EUSIPCO 2009. 17th European Signal Processing Conference. August 25 - 28th, 2009. Glasgow, Scotland.

Papers by Title


3D soundfield reproduction using non-spherical loudspeaker arrays

A minutiae level fusion for afis systems

A Bag-of-features Approach based on Hue-SIFT Descriptor for Nude Detection

A blind iterative carrier frequency offset estimator based on a Kalman approach for an interleaved OFDMA uplink system

A centered DFT-based discrete fractional Fourier transform and its application to chirp signal parameter estimation

A Comparative Study Of Some Greedy Pursuit Algorithms for Sparse Approximation

A Comparative Study Of Four Novel Sleep Apnoea Episode Prediction Systems

A Comparative Study of the Impulsive Noise Reduction Algorithms in Ultrasonic B-scans

A Comparison of Independent Component and Independent Subspace Analysis Algorithms

A Comparison of some Bottleneck-Link Detection Methods for Network Tomography

A Concurrent Blind Receiver for STBC over Doubly Dispersive Channels

A Construction of Compact MFCC-type Features Using Short-Time Statistics for Applications in Audio Segmentation

A Distributed Simulation Engine For Cooperative Multi-User MIMO Enhanced Wireless Communications

A Distributed Video Coding Approach for Multiple Description Video Transmission over Lossy Channels

A Fast Method for Scaling Color Images

A Full-Bandwidth Audio Codec with Low Complexity and Very Low Delay

A fully automated scheme for breast density estimation and asymmetry detection of mammograms

A fuzzy proposal for reliability estimation in DT-MRI fiber tracking algorithms

A general framework for diffusion tensor warping

A Generalized continued Fraction-Based Asynchronous stream cipher for image protection

A Genetic Frame Fusion Algorithm for Side Information Enhancement in Wyner-Ziv Video Coding

A Hierarchical Broad-Class Classification to Enhance Phoneme Recognition

A high performance low complexity noise suppression algorithm

A high speed Bit Plane Coder for JPEG 2000 and it's FPGA implementation

A Least Squares Approach to the Design of Frequency Invariant Beamformers

A local stationary long-memory model for internet traffic

A Lossless Re-encoding Scheme for MPEG-1 Video

A Low-Complexity Iterative MIMO Sphere Decoding Algorithm

A Majorize-Minimize line search algorithm for barrier function optimization

A Method for Head Related Impulse Response Simplification.

A Method Utilizing Window Function Frequency Characteristics for Noise-Robust Spectral Pitch Estimation

A Methodology for Speaker-dependent acoustic features based on a simplified cortical response for speaker Verification

A Modified Edge Directed Interpolation for Images

A multiscale error diffusion algorithm for green noise digital halftoning

A Multivariate Gaussian Mixture Model of Linear Prediction Error for Colour Texture Segmentation

A new algorithm for instantaneous F0 speech extraction based on Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition

A new Bayesian approach to textured image segmentation: Turbo segmentation

A New Channel Order Estimation Algorithm for FIR SIMO Channels

A New Cooperative Techique for Wireless Communications with Improved Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff

A New Criterion for Determining the Efficiency of CDMA Codes

A new EM algorithm for underdetermined convoltive blind source separation

A new feature vector for HMM-based packet loss concealment

A new Method for SNR-Estimation in Impulse Response Measurements

A new robust estimation method for short-term load forecasting

A new sampling method in particle filter

A new simulation method for time-derivative CNNs

A New Strategy for the Blind MMSE Equalization

A Noise Cancellation Method in Sound and Electromagnetic Environment of Power State Variables

A Noise Estimation Method Based on Improved VAD Used in Noise Spectral Suppression under Highly Non-Stationary Noise Environments

A Note on the Filtering Equalization in Large Multiactuator Panels

A Novel Algorithm for Calculating the Singular Value Decomposition of a Polynomial Matrix

A Novel Approach to the Design of Oversampling Complex-Modulated Digital Filter Banks

A Novel Data-Fusion-Based Improvement to Debiased CMKF Tracking

A Novel Fine Frequency Synchronization Technique for OFDM Wireless Systems

A Novel Frame Skipping Method in Transcoder, with Motion Information, Buffer Fullness and Scene Change Consideration

A Novel Lane Feature Extraction Algorithm Based on Digital Interpolation

A Novel Scheme for Content Based Image Retrieval

A point-event detection algorithm for the analysis of contrast bolus in fluoroscopic images of the coronary arteries

A Portable System for Robust Acoustic Detection of Atypical Situations

A Probabilistic Constraint Approach for Robust Transmit Beamforming with Imperfect Channel Information

A Programmable Accelerator for Next Generation Wireless Communications

A proximal method for inverse problems in image processing.

