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06 September 2002

08:00 Plenary 4 (Plenary/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Benoit Macq, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Paper 773: Nonlinear Speech Synthesis.
McLaughlin Stephen

08:45 Beamforming and Spatial Filtering (Oral/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Olivier Besson, ENSICA, Toulouse, France
Paper 044: Multi-Stage Reduced-Rank Adaptive Filter With Flexible Structure.
Burykh Serguei, Abed Meraim Karim
Paper 245: An LCMV-Based Approach for Downlink Beamforming in FDD Systems in Presence of Angular Spread.
Zanatta Filho Danilo, Cavalcante Charles C., Romano João, Resende Leonardo
Paper 012: A constant power algorithm for partial-band interference rejection in frequency-hopping communication systems.
Kamiya Yukihiro, Besson Olivier
Paper 243: Optimal Steering of a Negative Beamformer for Speech Enhancement.
Gómez-Vilda Pedro, Álvarez-Marquina Agustín, Martínez-Olalla Rafael, Nieto-Lluís Víctor, Rodellar-Biarge Victoria
Paper 518: Design of Far-Field Broadband Beamformers Using Eigenfilters.
Doclo Simon, Moonen Marc

08:45 Image Representation and Transformation (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Giovanni Sicuranza, University of Trieste
Paper 032: Statistically optimal control of a blending-type filter with its application to old film restoration.
Saito Takahiro, Yashiro Kentarou, Satsumabayashi Jun, Komatsu Takashi
Paper 085: Hypercomplex operators and vector correlation.
Moxey C E, Ell Todd, Sangwine Stephen
Paper 112: Image Dynamic Range Enhancement in the Context of Logarithmic Models.
Vasile Patrascu, Vasile Buzuloiu
Paper 221: Circle Fitting by Iterative Inversion.
Tico Marius, Rusu Corneliu, Kuosmanen Pauli, Delp Edward
Paper 266: Vector Directional Order-statistics for Impulse Detection.
Lukac Rastislav
Paper 342: Edge Detection using Steerable Filters and CNN.
Ozmen Atilla, Tufan Akman Emir
Paper 404: Anisotropic Wavelet Thresholding For Bayesian Image Denoising.
Jacovitti Giovanni, Neri Alessandro
Paper 420: An exact discrete backprojection operator.
Verbert Pierre, Guédon Jean-Pierre
Paper 448: Reversible Conversion between Interlaced and Progressive Scan Formats and Its Efficient Implementation.
Kikuchi Hisakazu, Muramatsu Shogo, Ishida Takuma, Kuge Tetsuro
Paper 454: Regularized Restoration of Color-Quantized Images.
Chan Yuk-Hee, Fung Yik-Hing
Paper 522: Application to Multispectral Images of a Blind Identification System For Blur, Additive, Multiplicative and Impulse Noises.
Carton-Vandecandelaere Marie-Paule, Vozel Benoit, Klaine Luc, Chehdi Kacem
Paper 536: Modelling and assessment of signal-dependent noise for image de-noising.
Alparone Luciano, Argenti Fabrizio, Torricelli Gionatan
Paper 629: A New Two-Dimensional Fast Adaptive Filter Based on the Chandrasekhar Algorithm.
Sayadi Mounir, Fnaiech Farhat, Mahlouthi Ahmed, Chaari Abdelkader, Najim Mohamed

08:45 Speech Enhancement and Noise Reduction (Oral/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Olivier Cappé, ENST Paris, France
Paper 166: Analysis of background noise reduction techniques for robust speech coding.
Virette David, Scalart Pascal, Lamblin Claude
Paper 297: QRD-based optimal filtering for acoustic noise reduction.
Rombouts Geert, Moonen Marc
Paper 487: Adaptive Kalman Filtering for Speech Signal Recovery in Colored Noise.
Gabrea Marcel
Paper 511: Enhancing quality of CELP coded speech via wideband extension by using voicing GMM interpolation and HNM re-synthesis.
Dar Ghulam Raza, Chan Cheung Fat
Paper 560: Blind speech enhancement using generalized eigenvalue decomposition.
Asano Futoshi, Asoh Hideki

