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04 September 2002

08:00 Plenary 2 (Plenary/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Patrick Flandrin, ENS Lyon, France
Paper 771: Looking for components in the Universe's oldest data set.
Cardoso Jean-Francois

08:45 Echo Cancellation and Speech Enhancement (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Marc Moonen, K.U.Leuven, Belgium
Paper 005: A Comparison of Sinusoidal Model Variants for Speech and Audio Representation.
Jensen Jesper, Heusdens Richard
Paper 047: Pulse-induced masking of sonagrams for the enhancement of speech.
Volkmer Markus, Banke Boris
Paper 058: Auditory model based speech enhancement system for hands-free devices.
Petrovsky Alexander, Bielawski Krzystof
Paper 097: Efficient and Reliable Measurement and Simulation of Noisy Speech Background.
Pollak Petr
Paper 124: SSB-Carrier Mismatch Detection from Speech Characteristics: Extension beyond the Range of Uniqueness.
Heute Ulrich, Guelzow Thomas, Kolb Hans-Joachim
Paper 149: Adaptive Compensation of Temperature Fluctuation Effect in Sound Reproduction System.
Tatekura Yosuke, Saruwatari Hiroshi, Shikano Kiyohiro
Paper 171: ICA for Acoustic Echo Control.
Magadán Margarita, Niemistö Riitta, Möttönen Jyrki, Ruotsalainen Ulla
Paper 186: Efficient hard and soft thresholding for wavelet speech enhancement.
Zilany M. S., Hasan Md., Khan M.
Paper 204: Theoretical analysis of adaptive noise reduction algorithms for hearing aids.
Maj Jean Baptiste, Moonen Marc, Wouters Jan
Paper 222: Speech Enhancement using Fast Hartley Transform.
Chennamsetti Siva Ram Prasad, R Munish, CA Jalaludeen
Paper 230: Application of Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps to Improve the Performance of Objective Methods for Speech Quality Assessment.
Barbedo Jayme, Ribeiro Moisés, Zuben Fernando, Lopes Amauri, Romano João
Paper 328: Robust Fast Affine Projection Algorithm for Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
Niemistö Riitta, Mäkelä Tuomo, Myllylä Ville
Paper 380: DSP to improve oral communication inside vehicles.
Ortega Alfonso, Lleida Eduardo, Masgrau Enrique
Paper 452: Feedback Cancellation in Hearing Aids: an unbiased modelling Approach.
Spriet Ann, Moonen Marc, Proudler Ian
Paper 473: Acoustic echo cancellation in the presence of distorting loudspeakers.
Uncini Aurelio, Nalin Andrea, Parisi Raffaele
Paper 528: Time-frequency Quantile-based Noise Estimation.
Evans Nicholas, Mason John
Paper 564: Improve Speech Recognition in Mobile Environment by Dynamical Noise Model Adaptation.
Ma Changxue, Wei YuanJun
Paper 643: Combined Acoustic Echo Canceller for the GSM Network.
Gnaba Hela, Scalart Pascal, Turki Monia, Jaidane Mériem
Paper 656: Evaluation of Fast-Convergence Algorithm for ICA-Based Blind Source Separation of Real Convolutive Mixture.
Saruwatari Hiroshi, Kawamura Toshiya, Sawai Katsuyuki, Shikano Kiyohiro, Kaminuma Atsunobu, Sakata Masao

08:45 Blind Source Separation / Independent Component Analysis (1/2) (Special/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Yannick Deville, University Paul Sabatier, France
Paper 120: Estimation of the Mixing Matrix for Underdetermined Blind Source Separation using Spectral Estimation Techniques.
Vielva Luis, Santamaria Ignacio, Pantaleón Carlos, Ibáñez Jesús, Erdogmus Deniz, Príncipe José
Paper 747: Blind separation of noisy Gaussian stationary sources. Application to cosmic microwave background imaging..
Cardoso Jean-Francois, Snoussi Hichem, Delabrouille Jacques, Patanchon Guillaume
Paper 325: Single autoterms selection for blind source separation in time-frequency plane.
Holobar Ales, Févotte Cédric, Doncarli Christian, Zazula Damjan
Paper 596: Time-scale approach to blind source separation.
Jafari Maria, Chambers Jonathon
Paper 357: A new cumulant-based criterion for iterative blind source separation.
Martin-Clemente Ruben, Acha Jose