A Real-Time Talker Localization Implementation Using Multi-PHAT and Particle Filter

A Robust Respiratory Phase Identification Scheme Based on A New Mixing Index

A robust time difference of arrival estimator in reverberant environments

A SDR Platform for Mobile Wi-Fi/3G UMTS System on a Dynamic Reconfigurable Architecture

A segmentation free approach for indexing digitized Syriac manuscripts

A Sequential Monte Carlo Approach for Tracking of Overlapping Acoustic Sources

A Short Review of Signals and Systems for Spatial Audio

A Simple But Efficient Real-Time Voice Activity Detection Algorithm

A Simple Correlation-Based Model of Intelligibility for Nonlinear Speech Enhancement and Separation

A single channel speech enhancement technique using psychoacoustic principles

A single-carrier quasi-orthogonal transmission scheme for asynchronous cooperative relay networks

A Solution to the Watermark Detection Problem Based on Bayesian Estimation and EM Algorithm

A Sound Quality Customization System Using Paired Comparison

A Statistical Framework for Artificial Bandwidth Extension Exploiting Speech Waveform and Phonetic Transcription

A Stereo Echo Canceller with Simultaneous 2-Channel Input Slides for Fast Convergence and Good Sound Localization

A Stochastic Model for the Deficient Length Pseudo Affine Projection Adaptive Algorithm

A subband algorithm for estimating the parameters of two-dimensional exponential signals

A technique for blood detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy images

A tempo-insensitive representation of rhythmic patterns

A Time-Frequency Division Multiplexing Communications System with Hexagonal Lattice Structure

A Unified Feedback Scheme for Distributed Interference Management in Cellular Systems: Benefits and Challenges for Real-Time Implementation

A Wavelet-Based Pattern Recognition Algorithm to Classify Postural Transitionsin Humans

A Weighted Approach for Integrated Active Noise Control and Noise Reduction in Hearing Aids

Accurate Geolocation in the Presence of Outliers using Linear Programming

Accurate Normalized Frequency Estimation by the Three-Point Interpolated DFT Method with Rectangular Window

Acoustic Detection and Classification of Sound Sources using Temporal Multiple Energy Detector Features

Acoustic reconstruction of the geometry of an environment through acquisition of a controlled emission

Acoustic system equalization using channel shortening techniques for speech dereverberation

Adaptation of a speech recognizer for singing voice

Adapting HMMs of Distant-Talking ASR Systems Using Feature-Domain Reverberation Models

Adaptive Analytical Simplified Constant Modulus Algorithm: A BSS algorithm for MIMO systems with time-varying environments

Adaptive Cluster-Based Outlier Detection

Adaptive MMSE Speech Spectral Amplitude Estimator under Signal Presence Uncertainty

Adaptive Riesz Basis Decomposition for Image Search

Adaptive Structural Analysis Of Music Recordings

Adaptive-Rate Transmission Schemes for Two-hop Multiple Access Relay Networks

Additive and multiplicative Reestimation schemes for the sinusoid modeling of audio

Aliasing Effects in Sampling Spectrally Correlated Processes

Alternative Approach for Computing the Activation Factor of the PNLMS Algorithm

Alternative Speech Communication based on Cued Speech

An algebraic derivative-based approach for the zero-crossings estimation

An Amplitude and Covariance Matrix Estimator for Signals in Colored Gaussian Noise

An Analytical Approach to 2.5D Sound Field Reproduction Employing Circular Distributions Of Non-Omnidirectional Loudspeakers

An approach to under-determined speech separation based on a non-linear mixture of beamformers

An automatic speaker recognition system for intelligence applications

An Efficient Jacobi-Type Algorithm for Blind Equalization of Paraunitary Channels

An efficient low-complexity algorithm for crosstalk-resistant adaptive noise canceller

An Efficient Monte Carlo Approach for Optimizing Communication Constrained Decentralized Estimation Networks

An Enhanced Respiratory Rate Monitoring Method For Real Tracheal Sounds Recordings

An Experimental Study of the Robustness of Multichannel Inverse Filtering Systems to Near-Common Zeros

An improved dual decomposition approach to DSL dynamic spectrum management

An Improved Sphere Decoding Scheme for MIMO Systems Using an Adaptive Statistical Threshold

An IQML type algorithm for AR parameter estimation from noisy covariance sequences.

An LMMSE-Based Merging Approach for Subpixel-based Downsampling

An onset detection algorithm for query by Humming ( QBH ) applications using psychoacoustic knowledge

An Optimal Prior Knowledge-Based DOA Estimation Method

Analysis of a Parallel Lexical-tree-based Speech Decoder for Multi-core Processors

Analysis of a Set-Membership Affine Projection Algorithm in Nonstationary Environment

Analyzing rate-constrained beamforming schemes in wireless binaural hearing aids

Antenna Array Cramer-Rao Bound Design By Element Relocation

Application of The MIMO Radar Technique for Lesion Classification in UWB Breast Cancer Detection

Application of The Signal Processing Technology In The Detection of Red Palm Weevil

Approximate Full Diversity Linear Equalizers for Doubly Selective Channels

Approximate Tensor Diagonalization by Invertible Transforms

Architectural Exploration in Biomedical Hardware Design Using a Novel Behavioral Synthesis Methodology

Assessing the acoustic feedback control performance of adaptive feedback cancellation in sound reinforcement systems

Audio encoding based on the Empirical Mode Decomposition

Auto Gain Control Based on LUT from Scene Luminance Curve in Mobile Phone Camera

Automated Multimode System Design For High Performance DSP Applications

Automated Multispectral Texture Mapping of 3D Models

Automatic defect detection on road pavement using anisotropy measure

Automatic Intensity Quantification of Fluorescence Targets from Microscope Images with Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Automatic Labelling of Coronary Arteries

Automatic removal of ocular artifacts from EEG data using adaptive filtering and Independent Component Analysis

