Papers By Title


"P300 speller'' Brain-Computer Interface: Enhancement of P300 evoked potential by spatial filters

A 8-Bit-Grey-Level Image Embedding its 512 Color Palette

A Belief-Propagation Based Fast Intra Coding Algorithm for the H.264/AVC FRExt coder

A Bitplane Based Algorithm for Lossless Compression of DNA Microarray Images

A Blind Steganalysis Scheme using Estimation Techniques

A CM Based Equalizer for Space-Time Spreading over Channels with Inter-Symbol Interference

A Colour Correction Preprocessing Method For Multiview Video Coding

A combined Selective mapping and closed-loop quasi-orthogonal space time block coding scheme for peak-to-average power ratio mitigation in MIMO-OFDM transmission

A comparative study on the processing of ultrasonic arc maps

A Complementary Matching Pursuit Algorithm for Sparse Approximation

A Complexity Scalable H.264/AVC Encoder for Mobile Terminals

A Constrained Forward-Backward Algorithm for Image Recovery Problems

A Family of Frequency Estimators Using Higher-Order Sample Covariance Lags For Real Sinusoid Detection

A Fast Multi-step Atom Searching in Non-low Signal Energy Regions for Matching Pursuits

A first-order frequency-warped sigma delta modulator with improved signal-to-noise ratio

A Flexible Architecture for DSP Applications Combining High Performance Arithmetic with Small Scale Configurability

A High Resolution Method of Source Localization in Near-field by Using Focusing Technique

A Hybrid Parameterization Technique for Speaker Identification

A least square approach for bidimensional source separation using higher order statistics criteria

A Lexical-tree division-based approach to Parallelize a Cross-word Speech Decoder for Multi-core Processors

A Lossy JPEG2000-based Data Hiding Method for Scalable 3D Terrain Visualization

A Low Cost Coupled LMS Adaptive Algorithm with Affine Projection Performance for Autorregressive Inputs: Mean Weight Analysis

A Majorization-Minimization Approach to Total Variation Reconstruction of Super-Resolved Images

A Multi-Resolution Hidden Markov Model using Class-Specific Features

A multimodal approach for frequency domain independent component analysis with geometrically-based initialization.

A New Approach To Particle Based Smoothed Marginal MAP

A New Bayesian Lower Bound on the Mean Square Error of Estimators

A new CFAR detector in Gamma-distributed nonhomogeneous backgrounds

A New Definition of Discrete Quadratic Time--Frequency Distributions

A New Feature Analysis Method for Robust ASR in Reverberant Environments Based on the Harmonic Structure of Speech

A new generation of non-invasive biomarkers of cognitive-motor states with applications to smart Brain-Computer Interfaces

A new MCMC algorithm for blind Bernoulli-Gaussian deconvolution

A New Objective Model for Wide- and Narrowband Speech Quality Prediction in Communications including background noise

A new Optimization Criterion for Extracting Several Straight Lines in a Binary Image

A New Reassigned Time-frequency Representation

A New Robust Adaptation Mode Controller based on a Normalized Cross-Correlation with Multiple Symmetric Leaky Blocking Matrices for Adaptive Microphone Arrays

A New Secure Communication Technique using a Novel Chaos-Based Nonlinear Cryptography Function

A NFxLMS Algorithm With Initial Subsystem Estimates for Digital Predistortion of Wiener Systems

A Nonlinear Blind Source Separation Solution for Removing the Show-Through Effect in the Scanned Documents

A Nonlinear Source Separation Approach for the Nicolsky-Eisenman Model

A novel approach based on non-unitary joint block-diagonalization for the blind MIMO equalization of cyclo-stationary signals

A Novel Approach to Acoustic Echo Cancellation

A Novel Technique for Practical Implementation of Pixel-Domain Wyner-Ziv Video Coding in Multi-User Systems

A Novel Technique for Spike Detection in Extracellular Neurophysiological Recordings using Cepstrum of Bispectrum

A phonetic vocoder with adaptation to selectable speaker codebooks

A real-time siren detector to improve safety of guide in traffic environment

A Reduced-Complexity PTS Scheme For Peak-To-Average Power Ratio Reduction In OFDM Systems

A Robust Channel Estimator at the High Doppler Frequency via Matching Pursuit Technique

A Set of Low-Level Descriptors for Images Affected by Foxing

A Signal Processing Module for Non-Destructive Targeting of Termite Activity Using the Spectral Kurtosis and the Discrete Wavelet Transform

A Simple Constrained Based Adaptive Null Steering Algorithm

A Simple Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time Scheme for Use in Asynchronous Virtual Antenna Array Enabled Cooperative Networks

A soft constrained MAP estimator for supervised hyperspectral signal unmixing

A sparse periodic decomposition and its application to speech representation

A Sparseness Controlled Proportionate Algorithm for Acoustic Echo Cancellation

A spatially adaptive hierarchical stochastic model for non-rigid image registration

A study on interlaced sampling with unknown offsets

A Subspace Approach for Blind Estimation of Time-Varying Channels Under STBC Transmissions

A Subspace Method for Detection and Classification of Rail Defects

A System on Chip Dedicated to Pipeline Neighborhood Processing For Mathematical Morphology

