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2D Direction of Arrival Estimation of Multiple Moving Sources using a Spherical Microphone Array

3top 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

3D localization of multiple audio sources utilizing 2D DOA histograms

3D point cloud segmentation oriented to the analysis of interactions

3D Reconstruction Quality Analysis and Its Acceleration on GPU Clusters

3D v.s. 2D Channel Capacity of Outdoor to Indoor Scenarios Derived from Measurements in China and New Zealand

3WRBM-Based Speech Factor Modeling for Arbitrary-Source and Non-Parallel Voice Conversion

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40-Hz ASSR depth of anaesthesia index

Atop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

A Better Metric in Kernel Adaptive Filtering

A comparative study of representations for folk dances recognition in video

A DCT-based multiscale binary descriptor robust to complex brightness changes

A Dual-Function MIMO Radar-Communications System Using PSK Modulation

A Family of Optimized LMS-Based Algorithms for System Identification

A fast converging method for Common Mode Sensor based Impulse Noise Cancellation for Downstream VDSL

A Fixed-Point Algorithm for Estimating Power Means of Positive Definite Matrices

A Fixed-Point Local Tone Mapping Operation for HDR Images

A generalized binaural MVDR beamformer with interferer relative transfer function preservation

A k-d Tree Based Solution Cache for the Non-linear Equation of Circuit Simulations

A low-complexity RLS-DCD algorithm for Volterra system identification

A Low-Cost Digital Self-Interference Cancellation Structure for Full-Duplex Communications

A Low-rank and Joint-Sparsity Model for Hyper-Spectral Radio-Interferometric Imaging

A Mathematical Analysis of the Genetic-AIRS Classification Algorithm

A minimum variance filter for continuous-discrete systems with additive-multiplicative noise

A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for the Blind Extraction of the Sparsest Source in Convolutive Mixtures

A New Approach for Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing and Modelling for Signals From Gel Electrophoresis

A New Area-efficient FIR Filter Design Algorithm by Dynamic Programming

A Non-speech Audio CAPTCHA Based on Acoustic Event Detection and Classification

A Novel Angular Parameters Estimator for Incoherently Distributed Sources

A Novel Block-shifted Pilot Design for Multipair Massive MIMO Relaying

A Novel Narrowband Interference Suppression Method for OFDM Radar

A Novel Reduced-Rank Approach for Implementing Volterra Filters

A One-step-ahead Information-based Feedback Control for Binaural Active Localization

A Randomised Primal-Dual Algorithm for Distributed Radio-Interferometric Imaging

A review of approximate methods for kernel-based Big Media Data Analysis

A Robust Resource Allocation Algorithm for Packet BIC-UFMC 5G Wireless Communications

A Separation Principle for Optimal IaaS Cloud Computing Distribution

A Simple Counting Estimator of Network Agents' Behaviors: Asymptotics

A Simple Set-Membership Affine Projection Algorithm for Sparse System Modeling

A Software Defined Radio Platform with Raspberry Pi and Simulink

A Split Kernel Adaptive Filtering Architecture for Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation

A Tensor-Based Method for Large-Scale Blind System Identification Using Segmentation

A Unified Approach for Sparsity-Aware and Maximum Correntropy Adaptive Filters

A Unified Bayesian Model of Time-frequency Clustering and Low-rank Approximation for Multi-channel Source Separation

Accelerated reconstruction of a compressively sampled data stream

Accumulate then Forward: An Opportunistic Relaying Protocol for Wireless-Powered Cooperative Communications

Acoustic Feature Prediction from Semantic Features for Expressive Speech using Deep Neural Networks

Active Noise Cancellation in Headphones by Digital Robust Feedback Control

Active Noise Control for Pulse Signals by Wave Field Synthesis

Active speech level estimation in noisy signals with quadrature noise suppression

Ad Hoc Microphone Array Beamforming Using the Primal-Dual Method of Multipliers

Adapt-Align-Combine for Diffusion-Based Distributed Dictionary Learning

Adaptive Completion of the Correlation Matrix in Wireless Sensor Networks

Adaptive Hierarchical Space Partitioning for Online Classification

Adaptive LASSO based on joint M-estimation of regression and scale

Adaptive quadratic regularization for baseline wandering removal in wearable ECG devices

