(In)secure Multimedia Transmission over RTP

2D mapping of cell nuclei based on contour warping

2D Object Description and Recognition Based om Contour Matching by Implicit Polynomials

3D Source Localization in the Spherical Harmonic Domain Using a Pseudointensity Vector

A bispectrum approach to feature extraction for a motor imagery based brain-computer interfacing system

A blind equalization algorithm for multimodulus square-QAM signals

A coherence-based algorithm for noise reduction in dual-microphone applications

A Comparative Evaluation of Pitch Modification Techniques

A Comparison of Auditory Features for Robust Speech Recognition

A computer model of the impulsive noise produced by operation of breakers and switches in power electric system

A Constant Rate Bandwidth Reduction Architecture with Adaptive Compression Mode Decision for Video Decoding

A constrained tensor-based approach for MIMO NL-CDMA systems

A DASP Approach To Wideband Multichannel Spectrum Sensing

A Discrete Fractional Evolutionary Transform

A Fast Second Order Blind Identification Method for separation of Periodic Sources

A Framework for Bioacoustical Species Classification in a Versatile Service-Oriented Wireless Mesh Network

A geometric approach to blind separation of nonnegative and dependent source signals

A GMM-Supervector Approach to Language Recognition with Adaptive Relevance Factor

A Highly Efficient Optimization Scheme for REMOS-Based Distant-Talking Speech Recognition

A Hybrid SS-ToA Wireless Geolocation Based on Path Attenuation under Imperfect Path Loss Exponent

A joint particle filter to track the position and head orientation of people using audio visual cues

A Kalman filter based noise suppression algorithm using speech and noise models derived from spatial information

A Level Set Approach for Proteomics Image Analysis

A localization method for multiple sound sources by using coherence function

A Low Complexity Proportionate Affine Projection Algorithm for Echo Cancellation

A low-cost AOA-TDOA approach for blind geolocation in multi-paths context

A Method of Speech Periodicity Enhancement Based on Transform-domain Signal Decomposition

A Modified Normalized FxLMS Algorithm for Active Control of Impulsive Noise

A multimodal approach to initialisation for top-down speaker diarization of television shows

A multiple narrowband emitters geolocation algorithm based on AOA estimation

A new approach to color video coding using spatio-temporal correlation of primary colors

A New Design Method for IIR Diamond-Shaped Filters

A New DWT-SVD Based Perceptual Fidelity Metric For Quality Assessment Of Watermarking Schemes

A New Image Cryptosystem Based on Chaotic Map and Continued Fractions

A new method for gabor multipliers estimation: application to sound morphing

A New Partial Update NLMS for Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation

A New Region Search Method Based on DOA Estimation for Speech Source Localization by SRP-PHAT Method

A new spatiotemporal filtering method for single-trial ERP subcomponent estimation

A new tensor factorization approach for convolutive blind source separartion in time domain

A No Reference Objective Color Image Sharpness Metric

A Non-negative Quadratic Programming approach to Minimize the Generalized Vector-Valued Total Variation Functional

A Novel Calibration Method for SSVEP based Brain-Computer Interfaces

A Novel Feature Extraction for Iris Identification Using Morphological Skeleton

A Novel Hardware-friendly Self-adjustable Offset Min-sum Algorithm for ISDB-S2 LDPC Decoder

A Novel Multiresolution-Based Hybrid Approach for 3D Footwear Outsole Feature Classification and Extraction

A Novel Technique for Efficient Peer-to-peer Scalable Video Transmission

A Parametric Family of Bayesian Estimators for Non-Standard Loss Functions

A Perceptually Enhanced Blind Single-Channel Audio Source Separation by Non-negative Matrix Factorization

A QRD-RLS based frequency domain multichannel Wiener filter algorithm for noise reduction in hearing aids

a recursive errors-in-variables method for tracking time varying autoregressive parameters from noisy observations

A rejection sampling scheme for posterior probability distributions via the ratio-of-uniforms method

A relative gradient algorithm for joint decompositions of complex matrices

A robust target signal detector based on statistical models using binaural cross-similarity information

A Scanning Window Scheme Based on SVM Training Error Rate for Unsupervised Audio Segmentation

