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05 September 2002

08:00 Plenary 3 (Plenary/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Patrick Flandrin, ENS Lyon, France
Paper 725: Image Processing for High Resolution Satellite and Aerial Data.
Zerubia Josiane

08:45 Signal Reconstruction (Oral/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Alfred Hero, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
Paper 038: An Efficient, Robust, and Fast Converging Principal Components Extraction Algorithm: SIPEX-G.
Erdogmus Deniz, Rao Yadunandana N., Príncipe José, Fontenla-Romero Oscar, Vielva Luis
Paper 281: Spectral widening of telephone speech using an extended classification approach.
Kornagel Ulrich
Paper 344: Packet Loss Concealment Using Audio Morphing.
Bouteille Franck, Scalart Pascal, Kovesi Balazs
Paper 372: The energy expense of superoscillations.
Ferreira Paulo, Kempf Achim
Paper 447: A New Speech Synthesis Based on Fractal.
Fekkai Souhila, Al-Akaidi Marwan, Blackledge Jonathan

08:45 Telecommunications (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Guy Lesthievent, CNES, Toulouse, France
Paper 078: Channel prediction for adaptive coded modulation in Rayleigh fading.
Oien Geir E., Holm Henrik, Hole Kjell J.
Paper 139: Generalized Decision Error Probability for Linear Equalization Using M-ary PAM Transmission.
Yen Rainfield, Liu Hong-Yu, Chen Jin-Qun
Paper 168: Spline pulse shaping with isi-free matched filter receiver.
Ibáñez Jesús, Pantaleón Carlos, Diez Jose, Santamaria Ignacio
Paper 176: Error Resilient Virtual SPIHT For Image Transmission Over Noisy Channels.
Khan Ekram, Ghanbari Mohammed
Paper 364: Uplink versus downlink wirless mobile positioning in umts cellular radio systems.
Muhammad Wrya, Grosicki Emmanuele, Abed Meraim Karim, Delmas Jean-Pierre, Desbouvries Francois
Paper 397: Synthesis of minimal cost nonlinear feedback shift registers.
Linardatos Dionisis, Kalouptsidis Nicholas
Paper 438: Double Talk Cancellation in Echo Cancelled DMT-systems.
Ysebaert Geert, Vanbleu Koen, Cuypers Gert, Moonen Marc, Van Acker Katleen
Paper 460: Error-Resilient Coding and Forward Error Correction for Image Transmission over Unreliable Channels.
Boulgouris Nikolaos, Thomos Nikolaos, Strintzis Michael

08:45 Image Representation and Transformation (Oral/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Giovanni Sicuranza, University of Trieste
Paper 248: High Resolution 3D Spectral Method Estimation.
Aksasse Brahim, El Ansari Mohamed, Berthoumieu Yannick, Najim Mohamed
Paper 371: Evolutionary Multiresolution Matching Pursuit and its relations with the Human Visual System.
Figueras I Ventura Rosa M., Vandergheynst Pierre, Frossard Pascal
Paper 391: Parallelisation of the Overlap-Add Block-Filter Algorithm for Image Processing.
Aziz Mohamed, Boussakta Said
Paper 430: 3-D Fast algorithm for the 3-D new Mersenne number transform.
Boussakta Said, Alshibami Osama
Paper 532: Spline Mojette transform. Applications in tomography and communications.
Guédon Jean-pierre, Normand Nicolas

08:45 Space-Time Processing / Coding for Communications (1/2) (Special/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Miguel Lagunas and Ana Pérez-Neira, UPC, Barcelona, Spain
Paper 714: Performance of Space-Frequency Coded Broadband OFDM under Real-World Propagation Conditions.
Boelcskei Helmut, Borgmann Moritz, Arogyaswami J. Paulraj
Paper 754: Trained Space-Time Block Decoding For Fading Channels With Frequency Offsets.
Stoica Petre, Ganesan Girish
Paper 710: Joint Transceiver Optimization in Wireless Multiuser MIMO-OFDM Channels based on Simulated Annealing.
Pascual Iserte Antonio, Pérez-Neira Ana I., Lagunas Hernández Miguel Ángel
Paper 734: Per-Tone Chip Equalization for Space-Time Block Coded Single-Carrier Block Transmission DS-CDMA Downlink.
Petre Frederik, Leus Geert, Deneire Luc, Moonen Marc, Engels Marc