08:45 Implementation (Oral/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Michel paindavoine, University of Bourgogne, Dijon, France,
Paper 189: RSA Algorithm Optimization on Assembler of TI TMS320C54x Signal Processors.
Markovic Milan, Unkasevic Tomislav, Gjordjevic Goran
Paper 250: IP Cores Integration in DSP System-On-Chip Designs.
Coussy Philippe, Baganne Adel, Martin Eric
Paper 341: Influence of fixed-point DSP architecture on computation accuracy.
Menard Daniel, Quemerais Philippe, Sentieys Olivier
Paper 587: An FPGA Based Parametrisable System for Discrete Orthogonal Transforms Implementation.
Amira Abbes, Bouridane Ahmed, Roula Mohammed Ali, Kurugollu Fatih
Paper 627: Efficient IDCT Implementations on VLIW Processors.
Bagni Daniele, Borneo Antonio, Celetto Luca

08:45 Video Processing (Oral/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Jan Biemond, TU Delft, Netherlands
Paper 251: High and low level object descriptions for video tracking process.
Izquierdo David, Berthoumieu Yannick
Paper 527: Entropy Power for Thresholding Technique in Image Processing.
Luthon Franck, Lievin Marc
Paper 541: Restoration of Films Affected by Partial Color Artefacts.
Rares Andrei, Reinders Marcel J.T., Biemond Jan
Paper 558: Real-time video analysis for intrusion detection in indoor environments.
Sarti Augusto, Milanesi Giovanni, Tubaro Stefano
Paper 607: Gradient-based motion vector estimation using variable block shape.
Hino Masatoshi, Hamada Nozomu

08:45 Synchronization Techniques (1/2) (Special/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Marie-Laure Boucheret, ENST/COMELEC, Toulouse
Paper 720: The true Cramer-Rao bound for carrier and symbol synchronization.
Noels Nele, Steendam Heidi, Moeneclaey Marc
Paper 551: On the Maximum-Likelihood based data-aided frequency offset and channels estimates.
Ciblat Philippe, Vandendorpe Luc
Paper 356: Self-adaptive PLL for general QAM constellations..
Brossier Jean-Marc, Amblard Pierre-Olivier, Geller Benoît
Paper 493: Estimation of the symbol period: the frequency offset case.
Houcke Sebastien, Chevreuil Antoine, Ciblat Philippe

10:40 Channel Estimation and Equalization (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Daniel Roviras, ENSEEIHT-TéSA, Toulouse, France
Paper 043: Constant Norm Algorithms Class.
Goupil Alban, Palicot Jacques
Paper 167: Effects of channels introducing time-variant delays on generalized almost-cyclostationary signals.
Izzo Luciano, Napolitano Antonio
Paper 310: Kalman Smoothing Based Channel Estimation for Space-Time Block Coding.
Enescu Mihai, Koivunen Visa
Paper 321: Propagation delay estimation in asynchronous DS/CDMA using multiple antennas.
Sirbu Marius, Koivunen Visa
Paper 324: Multi-Split Equalizers for HDSL Channels.
Souza Richard, Resende Leonardo, Rocha Carlos Aurélio, Bellanger Maurice
Paper 345: A time-frequency synchronization algorithm for MC-CDMA systems in LMDS applications.
Gelli Giacinto, Darsena Donatella, Verde Francesco
Paper 384: Channel Precoder with Nonuniform Sampling Equalizer.
Kwan Man-Wai, Kok Chi-Wah
Paper 385: A Novel Channel Estimation Algorithm Applied to UTRA-FDD.
Rice Garrey, Stirling Iain, Garcia-Alis Daniel, Stewart R. W.
Paper 589: Joint Zero-Forcing and Matched Filter Processing in an Adaptive Equalizer Using the Linearly Constrained Least-Mean Square Algorithm.
Harris Fred, Bologna Frank

10:40 Filter Design (Oral/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Maurice Bellanger, CNAM
Paper 045: Defining the wordlength of the fractional interval in interpolation filters.
Lopez Francisco, Vesma Jussi, Renfors Markku
Paper 118: Design of FIR predictors as a tapped cascaded interconnection of subfilters.
Vainio Olli
Paper 456: Multiplierless implementation of all-pole digital filters using a low-sensitivity structure.
Bhattacharya Mrinmoy, Saramäki Tapio
Paper 458: Multiplierless implementation of bandpass and bandstop recursive digital filters using low-sensitivity transformation.
Saramäki Tapio, Bhattacharya Mrinmoy
Paper 468: On the design and multiplier-less realization of digital IF for software radio receivers.
Yeung Kim Sang, Chan Shing Chow