Amplitude Adaptive ASDM without Envelope Encoding

An Approach to Joint Sequential Detection and Estimation with Distributional Uncertainties

An Approximate Message Passing Based Algorithm for Robust Face Recognition

An efficient image retrieval method under dithered-based quantization scheme

An exemplar-based HMM framework for nonlinear state-space models

An Experimental Approach to Generalized Wiener Filtering in Music Source Separation

An M-estimator for robust centroid estimation on the manifold of covariance matrices: performance analysis and application to image classification

An Unsupervised Approach to Glottal Inverse Filtering

An Unsupervised Spatio-Temporal Regularization for Perfusion MRI Deconvolution in Acute Stroke

Analysis of distortion in audio signals introduced by microphone motion

Analysis of the Quantization Error in Digital Multipliers with Small Wordlength

Analyzing Notch Patterns of Head Related Transfer Functions in CIPIC and SYMARE Databases

Angle of arrival estimation in dynamic indoor THz channels with Bayesian filter and reinforcement learning

Antialiased Soft Clipping Using an Integrated Bandlimited Ramp

Approximate Joint Diagonalization within the Riemannian Geometry Framework

Approximate ML estimator for compensation of timing mismatch and jitter noise in TI-ADCs

Are we ready for the cocktail party?

Audio Affect Burst Synthesis: A Multilevel Synthesis System for Emotional Expressions

Automatic Detection of Laser Marks in Retinal Digital Fundus Images

Automatic estimation of the noise level function for adaptive blind denoising

Automatic localization of gas pipes from GPR imagery

Automatic Objective Thresholding to Detect Neuronal Action Potentials

Automatic Pigment Identification on Roman Egyptian Paintings by using Sparse Modeling of Hyperspectral Images

Automatic Selection of Stochastic Watershed Hierarchies

Automatic Tuning of Probe Noise for Continuous Acoustic Feedback Cancelation in Hearing Aids

Autoregressive Moving Average Modeling of Late Reverberation in the Frequency Domain

Btop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Backtesting expected shortfall with a skewed exponential power distribution in electricity markets

Bandwidth Dependence of the Ranging Error Variance in Dense Multipath

Bayesian Cramer-Rao bounds for factorized model based low rank matrix reconstruction

Bayesian estimation for the local assessment of the multifractality parameter of multivariate time series

Bayesian estimation of polynomial moving average models with unknown degree of nonlinearity

Bayesian estimation of unknown parameters over networks

Bayesian Image Segmentation Using Hidden Fields: Supervised, Unsupervised, and Semi-Supervised Formulations

Bayesian Unscented Kalman Filter for State Estimation of Nonlinear and Non-Gaussian Systems

Bi-directional Beamforming Bit Error Rate Analysis for Wireline Backhaul Networks

Binaural Source Localization using a HRTF Data Model with Enhanced Frequency Diversity

Blind Calibration of Phased Arrays Using Sparsity Constraints on the Signal Model

Blind Rectification of Radial Distortion by Line Straightness

Block Majorization-Minimization algorithms for low-rank clutter subspace estimation

Blockage Effects on Joint Information & Energy Transfer in Directional Ad-Hoc Networks

Boosted LMS-based Piecewise Linear Adaptive Filters

Botnet Identification in Randomized DDoS Attacks

Brain and Music: Music Genre Classification using Brain Signals

Ctop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Calibration of Radio Interferometers Using a Sparse DOA Estimation Framework

Camera Model Identification Based Machine Learning Approach with High Order Statistics Features

Canonical polyadic decomposition for tissue type differentiation using multi-parametric MRI in high-grade gliomas

Canonical polyadic decomposition of hyperspectral patch tensors

Capturing and Reproduction of a Crowded Sound Scene Using a Circular Microphone Array

Cascade processing for speeding up sliding window sparse classification

Characterizing Parkinson's desease using EMG fractional linear prediction

Classification of fMRI data using Dynamic Time Warping based functional connectivity analysis

Classification of HEp-2 Cells Using Distributed Dictionary Learning

Classification of Hyperspectral Images using Mixture of Probabilistic PCA Models

Classification of Multiple Annotator Data Using Variational Gaussian Process Inference

Closed-form solution for TDOA-based joint source and sensor localization in two-dimensional space