A Temporally Constrained Spatial ICA for Separation of Seizure BOLD from fMRI

A tensor-based approach for automatic music genre classification

A time delay estimation technique for overlapping signals in electrocardiograms

A time-frequency formula for LMMSE filters for nonstationary underspread continuous-time stochastic processes

A trade-off between convergence speed and misadjustment for filtering discontinuous speech signals

A Unified Full-Rate STBC Design with Reduced-Complexity Coherent and Differential ML Decoding

A variational approach for image fusion visualization

A VSSLMS Algorithm Based on Error Autocorrelation

A Wavelet based Coding Scheme via Atomic Approximation and Adaptive Sampling of the Lowest Frequency Band

Accurate 3D Face Registration based on the Symmetry Plane Analysis on Nose Regions

Accurate Parameter Estimation for Amplitude Modulated Sinusoidal Signals Incorporating Smoothness Constraints

Acoustic Source Localization by Fusing Distributed Microphone Arrays Measurements

Active Contours based segmentation of 2DGE proteomiocs images

Actor Retrieval System Based On Kernels On Bags of Bags

Adaptive Algorithm for The Blind Separation of Sources with Finite Support

Adaptive Detection for a Permutation-based Multiple-Access System on Time-Varying Multipath Channels with Unknown Delays and Coefficients

Adaptive Methods for Sequential Importance Sampling with Application to State Space Models

Adaptive notch smoothing revisited

Adaptive Off-Diagonal MIMO Canceller (ODMC) for VDSL Upstream Self FEXT mitigation

Adaptive window for local polynomial regression from noisy nonuniform samples

Advancement in Color Image Processing using Geometric Algebra

Alignment Kernels for Audio Classification with Application to Music Instrument Recognition

An Adaptive Hammerstein Filter for System Identification

An Analytical Model for the Constrained Stochastic Gradient Algorithm

An Application Constrained Front End for Speaker Verification

An assessment of speech related information contained in GEMS signals

An Automatic Image-Map Alignment Algorithm Based on Mutual Information and Hilbert Scan

An Empirical Likelihood Method for Data Aided Channel Identification in Unknown Noise Field

An Equation Error Algorithm Based On Correlation Function with Variable Delay

An Integrated Approach for Noise Reduction and Dynamic Range Compression in Hearing Aids

An integrated method for blind separation and dereverberation of convolutive audio mixtures

An interactive tool for MPEG-1 audio compression

An Unscented Kalman filter based Maximum Likelihood ratio for NLOS bias detection in UMTS localization

Analysis of a Sequential Monte Carlo Optimization Methodology

Analysis of error propagation due to frame losses in a distributed video coding system

Analysis of localization cue preservation by Multichannel Wiener Filtering based binaural noise reduction in hearing aids

Analytical Rate Optimization for Multicast

Analyzing NMR Spectra with the Morlet wavelet

Angle-of-Arrival Estimation for Localization and Communication in Wireless Networks

Application of the DYPSA Algorithm to Segmented Time Scale Modification of Speech

Application of the Fan-Chirp Transform to Hybrid Sinusoidal+Noise Modeling of Polyphonic Audio

AR Order Selection with Information Theoretic Criteria Based on Localized Estimators

Are Polynomial Models Optimal for Image Interpolation?

Array Processing For Intersecting Circle Retrieval

Artificial Bandwidth Extension of Narrow-Band Speech Signals via High-Band Energy Estimation

Astronomical Object Detection with a Robust Hit-or-Miss Transform

Asymptotic Analysis Of Iterative Channel Estimation And Multiuser Detection With Soft Feedback In Multipath Channels

Asynchronous detection and classification of oscillatory brain activity

Atracking Framework for Laboratory Experiments

Atrial Signal Extraction in Atrial Fibrillation ECGs Exploiting Spatial Constraints

Audio-visual Emotion Recognition using an Emotion Space Concept

Audiovisual speech inversion by switching dynamical modeling governed by a hidden Markov process

Authorial Manuscript Image Analysis Using Markovian Models: the Bovary Project

Automated Localisation of Optic Disk and Fovea in Retinal Fundus Images

Automatic Bioacoustic Detection of Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus

Automatic Cepstrum-Based Smoothing of the Periodogram via Cross-Validation

Automatic detection and correction of purple fringing using the gradient information and desaturation

Automatic Estimation of the Readability of Handwritten Text

Automatic extraction of information for catenary scene analysis

Automatic transcription of piano music based on HMM tracking of jointly-estimated pitches

Background Signal Estimation from Multi-sensor Signals Based on Outer Product and Non-linear Filters

Band Control Policy of Playout Scheduling for Voice over IP

Bandelet-Based Video Inpainting

Bandwidth Reduction Schemes for MPEG-2 to H.264 Transcoder Design

Bayesian Feature Selection Applied in a P300 Brain-Computer Interface

Benchmark set of synthetic images for validating cell image analysis algorithms

Bilateral Human Motion Filtering

Binary Image Interpolation based on Mathematical Morphology

Binaural sound localization for untrained directions based on a Gaussian mixture model

Blind Equalization Using Bayesian Technique and Wavelet Networks

Blind Identification and Equalization of Downlink MC-CDMA Systems using Cumulants

Blind Identification of Sparse SIMO Channel using Maximum A Posteriori Approach

Blind Marginalized Particle Filtering Detector for the systems with IQ Imbalance and Carrier Frequency Offset

Blind partial extraction of instantaneous mixtures of sources using second order statistics

Blind Separation of Secondary Radar Signals Using Time-Frequency Analysis

Blind source separation approaches to remove imaging artefacts in EEG signals recorded simultaneously with fMRI

Blind Source Separation Based On Cyclic Spectra: Application to Biomechanical Signals.