09:05 Signal and Image Processing for Space Applications (1/2) (Special/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Catherine Lambert-Nebout and Alain Giros, CNES ,Toulouse, France
Paper 761: From Image Processing Concepts to Instrument Design in Remote Sensing Satellites.
Goudy Philippe, Kubik Philippe, Rougé Bernard, Latry Christophe
Paper 762: Advances and Prospects in SAR missions and Instruments.
Suchandt Steffen, Eineder Michael, Adam Nico, Holzner Jürgen
Paper 759: Information Extraction from high resolution SAR data.
Adragna Frédéric, Datcu Mihai, Hajnsek Irena, Inglada Jordi, Papathanassiou Kostas, Petit David

10:40 Image Restoration (Oral/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Josiane Zérubia, INRIA, Nice
Paper 031: Selective image-sharpness enhancement by coupled nonlinear reaction-diffusion time-evolution and its practical application.
Saito Takahiro, Satsumabayashi Jun, Yashiro Kentarou, Komatsu Takashi
Paper 095: Total variation image restoration with local constraints.
Bertalmío Marcelo, Caselles Vicent, Rougé Bernard, Solé Andrés
Paper 141: A minimax-constrained superresolution algorithm for remote sensing imagery.
Magli Enrico, Olmo Gabriella
Paper 395: Image Resolution-Variance Tradeoffs Using the Uniform Cramer-Rao Bound.
Kragh Thomas, Hero Alfred
Paper 510: Improved POCS-based image reconstruction from irregularly-spaced samples.
Stasinski Ryszard, Konrad Janusz

10:40 Video Coding and Processing (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Ferran Marques, UPC, Barcelona, Spain
Paper 036: Improvement of the lossless compression of images with quasi-sparse histograms.
Pinho Armando, Neves Antonio
Paper 096: Video Coding Based on Seamless Combination of Motion Compensation and Matching Pursuits.
Matsuda Ichiro, Itoh Susumu
Paper 101: Comparison of lossless codecs for satellite and MRI medical images.
Bekkouche Hocine, Barret Michel
Paper 104: Optical Flow Constrait Equation Exended To Transparency.
Pingault Mathias, Pellerin Denis
Paper 134: Removing Moire from Degraded Video Archives.
Sidorov Denis, Kokaram Anil
Paper 233: Improving lossy image compression Wavelet transform based algorithms by predicting discarded coefficients.
Gil Pita Roberto, Rosa Zurera Manuel, Pérez-Cruz Fernando
Paper 302: Lossless JPEG2000 Coding for Lossy Images and its Applications.
Watanabe Osamu, Kiya Hitoshi
Paper 334: Improved Vector Quantization for Lossless Compression of AVIRIS Images.
Mielikainen Jarno, Toivanen Pekka
Paper 375: Histogram packing, total variation, and lossless image compression.
Ferreira Paulo, Pinho Armando
Paper 422: Reduction of Quantization Error With Adaptive Wiener FIlter in Low Bit Rate Coding.
Kuo Ching-Chih, Chang Wen-Thong
Paper 470: Video Object Coding and Rendering for Panoramic Video.
Chan Kin-Lok, Chan Shing Chow
Paper 489: High Performance Coding using a Model-based Bit Allocation and EBCOT.
Parisot Christophe, Antonini Marc, Barlaud Michel
Paper 490: Parametric probability models for lossless coding of natural images.
Ye Hua, Deng Guang, Devlin John
Paper 514: A Block-Based Predictive Lossless Coder for Quincunx Multispectral Images.
Benazza-Benyahia Amel, Pesquet Jean-Christophe
Paper 546: Nonlinear Polyphase Image Rate Conversion.
Franzen Ortwin, Schröder Hartmut
Paper 567: Sub-Picture Video Coding for Unequal Error Protection.
Hannuksela Miska, Wang Ye-Kui, Gabbouj Moncef

10:40 Multirate and Filterbanks (Oral/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Sanjit K. Mitra, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Paper 160: The Lifting Theory and The Design of Biorthogonal Filter Banks.
Fahmy Mamdouh F., El-Raheem Gamal M.
Paper 336: Programmable Modified Fractional Comb Decimation Filter.
Babic Djordje, Renfors Markku
Paper 374: A fast design method for biorthogonal modulated filter banks.
Siohan Pierre, Pinchon Didier, Siclet Cyrille
Paper 392: Polynomial extension method for size-limited paraunitary filter banks.
Dominguez Jimenez M. Elena, Gonzalez Prelcic Nuria
Paper 503: A Class of Perfect-Reconstruction Nonuniform Cosine-Modulated Filter-Banks with Dynamic Recombination.
Xie X.M., Chan S.C., Yuk T. I.