Automatic Road Crack Segmentation Using Entropy and Image Dynamic Thresholding

Automatic Road Pavement Crack Detection using Boosting Classifiers

Automatic TV Logo Detection and Classification In Broadcast Videos

Bayesian compressed sensing of a highly impulsive signal in heavy-tailed noise using a multivariate Cauchy prior

Blind Adaptive Equalizer for Broadband MIMO STBC Based on PDF Matching

Blind Channel Identification in Speech Using the Long-Term Average Speech Spectrum

Blind channel shortening in ZP-OFDM systems with controlled TIR

Blind Deconvolution of Music Signals Using Higher Order Statistics

Blind estimation of a feature-domain reverberation model in non-diffuse environments with variance adjustment

Blind Estimation of Timing and Carrier Frequency Offsets in OFDM Systems

Blind Image Watermarking Based on Sample Rotation with Optimal Detector

Blind source separation based on acoustic pressure distribution and normalized relative phase using dodecahedral microphone array

Blind Time-Period Synchronization for LDPC Convolutionally Coded Transmission

Block Discrete-time Schwarz Form of Multivariable Rational Interpolation and Positivity by Linear Matrix Inequality

Block-based Multichannel Transform-Domain Adaptive Filtering

Bounded Real Lemma for Multivariate Trigonometric Matrix Polynomials and FIR Filter Design Applications

Broadband GSC Beamformer with Spatial and Temporal Decorrelation

BV-G Color-Image Decomposition with Its Application to Image Processing of a Digital Color Camera

Canonical decomposition of even order Hermitian positive semi-definite arrays

Chan-Vese based method to segment mouse brain MRI images: application to cerebral malformation analysis in trisomy 21

Channel Estimation for Fast-Varying MIMO-OFDM Systems

Characteristics of impulsive noise in electricity substations

Classification of Epileptic States Using Roo-MUSIC And MLPNN

Classification of User States with Physiological Signals: On-line Generic Features vs. Specialized Feature Sets

Closed-Form Automatically Paired 2-D Direction-of-Arrival Estimation with Arbitrary Arrays

Closed-form design of variable fractional delay filter using discrete Fourier transform

Closed-form optimized composite-order estimator for blind separation of instantaneous linear mixtures

Coarse Angle Rotation Mode CORDIC Based Single Processing Element QR-RLS Processor

Coding Assisted Blind MIMO Equalization and Decoding

Coding efficiency improvement for SVC broadcast in the context of the emerging DVB standardization

Combined Fragile Watermark and Digital Signature for H.264/AVC VIDEO Authentification

Combining advanced sinusoidal and waveform matching models for parametric audio/speech coding

Combining classifiers with diverse feature sets for robust speaker independent emotion recognition

Combining confusion networks with probabilisitc phone matching for open-vocabulary keyword spotting in spontaneous speech signal

Comparative study of new blind source separation structures for two-channel acoustic noise cancellation

Comparison Experimental Research on Three Pre-processing Models of Online Hand Drawn Diagram

Comparison of different metods for atlas construction

Comparison of different strategies for a SVM-based audio segmentation

Comparison of the Software Defined Radio Implementations of the K-best Sphere Detection

Complexity reduction by convex cone detection for unmixing hyperspectral images of bacterial biosensors

Compressive Matched Subspace Detection

Computationally Efficient Online Phase-based Frequency Estimation of a Single Tone

Concept learning for image and video retrieval: The inverse random under sampling approach

Considering the Reconstruction Loop for Watermarking of Intra and Inter Frames of H.264/AVC

Constrainst on the SIMD Vectorization of Radix-2 and Mixed-Radix FFTs

Constraint Adaptive Natural Gradient Algorithm (CANA) For Adaptive Array Processing

Content Based Clinical Depression Detection in Adolescents

Continuous non-negative matrix factorization for time-dependent data

Contribution of auditory tasks to dyslexia screening

Convex combination of affine projection algorithms

Cooperative multiple access transmission using precoding vectors

Copula based Divergence Measures and their use in Image Registration

Cramer-Rao Bound For Time-Delay Estimation in the Frequency Domain

Creation of reference signals for subjective evaluation of coding techniques

Custom-Designed SVM Kernels For Improved Robustness Of Phoneme Classification

Cyclic Spatial Filtering in Radio Astronomy : Application to Lofar Data

Data Processing and Pattern Recognition in High-throughput Capillary Electrophoresis

Decision Diagram based Computation of Linearly Independent Ternary Arithmetic Transform Spectra

Delaunay triangulation based image enhancement for echocardiography images

Derivative compressive sampling with application to phase unwrapping

Design Aspects for an Improved B-Format Microphone

Design Of A Pipelined R4SDF Processor

Design of a Rectangular Frequency Invariant Beamformer with a Full Azimuth Angle Coverage

Design of Block-Based Linear MMSE Precoding and Equalisation for Broadband MIMO Relay Networks

Design of digital IIR integrator using radial basis function interpolation method

Design of optimized fixed-point WCDMA receiver

design of perfect-reconstruction nonuniform filter banks with linear-phase property

Designing Acoustic Vector Sensors for localisation of sound sources in air

Detection of Glottal Closing and Opening Instants using an Improved DYPSA Framework