Blind Source Separation for Convolutive Mixtures Using a Non-Uniform Oversampled Filter Bank

Blind source separation of convolutive mixtures of non circular linearly modulated signals with unknown baud rates.

Brain Surface Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images of the Fetus

Breast cancer diagnosis from fine-needle aspiration using supervised compact hyperspheres and establishment of confidence of malignancy

Broadband Superdirective Beamforming Using Multipole Superposition

Caculation of Ambiguity Functions with Fermat Number Transform

Calibration and 3D Geometry Estimation of a Pan-tilt-Zoom Camera Network

Category-level Detection Based on Object Structures

Channel estimation in 802.11g in the presence of Bluetooth Interference

Characterization and Calibration of Mems Inertial Measurement Units

Characterization of current codecs degradations for subjective assessment of speech quality

Classification of linear and nonlinear modulations using the Baum-Welch algorithm

Cognitive Decoding and the Golden Code

Color Demosaicing Using Multi-Frame Super-Resolution

Color Image Enhancement Using Single-Scale Retinex Based on an Improved Image Formation Model

Combined PLP - Acoustic Waveform Classification for Robust Phoneme Recognition Using Support Vector Machines

Combining One-Class Support Vector Machines and hysteresis thresholding: application to burnt area mapping

Comparing Noise Compensation Methods for Robust Prediction of Acoustic Speech Features From Mfcc Vectors in Noise

Comparison of Different FFT Implementations in the Encrypted Domain

Comparison of Two Different SIMILAR Speech and Gestures Multimodal Interfaces

Compressed Sensing Based Estimation of Doubly Selective Channels Using a Sparsity-Optimized Basis Expansion

Compressed Sensing of Audio Signals Using Multiple Sensors

Compressing color-indexed images by dynamically reordering their palettes

Compressive coded aperture video reconstruction

Compressive Sensing and Random Filtering of EEG Signals using Slepian Basis

Compressive Video Sampling

Computer Aided Peripheral Arterial Disease Diagnosis and Blood Pressure Estimation via Pulse Oscillation

Constrained pole-zero linear prediction: an efficient and near-optimal method for multi-tone frequency estimation

Constructing orthogonal wavelet bases on the sphere

Contact-Free Hand Biometric System for Real Environments

Contrast Enhancement Using Modified Error Diffusion

Contribution to statistical acoustic-to-EMA mapping

Controling Leakage of Biometric Information using Dithering

Cooperation in Wireless Sensor Networks with Intra and Intercluster Interference

Correlation and Kullback Matching Approaches: Application to Blind Channel Estimation in OSTBC Systems

Cramer-Rao bounds for radar altimeter waveforms

Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for the Clock Offset of Silent Nodes Synchronizing through a General Sender-Receiver Protocol in Wireless Sensornets

Data-Aided Time-Domain Synhronization for Filter Bank Based Multicarrier Systems

Decaying Extension Based Phase Correlation for Robust Object Localization in Full Search Space

Decorrelation of input signals for stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation using the class of perceptual equivalence

Design of FIR digital differentiator using discrete Hartley transform and backward difference

Design of Higher Density Dual-Tree Discrete Wavelet Transform with Few Degrees of Freedom

Design of highly selective quasi-equiripple FIR lowpass filters with approximately linear phase and very low group delay

Design of IIR filters using new three allpass filters structure

Design of low-resolution multiple description vector quantizers by means of the self organizing maps

Detection and Pulse Compression in Passive Radar with OFDM Radio Signals

Detection of Echo Generated in Mobile Phones Using Pitch Distance

Detection of Epileptic Indicators on Clinical Subbands of EEG

Detection of High-Frequency Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials Using Phase Rectified Reconstruction

Detection of network anomalies using rank tests

Detection of Non-stationary Sinusoids by Using Joint Frequency Reassignment and Null-to-null Bandwidth

Detection of Signals Corrupted by Nonstationary Random Noise via Kalman Filter-Based Stationarization Approach

Detection of Statistical Periodicities in Dna by Conflict and Entropy Minimization Methods

Deterministic Dictionaries for Sparsity: A Group Representation Approach

Deterministic ML estimation for Unknown Numbers of Signals

Dictionary Identifiability from Few Training Samples

Diffusion Mechanisms for Fixed-Point Distributed Kalman Smoothing

Digital dewaxing of Raman spectral images of paraffin-embedded human skin biopsies based on ICA and NCLS

Digital I&Q Demodulation in array processing: Theory and Implementation

Digital wavefield reconstruction in phase-shifting holography as inverse discrete problem

Direct Design of Linear-phase Nonuniform Filter Banks with Arbitrary Integer Decimation Factors

Directional Beacon based Positioning System using RF Signals

Distributed Consensus Algorithms for SVM training in Wireless Sensor Networks

Distributed localization in wireless sensor networks as a pre-image problem in a reproducing kernel Hilbert space

Distributed Target Localization via Spatial Sparsity

Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff of Simplified Receivers for Frequency-Selective MIMO Channels