A semi-blind base station power estimation algorithm for interference aware HSDPA receivers

A Semidefinite Relaxation Based Conservative Approach to Robust Transmit Beamforming with Probabilistic SINR Constraints

A Signal–Adaptive Discrete Evolutionary Transform

A sparse approach to astronomical point source detection

A Speech Spectral Estimator Using Adaptive Speech Probability Density Function

A Stimulus Pattern Extraction Algorithm Based on Saliency Map For A 625-Channel Retinal Prosthesis System

A Stochastic Minimum-Norm Approach to Image and Texture Interpolation

A Synthesis Method for Robust Frequency-Invariant Very Large Bandwidth Beamforming

A theoretical model for the deficient order pseudo-affine projection algorithm

A Translational And Rotational Invariant Descriptor For Automatic Footwear Retrieval Of Real Cases Shoe Marks

A two-stage multichannel acoustic noise reduction under reverberant environments

A variable step-size frequency-domain adaptive filtering algorithm for stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation

Achievable maximum-directivity beamforming for spherical microphone arrays with random array errors

Acoustic event detection in real life recordings

Acoustic Source Localization and Speed Estimation based on Time-Differences-of-Arrival under Temperature Variations

Acoustic Stopwords for unstructured audio information retrieval

Adaptive Circular Beamforming Using Multi-Beam Structure

Adaptive Early-stopping Threshold for LTE Turbo Decoder

Adaptive Level-Crossing Sampling and Reconstruction

Adaptive playout scheduling for VoIP using k-Erlang distribution

Adaptive Spectrum Sensing and Learning in Cognitive Radio Networks

Adaptive Wideband Beamforming with Response Variation Constraints

Amplitude Modulated Sinusoidal Modeling for Audio Onset Detection

An Abnormal Sound Detection and Classification System for Surveillance Applications

An Algorithm for Polynomial Matrix SVD based on Generalised Kogbetliantz Transformations

An Efficient Smart System for Improved Space/Spatial-Frequency Representation of Nonstationary 2-D Signals

An Empirical Bayes Approach for Joint Bayesian Model Selection and Estimation of Sinusoids via Reversible Jump MCMC

An FPGA-Based Physical Layer implementation for Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication

An Improved Classification Scheme for Standoff Detection of Explosives via Raman Spectroscopy

An improved frequency estimator for an adaptive active noise control scheme

An Iterative Adaptive Approach for Blood Velocity Estimation Using Ultrasound

An Iterative Non-parametric Approach to the Estimation of Polyspectra

An Object-Oriented Cognitive Source Coding Architecture for 3D Video Communications

Analysis of a Multi-channel Receiver: Wireless and PLC Reception

Analysis Of Robustness Of Attributes Selection Applied To Speech Emotion Recognition

Analysis of two generic Wiener filtering concepts for binaural speech enhancement in hearing aids

Analysis of Unknown Velocity and Target Off The Grid Problems In Compressive Sensing Based Subsurface Imaging

Angle of Arrival Detection Using Compressive Sensing

Application and Performance of Joint Cooperative Cell-ID Localization and Robust Map Matching

Application of Diametrical Clustering to Tree-Based Matching Pursuit for Sinusoidal Modeling

Application of Fractional Calculus To The Analysis of Laplace Transformed Data

Application of the microcanonical Multiscale formalism to segmentation of speech signals

Approximate Optimal Periodogram Smoothing for Cepstrum Estimation using a Penalty Term

Area Optimization Of ROM-Based Controllers Dedicated To Digital Signal Processing Applications

Articulatory based speech models for blind speech dereverberation using sequential Monte Carlo methods

Asynchronous P300 BCI: SSVEP-Based Control State Detection

Audio context recognition using audio event histograms

Automated detection of exudates in retinal images using a split-and-merge algorithm

Automated Diagnosis of Melanomas Based on Globular and Reticular Pattern Recognition Algorithms for Epiluminiscence Images

Automatic adaptation of a vocal tract model

Automatic Crack Detection on Road Imagery Using Anisotropic Diffusion and Region Linkage

Automatic Height Estimation from Speech in Real-world Setup

Automatic Search and Delimitation of Frontispieces in Ancient Scores

Average consensus with minimum energy consumption: Optimal topology and power allocation