10:40 Watermarking (Oral/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Benoit Macq, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Paper 137: Analysis and improvement of correlation-based watermarking methods for digital images.
Miyazaki Akio, Okamoto Akihiro
Paper 216: Detectability and Annoyance of Artifacts in Watermarked Digital Videos.
Farias Mylene, Carli Marco, Foley John, Mitra Sanjit
Paper 675: Use of synchronisation pattern to estimate geometric distortions.
Baudry Severine, Ngueyen Philippe, Maitre Henri
Paper 679: Audiowatermark Detection for All-pass Pirat Attack: Hybrid Blind Equalization/Wienr Deconvolution Approach.
Larbi Sonia, Jaidane Mériem, Moreau Nicolas
Paper 680: Scrambling-based Watermarking for MPEG-4 Video.
Vassaux Boris, Nguyen Philippe, Baudry Severine, Bas Patrick, Chassery Jean-Marc

10:40 Blind Source Separation / Independent Component Analysis (2/2) (Special/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Yannick Deville, University Paul Sabatier, France
Paper 574: On-line Source Separation of Temporally Correlated Signals.
Tomé Ana Maria, Ferreira Nuno
Paper 749: Blind Identifiability of Class of Nonlinear Instantaneous ICA Models.
Erikson Jan, Koivunen Visa
Paper 701: A Geometric Approach For Separating Post Non-Linear Mixtures.
Babaie-Zadeh Massoud, Jutten Christian, Nayebi Kambiz
Paper 154: Comparison of Time-Domain ICA, Frequency-Domain ICA and Multistage ICA for Blind Source Separation.
Nishikawa Tsuyoki, Saruwatari Hiroshi, Shikano Kiyohiro
Paper 719: Analysis and control of the stability of a differential separation method for underdetermined convolutive mixtures.
Deville Yannick

10:40 Synchronization Techniques (2/2) (Special/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Marie-Laure Boucheret, ENST/COMELEC, Toulouse
Paper 716: Another Turbo-Something: Carrier Synchronization.
Giugno Luca, Lottici Vincenzo, Luise Marco
Paper 723: Impact of phase noise on carrier phase estimation at Ka-Band.
Morlet Catherine, Boucheret Marie-Laure
Paper 724: ML DA timing estimation for multiuser FB uplink transmission over static time dispersive channels.
Sartenaer Thierry, Vandendorpe Luc
Paper 708: Optimized directed decision frequency synchronization systems in presence of Gaussian noise and oscillator phase noise.
Hélard Jean-François, Bougeard Stéphane

13:40 Signal and Image Processing Activities in Major Companies: Alcatel Space (2) (Industrial/To Be Defined)

14:00 Non linear Techniques for Channel Equalization (1/2) (Special/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Sergios Theodoridis, University of Athens, Greece
Paper 729: Adaptive SVC for nonlinear channel equalization.
Pérez-Cruz Fernando, Artes-Rodriguez Antonio
Paper 003: Using a normalised LMF algorithm for channel equalisation with co-channel interference.
Chan Mun Keat, Cowan Colin
Paper 739: Predistorsion of non-linear satellite channels using neural network: architecture, algorithm and implementation.
Langlet Fabien, Abdulkader Hasan, Roviras Daniel
Paper 744: A novel cluster based MLSE equalizer for 2-PAM signaling scheme.
Kopsinis Yannis, Theodoridis Sergios
Paper 738: Robustness of the finite-length MMSE-DFE with respect to channel and second-order statistics estimation errors.
Liavas Athanasios