10:40 Space-Time Processing / Coding for Communications (2/2) (Special/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Miguel Lagunas and Ana Pérez-Neira, UPC, Barcelona, Spain
Paper 752: Bandwidth efficient SDMA multicarrier systems with frequency domain diversity.
Gorokhov Alexei
Paper 703: Interference Rejection in Systems Employing Transmit Diversity.
Klang Göran, Ottersten Björn
Paper 715: Capacity of MIMO Channels: Asymptotic Results for Correlated Fading.
Mestre Xavier, Fonollosa Javier R., Pagès Alba
Paper 382: MAP Space-Time Receivers for GSM in Subway Tunnel Environments.
González-López Miguel, Dapena Adriana, Castedo Luis

10:40 Signal and Image Processing for Space Applications (2/2) (Special/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Catherine Lambert-Nebout and Alain Giros, CNES ,Toulouse, France
Paper 760: New concepts for Earth observation data catalogues.
Datcu Mihai, Giros Alain
Paper 733: On-Board Payload Data Processing Systems / On-board Networks for Future Missions.
Armbruster Philippe, Gasti Wahida
Paper 758: Overview And General Principles Of Source Coding, Channel Coding & Modulation In CCSDS And DVB-S Standards.
Moury Gilles, Ribes André, Lesthievent Guy
Paper 554: Use of fade mitigation techniques for broadcasting and news gathering satellite applications in Ka band.
Cornet Frederic, Bazile Caroline, Duverdier Alban

12:20 Signal and Image Processing Activities in Major Companies: Schneider (4) (Industrial/To Be Defined)

13:40 Signal and Image Processing Activities in Major Companies: French Space Agency (CNES) (5) (Industrial/To Be Defined)

14:00 Filter Design / Fast Algorithms (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Maurice Bellanger, CNAM
Paper 004: Iterative method for creating wavelet dictionaries.
Rautiainen Mikko, Malmivuo Jaakko
Paper 016: Arbitrary Sampling Rate Conversion of Complex Signals.
Evangelista Gennaro, Göckler Heinz
Paper 128: A Causal Optimal Filter of the Second Degree.
Torokhti Anatoli, Howlett Phil, Pearce Charles
Paper 131: Adaptive local polynomial Fourier transform.
Dakovic Milos, Djurovic Igor, Stankovic Ljubisa
Paper 144: Generation of Ultraspherical Window Functions.
Bergen Stuart, Antoniou Andreas
Paper 157: A Novel Simple Adaptive Spectral Analysis Zoom For Narrow-Band Signals.
Hossen Abdulnasir, Heute Ulrich
Paper 303: New design method of FIR filters with SP2 coefficients based on a new linear programming relaxation with triangle inequalities.
Ito Rika, Fujie Tetsuya, Suyama Kenji, Hirabayashi Ryuichi
Paper 472: DCT computation using real-valued DFT algorithms.
Stasinski Ryszard
Paper 619: A new way to invert the sliding Fourier transform and its application to signal separation.
Dapena Adriana, Serviere Christine
Paper 620: An Audio Motivated Hybrid of Warping and Kautz Filter Techniques.
Paatero Tuomas

14:00 Subspace Detection and Estimation (Oral/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Jean-François Cardoso, ENST, Paris, France
Paper 117: A unified framework for fast extraction of principal and minor components.
Ouyang Shan, Ching P.C.
Paper 179: Quaternion subspace method for vector-sensor wave separation.
Le Bihan Nicolas, Mars Jérôme
Paper 410: Robust Subspace Tracking Based Blind Channel Identification In Impulsive Noise Environment.
Wen Yu, Chan S.C., Ho K.L.
Paper 530: Subspace detectors for multichannel signals.
Olmos Salvador, Martinez Juan Pablo, Sörnmo Leif
Paper 638: Robust non-Gaussian Matched Subspace Detectors.
Desai Mukund, Mangoubi Rami