Ballistic Missile Precessing Frequency Extraction Based on Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Bandwidth Extension of Telephone Speech Using a Filter Bank Implementation for Highband Mel Spectrum

Bayesian detection with the posterior distribution of the Likelihood Ratio

Bayesian Inference Model for Applications of Time-Varying Acoustic System Identification

Bayesian Interpolation in a Dynamic Sinusoidal Model with Application to Packet-loss Concealment

Bayesian Pursuit Algorithms

Bayesian tracking for blood vessel detection in retinal images

Beamforming array technique with clustered multichannel noise covariance matrix for mechanical noise reduction

Beamforming of Circular Microphone Array with Sound Absorbent Cylinder

Bias Corrections In Linear MMSE Estimation With Large Filters

Bias-Correction Method In Bearing-Only Passive Localization

Blind identification of underdetermined mixtures of complex sources based on the characteristic function

Blind Image Quality Metric For Blackboard Lecture Images

Blind receivers for MISO communication systems using a Nonlinear Precoder

Blind signal extraction based joint suppression of diffuse background noise and late reverberation

Blind source separation and equalization of multiple-input multiple-output fir channels for chaotic communication systems

Blind Source Separation from Multi-Channel Observations with Channel-Variant Spatial Resolutions

Blind Speech Separation for Convolutive Mixtures Using an Oriented Principal Components Analysis Method

Block-Based Spatio-Temporal Prediction for Video Coding

Class-specific classifiers in Audio-Visual Speech Recognition

Classification of Bladder Cancer on Radiotherapy Planning CT Images using Textural Features

Classification of Image Distortions using Image Quality Metrics and Linear Discriminant Analysis

Closed-form error exponent for the Neyman-Pearson fusion of two-dimensional Markov local decisions

Clustering Audio Clips by Context-Free Description and Affective Ratings

Clustering on Manifolds with Dual-Rooted Minimal Spanning Trees

Code aperture design for compressive spectral imaging

Code Excited Sample-By-Sample Gain Adaptive Coding For Lossless Compression of Audio Signals

Color shrinkage for sparse coding of color images

Colour image edge detection using quaternion quantized localized phase

Combining observation models in dual exposure problems using the Kullback-Leibler Divergence

Compared performances of optimal and locally optimal magnetic anomaly detection

Comparison of Noise Robust Methods in Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition

Computationally Efficient Blind Equalization Based on Digital Watermarking

Computationally simple criteria for detecting a multi-target scenario in automotive radar array processing

Confidence Features Extraction for Wyner-Ziv Video Decoding

Context-Based Multiple Description Wavelet Image Coding

Continuous-time AR model identification: does sampling rate really matter?

Convergence Analysis of a Mixed Controlled $l_2-l_p$ Adaptive Algorithm

Cooperative localisation in wireless sensor networks using coalitional game theory

Cramér-Rao Type Lower Bounds for Relative Sensor Registration Process

Crosstalk Cancellation in VDSL Systems

Crowd Analysis by using Optical Flow and Density Based clustering

Cubic Phase Function For Two-Dimensional Polynomial-Phase Signals

Cumulant-Based Estimation of Quadratic Mixture Parameters for blind source separation

Data Driven Method for Non-Intrusive Speech Intelligibility Estimation

Data Quality Monitoring: Independent Component Analysis For Time Series

Data-aided DOA estimation of single source with time-variant Rayleigh amplitudes

Debating the implementation of warping in the Combined Local Global method for optic flow computation

Decoding Real Numbered Block and Convolutional Codes with Erasure and Impulsive Noise Channels

Design and Applications of 2D Directional Filters Based on Frequency Transformations

Design Method of OFDM/OQAM Systems using a weighted Time-Frequency Localization criterion

Design of digital IIR integrator using B-spline interpolation and Gauss-Legendre integration rule

Design of fractional order differentiator using discrete Hartley transform

Design of narrow-band and wide-band frequency response masking filters using sparse non-periodic sub-filters

Design of stable two-dimensional iir notch filter using root map

Detection and Estimation of Arrivals in Room Impulse Responses by Greedy Sparse Approximation