Cognitive MIMO Radars: An Information Theoretic Constrained Code Design Method

Cognitive Tracking in IEEE 802.22 Symbiotic Radars

Combination of filtered-x adaptive filters for nonlinear listening-room compensation

Combined Matching Pursuit and Wigner-Ville Distribution Analysis for the Discrimination of Ictal Heart Rate Variability

Combining Feature-based and Model-based Approaches For Robust Ellipse Detection

Combining the Glottal Mixture Model (GLOMM) with UBM for Speaker Recognition

Comparing Bayesian models in the absence of ground truth

Comparison of Continuous Measurement Techniques for Spatial Room Impulse Responses

Complex Angular Central Gaussian Mixture Model for Directional Statistics in Mask-based Microphone Array Signal Processing

Compositional chroma estimation using powered Euclidean Distance

Compressed Sensing in MRI with a Markov Random Field prior for spatial clustering of subband coefficients

Compressed Sensing Super Resolution of Color Images

Compressive Data Aggregation on Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks for Sensing in Bike Races

Compressive Sensing Based Energy Detector

Computational Analysis of a Fast Algorithm for High-order Sparse Linear Prediction

Conjugate Priors For Gaussian Emission pLSA Recommender Systems

Continuous Fundamental Frequency Prediction with Deep Neural Networks

Convex Super-Resolution Detection of Lines in Images

Coordinated Multicell Beamforming with Local and Global Data Rate Constraints

Copy synthesis of phrase-level utterances

Coupled Tensor Decomposition: a Step Towards Robust Components

Cross-Correlation Based Under-Modelled Multichannel Blind Acoustic System Identification with Sparsity Regularization

Dtop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Data Compression for Snapshot Mosaic Hyperspectral Image Sensors

Decentralized Detection in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

Decentralized Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Arbitrary Array Geometries

Decentralized Sparsity-Promoting Sensor Selection in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

Decentralizing Multi-cell Maximum Weighted Sum Rate Precoding via Large System Analysis

Deep Action Classification via Matrix Completion

Demand Response for Renewable Energy Integration and Load Balancing in Smart Grid Communities

Derivative Based Real-Time Spectrum Coordination for DSL

Design of Dynamic Linear-in-the-Parameters Nonlinear Filters for Active Noise Control

Design of Multiple Unimodular Waveforms With Low Auto- and Cross-Correlations for Radar via Majorization-Minimization

Detecting pedestrians in surveillance videos based on Convolutional Neural Network and Motion

Detection and Localization of Objects in Passive Millimeter Wave Images

Detection of Double AVC/HEVC Encoding

Detection of Modern Communication Signals Using Frequency Domain Morphological Filtering

Detection of Neovascularization Near the Optic Disk Due to Diabetic Retinopathy

Detection of sEMG Muscle Activation Intervals Using Gaussian Mixture Model and Ant Colony Classifier

Detection over Diffusion Networks: Asymptotic Tools for Performance Prediction and Simulation

Determining the number of signals correlated across multiple data sets for small sample support

Development and evaluation of a digital MEMS microphone array for spatial audio

Device-free Localization of Multiple Targets

Diffusion Spline Adaptive Filtering

Digital Music Lab: A Framework for Analysing Big Music Data

Digitally-Controlled RF Self-Interference Canceller for Full-Duplex Radios

Direction-of-Arrival Estimation and Cramer-Rao Bound for Multi-Carrier MIMO Radar

Discrete Bessel Functions for Representing the Class of Finite Duration Decaying Sequences

Distance Estimation for Marine Vehicles Using a Monocular Video Camera

Distributed Adaptive Filtering With Reduced Communication Load

Distributed Kernel Least Squares for Nonlinear Regression applied to Sensor Networks

Distributed Labelling of Audio Sources in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks using Consensus and Matching

Distributed multi-frequency image reconstruction for radio-interferometry

Distributed Parallel Image Signal Extrapolation Framework using Message Passing Interface

Distributed PLKF Using Delayed Information Sharing for 3D AOA Target Tracking

Diversity Extraction for Multicarrier Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution

DOA estimation in front of a reflective plane using a circular microphone array

DSP Based OFDM Receiver for Time-varying Underwater Acoustic Channels

Duplexer Design and Implementation for Self-Interference Cancellation in Full-Duplex Communications