DOA estimation for polarized sources on a vector-sensor array by PARAFAC decomposition of the fourth-order covariance tensor

Dynamic Subcarrier Allocation for Single Carrier FDMA systems

Early Detection Algorithms for 4×4 and 8×8 All-Zero Blocks in H.264/AVC

Early Morning Activity Detection Using Acoustics and Wearable Wireless Sensors

Ears of the robot: noise reduction using four-line ultra-micro omni-directional microphones mounted on a robot head

Edge Preserving Smoothing by Multiscale Mode Filtering

Effect of an Additional Sensor on AOA Localization Performance

Effect of Antenna Height and Polarisation On Short Wireless

Effects of Propagation Delays and Sampling Rate on Feed-Back BSS and Comparative Studies with Feed-Forward BSS

Effects of Room Reverberation on Speaker Identification

Efficient Interferer Cancelation Based On Geometrical Information of the Reverberant Environment

Efficient Model Re-estimation in Voice Conversion

Efficient Serial and Parallel Implementation of Programmable FIR Filters Based On the Merging Technique

Efficient Speaker Identification using Speaker Model Clustering

Efficient Visual Fire Detection Applied for Video Retrieval

Elastic Registration of Remote-Sensing Images Based On the Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform

Empirical Formula for Designing Symmetric/Anti-symmetric FIR Single Band PCLS Filters

Empirical Mode Decomposition Based Soft-Thresholding

Employing active contours and artificial neural networks in representing ultrasonic range data

Emulating Temporal Receptive Fields of Auditory Mid-Brain Neurons for Automatic Speech Recognition

Energy-Based Model-Independent Source Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Multiuser MIMO Systems: A Game-Theoretic Framework

Enhancing Error Localization of DFT Codes by Weighted l1-Norm Minimization

Entropy encoding of lattice codevectors based on product code indexing

Entropy-Constrained Spike Modulus Quantization In a Bio-inspired Universal Audio Coder

Equidistributed Sequences along Space-filling Curves in Sampling Images

ESPRITWED-UG and AV-ESPRITWED: two new linear subspace algorithms for Time Delay Estimation

Estimating the mixing matrix in Sparse Component Analysis (SCA) using EM algorithm and iterative Bayesian clustering

Estimating the mixing matrix in underdetermined sparse component analysis (SCA) using consecutive independent component analysis (ICA)

Estimating the Scattering Distribution of the Received Signal in Micro-Cellular Systems

Estimation of the Instantaneous Harmonic Parameters of Speech

Evaluation of Audio Features for Audio-Visual Analysis of Dance Figures

Evaluation of signal enhancement algorithms for hearing instruments

Exploring the effect of rhythmic style classification on automatic tempo estimation

Extension of EasyPAS software for the learning of image and audio digital processing

Extension of Score Function Difference for Frequency Domain Blind Source Separation

Extraction of Fetal ECG using Adaptive Volterra Filters

F0 estimation based on robust ELS complex speech analysis

Facial expression recognition using angle-related information from facial meshes

Facial Video Based Response Registration System

Fast amplitude compression in hearing aids improves audibility but degrades speech information transmission

Fast Bias Field Correction for 9.4 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Fast Codeword Search Algorithm for Split-dimension Vector Quantization Based on the Sequence of Characteristic Value

Fast Compressive Imaging using Scrambled Block Hadamard Ensemble

Fast Multi-view Face Tracking with Pose Estimation

Fast super-resolution on moving objects in video sequences

Feature Dimensionality Reduction Through Genetic Algorithms for Faster Speaker Recognition

Feedback Reduction Methods for Distributed Cooperative Antenna Systems with Temporally-Correlated Channels

Filter design for the detection of compact sources embedded in non-stationary noise plus a deterministic background

Filtered-X NLMS algorithm with compensation of memoryless nonlinearities for active noise control

Finger-spelling Recognition within a Collaborative Segmentation/Behavior Inference Framework

Flame Detection System Based on Wavelet Analysis of PIR Sensor Signals with an HMM Decision Mechanism

Forward/Backward Algorithms For Joint Multi Pattern Speech Recognition

FPGA-based Implementation of a Real-time 5000-word Continuous Speech Recognizer

Free-Viewpoint Scalable Multi-View Video Coding Using Panoramic Mosaic Depth Maps

Frequency Tracking Using Monte Carlo Methods: Application to Bat Echolocation Signals

From GMM to HMM for embeddded password-based speaker recognition

Fullband Conversational Codec: What Testing Methodology?

Functional Clusters in the Prefrontal Cortex During Mental Arithmetic

Functional semi-automated segmentation of renal DCE-MRI sequences using a Growing Neural Gas algorithm

G.711.1: A Wideband Extension to ITU-T G.711

Gain Control Free Blind Frequency Offset Estimator for General QAM Communication

Gender Determination Using a Support Vector Machine Variant

General Region Merging Based on First Order Markov Information Theory Statistical Measures

Generalized consistent Robust Capon Beamforming for arbitrarily large arrays

Generation of dual N-Channel Filterbanks with Hilbert-Transformed Mother Wavelets

Geometrical Feature Extraction From Ultrasonic Time Frequency Images: An Application to Nondestructive Testing of Materials

Global Unsupervised Anomaly Extraction and Discrimination in Hyperspectral Images via Maximum-Orthogonal Complement Analysis

Glottal-Source Spectral Biometry for Voice Characterization

Gradient based Approximate Joint Diagonalization by Orthogonal Transforms

Gradient Pursuit for Non-Linear Sparse Signal Modelling

Grey-scale 1-D dilations with spatially-variant structuring elements in linear time

Harmonic Extension of an Adaptive Notch Filter for Frequency Tracking

Heterogeneous Multidimensionnal Data Deblurring

Hierarchical Image Registration with an Active Contour-based Atlas Registration Model

High Resolution Reduced Complexity Synchronization In Spread Spectrum Systems

How can acoustic-to-articulatory maps be constrained?