08:45 Channel Estimation and Equalization (Oral/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Daniel Roviras, ENSEEIHT-TéSA, Toulouse, France
Paper 223: Performance analysis of a List-type equalizer over estimated MIMO frequency selective channels.
Sellami Noura, Fijalkow Inbar, Perreau Sylvie
Paper 402: Space-Time Correlation of MIMO Flat Rayleigh Fading Channels.
Safar Zoltan, Liu K.J. Ray
Paper 484: Behavior and corrections of constant modulus equalization with a DC offset.
Touzni Azzedine, Endres Tom, Fu Haosong, Casas Raul
Paper 505: A blind particle filtering detector for joint channel estimation, tracking and data detection over flat fading channels.
Huang Yufei, Djuric Petar
Paper 634: A multi-slot method to estimate fast-varying channels in TD-CDMA systems.
Spagnolini Umberto, Nicoli Monica, Simeone Osvaldo

08:45 Content based Audio and Video Indexing (1/2) (Special/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Régine André-Obrecht and Philippe Joly, IRIT Toulouse, France
Paper 702: Automatic Processing of Broadcast Audio in Multiple Languages.
Lamel Lori, Gauvain Jean-Luc
Paper 737: A method for extraction of audio-visual leitmotif in movies by cross media analysis.
Benois-Pineau Jenny, Desainte-Catherine Myriam, Louis Nicolas
Paper 748: Modelling of visual features by Markov chains for sport content characterization.
Leonardi Riccardo, Migliorati Pierangelo, Prandini Maria
Paper 700: Image Similarity For Automatic Video Summarization.
Yahiaoui Itheri, Merialdo Bernard, Huet Benoit
Paper 753: A framework for the retrieval of multiple regions using Binary Partition Trees and low level descriptors.
Garrido Luis, Salembier Philippe

10:40 Applications (Poster/Ariane 1&2)
Chaired by Francis Castanié, ENSEEIHT-TéSA, Toulouse, France
Paper 048: Determination of P phase arrival in low-amplitude seismic signals from coal-mines with wavelets.
Wyzgolik Roman
Paper 081: Component Separation in Astronomical Images Using Independent Factor Analysis.
Kuruoglu Ercan Engin, Bedini Luigi, Paratore Maria Teresa, Salerno Emanuele, Tonazzini Anna
Paper 106: Time-spectral technique for esophageal voice regeneration.
Garcia Begoña, Vicente Javier, Aramendi Elisabete
Paper 155: Eye diagram reconstruction using asynchronous imperfect sampling, application to BER estimation for fiber-optic communication systems.
Moustakides George, Cerou Frederic, Audouin Olivier, Noirie Ludovic
Paper 182: Correlation Integral Analysis of radar sea clutter.
McLaughlin Stephen, Unsworth Charles, Cowper Mark, Mulgrew Bernard
Paper 198: Application of blind signal separation to WDM optical transmission monitoring.
Feng Yumang, Zarzoso Vicente, Nandi Asoke
Paper 200: DPCM compression of SAR raw data.
Magli Enrico, Olmo Gabriella
Paper 219: Using stochastic complexity for ECG signal analysis.
Aldea Rafael, Giurcaneanu Ciprian Doru
Paper 244: Two joint estimation decision methods for pollutant source monitoring : a comparison.
Delmaire Gilles, Lherbier Régis, Carlier Erick
Paper 271: Steps towards the development of an automatic classifier for astronomical images.
Thiebaut Carole, Boër Michel, Bringer Mathieu
Paper 279: fractal dimension and power-law behavior reproducibility and correlation in chronic heart failure patients.
Accardo Agostino, D'addio Gianni, Maestri Roberto, Vitale Dario, Furgi Giorgio, Rengo Fabio
Paper 288: Bisprectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability.
Saliu Sokol, Birand Ahmet, Kuadiberdieva Gulmira
Paper 312: High Performance Receiver for RFI Mitigation in Radio Astronomy : Apllication at decameter wavelengths.
Weber Rodolphe, Clerc Vincent, Denis Laurent, Rosolen Carlo
Paper 314: blind source separation : application to microorganism raman spectra.
Huez Regis, Perrin Eric, Sockalingum Ganesh, Manfait Michel
Paper 461: A simple signal detection method for great earthquake prediction by observation of seismic electromagnetic wave radiations.
Yasukawa Hiroshi, Niwa Shinji, Hata Masayasu, Takumi Ichi
Paper 559: Time-frequency analysis of high-frequency activity for seizure detection and tracking in neonate.
Hassanpour Hamid, Mesbah Mostefa, Boashash Boualem
Paper 580: Mixture Densities Formulation of a Spectrogram Segmentation Task.
Hory Cyril, Martin Nadine