Detection of high frequency steady state visual evoked potentials for Brain-Computer Interfaces

Determining Backhaul Bandwidth Requirements of Network MIMO

Diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction using tissue deformation in echocardiographic imaging

Differential Observables for Software GPS Interferometry

Direct Position Estimation Approach Outperforms Conventional Two-Step Positioning

Direct state determination of multiple sources with intermittent emission

Direction Estimation Based on Sound Intensity Vectors

Direction-of-arrival estimation under noisy condition using four-line omni-directional microphones mounted on a robot head

Distributed adaptive node-specific MMSE signal estimation in sensor networks with a tree topology

Distributed Space-Time MSK Trellis Codes For Amplify & Forward Relaying

Diversity Order for the Amplify-and-Forward Multiple-Relay Channel with Randomized Distributed Space-Time Coding

Diversity Techniques for Analog Combining Schemes: Design and Performance Evaluation

DOA Estimation in the Presence of Modeling Errors, the Global Matched Filter Approach

DOA Estimation of Multiple Sparse Sources Using Three Widely-Spaced Sensors

Drum transcription from multichannel recordings with non-negative matrix factorization

DSM Performance on Practical DSL Systems Based on Estimated Crosstalk Channel Information

Dual H∞ Vs Dual Kalman Filters For M-AR Parameter Estimation From Noisy Observations

DVB-T Candidate Power Detector for Cognitive Radio

Dynamic Selection of Magnitude and Phase based Acoustic Feature Streams for Speaker Verification

Dynamic Time Warping for Acoustic Response Interpolation: Possibilities and Limitations

Edge Detection and Skeletonization Using Quantized Localized Phase

Effects of frequency-dependent attenuation on the performance of time delay estimation techniques using Ground Penetrating Radar

Efficient 16x16 block size mode detection in H.264

Efficient Detection of Additive Watermarking in the DWT-Domain

Efficient Fixed-Point Implementation of Linear Equalization for Cooperative MIMO Systems

Efficient Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding Ordering using QR Decomposition

Efficient, High-Quality Time-Scaling of Audio Signals

Eigenresiduals for Improved Parametric Speech Synthesis

EMD-based Noise Estimation and Tracking (ENET) with application to speech enhancement

Emotions Recognition by Speech and Facial Expressions Analysis

Empirical Mode Decomposition Based Denoising for High Resolution Direction of Arrival Estimation

Energy Efficient Power Back-Off Management for VDSL2 Transmission

Enhanced Wiener Post-Processing Based on Partial Projection Back of the Blind Signal Separation Noise Estimate

Entropy and Kullback-Leibler divergence estimation based on Szegö's Theorem

Ergodic Capacity of Block-Fading Gaussian Broadcast and Multi-access Channels for Single-User-Selection and Constant-Power

Error-resilient packet switched H.264 mobile video telephony with LT coding and reference picture selection

Estimation of n-mode ranks of hyperspectral images for tensor denoising

Estimation of stochastic rate constants and tracking of species in biochemical networks with second-order reactions

Estimation of Visual Evoked Potentials for Measurement of Optical Pathway Conduction

Evaluation of Modulation Frequency Features for Speaker Verification and Identification

Evaluation of MIMO Symbol Detectors for 3GPP LTE Terminals

Evaluation of Pitch Estimation in Noisy Speech for application in Non-Intrusive Speech Quality Assessment

Evolutionary Requirements for Next-Generation Dataflow-Based FPGA System Design

Experimental mappings and validation of the dependence on the language of objective speech quality scores in actual GSM network conditions

Experiments on designing low power decimation filter for multistandard receiver on heterogeneous targets

Exploiting Geometric Translations in TLS Based Robot Localization From Landmark Bearings

Exploiting phonetic and phonological similarities as a first step for robust speech recognition

Exploring the Prosody of Floor Mechanisms in English Using the Fundamental Frequency Variation Spectrum

Extending Features for Automatic Speech Recognition by Means of Auditory Modelling

Extending Nonnegative Matrix Factorization---a Discussion in the Context of Multiple Frequency Estimation of musical signals

Extracting biometric binary strings with minimal area under the FRR curve for the Hamming distance classifier

Fast aggregation of Student mixture models

Fast Algorithm for Conditional Separation and Dereverberation

Fast Inter Mode Decision Algorithm Based On Macroblock and Motion Feature Analysis For H.264/AVC Video Coding

Fast Protection of H.264/AVC by Selective Encryption of CABAC for I & P frames

Filler Models for Automatic Speech Recognition Created from Hidden Markov Models using the K-Means Algorithm

Filter Bank Based Multi-Mode Multiple Access Scheme for Wireless Uplink

Filter Banks for Hearing Aids applying Subband Amplification: A Comparison of different Specification and Design Approaches

Filteration of Multicomponent Seismic Wavefield Data using Frequency SVD

Filtering in the Time-Frequency Domain for the Detection of Compact Objects

First-order analysis of the mode and amplitude estimates of a damped sinusoid using Matrix Pencil

Fixed-Complexity Regularized Vector Precoding for the Multiuser MIMO Downlink Channel

Flexible and efficient harmonic resynthesis by modulated sinusoids

Frequency Domain Equalization for OFDM Systems With Insufficient Guard Interval Using Null Subcarriers