Detection of Diabetes Using Genetic Programming

Detection of Resampled Images: Performance Analysis and Practical Challenges

Detection optimization for the DCT-domain image watermarking system

Determining the flow direction of causal interdependence in multivariate time series

Development of zonal beamformer and its application to robot audition

Dialect identification: impact of differences between read versus spontaneous speech

Digital Transmitter I/Q Imbalance Calibration: Real-Time Prototype Implementation and Performance Measurement

Discrete expected likelihood kernel for svm-based speaker verification

Distributed compressed sensing of non-negative signals using symmetric alpha-stable distributions

Distributed source coding and dispersive information routing: An integrated approach with networking and database applications

Distributed Source Coding: Theory and Applications

Distributed Spectrum Allocation with the Cournot Competition

Distributed video coding with particle filtering for correlation tracking

DOA Estimation for a Multi-Frequency Signal Using widely-spaced Sensors

DOA estimation in the presence of unknown colored noise, the Global Matched Filter approach..

Driver Models to Increase The Potential of Automotive Active Safety Functions

Drowsiness Monitoring by Steering and Lane Data based Features under Real Driving Conditions

Dynamic reconfigurable lifting based wavelet packet pipeline processor for real-time audio application

EEG Analysis using Bi-frequency Coherence

Efficient Adaptive Filtering for Smooth Linear FIR Models

Efficient Image Correspondence Measurements In Airborne Applications Using Inertial Navigation Sensors

Efficient Implementation of Adaptive FIR-IFIR Filters Using the LMS Algorithm

Efficient low delay filtering for residual echo suppression

Efficient Scarf Detection Prior to Face Recognition

Efficient sensor subset selection and link failure response for linear MMSE signal estimation in wireless sensor networks

Efficient SNR-based subband post-processing for residual noise reduction in speech enhancement algorithms

Efficient synthesis of consistent graphs

Eigenfunctions, Eigenvalues, and Fractionalization of the Quaternion and Biquaternion Fourier Transforms

EOG-Related Noise Rejection In EEG Signal With Eye Movement Task by Tensor Product Expansion with Absolute Error

Estimating Frequency Characteristics of Quantization Noise for Performance Evaluation of Fixed Point Systems

Estimation of Visual Evoked Potential Latencies using Karhunen Loeve Transform Method

Estimation Quality of a Weighted Least-Square Parameter Estimation Method Based on Binary Observations

Evaluating Sensorineural Hearing Loss With An Auditory Nerve Model Using A Mean Structural Similarity Measure

Expected Likelihood for Temporally Correlated (Over-Sampled) Training Data: Experiment Results

Exploiting 3D Faces in Biometric Forensic Recognition

face recognition using local statistics of gradients and correlations

Fast Algorithms for Reconstruction of Sparse Signals from Cauchy Random Projections

Fast and efficient side information generation in Distributed Video Coding by using dense motion representations

Fast Modulated Wavelet Transform

Fast Structure from Motion for Planar Image Sequences

Feature selection and time regression software: Application on predicting Alzheimer's disease progress

Feedback Active Noise Control System Combining Linear Prediction Filter

Finding sparse connectivity patterns in power-constrained ad-hoc networks for accelerating consensus algorithms

Flexible Distributed Wideband Cognitive Radio Network With Double Threshold Energy Detector Combining Cooperative And Spatial Diversity

Flexible Voice Morphing based on Linear Combination of Multi-speakers’ Vocal Tract Area Functions

fMRI Processing Algorithm for the analysis, parametrisation and comparison of Preprocessed SPM Images

FPGA Implementation of a Variable Step-Size Affine Projection Algorithm for Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Fragile watermarking with improved tampering localisation and self-recovery capabilities

Framework For Lithuanian Speech Animation

Full-Rate Full-Diversity Space-Frequency Block Coding for Digital TV Broadcasting

Fundamental Frequency Estimation using Polynomial Rooting of a Subspace-Based Method

Further Improved Edge-directed Interpolation and Fast EDI for SDTV TO HDTV Conversion

Further Improvement of the Adaptive Level of Detail Transform: Splitting in Direction of the Nonlinearity

Fuzzy contour characterization by subspace based methods of array processing and DIRECT method

General Contourlet Pansharpening Method using Bayesian Inference

Greedy RLS for Sparse Filters

Greedy sparse reconstruction of non-negative signals using symmetric alpha-stable distributions

Harmonic Hidden Markov models for the study of EEG signals

Hidden Markov Models applied onto Gait Classification

High-Order Sparse Linear Predictors for Audio Processing

Higher Order Direction finding for arbitrary noncircular sources: The NC-2Q-MUSIC algorithm

HMM Based Anomalous Signal Detection From ELF Electromagneric Wave Signals

HRIR Factorisation: A Regularised Approach.

