding.
Cardinal Jean, Elloumi Sourour, Labbé Martine
Paper 396: Backward adaptive transform coding of vectorial signals: a comparison between unitary and causal approaches.
Mary David, Slock Dirk
Paper 399: LSF quantization with multiple scale lattice VQ for transmission over noisy channels.
Vasilache Adriana, Tabus Ioan

14:00 Security Issues in Digital Watermarking (1/2) (Special/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Franco Bartolini, University of Florence, Italy, Mauro Barni, University of Siena, Italy, Teddy Furon, University of Louvain, Belgium
Paper 774: Which directions for asymmetric watermarking?.
Hachez Gaël, Quisquater Jean-Jacques
Paper 746: Security Issues in Digital Audio Watermarking.
van der Veen Michiel, Lemma Aweke, Bruekers Fons, Aprea Javier, Kalker Ton
Paper 770: Is asymmetric watermarking necessary or sufficient?.
Miller Matthew
Paper 476: Secure detection of public watermarks with fractal decision boundaries.
Mansour Mohamed, Tewfik Ahmed
Paper 745: RAdon Soft Hash Algorithm.
Lefebvre Frédéric, Macq Benoit, Legat Jean-Didier

16:00 Nonlinear Signal and Systems / Adaptive Methods (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Peter M. Grant, University of Edinburgh, UK
Paper 020: Statistical analysis of neural network inversion of Hammerstein systems for gaussian inputs.
Ibnkahla Mohamed
Paper 022: Nonlinear prediction of infrared data by the Wiener system.
Bernabeu Pablo, Vegara Luís, Bosch Ignacio
Paper 027: Noise-assisted signal transmission for nonlinear systems with saturation.
Chapeau-Blondeau François, Rojas Varela Julio
Paper 049: Kernel Principal Component Analysis (KPCA) for the de-noising of communication signals.
Koutsogiannis Grigorios, Soraghan John
Paper 052: Linearization Technique for Stereophonic Reproduction Systems with Nonlinearity.
Kajikawa Yoshinobu, Nomura Yasuo
Paper 082: Noise constrained LMS algorithm in transform domain.
Bilcu Radu Ciprian, Kuosmanen Pauli, Egiazarian Karen
Paper 123: Two-dimensional feed-forward functionally expanded neural network.
Panagopoulos Spyros, Soraghan John
Paper 330: Bayesian Estimation of Discrete Chaotic Signals by MCMC.
Luengo David, Pantaleón Carlos, Santamaria Ignacio
Paper 394: A Time-Varying Normalized Mixed-Norm LMS-LMF Algorithm.
Zerguine Azzedine
Paper 403: A RNN-LC Hybrid Equalizer.
Silva Magno, Gerken Max
Paper 479: Rational characterization for memoryless adaptive pre-distortion.
Durney Hugo, Sala Josep
Paper 531: Radial basis functions: normalised or un-normalised?.
Cowper Mark, Mulgrew Bernard, Unsworth Charles
Paper 617: Optimal filtering of LORAN-C signal via particle filtering - Simulation results.
Monin Andre, Salut Gerard
Paper 650: Analysis of LMS algorithm with delayed coefficient adaptation for sinusoidal reference.
Vicente Luis, Masgrau Enrique
Paper 664: A new neural network pruning method based on the singular value decomposition and the weight initialisation.
Abid Sabeur, Fnaiech Farhat, Najim Mohamed
Paper 670: Recursive Non-Linear Autoregressive Models (RNAR): Application to Traffic Prediction of MPEG Video Sources.
Doulamis Nikolaos, Doulamis Anastasios, Ntalianis Klimis

16:00 Multicarrier and Multiuser (Oral/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Rick S. Blum, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. Lehigh University
Paper 094: Asymptotic performance of a robust multiuser detector for fast-fading channels with impulsive noise.
Poor H. Vincent, Tanda Mario
Paper 191: Performance analysis of a new adaptive algorithm for blind multiuser detection.
Sakai Hideaki, Sakaguchi Tomoyasu
Paper 348: Power Allocation Techniques for Joint Beamforming in OFDM-MIMO Channels.
Pascual Iserte Antonio, Pérez-Neira Ana I., Pérez Palomar Daniel, Lagunas Hernández Miguel Ángel
Paper 358: Iterative multi-user detection and decoding for turbo coded DS-CDMA systems.
Vaton Sandrine, Chonavel Thierry, Saoudi Samir
Paper 363: Symbol by symbol reduced complexity highly selective OFDM channel estimation.
Jaffrot Emmanuel, Nguyen Van, Soamiadana Marcella, White Langford, Fijalkow Inbar

16:00 Sound Synthesis and Propagation (Oral/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Eberhard Haensler, University of Darmstadt, Germany
Paper 205: Analysis and Synthesis of Vibrato in Lyric Singers.
Arroabarren Ixone, Zivanovic Miroslav, Carlosena Alfonso
Paper 296: Comparing scalar and Zn lattice based encoding of wavelet coefficients in sinusoidal plus wavelet packet coding.
Fék Márk, Várkonyi-Kóczy Annamária Rita, Boucher Jean-Marc
Paper 322: A Multidimensional State-Space Approach for the Numerical Simulation of Sound Propagation in Enclosures.
Spors Sascha, Rabenstein Rudolf
Paper 595: A waveform generation model based approach for segregation of monaural mixture sound.
Sasou Akira, Tanaka Kazuyo
Paper 652: Effcient Multichannel Audio Resynthesis by Subband-Based Spectral Conversion.
Mouchtaris Athanasios, Narayanan Shrikanth, Kyriakakis Chris

16:00 Speech Coding and Synthesis (Oral/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Ulrich Heute, University of Kiel
Paper 318: Higher precision pitch marking for TD-PSOLA.
Colotte Vincent, Laprie Yves
Paper 320: On the construction of a pitch conversion system.
Ceyssens Tim, Verhelst Werner, Wambacq Patrick
Paper 401: Signal Modification for Coding Purely Voiced Sections in a Wideband ACELP Speech Coder.
Tammi Mikko, Jelinek Milan
Paper 416: Phase modeling and quantization for low-rate harmonic+noise coding.
Yu Eric, Chan Cheung Fat
Paper 609: Comprehensive Evaluation of Theoretical approximations for Spectral quantization performance.
Gardner William, Subramaniam Anand, Rao Bhaskar

16:00 Security Issues in Digital Watermarking (2/2) (Special/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Franco Bartolini, University of Florence, Italy, Mauro Barni, University of Siena, Italy, Teddy Furon, University of Louvain, Belgium
Paper 769: Side-informed watermarking using Nth order polynomial detectors.
Hurley Neil, Silvestre Guénolé, Furon Teddy
Paper 731: Cryptography Meets Watermarking: Detecting Watermarks with Minimal or Zero Knowledge Disclosure.
Adelsbach Andre, Katzenbeisser Stefan, Sadeghi Ahmad-Reza
Paper 743: Joint Coding and Embedding for Collusion-Resistant Fingerprinting.
Trappe Wade, Wu Min, Liu K.J. Ray
Paper 370: Information-theoretic resolution of perceptual WSS watermarking of non i.i.d Gaussian signals.
Le Guelvouit Gaetan, Pateux Stephane, Guillemot Christine
Paper 406: Hybrid Robust Watermarking Resistant Againts Copy Attack.
Deguillaume Frédéric, Voloshynovskiy Sviatoslav, Pun Thierry


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