10:40 Spectral Estimation (Oral/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Jean-Louis Lacoume, LIS - ENSIEG, grenoble, France
Paper 067: Myriad filter based form of the DFT.
Djurovic Igor, Stankovic Ljubisa, Boehme Johann
Paper 138: Asymptotically minimum variance second-order estimation of frequencies for mixed spectra time series.
Delmas Jean-Pierre, Meurisse Yann
Paper 261: Instantaneous Frequency Estimation of Frequency Modulated Signals in the Presence of Multiplicative and Additive Noise: Application to Mobile Communication Systems.
Azemi Ghasem, Senadji Bouchra, Boashash Boualem
Paper 264: A novel frequency estimator and its comparative performances for short record lenghts.
So H.C., Ip S.K.
Paper 624: Extension of Whittle likelihood to transient signal parameters estimation. Application to stellar speckle interferometry..
Ferrari Andréa, Cavallin Yoann

10:40 Content based Audio and Video Indexing (2/2) (Special/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Régine André-Obrecht and Philippe Joly, IRIT Toulouse, France
Paper 767: Construction of a Formal Multimedia Benchmark.
Marchand-Maillet Stephane
Paper 140: A Speech/Music Discriminator using RMS and Zero-crossings.
Panagiotakis Costas, Tziritas Georgios
Paper 350: Image compression for indexing based on the encoding cost map.
Simitopoulos Dimitrios, Tzovaras Dimitrios, Strintzis Michael
Paper 099: Automatic Video Structuring for Multimedia Messaging.
Treetasanatavorn Siripong, Rauschenbach Uwe, Heuer Jörg, Kaup André
Paper 122: Color Texture Recognition and Indexing by Fuzzy Color Spatial Distributions.
Vertan Constantin, Stoica Adrian, Fernandez-Maloigne Christine

10:40 Segmentation and Vision (Oral/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by Jean-Marc Chassery, LIS - ENSIEG, Grenoble, France
Paper 126: Unsupervised Segmentation of Textured Satellite and Aerial Images with Bayesian Methods.
Wilson Simon, Zerubia Josiane
Paper 239: Segmentation of natural images using scale-space representations: a linear and a non-linear approach.
Divorra Escoda Oscar, Petrovic Ana, Vandergheynst Pierre
Paper 331: The epipolar constraint in geometric algebra and the self-calibration problem.
Sarti Augusto, Defferara Claudio, Negroni Fabio, Tubaro Stefano
Paper 537: Volume Simplification and Segmentation by 3D Connected Operators.
Signoroni Alberto, Leonardi Riccardo
Paper 632: Fast Marching and Traveltime Images: 8-Neighbourhood Approach.
Dargent Régis, Lavialle Olivier, Orsoni Bruno, Baylou Pierre, Melchior Pierre

10:40 CDMA (Oral/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Marco Luise, University of Pisa, Italy
Paper 311: Rake Receiver Analytical Study for Td-Cdma Downlink Evaluation.
Ammari Saloua, Wautier Armelle
Paper 355: MC-CDMA with Prolate Spheroidal Functions-based Orthogonal Codes.
Raos Ivana, Zazo Santiago, Páez-Borrallo José-Manuel
Paper 379: A higher-order-statistics based blind interference cancellator for asynchronous DS/CDMA systems.
Guainazzo Marco, Peluffo Marta, Sacchi Claudio, Regazzoni Carlo
Paper 463: Space-time decorrelating RAKE receiver in multipath CDMA channel.
Fung C. Y., Chan S.C., Tse K.W.
Paper 524: Interference Suppression in WCDMA Downlink by Symbol-Level Channel Equalization.
Hooli Kari, Juntti Markku