Human movement recognition using fuzzy clustering and discriminant analysis

Hybrid BS-IS Particle Filter based Acoustic Source Tracking Algorithm

Hypersphere Topology Creation for Image Classification

I2N2: a Software for the Classification of Benthic Habitats Characteristics

Identification of Fifth-order Block-Structured Nonlinear Channels using I.I.D. Input signals

Identification of Polynomial Phase Signals by Extended Kalman Filtering

Identification of Sparse Multivariate Autoregressive Models

Image Authentication based on Chaotic System with Feedback and Palm Characteristics

Image Change Detection for a Personal Rapid Transit Application

Image interpolation using oriented wavelet transforms

Image Matching between Scrambled Images for Secure Data Management

Image restoration of damaged or erased manuscripts

Image Separation using Iterated Posterior Point Estimation

Image Upsampling Via Spatially Adaptive Block Matching

Implementation Of Hardware-Optimized 3-D Wave Digital Filters For Motion-Based Object Detection In Video Scenes

Improved Coding of Tonal Components in MPEG-4 AAC with SBR

Improved design of IIR digital differentiator using Richardson extrapolation and fractional delay

Improved Hyperspectral Image Classification with Noise Reduction Pre-Process

Improved Pnlms Algorithm Employing Wavelet Transform and Sparse Filters

Improving the detection efficiency of the VMR-WB VAD algorithm on music signals

Incorporating Acoustic Feature Diversity into the Linguistic Search Space for Syllable based Speech Recognition

Increasing Robustness to Acoustically Uncovered Signals in Speaker Verification Through Shallow Source Modelling

Inner-outer factorization for Rayleigh fading channel modeling

Inpainting Using Geometrical Grouplets

Inter-modal selective 3D coding of PET-CT datasets

Inter-Sequence Error Concealment of High-Resolution Video Sequences in a Multi-Broadcast-Reception Scenario

Interleaved S+P Scalable Coding with Inter-Coefficient

Inventory Based Speech Denoising with Hidden Markov Models

Inverted-Repeats-Aware Finite-Context Models for DNA Coding

Iterated Class-Specific Subspaces for Speaker-Dependent Phoneme Classification

Iterative Blind Data Detection in Constant Modulus OFDM Systems

Iterative decoding as Dykstra's algorithm with alternate I-projection and reverse I-projection

Iterative Enhancement of Event Related Potentials Through Sparsity Constraints

ITU-T EV-VBR: a Robust 8-32 kbit/s Scalable Coder for Error Prone Telecommunications Channels

Joint deblurring and demosaicing of Poissonian Bayer data based on local adaptivity

Joint Frequency and 2-D Angle Estimation Based On Vector Sensor Array with Sub-Nyquist Temporal Sampling

Joint Security and Channel Coding for OFDM Communications

Joint source/channel decoding of scalefactors in MPEG-AAC encoded bitstreams

Jointly Optimized Error-Feedback and Realization for Roundoff Noise Minimization in State-Estimate Feedback Digital Controllers

Lattice implementation of Sum-Squared Autocorrelation Minimization (SAM) Channel Shortener

Learning Sparse Generative Models of Audiovisual Signals

Levenberg-Marquardt Learning Neural Network for Adaptive Pre-0 Distortion for Time-Varying HPA with Memory in OFDM Systems

Limit Distributions for Wavelet Packet Coefficients of Band-Limited Stationary Random Processes

Linear Precoding aided Blind Equalization with Independent Component Analysis in MIMO OFDM Systems

Localization and Estimation of Multiple Targets for MIMO Radars using Covariance Matching Techniques

Lossless compression of encrypted grey-level and color images

Lossless Data Hiding Method Based on MST and Topology Changes of 3D Triangular Mesh

Lossless Re-encoding of JPEG Images Using Block-Adaptive Intra Prediction

Low Complexity Hybrid Rate Control for Lower Complexity Wyner-Ziv Video Decoding

Low Complexity Wideband LSF Quantization Using GMM of Uncorrelated Gaussian Mixtures

Low Quality Image Processing for DIAR. Issues and Directions

Matching pursuit in adaptive dictionaries for scalable audio coding

Maximum A Posteriori Video Super-Resolution with a New Multichannel Image Prior

Mean-Square Consistency and Asymptotic Normality of a Hybrid Estimator of the Cyclic Autocorrelation Function of Generalized Almost-Cyclostationary Processes

Measurement Based Evaluation of Low Complexity Receivers for D-TxAA HSDPA

Medical Image Enhancement Using Threshold Decomposition Driven Adaptive Morphological Filter