HRTF Customization Using Multiway Array Analysis

Human skin color detection in RGB space with Bayesian estimation of beta mixture models

Hybrid Fast Algorithm for S Transforms

Image Prior Combination In Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction

Image Registration for Super Resolution using Scale Invariant Feature Transform, Belief Propagation and Random Sampling Consensus

Implementation of a Wideband Beamformer Based on a Rectangular Array with Spatial-only Information

Implementation of Unbiased FIR Filters with Low-Degree Polynomial Gains

Improved Fast Modified Double-Block Zero-Padding (FMDBZP) Algorithm For Weak GPS Signal Acquisition

Improved Image Partitioning for Compression and Representation using the Lab Color Space in the LAR Image Codec

Improved Initial Value Prediction For Global Motion Estimation

Improved Speech Recognition in Noisy Environments by Using a Throat Microphone for Accurate Voicing Detection

Improved Subspace-based Frequency Estimation for Real-Valued Data using Angles between Subspaces

Improvement of Target Detection Based on Tensorial Modelling

Improvement of the Accuracy of Linear Interpolation for Double Expansion of Images

Improvements of Continuous Model for Memory-based Automatic Music Transcription

Improving microaneurysm detection in color fundus images by using an optimal combination of preprocessing methods and candidate extractors

Improving Posterior Based Confidence Measures Using Enhanced Local Posteriors

Improving the Performance of the Semi-Blind Cross-Relation-Based Channel Estimation Method

Impulsive noise of partial discharge and its impact on minimum distance-based precoder of MIMO system

Incremental Rate Maximisation Power Loading with BER Improvements

Indicators of Colour Image Quality for eta -sigma -lambda spaces

Infinite non-negative matrix factorization

Interactive video mashup based on emotional identity

Interpolation and Decimation of Spectrally Correlated Stochastic Processes

Inversion of Parahermitian Matrices

Iris Verification System With Secure Template Storage

Iterative Learning of DFT-Domain Dynamical Models Subject to Parameter Variations

Iteratively reweighted design of oversampling complex-modulated filter banks for high output signal quality

Joint Authentication and Forward Error Correction of Still Images

Joint channel and frequency offset estimation using sigma point Kalman filter for an OFDMA uplink system

Joint DOA and Fundamental Frequency Estimation Methods based on 2-D Filtering

Joint reconstruction of correlated images from compressed linear measurements

Kalman filter design for application to an INS analysing swimmer performance

Learning Distributed Power Allocation Policies in MIMO Channels

Local Binary Patterns for 1-D Signal Processing

Localization of Acoustic Sources Based on the Teager-Kaiser Energy Operator

Localization of buried objects in presence of phase errors and unkown noise

Long spatiotemporal chaotic sequences for DS-UWB systems

Low Complexity Mean Enhanced Greedy Algorithms For Dynamic Subcarrier Allocation In Uplink LTE

Maximin Robust Radar Waveform Design for Detection of Weapons

Maximum Likelihood and Orthogonal Subspace Based Approach for Improved IR-UWB Channel Estimation

Maximum Likelihood Scale Parameter Estimation: an Application to Gain Estimation for QAM Constellations

Maximum Negentropy Beamforming with Superdirectivity

Medley filters - simple tools for efficient signal smoothing

Minimal Realization and L2-Sensitivity Analysis for 3-D Separable-Denominator Digital Filters

ML vs. MAP Parameter Estimation of Linear Dynamic Systems for Acoustic-to-Articulatory Inversion: A Comparative Study

MLSE and MMSE Subchannel Equalization for Filter Bank Based Multicarrier Systems: Coded and Uncoded results