12:20 Signal and Image Processing Activities in Major Companies: Airbus France (7) (Industrial/To Be Defined)

13:40 Signal and Image Processing Activities in Major Companies: DLR (8) (Industrial/To Be Defined)

14:00 Non linear Speech Processing (Special/Guillaumet 1)
Chaired by Marcos Faundez-Zanuy, University of Mataro, Spain
Paper 718: nonlinear speech processing with oscillatory neural networks for speaker segregation.
Rouat Jean, Pichevar Ramin
Paper 740: Future work in cost action 277 on nonlinear speech processing.
Chollet Gérard, Faúndez-Zanuy Marcos, Kleijn Bastiaan, Kubin Gernot, McLaughlin Stephen, Petek Bojan
Paper 721: SVM-based lost packets concealment for ASR applications over IP.
Peláez-Moreno Carmen, Gallardo-Antolín Ascensión, Parrado-Hernández Emilio, Díaz-de-María Fernando
Paper 707: Nonlinear Prediction Based on Score Function.
Jordi Solé- i -Casals, Enric Monte-Moreno
Paper 014: N-dimensional nonlinear prediction with MLP.
Faúndez-Zanuy Marcos

14:00 Object Recognition (Oral/Cassiopée)
Chaired by Carlo Regazzoni, University of Genova, Italy
Paper 015: Shape distance for rotation estimation and rotational symmetry detection in gray-level images.
Derrode Stephane, Ghorbel Faouzi
Paper 294: Structure Sensitive Sampling of Noisy Fractal Patterns.
Kamejima Kohji
Paper 315: Enhancement of ARG Object Recognition Method.
Ahmadyfard Alireza, Kittler Josef
Paper 425: Cast Shadow Recognition in Color Images.
Salvador Elena, Ebrahimi Touradj
Paper 594: Eigenedginess vs. eigenhill, eigenface and eigenedge.
Ramesh S, Palanivel S, Das Sukhendu, Yegnanarayana B

14:00 Low-Power Algorithms / Architectures for Image and Video (Special/Guillaumet 2)
Chaired by by Michael Ansorge, university of Neuchâtel, Switzerland and Giovanni Ramponi, university of Trieste, Italy
Paper 103: Design and implementation of a high-quality, low-power deinterlacer circuit.
Tenze Livio, Marsi Stefano, Carrato Sergio
Paper 105: VLSI design for low-power data-adaptive motion estimation.
Fanucci Luca, Saponara Sergio
Paper 276: A Pipelined Systolic Architecture for the Hardware Oriented Region Based Motion Estimation Algorithm.
Fermo Andrea, Sicuranza Giovanni, Pahor Vojko
Paper 561: A Low-Power VLSI Architecture for Face Verification Using Elastic Graph Matching.
Nagel Jean-Luc, Stadelmann Patrick, Ansorge Michael, Pellandini Fausto
Paper 562: A Multiscale Morphological Coprocessor For Low-Power Face Authentication.
Stadelmann Patrick, Nagel Jean-Luc, Ansorge Michael, Pellandini Fausto

14:00 Language and Speech Recognition (Oral/Saint Exupéry)
Chaired by Lori Lamel, LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, Paris, France
Paper 108: A Hybrid HMM/Autoregressive Time-Delay Neural Network Automatic Speech Recognition System.
Selouani Sid-Ahmed, O'Shaughnessy Douglas
Paper 388: Merging Segmental, Rhythmic and Fundamental Frequency Features for Automatic Language Identification.
Rouas Jean-Luc, Farinas Jérôme, Pellegrino François
Paper 625: Time sequence information within a Gaussian mixture model.
Stapert Robert, Mason John
Paper 669: Continuous Speech Recognition Using Structural Learning of Dynamic Bayesian Networks.
Deviren Murat, Daoudi Khalid
Paper 674: Posteriors correction using feedback synthesis loop in robust ASR.
Glotin Herve


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