MIMO Radar Exploiting Narrowband Frequency-Hopping Waveforms

Minimal Information Exchange for Image Registration

Minimum description length based protein secondary structure prediction

Missing feature reconstruction and acoustic model adaptation combined for large vocabulary continuous speech recognition

MLP-based Log Spectral Energy Mapping for Robust Overlapping Speech Recognition

Model-based formant-to-area mapping with labial cross-section constraints

Model-based Monaural Sound Separation by Split-VQ of Sinusoidal Parameters

Model-Based Source Separation for Multi-Class Motor Imagery

Modeling and Analysis of Chaos-Modulated Dual Oscillator-Based Random Number Generators

Modeling and Coding of Spot Microphone Signals for Immersive Audio Based On the Sinusoidal Model

Modeling Error Sensitivity of the MUSIC Algorithm Conditioned on resolved sources

Modeling Image Degradations for Improving OCR

Modeling of Multicomponent AM-FM Signals using FB Expansion and Linear TVAR Process

Motion Compensated Frequency Selective Extrapolation for Error Concealment in Video Coding

Motion Estimation and Segmentation of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images using Variational and Level Set Techniques

Motion-Based Localized Super Resolution Technique for Low Resolution Vide Enhancement

MR artifact reduction in the simultaneous acquisition of EEG and fMRI of epileptic patients

MTF-based method of blind estimation of reverberation time in room acoustics

Multi-Camera 3D Person tracking with Particle Filter in a Surveillance Environment

Multi-frame Image Denoising and Stabilization

Multi-label classification algorithm derived from k-nearest neighbor rule with label dependencies

Multi-Microphone Speech dereverberation using LIME and Least Squares Filtering

Multi-session Network Spread Coding

Multichannel AR Parameter Estimation From Noisy Observations as an Errors-In-Variables Issue

Multilead Estimation of T-Wave Alternans in the ECG using Principal Component Analysis

Multilevel block matching technique with the use of generalized partial volume interpolation for nonlinear intersubject registration of MRI brain images

Multimodality acquisition of articulatory data and processing

Multipath mitigation in spectrum estimation using L1 minimization

Multiple Access Interference plus Noise Constrained Least Mean Square Algorithm

Multiple description source coding with side information

Multiple Target Tracking Using Random Sets

Multiuser detection with an unknown number of active users: receiver design

Near End Crosstalk Mitigation Using Wavelets

New Algorithm for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Using Givens Parametrization

New narrowband active noise control systems requiring considerably less multiplications

No-reference PSNR estimation algorithm for H.264 encoded video sequences

Noise estimation of polarization-encoded images by Piano-Hilbert fractal path

Noise robust speaker identification using Bhattacharya distance in adapted gaussian models space

Noise Separation in Analog Integrated Circuits using EMD-PCA-ICA

Noise Shaping in an ITU-T G.711-Interoperable Embedded Codec

Noise-Robust Statistical Feature Distributions For Texture Analysis

Non-Parallel Hierarchical Training for Voice Conversion

Non-Stationary Bayesian Direction of Arrival Estimation with Drifting Sensor Locations

Nonlinear Decomposition-and-Demosaicing Approach for a Digital Color Camera

Nonlinear Set Membership Time Series Prediction of Breathing

Normalized Constant Modulus Algorithm for Blind Channel Equalisation

Novel characteristics of even-stacked cosine-modulated filter banks: non-redundant directional transform and shift-invariance

Objective measures for real-time evaluation of adaptive feedback cancellation algorithms in hearing aids

OFDM Channel Estimation in the Presence of Transmitter and Receiver I/Q Imbalance

OFDM synchronization scheme to be used on a non frequency selective satellite channel

On Fast Implementation of Harmonic MUSIC for Known and Unknown Model Orders

On Finding Approximate Nearest Neighbours in a Set of Compressible Signals

On Phase Statistics of Complex Wavelet Coefficients at Edges

On the concept of time-frequency distributions based on complex-lag moments

On The Convergence Speed of Adaptive IIR Filters with Rational Spectrum Input Signals

On the Implementation of Asymmetric Fingerprinting Protocol

On the ITU-T G.729.1 Silence Compression Scheme

On The Paraunitray and Perfect Reconstruction Filter Banks with Arbitrary Filter Lengths

On the Robustness of Audio Features for Musical Instrument Classification

On Wide-Sense Markov Random Fields and Its Application to Improved Texture Interpolation

On-line Detection of the Number of Narrowband Signals with A Uniform Linear Array

Optimal Color Image Compression using Localized Color Components Transforms

Optimal Detector of OFDM Signals for Imperfect Channel Estimation

Optimal Frequency-Reuse Partitioning for Ubiquitous Coverage in Cellular Systems

Optimal local polynomial regression of noisy time-varying signals

Optimal MIMO transmission schemes with adaptive antenna combining in the RF path

Optimal Variable Step-Size NLMS Algorithms for Feedforward Active Noise Control

Optimal Volume Anomaly Detection in Network Traffic Flows

Optimal Zero-Forcing Transceiver Design for Maximizing Bit Rate Subject to a Total Transmit Power Constraint

Optimized design of interpolated array and sparse array wideband beamformers

Optimized directional lifting with reduced complexity

Optimized Single-Viewer Mode of Multiview Autostereoscopic Display

Orthogonal correction implementation for time interleaved analog-to-digital converters: realtime application