14:00 Industrial Applications (Oral/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Nadine Martin, LIS - ENSIEG, Grenoble, France
Paper 282: Nonstationary Methods and application to Noisy Ultrasound Doppler.
Kouamé Denis, Girault Jean-Marc, Chemla Jean-Paul, Reméniéras Jean-Pierre, Lethiecq Marc
Paper 295: Application of the overcomplete wavelet transform for underwater transitory signal characterization.
Ioana Cornel, Freza-Boin Krystel, Quinquis Andre
Paper 610: Blind detection of an elliptically polarized wave in three-component seismic measurement.
Nagano Koji
Paper 662: Investigation of Digital TV-Terrestrial Signal for Radar Application.
Saini Rajesh, Cherniakov Mike
Paper 663: A New Matrix Method for Pulse Train Identification.
Shahhsoeini Hadi Shahriar, Naseri Ali, Naderi Madjid

14:00 Multi-Carrier / OFDM (1/2) (Special/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Ananthram Swami, Army research lab, Washington DC, USA Sergio Barbarossa, University of Rome, La Sapienza, Italy
Paper 705: MMSE Estimation of Time-Varying Channels for DVB-T Systems with Strong Co-Channel Interference.
Schafhuber Dieter, Matz Gerald, Hlawatsch Franz, Loubaton Philippe
Paper 712: On blind frequency-offset synchronization for OFDM communications.
Ghogho Mounir
Paper 713: Optimum signaling for MIMO-OFDM systems with interference.
Ye Sigen, Blum Rick S.
Paper 709: On the maximum common rate in multiple access channels.
Barbarossa Sergio, Scutari Gesualdo
Paper 717: Layered Space-Time OFDM with High-Performance and High-Rate.
Xin Yan, Giannakis Georgios

14:00 JPEG 2000 (1/2) (Special/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Catherine Lambert-Nebout, CNES Toulouse and Didier Nicholson, Thales Communications, Gennevilliers, France
Paper 763: JPEG2000 : present and future of the new standard.
Onno Patrice, Lambert-Nebout Catherine, Nicholson Didier
Paper 764: VLSI Design and Implementation of 2-D Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform.
McCanny Paul, McCanny John, Masud Shahid
Paper 765: Real Time Implementation of JPEG2000.
Le Barz Cédric, Elmostadi Rachid, Nicholson Didier
Paper 706: Scan-based Quality Control for JPEG2000 using R-D Models.
Parisot Christophe, Antonini Marc, Barlaud Michel

16:00 Multimedia Data Protection / Speech Analysis and Recognition (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Régine André-Obrecht, IRIT , Toulouse, France
Paper 013: Analysis of Nasals and Nasalized Vowels Based on Branched Tube Models.
Schnell Karl, Lacroix Arild
Paper 098: Audio prewhitening based on polynomial filtering for optimal watermark detection.
Cvejic Nedeljko, Seppanen Tapio
Paper 145: Fast Channel and Noise Compensation in the Spectral Domain.
Cerisara Christophe, Fohr Dominique
Paper 193: Two-level phoneme recognition based on successive use of monophone and diphone models.
Somervuo Panu
Paper 225: Wavelet decomposition of voiced speech and mathematical morphology analysis for glottal closure instants detection..
Ben Slimane Rahmouni Amel, Bouzid Aicha, Ellouze Noureddine
Paper 255: Speaker Verification using Phoneme-Adapted Gaussian Mixture Models.
Gutman Dan, Bistritz Yuval
Paper 308: A method for embedding binary data into JPEG2000 bit streams based on the layer structure.
Ando Katsutoshi, Kobayashi Hiroyuki, Kiya Hitoshi
Paper 386: Protection of 3-D object usage through texture watermarking.
Dugelay Jean-Luc, Garcia Emmanuel
Paper 451: Application of the Neural Networks for Text-to-Phoneme Mapping.
Bilcu Eniko Beatrice, Salmela Petri, Suontausta Janne, Saarinen Jukka
Paper 465: Secure, blind image watermarking technique for copyright protection.
Alturki Faisal, Mersereau Russell
Paper 485: Moving sound image representation method.
Matsumoto Mitsuo, Yamanaka Susumu, Toyama Mikio, Nomura Hiroaki
Paper 494: Detection of focal points in speech prosody.
Valbonesi Lucia, Ansari Rashid, McNeill David, Quek Francis, Duncan Susan, McCullough Karl-Eric
Paper 547: Voice Conversion: Adaptation of Relative Local Speech Rate by MPEG-4 HVXC.
Leutelt Lutz, Heute Ulrich
Paper 597: Recovering of Packet Loss for Distributed Speech Recognition.
Mayorga Pedro, Lamy Richard, Besacier Laurent
Paper 598: A Novel Voiced / Unvoiced / Silence Classification Scheme for Offline Speech Coding.
Hoelper Carsten, Frankort Astrid, Erdmann Christoph, Vary Peter
Paper 602: On the relevance of bandwith extension for speaker identification.
Faúndez-Zanuy Marcos, Nilsson Mattias, Kleijn Bastiaan
Paper 666: Recognition of Isolated Musical Patterns using Context Dependent Dynamic Time Warping.
Pikrakis Aggelos, Theodoridis Sergios, Kamarotos Dimitris