Frequency-Domain Adaptive Multidelay Algorithm with Sparseness Control for Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Fresco restoration: digital image processing approach

From BOLD-fMRI signals to the prediction of subjective pain perception through a regularization algorithm

Fully Adaptive LMS/NLMS Interpolated Volterra Filters with Removed Boundary Effect

Fully programmable layered LDPC decoder architecture

Fusion schemes for multiview distributed video coding

GALS Noc Architectures on FPGA Dedicated to Multispectral Image Applications

Gauss-Seidel Based Variable Step-Size Affine Projection Algorithms for Acoustic Echo Cancellation

General Least-Squares Design of Allpass Transformed DFT Filter-Banks

Generalized Fixed Polarity Helix Transforms over GF(4)

Generalized method of moments for blind near efficient carrier phase acquisition

Generalizing the Jacket Transform by Sub Orthogonality Extension

Genetic Algorithm based Cross-Layer Resource Allocation for Wireless OFDM Networks with Heterogeneous Traffic

Genetic Algorithm-aided Fixed-Point Design of E-UTRA PRACH Detector on Multi-Core DSP

Ghost Detection and Removal in High Dynamic Range Images

Gradient Projection Approaches for Optimization Problems in Image Deblurring and Denoising

Graphic Based Temporal Attention Fusion

Grouplet-Based Color Image Super-Resolution

H.264 Video Traffic Modeling Via Hidden Markov Process

Hardware Implementation of Distributed Speech Recognition System Front End

High Fidelity Blind Source Separation of Speech Signals

High Resolution Direction Finding : From Performance to Antenna Array Optimization - The mono-source case

Hybrid regularization for data restoration in the presence of Poisson noise

Hybrid-1D macroblock prediction for video compression

Hyperspectral Channel Reduction for Local Anomaly Detection

H∞ Filtering For Autoregressive Modelling Based Space-Time Adaptive Processing

Image and video retargeting using adaptive scaling function

Image Interpolation using Optimized Color Transforms

Image Matching between Visually Protected Images with One-time Key Based Phase Scrambling

Implementation of Matrix Factorization based on Minimizing Quasi-absolute Distance for Electromagnetic Global Signal Elimination

Impostor Detection using Facial Stereoscopic Images

Improved colour decorrelation for lossless colour image compression using the LAR codec

Improved Context-Adaptive Arithmetic Coding in H.264/AVC

Improved Correlation of Generalized Discrete Fourier Transform with Nonlinear Phase for OFDM and CDMA Communications

Improved Motion-Based Localized Super Resolution Technique Using Discrete Wavelet Transform for Low Resolution Video Enhancement

Improvment of Language Identification Performance by Aggregated Phone Recognizer

Impulsive noise modelling and prediction of its impact on the performance of WLAN receiver

In-Newtork Cooperative Spectrum Sensing

Indoor Sensor Node Positioning Using UWB Range Measurements

Inflection Point Model Under Phase Field Higher-Order Active Contours For Network Extraction From VHR Satellite Images

Influence of luminance on colour bleeding artefacts in colour image compression

Inter-k-space motion based strategy for super-resolution in MRI

Inter-Sequence Error Concealment for Diversity Reception of Digital TV Sequences

Interference Alignment Limits for K-user Frequency-Flat MIMO Interference Channels

Interference Mitigation Based Signal Forwarding Strategy for Wireless Relay Networks

Interference Mitigation Using Widely Linear Arrays

Interpolation-based Calibration for Near-Field source localization

Investigation of Parameter Effects and Truncated Multistatic Data Matrix in Decomposition of Time Reversal Operator Method

Iterative Suppression of Co-Channel Interference

Joint Fundamental Frequency and Order Estimation using Optimal Filtering

Joint lossless coding and reversible data embedding in a multiresolution still image coder

Joint Pre-Echo Control and Frame Erasure Concealment for VoIP Audio Codecs

Joint Sensor Selection and Routing for Distributed Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Keyword Spotting with Duration Constrained HMMs

L2-Density Estimation Under Constraints

Learning Dirichlet Kernel Histogram Functions for Pattern Recognition

Lifting Factorization based on Block Parallel System of M-channel Perfect Reconstruction Filter Banks

Local feature extraction methods for facial expression recognition

LOS/NLOS detection by the normalized RAYLEIGH-NESS test

Low multilinear rank tensor approximation via semidefinite programming

M-ary Mutually Orthogonal Complementary Gold Codes

Main Instrument Separation from Stereophonic Audio Signals using a Source/Filter Model

Making better biometric decisions with quality and cohort information : A case study in fingerprint verification

Marginalization of static observation parameters in a Rao-Blackwellized particle filter with application to blind speech dereverberation

Maximization of Useful-to-Null Subcarrier Energy Ratio for Blind Multicarrier SIMO Channel Shortening

Maximum likelihood range estimation for 3D-imaging based on pseudo-noise optical modulation

Maximum SINR-Based Beamforming for the MISO Interference Channel

MDCT-based Coder for Highly Adaptive Speech and Audio Coding

Measures of Goodness of Fit to Convolution Model for Analysis of fMRI Data

Merged Inverse Quantization and IDCT for Optimized Decoder Implementation

Microscopic Texture Components Classification for Image Segmentation

Minimum Redundancy Multicarrier and Single-Carrier systems based on Hartley Transforms