Overcoming HMM time independence assumption using N-gram based modelling for continuous speech recognition

Overlapped arithmetic codes with memory

Oversampled DFT Filter Banks for Error Correction Coding

Parallel Reconfigurable Hardware implementations for the Lifting-Based Discrete Wavelet Transform

Parameter Estimation in Total Variation Blind Deconvolution

Parametric B-spline snakes on distance maps---Application to segmentation of histology images

Particle Filtering and the Inverse Problem of Biochemical Networks

Perceptually Relevant Ringing Region Detection Method

Performance analysis of port-starboard discrimination for towed twin-line array

Performance Analysis of Turbo-equalized Systems over Frequency-Selective Block-Fading channels

Performance characterization of an imaging spectrograph for the acquisition and analysis of multispectral images

Performance of Space time Codes with Transmit Antenna Selection over Frequency Selective Fading Channels in the Presence of Channel Estimation Errors

Portable Implementation of a Text-to-Speech System for Portuguese

Practical denoising of clipped or overexposed noisy images

Practical distributed source coding with impulse-noise degraded side information at the decoder

Pre-Echo Reduction in the ITU-T G.729.1 Embedded Coder

Privacy-preserving biometric person identification

Projective-Space Colour Filters using Quaternion Algebra

random discrete measure of the phase posterior pdf in turbo synchronisation

Rate-Distortion Optimized Compression of High Dynamic Range Videos

Rate-Distortion Optimized Frame Level Rate Control For H.264/AVC

Reassigned three-dimensional phase spectrogram and ground reaction forces

Recursive Blind Identification and Equalization of FIR Channels for Chaotic Communication Systems

Registration and Enhancing of Multispectral Manuscript Images

Regularized Dictionary Learning for Sparse Approximation

Reinforcement Learning-Based Dynamic Scheduling for Threat Evaluation

Relaxing the Half-Wavelength Condition for Estimating Signal AOA at a Line of Sensors

Removal of correlated Rician noise in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Restoration of Faded Images without Noise Amplification

Restoration of the Cantilever Bowing Distortion in Atomic Force Microscopy Images

Revisiting the denoising problem in the context of elliptical distributions

Robust Adaptive CRLS-GSC Algorithm for DOA Mismatch in Microphone Array

Robust Adaptive Nonlinear Beamforming by Kernels and Projection Mappings

Robust Audio Speaker Segmentation Using One Class SVMs

Robust Frequency-Selective Knowledge-Based Parameter Estimation for NMR Spectroscopy

Robust Multiplicative Watermarking Technique with Maximum Likelihood Detector

Robust Transmission of HTML files: Iterative Joint Source-Channel Decoding of Deflate Codes

Robust Transmit Beamforming Based on Probabilistic Constraint

Robust Variable Step-Sise Affine Projection Algorithm Suitable for Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Robust Watermarking of Digital Images Based on Chaotic Mapping and DCT

Sampling and Reconstruction of Non-bandlimited Signals using Slepian Functions

Segmented Self-Organized Feature Extraction for Online Filtering in a High Event Rate Detector

Selection method of variables from a set of dyslexia screening tasks in French school age children

Selection of higher order subband features for ECG beat classification

Semantic region labelling using a point pattern analysis

Semi-parametric Geolocation Estimation in NLOS Environments

Semiparametric shift estimation for alignment of ECG data

Sensitivity to noise and performance of HRR-based ATR using the Maximum Position alignment method

Separation of a Monaural Audio Signal into Harmonic/Percussive Components by Complementary Diffusion on Spectrogram

Separation of periodic and aperiodic sound components by employing frequency estimation

Separation of stereo speech signals based on a sparse dictionary algorithm

Sequential Interference Subtraction Multi-user Transceivers: Designs for General Bounded Channel Uncertainty Models

Shape from Texture for Omnidirectional Images

Shift-invariant dictionary learning for sparse representations: extending K-SVD

SIC and K-Best LSD Receiver Implementation for a MIMO-OFDM System

Signal processing based segmentation and HMM based acoustic clustering of syllable segments for low bit rate segment vocoder at 1.4 Kbps

Signal Processing for a Lidar Based Air Data System in Commercial Aircrafts

Silver Space-Time Trellis Coded Modulation

Single channel enumeration and recognition of an unknown and time-varying number of sound sources

Single channel source separation using static and dynamic features in the power domain

Single-Trial Extraction of Visual Evoked Potentials from the Brain

Skeleton Analysis of Population Images for Detection of Isolated and Overlapped Nematode C.Elegans

Soft Sphere Decoder for an Iterative Receiver in Time-varying MIMO Channels

Sonar signal waveform impact on interference resistance

Space-Time Spreading-Multiplexing for MIMO Antenna Systems with Blind Detection using the PARATUCK-2 tensor decomposition

Sparse representations: recovery conditions and fast algorithm for a new criterion.