Multi taper Wigner distribution with predetermined doppler-lag bandwidth and sidelobe suppression

Multi-Band Pre-Echo Control Using a Filter Bank Equalizer

Multi-microphone Acoustic Echo Cancellation using Multi-channel Warped Linear Prediction of Common Acoustical Poles

Multi-target tracking with MCMC-based particle filters

Multi-View Through-The-Wall Radar Imaging using Compressed Sensing

Multichannel Audio Coding Using Sinusoidal Modelling and Compressed Sensing

Multichannel compressed sensing via source separation for hyperspectral images

Multipath-aware joint symbol timing and CFO estimation in multiuser OFDM/OQAM systems

Multiple Descriptions using Sparse Decompositions

Multiple Marginalized Population Monte Carlo

Multiple Target Tracking Using The Extended Kalman Particle Probability Hypothesis Density Filter

Multiscale Zero-Crossing Statistics of Intrinsic Mode Functions for White Gaussian Noise

Multispectral Image Capture using two RGB cameras

Multiway Space-Time-Wave-Vector Analysis for Source Localization and Extraction

Musical Genre Classification Based on a Highly-resolved Cepstral Modulation Spectrum

Musical genre classification of audio signals using geometric methods

Musical Instrument Identification using Multiscale Mel-frequency Cepstral Coefficients

Near End Listening Enhancement Optimized with Respect to Speech Intelligibility Index and Audio Power Limitations

Near-Optimal Weighting in Characteristic-Function Based ICA

New Radar System In Medicine

Noise Suppression based on an Analysis-Synthesis Approach

Noisy cyclo-stationary BSS using frequency-domain pseudo-correlation

Non-uniform source modeling for Distributed Video Coding

Object reidentification in real world scenarios across multiple non-overlapping cameras

Objective assessment of renal DCE-MRI image segmentation

On line Client-wise cohort set selection for speaker verification using iterative normalization of confusion matrices

On multivariate fractional Brownian motion and multivariate fractional Gaussian noise

On Optimization of The Measurement Matrix For Compressive Sensing

On Spectral Concentration of Signals on the 2-Sphere under a Generalized Moment Weighting Criterion

On the Appearance of a Positive Real Pole in the Results of Glottal Closed Phase Linear Prediction

On the conditioning of the propagation function in a near-field loudspeaker array

On the QAM Parallel Turbo-TCM Schemes using Recursive Convolutional GF(2^N) Encoders

On the Simulation of Time Derivative Cellular Neural Networks

On the use of Biometrics in Forensics: Gait and Ear

Open Loop Transmit Diversity solutions for LTE-A Uplink

Optimization of Wideband Fixed Beamformers with Adaptive Sensor Calibration

Optimum Waveform Design and Clutter Rejection Processing for MIMO Radar

Ordering Minimum-Phase Sets: Numerical Properties and Systematic Searches

Orthonormal Subband Coder Design Using Polynomial Eigenvalue Decomposition

Out-of-Band Radiation Reduction in OFDM-based Cognitive Radio Systems

Output SNR analysis of integrated active noise control and noise reduction in hearing aids under a single speech source scenario

Over The Real-Time Selective Encryption of AVS Video Coding Standard

Parametric Convergence Analysis of An Aggregated Markov Chain

Path Tracing in TOR Networks

Pattern-based Fragile Watermarking for Color Images

Perception-based clipping of audio signals

Performance analysis of 2D and 3D antenna arrays for source localization

Performance Evaluation of AMR Wideband Speech Transmission for Hands-free Car Kits

Performance of Transmultiplexers Based on Oversampled Filter Banks under Variable Oversampling Ratios

Person tracking in enhanced cognitive care: A particle filtering approach

Phase Approximation of Linear Geometry Driving Functions for Sound Field Synthesis

Phase Detection in a Visual-Evoked-Potential based Brain Computer Interface

Phase-Rectified Signal Averaging Method applied to Heart Rate Variability Signals for Assessment of the changes in sympathovagal balance during rest and tilt

Photoacoustic Image Reconstruction from a Frequency-Invariant Source Localization Perspective

Pilot Symbol Design for Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems with Null Subcarriers

Pitch Characteristics of Bone Conducted Speech

Poliphase Subsampling Multiple Description Coding Using Robust Edge-Preserving Interpolation