14:00 Blind Identification and Deconvolution (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Lieven De Lathauwer, ETIS (ENSEA,UCP), Cergy-Pontoise, France
Paper 035: Blind Separation of Non Stationary Non Gaussian Sources.
Pham Dinh-Tuan
Paper 037: Blind Deconvolution with Minimum Renyi's Entropy.
Erdogmus Deniz, Príncipe José, Vielva Luis
Paper 039: Blind Separation of Uncorrelated Sources.
Erdogmus Deniz, Hild II Kenneth E., Príncipe José, Vielva Luis
Paper 127: SVD-ICA: A New Tool to Enhance the Separation Between Signal and Noise Subspaces.
Vrabie Valeriu, Mars Jerome
Paper 174: Blind Identification of ARMA Systems using the Discrete Random Decrement.
Antoni Jérôme, Sidahmed Ménad
Paper 209: Blind deconvolution of seismic data.
Lacoume Jean-Louis, Guy Canadas
Paper 249: Recovery of a high shock probability process using blind deconvolution.
Combet François, Martin Nadine, Jaussaud Pierre
Paper 285: Third-order Cyclic Characterization of Vibration Signals in Rotating Machinery.
Raad Amani, Antoni Jérôme, Sidahmed Ménad
Paper 323: On the blind separation of non-circular sources.
De Lathauwer Lieven, De Moor Bart
Paper 365: higher order blind separation of non zero-mean cyclostationary sources.
Ferréol Anne, Chevalier Pascal, Albera Laurent
Paper 376: New contrasts for blind separation of non iid sources in the convolutive case.
Castella Marc, Pesquet Jean-Christophe, Petropulu Athina P.
Paper 600: A Renyi Entropy convolution inequality with Application.
Bercher Jean-Francois, Vignat Christophe
Paper 633: A weighted mixed statistics algorithm for blind source separation.
Klajman Maurice, Constantinides Anthony G.
Paper 642: Using Farther Correlations to Further Improve the Optimally-Weighted SOBI Algrithm.
Yeredor Arie, Doron Eran

14:00 Image and Video Coding (Oral/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Murat Kunt, EPFL, Switzerland
Paper 180: Low bit rate video compression using relative fractal coding.
Mukhopadhyay Jayanta, Ghosh S.K.
Paper 409: MRC for Compression of Colored Engravings.
Misic Vladimir, Parker Kevin, Buckley Robert
Paper 498: Low Complexity Multiple Description Coding Scheme using Wavelet Transform.
Pereira Manuela, Antonini Marc, Barlaud Michel
Paper 573: A low-complexity postprocessing algorithm for block based video coding.
Maddikonda Ravikanth, K. Adhikary Tushar
Paper 668: Efficient Structure of Video Coders with Motion-Compensated Fine-Granularity Scalability.
Domanski Marek, Mackowiak Slawomir, Blaszak Lukasz

14:00 Adaptive Filtering (Oral/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Colin Cowan, Queens university of Belfast, UK
Paper 319: Degradation Analysis for Interpolated Wiener Filtering.
Resende Leonardo, Rocha Carlos Aurélio, Bellanger Maurice
Paper 415: Construction of adaptive wavelets using update lifting and quadratic decision criteria.
Pesquet-Popescu Beatrice, Piella Gemma, Heijmans Henk
Paper 417: A pipelined Fast Newton Transversal Filter.
Glentis George
Paper 590: General parameter-based adaptive predictors.
Vainio Olli
Paper 637: Comparative analysis of adaptive subband structures with critical sampling.
Petraglia Mariane, Vasconcellos Renata

14:00 Applications of Particle Filtering in Communications (1/2) (Special/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Petar Djuric, University of Stony Brook, New-York, USA
Paper 727: Applications of Particle Filtering to Communications: A Review.
Djuric Petar, Zhang Jianqiu, Ghirmai Tadesse, Huang Yufei, Kotecha Jayesh
Paper 736: On the use and misuse of particle filtering in digital communications.
Punskaya Elena, Doucet Arnaud, Fitzgerald William
Paper 704: Bayesian algorithms for the passive location of a stationary emitter by a moving platform.
Liew Michael, Lee Dominic, Chia Nicholas, Cheng Kok Ping
Paper 751: Sequential Monte Carlo for Mobility Management in Wireless Cellular Networks.
Yang Zigang, Wang Xiaodong
Paper 735: Tracking of a Brownian phase with linear drift : algorithms and performances..
Amblard Pierre-Olivier

16:00 Filter Optimization (Oral/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Wolfgang Mecklenbraeuker, Vienna university of technology, Austria
Paper 021: On Convex Stability Domain and Optimization of IIR Filters.
Dumitrescu Bogdan
Paper 034: Closed form expressions for optimum FIR polynomial predictive filtering.
Psarakis Emmanouil, Moustakides George
Paper 161: Minimax Design of 2-D FIR Filters with Low Group Delay Using Convex Optimization.
Lu Wu-Sheng
Paper 206: On the choice of a basis for a linear-in-the-parameters model.
Oliveira E Silva Tomas
Paper 340: Truncation Noise Analysis of Noise Shaping DSP Systems with Application to CIC Decimators.
Lehtinen Vesa, Renfors Markku