Sparse stimuli for cochlear implant

Sparsity from Binary Hypothesis Testing and Application to Non-Parametric Estimation

Spatial Power Spectrum Estimation Using the Pisarenko Framework

Spatially-Adaptive Wavelet Denoising Scheme with Linear Color Shrinkage

Spatio-temporal saliency model to predict eye movements in video free viewing

Spectro-temporal Features for Automatic Speech Recognition using Linear Prediction in Spectral Domain

Speech Classification for Enhancing Single Channel Blind Dereverberation

Speech enhancement based on a hybrid a priori signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) estimator and a self-adaptive Lagrange multiplier

Speech Enhancement based on Iterative Wiener Filter using Complex Speech Analysis

Speech Enhancement Using a Variable Suppression Rule in Hilbert Domain

Speech Enhancement using Intra-frame Dependency in DCT Domain

Speech/music/noise classification in hearing aids using a two-layer classification system with MSE linear discriminants

Statistical Analysis of Glottal Pulses in Speech under Psychological Stress

Statistical analysis of noise in towed streamer arrays

Statistical detection of salient points using the Dual tree

Statistical Image Modeling Using Distribution of Relative Phase in the Complex Wavelet Domain

Statistical Model-Aided Decoding of Continuous-Valued Syndromes for Source Coding with Side Information

Steady-state performance of multichannel affine projection algorithms for active noise control

Stochastic Model for the Modified Filtered-Error LMS Algorithm

Subband Parallel Cascade Volterra Filter for Linearization of Loudspeaker Systems

Subpixel Accuracy Analysis of Phase Correlation Registration Methods Applied to Aliased Imagery

Subset Selection from Biased Dictionaries for Impact Acoustic Classification

Subspace Intersection Method of Bearing Estimation in Shallow Ocean Using Acoustic Vector Sensors

Subspace-Based Speech Enhancement by Updating Noise Characteristics in the Presence of Speech

Super Resolution Image by Edge-constrained Curve Fitting in the Threshold Decomposition Domain

Supervised Strategies For Cracks Detection In Images Of Road Pavement Flexible Surfaces

Swamp Reducing Technique For Tensor Decomposition

Synthetic Signals for Verifying Noise Reduction Systems in Digital Hearing Instruments

Temperature field modeling and simulation of wireless sensor network behavior during a spreading wildfire

Tensor-Based Blind Identification of MIMO Volterra Channels in a Multiuser CDMA Environment

Text-Dependent Speaker Recognition By compressed Feature-Dynamics Derived From Sinusoidal Representation of Speech

Texture Image Segmentation by Hierarchical Modeling

The Discrete Focal Stack Transform

The discrete Fourier transform: A canonical basis of eigenfunctions

The H-analytic signal

The Marr wavelet pyramid and multiscale directional image analysis

The monogenic Riesz-Laplace wavelet transform

The ReMBo Algorithm: Accelerated Recovery of Jointly Sparse Vectors

The SIGMA Algorithm for Estimation of Reference-Quality Glottal Closure Instants from Electroglottograph Signals

The Spherical Approach to Omnidirectional Visual Attention

Theory of vector filters based on linear quaternion functions

Time Delay Neural Network with Fourier Transform for Multiple Channel Detection of Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential for Brain-Computer Interfaces

Time-Varying Burg Method for Speech Analysis

Time-varying delay parameters estimation approach with application to electromyography

Total Variation Denoising using Posterior Expectation

Towards robust phoneme classification: Augmentation of PLP models with acoustic waveforms

Turbo Equalization of Doubly Selective Channels

Two denoising Surelet methods for complex oversampled subband decompositions

Two new gradient based non-unitary joint block-diagonalization algorithms

Under-determined source separation via mixed-norm regularized minimization

Under-determined speech separation using GMM-based non-linear beamforming

Uniform polyphase filter banks for use in hearing aids: Design and Constraints

Unsupervised Bayesian 3D reconstruction for non-destructive evaluation using gammagraphy

Unsupervised Clustering on Multi-Components Datasets: Applications on Images and Astrophysics Data

Unsupervised Hierarchical Image Segmentation Based On The TS-MRF Model And Fast Mean-Shift Clustering

Unsupervised signal segmentation based on temporal spectral clustering

Unsupervised Speaker Tracking in a Speech Recognition Module for Multi-Party Human-Computer Dialogue

Using Audio-Visual Features for Robust Voice Activity Detection in Clean and Noisy Speech

Using Comparison of Parallel Phoneme Probability Streams for OOV word detection

Using entropy as a stream reliability estimate for audio-visual speech recognition

Using information theoretic vector quantization for gmm based speaker verification

Using Phase and Magnitude Information of the Complex Directional Filter Bank for Texture Segmentation

Using sparse representations for missing data imputation in noise robust speech recognition

Using Statistical Moments as Invariants For Eye Detection

Variational Filtering Algorithm For Interdependent Target Tracking and Sensor Localization in Wireless Sensor Network

Velocity estimation with 3D spatiotemporal filtering of sequences of ultrasound images: a Fourier approach

Video Packet Loss Concealment Detection Based on Image Content

Virtual Error Approach to Nonlinear Adaptive Filtering for Parallel Hammerstein Systems

Voice Activity Detection in the Presence of Breathing Noise Using Neural Network and Hidden Markov Model

Voice Activity Detection Using Periodioc/Aperiodic Coherence Features

Voice source parameters estimation by fitting the glottal formant and the inverse filtering open phase

Watch-dictaphone for Automatic Medical Codification

Wavelet denoising based on local regularity information

Weight based Super-GMM for Speaker identification systems

What do quality measures predict in biometrics?

WOLA Noise Cancelling Performance

Word descriptors of image quality based on local dispersion-versus-location distributions


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