Polynomial filter design for quantized consensus

Polynomial-based digital filters as prototype filters in DFT modulated filter banks

Precision-wise Architectural Synthesis of DSP Circuits

Prediction-Error-Method-based Adaptive Feedback Cancellation in Hearing Aids using Pitch Estimation

Predictive Power Control for Dynamic State Estimation over Wireless Sensor Networks with Relays

Properties of Robust MIMO Detector

Proximal methods for image restoration using a class of non-tight frame representations

Pushing the RIP Phase Transition in Compressed Sensing

Quality Controlled Artifact Reduction

Quantization mode opportunities in fixed-point system design

Quaternionic Wavelets for Image Coding

Random Set Based Road Mapping Using Radar Measurements

Receiver Operating Characteristic For Array-Based GNSS Acquisition

Reconstruction of sequences of arbitrary-shaped pulses from its low-pass or band-pass approximations using spectrum extrapolation

Recursive Interferometric Representations

Reducing Complexity of Generalized Minimum Mean Square Error Detection

Relax-based estimation of Voigt lineshapes

Reliable visual stimuli on LCD screens for SSVEP based BCI

Remarks on Markerless Human Motion Capture Using Multiple Images of 3D Articulated Human CG Model

Resource Allocation Schemes for Target Localization in Distributed Multiple Radar Architectures

Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis via Markov Random Fields Texture Modelling

RFI Mitigation Implementation for Pulsar Radio astronomy

Robust and efficient filterbank structure for reconstruction from recurrent nonuniform samples

Robust blind extraction of a signal with the best match to a prescribed autocorrelation

Robust Coherence Analysis in the Frequency Domain

Robust Isolated Speech Recognition Using Binary Masks

Robust temporal alignment of spontaneous and dubbed speech and its application for Automatic Dialogue Replacement

Robust Text-Independent Speaker Identification Using Short Test and Training Sessions

Robustness analysis of blind watermarking for quality scalable image compression

Robustness Analysis of Covariances Matrix Estimates

Robustness of SAIC and MAIC concepts with respect to residual frequency offsets

Run Length Encoding based ECG Compression

Sample Iterative Likelihood Maximization for Speaker Verification Systems

Seamless Transition of Power Allocation in Multi-User xDSL Systems

Security Applications of Distributed Arithmetic Coding

Segmentation of Cell Nuclei from Histological Images by Ellipse Fitting

Selective Encryption of the MC EZBC Bitstream and Residual Information

Selective spanning with fast enumeration detector implementation reaching LTE requirements

Signal properties reducing intelligibility of speech after noise

Signal Reconstruction from Noisy, Aliased, and Nonideal Samples: what Linear MMSE Approaches Can Achieve

Simplified Optimal Line Selection for Acoustic Localization in the Presence of Reverberation

Simplified Probability Models for Generative Tasks: a Rate-Distortion Approach

Single- and Multi-Platform Constrained Sensor Path Optimization for Angle-of-Arrival Target Tracking

Sliding conjugate symmetric sequency-ordered complex Hadamard transform: fast algorithm and applications

Soft masking based adaptation for time-frequency beamformers under reverberant and background noise environments

Sound propagation direction control using three configurations of two-dimensional loudspeaker arrays

Sparse audio coding via targeted dithering and combinatorial decoding

Sparse Bayesian Blind Image Deconvolution with Parameter Estimation

Sparse Multi-Label Linear Embedding Nonnegative Tensor Factorization for Automatic Music Tagging

Sparsity-based single-channel blind separation of superimposed AR processes

Spatial Noise Reduction in Binaural Hearing Aids

Spatial-Temporal Mode Transmission Based upon the QR Decomposition of a Polynomial Channel Matrix with Uncertainties

Speaker Identification using sparsely excited speech signals and Compressed Sensing

Speaker turn tracking from mobile microphones: combining location and pitch information

Speech Detection On Broadcast Audio

Speech enhancement based on log-spectral amplitude estimator and a postfilter derived from clean speech codebook