16:00 Implementation (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Michel paindavoine, University of Bourgogne, Dijon, France,
Paper 026: Syndex executive development for DSPs TI C6x aplied to real-time and embedded multiprocessors architectures.
Nezan Jean Francois, Le Mener Yann, Raulet Mickael, Kountouris Apostolos, Moy Christophe
Paper 059: Hartley Transform Based Architecture for Time-Frequency Analysis and Time-Varying Filtering.
Stankovic Srdjan, Ivanovic Veselin, Stankovic Ljubisa
Paper 086: Radix-2 Multi-Dimensional Transposition-Free FFT Algorithm for Modern Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) Architectures.
Rodríguez Paul
Paper 132: Optimising the Implementation of a FFT-based Multicarrier CDMA Receiver.
Grant Peter, McCormick Andrew, Thompson John, Arslan Tughrul, Erdogan Ahmet
Paper 199: Multithreaded Systolic Computation.
Sernec Radovan, Zajc Matej, Tasic Jurij
Paper 278: 3G FDD Rapid Prototyping and Training.
Garcia-Alis Daniel, Stirling Iain, Rice Garrey, Macpherson Kenneth, Freeland Graham
Paper 346: Real time implementation of a face tracking.
Malasne Nicolas, Yang Fan, Paindavoine Michel
Paper 389: Alternative Least Mean Square Adaptive Filter Architectures for Implementation on Field Programmable Gate Arrays.
Mullins Sinead, Heneghan Conor
Paper 423: Implementation of Median-LMS Adaptive Filters Using Power-of-Two Multiplication in the Adaptation Arithmetic.
Macleod Malcolm
Paper 453: Architecture and application partitionning for reconfigurable system design.
Karim Ben Chehida, Michel Auguin, Sebastien Raimbault
Paper 548: A high-level development tool dedicated to the generation of cores for the implementation of image-processing applications.
Fresse Virginie, Marshall Stephen, Deforges Olivier

16:00 Image Filtering (Oral/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Moncef Gabbouj, Tampere university of Technology, Finland
Paper 068: Implementation issues in 2-D filter bank design based on matrix.
Tchobanou Mikhail, Woodburn Cynthia
Paper 087: Optimum non linear document restoration through linear greyscale operators.
Marshall Stephen
Paper 153: Directional Anisotropic Diffusion.
Terebes Romulus, Lavialle Olivier, Baylou Pierre, Borda Monica
Paper 459: The Bussgang algorithm for multichannel blind image restoration.
Panci Giampiero, Campisi Patrizio, Colonnese Stefania, Scarano Gaetano
Paper 543: Linear Colour-Dependent Image Filtering based on Vector Decomposition.
Sangwine Stephen, Gatsheni Barnabas, Ell Todd

16:00 Non linear Techniques for Channel Equalization (2/2) (Special/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Sergios Theodoridis, University of Athens, Greece
Paper 353: Combined equalization and alien crosstalk cancellation in ADSL receivers.
Vanbleu Koen, Ysebaert Geert, Moonen Marc, Vandaele Piet
Paper 755: A (semi)-blind equalization technique for wireless burst transmission systems.
Rontogiannis Athanasios, Berberidis Kostas, Marava Alexandra
Paper 169: Adaptive blind equalization through quadratic pdf matching.
Santamaria Ignacio, Pantaleón Carlos, Vielva Luis, Príncipe José
Paper 367: multiple-input turbo equalization over time-varying frequency selective channels.
Laot Christophe, Lebidan Raphael, Leroux Dominique
Paper 539: Semiblind Direct Equalisation using Mutually Referenced Equalisers.
Trindade Antonio, Van Der Veen Alle-Jan

16:00 Applications of Particle Filtering in Communications (2/2) (Special/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Petar Djuric, University of Stony Brook, New-York, USA
Paper 730: Sequential Monte Carlo simulation of dynamical models with slow-varying parameters: An extension.
Fong William, Godsill Simon
Paper 728: Multiuser Detection with Particle Filtering.
Zhang Jianqiu, Huang Yufei, Djuric Petar
Paper 750: Particle Filters for Positioning in Wireless Networks.
Nordlund Per-Johan, Gunnarsson Fredrik, Gustafsson Fredrik
Paper 757: Evaluation of sequential importance sampling for blind deconvolution via a simulation study.
Ali R. Ayesha, Richardson Thomas S., Murua Alejandro, Roy Sumit
Paper 732: A Particle filtering Technique for Jump Markov Systems.
Davy Manuel, Andrieu Christophe, Doucet Arnaud

17:40 Signal and Image Processing Activities in Major Companies: Astrium (3) (Industrial/To Be Defined)


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