Dynamic Adaptation of Instantaneous Nonlinear Bipoles in Wave Digital Networks

Etop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Effects of Matrix Completion on the Classification of Undersampled Human Activity Data Streams

Efficient Eye Corner and Gaze Detection for Sclera Recognition Under Relaxed Imaging Constraints

Efficient Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation by Partitioned-Block Significance-Aware Hammerstein Group Models

Efficient Relative Transfer Function Estimation Framework in the Spherical Harmonics Domain

Electromagnetic retrieval of missing fibers in periodic fibered laminates via sparsity concepts

Eliminating blocking artifacts in halftoning-based block truncation coding

Empirical Mode Decomposition in a Time-Scale Framework

Energy Consumption Analysis of Software Polar Decoders on Low Power Processors

Energy Harvesting Cooperative Multiple Access Channel with Decoding Costs

Enhanced Iterative Hard Thresholding for the Estimation of Discrete-Valued Sparse Signals

Enhancement of Incipient Fault Detection and Estimation Using the Multivariate Kullback-Leibler Divergence

Envelope analysis methods for tonality estimation

Error Characterization of Duty Cycle Estimation for Sampled Non-Band-Limited Pulse Signals With Finite Observation Period

Error Robust Low Delay Audio Coding Using Spherical Logarithmic Quantization

Estimation of DOA and Phase Error Using a Partly Calibrated Sensor Array with Arbitrary Geometry

Estimation of the Spatial Information in Gaussian Model based Audio Source Separation using Weighted Spectral Bases

Evaluating dissimilarities between two moving-average models: a comparative study between Jeffrey's divergence and Rao distance

Evaluating the Spatial Resolution of 2D Antenna Arrays for Massive MIMO Transmissions

Evaluation of Audio Source Separation Models Using Hypothesis-Driven Non-Parametric Statistical Methods

Evaluation of Graph Metrics for Optimizing Bin-Based Ontologically Smoothed Language Models

Evaluation of Quality of Sound Source Separation Algorithms: Human Perception vs Quantitative Metrics

Exact Analysis of Weighted Centroid Localization

Exploiting Persymmetry for Adaptive Detection in Distributed MIMO Radar

Extension of Generalized Hammerstein Model to Non-Polynomial Inputs

Ftop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Face Photo-Sketch Recognition using Local and Global Texture Descriptors

Fall Motion Detection Using Combined Range and Doppler Features

Fast and accurate cooperative localization in wireless sensor networks

Fast and robust detection of a known pattern in an image

Fast Disentanglement-based Blind Quantum Source Separation and Process Tomography Using a Feedforward Quantum-classical Adapting Structure

Fast Unit-modulus Least Squares with Applications in Transmit Beamforming

Feature Selection and Model Optimization for Semi-supervised Speaker Spotting

Features selection for analyzing the effect of preparation instruction on forearm muscles during pre-motor activity

Fetal ECG Subspace Estimation Based on Cyclostationarity

Filtering Smooth Altimetric Signals Using a Bayesian Algorithm

Fine tuning consensus optimization for distributed radio interferometric calibration

fMRI Time-Series Clustering Using a Mixture of Mixtures of Student's-t and Rayleigh Distributions

FPGA Implementation of a Cyclostationary Detector for OFDM Signals

Frequency-Domain Blind Speech Separation Using Incomplete De-Mixing Transform

Full Dimension MIMO for Frequency Division Duplex under Signaling and Feedback Constraints

Full-rate general rank beamforming in single-group multicasting networks using non-orthogonal STBC

Fully Automatic Detection of Anomalies on Wheels Surface Using an Adaptive Accurate Model and Hypothesis Testing Theory

Fusion of electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging to explore epileptic network activity

Gtop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Generalized Constraints for NMF with Application to Informed Source Separation

Gigabit DSL: a Deep-LMS Approach

Glaucoma Diagnosis by Means of Optic Cup Feature Analysis in Color Fundus Images

Graph Laplacian Distributed Particle Filtering

Graph-regularized Multi-class Support Vector Machines for Face and Action Recognition

Greek Folk Music Classification Using Auditory Cortical Representations

Grid Size Selection for Nonlinear Least-Squares Optimization in Spectral Estimation and Array Processing