Speech enhancement based on the structure of noise power spectral density

Speech intelligibility of ideal binary masked mixtures

Split gradient method for nonnegative matrix factorization

SQNR Estimation of Non-Linear Fixed-Point Algorithms

Statistical Confidence Measure for Direction-of-arrival Estimate

Statistical Digram and Trigram Analysis of Turkish in Terms of Coverage and Entropy for Possible Language and Speech Based Applications

Statistical Efficiency Study of Blind Identification/Equalization of Two-Path Channels with the Constant-Modulus-Criterion

Steady-State Analysis of a Quantized Average Consensus Algorithm Using State-Space Description

Stereo Correspondence Matching: Balanced Multiwavelets versus Unbalanced Multiwavelets

Streamlined real-factor FFTs

Structure Tensor Field Regularization Based on Geometric Features

Structured Gaussian Mixture Model Based Product VQ

Study of Mutual information for Speaker recognition features

Sub-Quantization/orthogonalization and optimization of algorithm-architecture adequacy for optimal polynomial filtering

Subjective evaluation of image understanding results

Suboptimal Sensor Subset Evaluation in a P300 Brain-Computer Interface

Sum-rate maximization in two-way relaying systems with MIMO amplify and forward relays via generalized eigenvectors

Support Vector One-Class Classification for Multiple-Distribution Data

Symmetric Correlation and Its Properties

System identification under non-negativity constraints

Tapers for Large Planar Phased Arrays on Regular Grids: Simple Design Methods versus Second-Order Cone Programming

Teager-Kaiser energy operator improves the detection and quantification of nociceptive withdrawal reflexes from surface electromyography

Temporally Consistent Key Frame Selection From Video For Face Recognition

Temporally Resolved Multi-Way Component Analysis of Dynamic Sources in Event-Related EEG Data using PARAFAC2

Test Token Drive Acoustic Balancing For Sparse Enrollment Data In Cohort GMM Speaker Recognition

The Bayesian Unlucky Broker

The VISNET II DVC codec: architecture, tools and performance

Theoretical Analysis of Musical Noise in Generalized Spectral Subtraction: Why Should not Use Power/Amplitude Subtraction?

Theoretical expression of error event probability for a Trellis CHAOS CODED MODULATION concatenated with Space-Time Block Code

Three-Dimensional Adaptive Sensing of People in a Multi-Camera Setup

Time-Variant Harmonic and Transient Signal Modeling by Joint Polynomial and Piecewise Linear Approximation

Toward Optimal Video Transcoding

Toward robustness of audio watermarking systems to acoustic channels

Towards a Comprehensive Color Stereoscopic Matching Model based on HVS Behavior

Towards an Application for Detecting Intruders in Wildlife Regions

Training-based super-resolution using K-means clustering and detail enhancement

Transceiver Design for Non-Regenerative MIMO Relay Systems with Decision Feedback Detection

Transceiver Optimization and Power Control in Wireless Data Networks with Femtocells: A Potential Game-Theoretic Approach

Transmission of correlated information sources with network coding

Transmit and Receive Antenna Array Geometries for Mode Selective HF OTH MIMO Radar

Unifying Variational Approach and Region Growing Segmentation

Universal sharpening-demosaicing for various types of color-filter array

Use of photogrammetry and biomechanical gait analysis to identify individuals

Using Binocular Energy Modeling for Stereoscopic Color Image Coding

Using optical flow for filling the gaps in visual-inertial tracking

Using Visual Saliency for Object Tracking With Particle Filters

Variable Step-Size Based Online Acoustic Feedback Neutralization in Single-Channel Active Noise Control Systems

View Synthesis Motion Estimation for Multiview Distributed Video Coding

Virtual view appearance representation for human motion analysis in multi-view environments

Viterbi Algorithm for Iterative Decoding of Parallel Concatenated Convolutional Codes

Voice transformations through instantaneous complex frequency modifications

Wall-Clutter Mitigation using Cross-Beamforming in Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging

Weighted Voting of Sparse Representation Classifiers for Facial Expression Recognition

Why the phased-MIMO radar outperforms the phased-array and MIMO radars

Wideband fractional delay filter design based on interlaced sampling method

Widely linear detector for QAM MIMO system

Wireless water quality monitoring in the ISM frequency band: a software and cognitive radio approach

Wyner-Ziv coding with uncertain side information quality