Mitigating Uncorrelated Periodic Disturbance in Narrowband Active Noise Control Systems

ML_Based Sensor Network Localization And Tracking: Batch and Time-Recursive Approaches

Modelling and Filtering Almost Periodic Signals by Time-Varying Fourier Series with Application to Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Modified Filtered-Reference/Filtered-Error LMS Algorithm: Algorithm and Stochastic Model

Modified Modulus Transformation for High Resolution Direction Finding

MTF-based power envelope restoration in noisy reverberant environments

Multi Library Wavelet Neural Networks for 3D face recognition using 3D facial shape representation

Multi-Criteria Quadratic Programming Based Low complexity Nonlinear Channel Equalisation

Multi-Directional Detection of Scratches in Digitized Images

Multi-Input Multi-Output Fast QR Decomposition Algorithm for Active Noise Control

Multi-Spectral High-Resolution 3D-Acquisition for Rapid Archaeological Documentation and Analysis

Multi-thread real-time data processing for an image-based partially coherent light interferometry

Multifrequency absolute phase estimation via graph cuts

Multimodal Speaker Localization from Omnidirectional Videos

Multiple Description Scalar Quantization with Successive Refinement

Multiscale kernel smoothing using a lifting scheme

Multispectral Imaging for Analyzing Ancient Manuscripts

Multistatic Matched-Illumination Waveform Design for Detection and Identification of Indoor Targets behind Walls

Multivariate Statistical Classification Of 3D Bone Microarchitecture using Morphological and Mechanical Features

Music genre classification via sparse representations of auditory temporal modulations

N-Gene GNSS Software Receiver for Acqusition and Tracking Algorithm Validation

Near End Listening Enhancement Optimized with Respect to Speech Intelligibility Index

New Accept/Reject Methods for Independent Sampling from Posterior Probability Distributions

New Adaptive Bit and Power Loading Polices for Generalized Multicarrier Transmission

New Approach to Bit Loading and Power Minimization Using Mercury/Waterfilling

New insights on stochastic complexity

New L2-dynamic-range-scaling Constraints for Low Parametric Sensitivity Realizations

New variant of Differential Evolution algorithm: application for neuroscientists

Noise Robust Speech Coding at Very Low Bit Rates

Non-convex priors in Bayesian Compressed Sensing

Non-iterative solution for PARAFAC with Toeplitz matrix factors

Non-linear Dark Current Fixed Pattern Noise Compensation for Variable Frame Rate Moving Picture Cameras

Non-stationary noise model compensation in voice activity detection

Non-Uniform Wordlength Delay Lines for FIR Filters

Nonnegative matrix factorisations as probabilistic inference in composite models

Objective evaluation of feedback reduction techniques in hearing aids

Occlusion-Handling for Improved Particle Filtering-based Tracking.pdf

OFDM Channel Estimation based on Adaptive Thresholding for Sparse Signal Detection

OFDM Transceiver for IEEE 802.20 Standards

OMAP 3 Based Signal Processing for Biomedical Engineering Teaching

On Decreasing the Complexity of Lattice-Reduction-Aided K-Best MIMO Detectors.

On Distributed Arithmetic Codes and Syndrome Based Turbo Codes for Slepian-Wolf Coding of Non Uniform Sources

On Efficient Quantization for Image Recompression

On Optimal Sensor Placement for Time-Difference-of-Arrival Localization Utilizing Uncertainty Minimization

On Predictive Coding for Erasure Channels Using a Kalman Framework

On Spectral Estimation and Fourier Transform Approximation from Sampled Data

On the Design of GCF compensation Filter based on Minimax Optimization

On the MAP estimation in the context of elliptical distributions

On the parameters Estimation of The Generalized Gaussian Mixture Model

On the Performance and Numerical Stability of Soft-Decision Reed-Solomon Decoding

On the Performance of Mobile Terminal Tracking in Urban GSM Networks using Particle Filters

One Colored Image Based 2.5d Human Face Reconstruction

Optimal image alignment with random measurements

Optimal Spectral Smoothing in\Short-Time Spectral Attenuation (STSA) Algorithms: Results of Objective Measures and Listening Tests

Optimal Spectrum Balancing in Multi-User SIMO xDSL Networks

Optimal Suprathreshold Stochastic Resonance based nonlinear detector

Optimal SURE Parameters for Sigmoidal Wavelet Shrinkage

Optimal Wigner Cross-Spectrum estimation

Optimization of Weighting Factors for Multiple Window Time-Frequency Analysis

Optimized Visualization of Stereo Images on an OMAP Platform with Integrated Parallax Barrier Auto-Stereoscopic Display

Optimizing the search of finite-state joint source-channel codes based on arithmetic coding

Optimum GF(2^N) Encoders using Left-Circulate Function for PSK-TCM Schemes

Outage mitigation for GNSS/MEMS navigation using neural networks

Overlapped event-note separation based on partial amplitude and phase estimation for polyphonic music transcription

Oversampling Complex-Modulated Digital Filter Bank Pairs Suitable For Extensive Subband-Signal Amplification

Overview of Embedded DSP Design

Packet Combining for Multi-Layer Hybrid-ARQ over Frequency-Selective Fading Channels