Guitar note onset detection based on a spectral sparsity measure

Htop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

HEAL-T: An Efficient PPG-based Heart-Rate and IBI Estimation Method During Physical Exercise

High Quality Voice Conversion by Post-Filtering the Outputs of Gaussian Processes

High Rate Quantization Analysis for a Class of Finite Rate of Innovation Signals

High spatiotemporal cineMRI films using compressed sensing for acquiring articulatory data

High Throughput Architecture for Inpainting-Based Recovery of Correlated Neural Signals

Histopathological Image Classification Using Random Binary Hashing Based PCANet and Bilinear Classifier

Horizontal Plane HRTF Interpolation using Linear Phase Constraint for Rendering Spatial Audio

Human expert supervised selection of time-frequency intervals in EEG signals for brain-computer interfacing

Hybrid MU-MIMO and Non-orthogonal Multiple Access Design in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks

Hyperspectral image clustering using a novel efficient online possibilistic algorithm

Itop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Image Deconvolution by Local Order Preservation of Pixels Values

Image Denoising via Group Sparse Eigenvectors of Graph Laplacian

Image Retrieval under Very Noisy Annotations

Impact of array calibration on RFI mitigation

Impact of Light Field Compression on Focus Stack and Extended Focus Images

Impact of Noise Correlation on Multimodality

Impact of noisy annotators' reliability in a crowdsourcing system performance

Impact of perceptual learning on resting-state fMRI connectivity: A supervised classification study

Implementation of Efficient Real-Time Industrial Wireless Interference Identification Algorithms with Fuzzified Neural Networks

Improved Quantum LDPC Decoding Strategies for the Misidentified Quantum Depolarization Channel

Improved Resolution of Chromatographic Peak Analysis using Multi-Snapshot Imaging

Improving narrowband DOA estimation of sound sources using the complex Watson distribution

Improving Physical Layer Security in DF Relay Networks Via Two-Stage Cooperative Jamming

Improving Secrecy Rate via Cooperative Jamming based on Nash Equilibrium

In-Network Adaptive Cluster Enumeration for Distributed Classification and Labeling

Independent Vector Analysis for source separation using an energy driven mixed Student's t and super Gaussian Source prior

Inexact Alternating Optimization for Phase Retrieval with Outliers

Integrated Direct Sub-band Adaptive Volterra Filter and Its Application to Identification of Loudspeaker Nonlinearity

Interference Cancellation Architecture for Full-Duplex System with GFDM Signaling

Interpolation-based Image Inpainting in Color Images Using High Dimensional Model Representation

Investigations into Bluetooth Low Energy Localization Precision Limits

Iterative Least Squares Algorithm for Inverse Problem in Microwave Medical Imaging

Jtop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Joint EEG - EMG Signal Processing for Identification of the Mental Tasks in Patients with Neurological Diseases

Joint estimation of late reverberant and speech power spectral densities in noisy environments using Frobenius norm

Joint I/Q Mixer and Filter Imbalance Compensation and Channel Equalization with Novel Preamble Design

Joint spectral clustering and range estimation for 3D scene reconstruction using multispectral Lidar waveforms

Joint Tensor Compression for Coupled Canonical Polyadic Decompositions

Ktop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Kernel Adaptive Filtering Subject to Equality Function Constraints

Keypoint detection in RGBD images based on an efficient viewpoint-covariant multiscale representation

Kronecker Covariance Sketching for Spatial-Temporal Data

Ltop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Learning Directed-Acyclic-Graphs from Large-Scale Double-Knockout Experiments

Least Squares Image Estimation in the Presence of Drift and Pixel Noise

Lipreading Using Spatiotemporal Histogram of Oriented Gradients

LMS Estimation of Signals defined over Graphs

Localization of a Moving Rigid Sensor Network

Localization of Moving Microphone Arrays from Moving Sound Sources for Robot Audition

Localization of radar emitters from a single sensor using multipath and TDOA-AOA measurements in a naval context

Location Information Driven Formation Control for Swarm Return-to-Base Application

Lossless Intra Coding in HEVC with Integer-to-Integer DST

Low complexity FRI based Sampling Scheme for UWB Channel Estimation

Low-Complexity Weighted Pseudolinear Estimator for TDOA Localization with Systematic Error Correction