16:00 Frequency Estimation (Oral/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by J.F. Böhme, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
Paper 129: Increasing accuracy of frequency estimation by decimation.
Niedzwiecki Maciej, Klaput Tomasz, Kaczmarek Piotr
Paper 238: Snr enhancement of damped exponential signals in noise.
Djermoune El-hadi, Tomczak Marc
Paper 434: Optimizing Correlation Based Frequency Estimators.
Völcker Björn, Händel Peter
Paper 591: Subband decomposition and frequency warping for spectral estimation.
Bonacci David, Michel Patrice, Mailhes Corinne
Paper 660: Spectral Modes Estimation using Whittle-type Criterion, Applications to stellar speckle interferometry..
Cavallin Yoann, Ferrari Andréa, Lanteri Henri

16:00 Biomedical Processing (Oral/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Sylvie Roques, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de l'Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse, France
Paper 253: Propagation model choice for rapid SAR measurement.
Merckel Olivier, Fleury Gilles, Bolomey Jean-Charles
Paper 429: Characterization of auditory evoked potentials recorded in radiofrequency fields.
Maby Emmanuel, Chaillou Stéphane, Marquis Patrick, Le Bouquin-Jeannès Régine
Paper 500: Pareto Analysis for Gene Filtering in Microarray Experiments.
Fleury Gilles, Hero Alfred, Yoshida Shigeo, Carter Todd, Barlow Carollee, Swaroop Anand
Paper 557: A stochastic sinusoidal model with application to speech and EEG-sleep spindle signals.
Labarre David, Grivel Eric, Berthoumieu Yannick, Najim Mohamed

16:00 Multi-Carrier / OFDM (2/2) (Special/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Ananthram Swami, Army research lab, Washington DC, USA Sergio Barbarossa, University of Rome, La Sapienza, Italy
Paper 630: linear precoders for ofdm wireless communications with mmse equalization: facts and results.
Debbah Mérouane, Loubaton Philippe, De Courville Marc
Paper 265: Fine Frequency Offset Estimation for OFDM Signals in Frequency Selective Channels.
Marti Pere, Sala Josep
Paper 535: Exploiting the Cyclic Prefix for Beamforming in OFDM Receivers.
Bartolomé Diego, Pérez-Neira Ana I.
Paper 566: Performance of single-user and multi-user constant-energy bit loading in Hiperlan channels.
Garcia-Armada Ana, Cioffi John M.

16:00 JPEG 2000 (2/2) (Special/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Catherine Lambert-Nebout, CNES Toulouse and Didier Nicholson, Thales Communications, Gennevilliers, France
Paper 711: Psychovisual evaluation of the effect of color spaces and color quantification in JPEG2000 image compression.
Larabi Mohamed-Chaker, Fernandez-Maloigne Christine, Richard Noël
Paper 726: Progressive coding in JPEG2000 - Improving content recognition performance using ROIs and importance maps.
Nguyen Anthony, Chandran Vinod, Sridharan Sridha, Prandolini Robert
Paper 722: Optimal Caching Mechanism for JPEG 2000 Communications.
Iregui Marcela, Chevalier Philippe, Macq Benoit
Paper 766: Progressive Quality JPEG2000 Image Transmission over Noisy Channel.
Poulliat Charly, Vila Pierre, Pirez Didier, Fijalkow Inbar

17:40 Signal and Image Processing Activities in Major Companies: Motorola (6) (Industrial/To Be Defined)


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