PAPR Reduction in Blind MIMO OFDM Systems Based on Independent Component Analysis

Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo Computation for Varying-dimension Signal Analysis

Parameter Estimation for Polynomial Phase Signals With a Fast and Robust Algorithm

Parametric reduction complexity of Volterra models using tensor decompositions

Parsimonious variational-Bayes mixture aggregation with a Poisson prior

Passive Forensic Method for Detecting Duplicated Regions Affected by Reflection, Rotation and Scaling

Pattern Extraction In Sparse Representations With Application to Audio Coding

Per-pixel Background Estimation in video microscopy using frame grouping and wavelet based image fusion

Perceptual-based Playout Mechanisms for Multi-stream Voice Over IP Network

Performance analysis of the optimal widely linear MVDR beamformer

Performance evaluation of a sign-error-based iterative precoder for crosstalk cancelation in DSL systems

Performance of multi-user asynchronous chaos-based communication systems through m-distributed fading channel

Performance of Watermarking as an Error Detection Mechanism for Corrupted H.264/AVC Video Sequences

Polynomial Residue Number Ssystem GF(2m) Multiplier using Trinomials

Polyphase Magnitude Modulation for Peak Power Control

Polyphonic transcription based on temporal evolution of spectral similarity of Gaussian mixture models

Positive Partial Realization of Multivariate Time Series

Posterior Cramer Rao Lower Bounds for the Respiratory Model Parameter Estimation

Posterior Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for Mobile Tracking in Mixed LOS/NLOS Conditions

Practical Compress-and-Forward Cooperation for the Classical Relay Network

Precise Motion Descriptors Extraction from Stereoscopic Footage using DaVinci DM6446

Prefiltered Pisarenko Frequency Estimator for Multiple Real-Valued Sinusoids

Probabilistic non-negative tensor factorization using Markov chain Monte Carlo

Properties, Digital Implementation, Applications, and Self Image Phenomena of the Gyrator Transform

Prototype filter design for filter bank based multicarrier transmission

Psychovisual Rotation-Based DPTC Watermarking Scheme

Q-stack Aging Model for Face Verification

Quantitative Evaluation of Concentrated Time-Frequency Distributions

Railway device diagnosis using sparse independent component analysis

Randomized Sinc Interpolation of Nonuniform Samples

Randomness-Based Integration of Multi-Viewpoint Imagery for as-is Roadway Model Generation

Range recursive space-time adaptive processing (STAP) for MIMO airborne radar

Rank transformation and Manifold Learning for Multivariate Mathematical Morphology

Rate-Distortion Optimized Multi-Stage Rate Control Algorithm for H.264/AVC Video Coding

Rate-optimized power allocation for OFDM transmission with multiple DF/regenerative relays and individual power constraints

Rayleigh wave ellipticity estimation from ambient seismic noise using single and multiple vector-sensor techniques

Real-time understanding of 3D video on an embedded system

Rear ans Side Reproduction of Elevated Sources in Wave-Field Synthesis

Reduced-Rank Transform-Domain LMS Algorithm for Stabilizing Fractionally-Spaced Channel Equalizers

Reducing the search complexity for low bit rate vector quantization based on shells of Golay codes

Reduction of l2-Sensitivity for Three-Dimensional Separable-Denominator Digital Filters

Regularized Adaptive Notch Filters for Acoustic Howling Suppression

Reliable colorization algorithm for image and videos

Rendering walk-through auralisations using wave-based acoustical models

Restoration of variable density film soundtracks

RFI mitigation in the context of Pulsar coherent de-dispersion at Nancay radio astronomical Observatory

RJMCMC sampler for single sensor source separation: an application to electric load monitoring

Robust Adaptive Modulation With Imperfect Channel Information

Robust automatic speech recognition using acoustic model adaptation prior to missing feature reconstruction

Robust Beamforming with Combined Worst-Case Performance Optimization and Soft Constraints in a Multipath Environment

Robust identification and prediction using Wilcoxon norm and Particle Swarm Optimization

Robust Impulsive Sound Source Localization by means of an Energy Detector for Temporal Alignment and Pre-classification

Robust Minimum Distance Neyman-Pearson Detection of a Weak Signalin Non-Gaussian Noise

Robust Phoneme Classification: Exploiting The Adaptability of Acoustic Waveform Models

Rolling Element Bearing Fault Diagnosis in Rotating Machines of Oil Extraction Rigs

Scale and Shape adaptive Mean Shift Object Tracking in Video Sequences

Scale-Robust Feature Extraction for Face Recognition

Scaled Gaussian Matched Filtering on Fluorescein Angiograms of the Retina

Scene Change Adaptation for Scalable Video Coding

Seamless Joining of Tiles of Varying Resolutions for Online 3D Terrain Visualization by DWT Domain Smoothing

Selective time-reversal block solution to the stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation problem

Self-Calibration of Radio Astronomical Arrays with Non-Diagonal Noise Covariance Matrix

Self-sampled Image Resolution Enhancement Using Dual-tree Complex Wavelet Transform

Self-tuning sub-sample delay estimator

Semi-Parametric Compression of Piecewise Smooth Functions

Sensor Localization using Generalized Belief Propagation in Network with Loops

SEP of Cooperative Systems using Amplify and Forward or Decode and Forward relaying