Mtop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Making Sense of Randomness: Fast Signal Recovery from Compressive Samples

Managed Video Services over Multi-Domain Software Defined Networks

Massive Overloaded MIMO Signal Detection via Convex Optimization with Proximal Splitting

Maximum likelihood estimation of a low-order building model

Maximum Margin Binary Classifiers using Intrinsic and Penalty graphs

Mean Field Analysis of Sparse Reconstruction with Correlated Variables

Measurement Matrix Design for Compressed Sensing Based Time Delay Estimation

Median Filtering the Temporal Probability Distribution in Histogram Mapping for Robust Continuous Speech Recognition

Memory and Complexity Reduction in Parahermitian Matrix Manipulations of PEVD Algorithms

Memory Error Resilient Detection for Massive MIMO Systems

MIMO Radar Waveform Design for Transmit Beampattern Synthesis

Minimum Measurement Deterministic Compressed Sensing based on Complex Reed Solomon Decoding

Mining the Bilinear Structure of Data with Approximate Joint Diagonalization

Mode Selection in Multi-user Full-Duplex Systems Considering Inter-user Interference

Modeling Unvoiced Sounds In Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis with a Continuous Vocoder

Modified Tone Reservation for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems

Motion Hints Compensated Prediction as a Reference Frame for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)

MRI Reconstruction with Analysis Sparse Regularization under Impulsive Noise

Multi-class learning algorithm for deep neural network-based statistical parametric speech synthesis

Multi-Image Super-Resolution for Fisheye Video Sequences Using Subpixel Motion Estimation Based on Calibrated Re-Projection

Multi-level tomography reconstructions with level-set and TV regularization methods

Multi-output RNN-LSTM for multiple speaker speech synthesis and adaptation

Multi-Pitch Estimation of Audio Recordings Using a Codebook-Based Approach

Multi-Pitch Estimation via Fast Group Sparse Learning

Multi-scale Image Denoising based on Goodness of Fit (GOF) Tests

Multichannel music separation with deep neural networks

Multidimensional Sparse Recovery for MIMO Channel Parameter Estimation

Multipath Components Tracking Adapted to Integrated IR-UWB Receivers for Improved Indoor Navigation

Multiple Description Vector Quantizer Design Based on Redundant Representation of Central Code

Multiple Layer Model for Object Detection and Sketch Representation

Multiple Source Localization in the Spherical Harmonic Domain using Augmented Intensity Vectors based on Grid Search

Multiplicative update for a class of constrained optimization problems related to NMF and its global convergence

Multivariate Classification of Fourier Transform Infrared Hyperspectral Images of Skin Cancer Cells

Music Signal Separation Using Supervised NMF with All-Pole-Model-Based Discriminative Basis Deformation

Ntop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Near-End Listening Enhancement by Noise-Inverse Speech Shaping

New Evaluation Scheme for Software Function Approximation with Non-Uniform Segmentation

New robust algorithms for sparse non-negative three-way tensor decompositions

Newton-like Nonlinear Adaptive Filters via Simple Multilinear Functionals

Noise-adaptive perceptual weighting in the AMR-WB encoder for increased speech loudness in adverse far-end noise conditions

Noise-Robust Detection of Whispering in Telephone Calls Using Deep Neural Networks

Nonlinear Blind Source Separation for Chemical Sensor Arrays Based on a Polynomial Representation

Nonlinear Blind Source Separation for Sparse Sources

Novel Deep Autoencoder Features for Non-intrusive Speech Quality Assessment

Nuclear Norm Regularized Robust Dictionary Learning for Energy Disaggregation

Otop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Off-grid target detection with normalized matched subspace filter

Offloading to Neighbouring Nodes in Smart Camera Network

On a fixed-point algorithm for structured low-rank approximation and estimation of half-life parameters

On Cyclic Spectrum Estimation with Estimated Cycle Frequency

On Exploiting Co-Channel Interference to Improve Secret Communications Over a Wiretap Channel

On Fractional Delay Interpolation for Local Wave Field Synthesis

On High-Accuracy Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis Using Linear Function Approximation