Sequential Estimation of the Range and the Bearing using the zero-forcing MUSIC approach

Sequential Maximum Gradient Optimization for Support Vector Detection

Signal processing issues in indoor positioning by ultra wide band radio aided inertial navigation

Signal-dependent techniques for non-stationary signal sampling and reconstruction

Similarities and Differences among Filtered Multitone Modulation Realizations and Orthogonal Filter Bank Design

Simplified Formulation of a Depermutation Criterion in Convolutive Blind Source Separation

Simplifying Gaussian Mixture Models Via Entropic Quantization

Simulating the Long Term Evolution Physical Layer

Singing voice detection in monophonic and polyphonic contexts

Single-channel speech separation using a sparse periodic decomposition

SNR Optimized Residual Frequency Offset Compensation for WiMAX with Throughput Evaluation

Soft LDPC decoding in nonlinear channels with Gaussian processes for classification

Sound Field Creation Based on Simultaneous Equations Method

Source Localization of Brain Rhythms by Empirical Mode Decomposition and Spatial Notch Filtering

Sparse Model Fitting in Nested Families: Bayesian Approach vs Penalized Likelihood

Sparse signal recovery with side information

Spatial Audio Coding by Squeezing: Analysis and Application to Compressing Multiple Soundfields

Spatial Reuse of the Radio Channel in CDMA-enabled, Ad-hoc, Wireless Sensor Networks

Speckle Noise Reduction in SAR Imaging Using 2-D Lattice Filters Based Subband Decomposition

Spectral Combining for Microphone Diversity Systems

Spectral Covariance in Prior Distributions of Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Based Speech Separation

Spectral monitoring and parameter estimation for ZP-OFDM signals

Spectrum Sensing in Multichannel Communication Systems Using Randomized Sampling Schemes

Speech Coding Based on Sparse Linear Prediction

Speech denoising based on a greedy adaptive dictionary algorithm

Speech enhancement using auditory spectral attenuation

Staircasing Reduction Model Applied To Total Variation Based Image Reconstruction

Statistical Nonidentifiability of Close Emitters: Maximum-Likelihood Estimation Breakdown

Steady state nalysis of an output signal based combination of two NLMS adaptive filters

Stereo Matching Using Adaptive Belief Propagation along Ambiguity Gradient

Still Image Coding Using a New Transform

Stochastic Analysis of the Transform Domain LMS Algorithm for a Non-Stationary Environment

Stochastic Transfer Function in Bayesian Inference For Combustion Indicator Estimation

Stylistic Analysis of Paintings using Complex Wavelets and Random Forest Learning Algorithm

Subband Beamformer Combined with Time-frequency ICA for Extraction of Target Source under Reverberant Environments

Subjective Evaluation of Single Frame Superresolution Algorithms

Subtracting a best rank-1 approximation does not necessarily decrease tensor rank

Superimposed Or Time-Multiplexed Training: A Performance Comparison

Supervised Classification of Scatterers on SAR Imaging based on Incoherent polarimetric time-frequency signatures

SVM-Based Obstacle Classification in Visible and Infrared Images

Symmetric Tensor Decomposition

Synthetic aperture signal processing for high resolution 3D image reconstruction in the THz-domain

Tap and Transmit Antenna Correlation Based Precoding For MIMO-OFDM Systems

Temporal envelope correction for attack restoration in low bit-rate audio coding

Texture Classification Using Wavelet-Domain BDIP and BVLC Features

The dynamics of image processing viewed as damped elastic deformation

The Effect of Microphone Directivity Patterns on Spatial Cues for Multichannel Reverberant Meeting Speech Analysis

The Energy Efficiency Of The Ergodic Fading Relay Channel

The Maximum Squared Correlation, Total Asymptotic Efficiency, and Sum Capacity of Minimum Total-Squared-Correlation Quaternary Signature Sets

The Percentage Occupancy Hit or Miss Transform

The polar edge coherence: a quasi blind metric for video quality assessment

The Wiener filter for locally stationary stochastic processes is rarely locally stationary

Tight GNSS/INS Integration as a Constrained Least-Squares problem

Time Frequency Characterization for Electric Load Monitoring

Time-Frequency Analysis Based on the Phase Rectified Signal Averaging Method

Time-Frequency Multiplexing for Time-encoded Signals from Brain-computer Interfaces

Time-Frequency Parameterization of Doubly Dispersive Channels

Time-Variant Harmonic Signal Modeling by Using Polynomial Approximation and Fully Automated Spectral Analysis

Tomlinson Harashima Precoding for SC-FDMA

Towards Hume SIMD Vectorisation

Tracking Multiple Objects Using Intensity-GVF Snakes

Tumor Segmentation by Active Conyours in 3D CT Wavelet Enhanced Image Data

Tuning Pruning in Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization

Two Classes of Fixed Polarity Linearly Independent Arithmetic Transforms for Quaternary Functions

Unsupervised Multiscale Change Detection in Multitemporal Synthetic Aperture Radar Images

Using sparse representations for exemplar based continuous digit recognition

Validation of Minimum-Energy Band-Limited Prediction using Vehicular Channel Measurements

Variable Density Compressed Image Sampling

Video And Audio Based Detection of Filled Hesitation Pauses in Classroom Lectures

Wavelet-based Image Compression by Hierarchical Quantization Indexing

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