On plenoptic sub-aperture view recovery

On Poisson Compressed Sensing and Parameter Estimation in Sheet-of-Light Surface Scanning

On Quantized Compressed Sensing with Saturated Measurements via Convex Optimization

On Scatter Matrix Estimation in the Presence of Unknown Extra Parameters: Mismatched Scenario

On Secrecy Outage of MISO SWIPT Systems in the Presence of Imperfect CSI

On the duality of globally constrained separable problems and its application to distributed signal processing

On the Existence of the Band-Limited Interpolation of Non-Band-Limited Signals

On The Impact of Signals Time-Frequency Sparsity on the Localization Performance

On the optimal reconstruction of dMRI images with multi-coil acquisition system

On the Potential of Full Duplex Performance in 5G Ultra-Dense Small Cell Networks

On the Spatial Degrees of Freedom Benefits of Reverse TDD in Multicell MIMO Networks

On the use of Auto-Regressive Modeling for Arrhythmia Detection

On the Use of Channel Models and Channel Estimation Techniques for Massive MIMO Systems

On the Utilization of MIMO-OFDM Channel Sparsity for Accurate Positioning

On Wireless Power Transfer in Two-Tier Massive MIMO HetNets: Energy and Rate Analysis

Online Acoustic Scene Analysis Based on Nonparametric Bayesian Model

Online Churn Detection on High Dimensional Cellular Data using Adaptive Hierarchical Trees

Online Dictionary Learning from Large-Scale Binary data

Online Dual Coordinate Ascent Learning

Online EM-based distributed estimation in sensor networks with faulty nodes

Online Prediction of Spatial Fields for Radio-Frequency Communication

Opportunistic Interference Alignment Approach in Device-to-Device Communications Underlaying Cellular Networks

Optic Cup Characterization through Sparse Representation and Dictionary Learning

Optimal Attack and Defence of Large Scale Networks Using Mean Field Theory

Optimal choice of Hankel-block-Hankel matrix shape in 2-D parameter estimation: the rank-one case

Optimal Information Ordering for Sequential Detection with Cognitive Biases

Optimal Quantization of TV White Space Regions for a Broadcast Based Geolocation Database

Optimal Transmission Policies for Variance Based Event Triggered Estimation With an Energy Harvesting Sensor

Optimal Wavelength Allocation in Hybrid Quantum-Classical Networks

Optimization of Parallel Processing Intensive Digital Front-End for IEEE 802.11ac Receiver

Outage Probability of an AF Full-Duplex Physical-Layer Network Coding System

Outlier-insensitive Kalman Smoothing and Marginal Message Passing

Ptop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Pandora: Description of a Painting Database for Art Movement Recognition with Baselines and Perspectives

ParSec: A PSSS Approach to Industrial Radio with Very Low and Very Flexible Cycle Timing

Passive Detection of Rank-One Signals with a Multiantenna Reference Channel

Peak-Error-Constrained Sparse FIR Filter Design Using Iterative L1 Optimization

Penalized Linear Regression for Discrete Ill-posed Problems: A Hybrid Least-Squares and Mean-Squared Error Approach

Penalizing local correlations in the residual improves image denoising performance

Perfect Periodic Sequences for Nonlinear Wiener Filters

Performance Evaluation of High Dynamic Range Image Tone Mapping Operators Based on Separable Non-linear Multiresolution Families

Performance Evaluation of Scalar Reconciliation for Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution

Phase-Processing For Voice Activity Detection: A Statistical Approach

Physical Layer Security: Friendly Jamming in an Untrusted Relay Scenario

Piecewise Linear Regression Based On Adaptive Tree Structure Using Second Order Methods

Positive Trigonometric Polynomials and One-Dimensional Discrete Phase Retrieval Problem

Post-correlation Signal Analysis to Detect Spoofing Attacks in GNSS Receivers

Power control with partial observation in wireless ad hoc networks

Power Spectral Density Limitations of the Wavelet-OFDM System

Puma: A High-Quality Retinex-Based Tone Mapping Operator

Qtop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Quasi-Sparsest Solutions for Quantized Compressed Sensing by Graduated-Non-Convexity Based Reweighted $\ell_1$ Minimization

Rtop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Radar Target Recognition via 2-D Sparse Linear Prediction In Missing Data Case

Random Sampling via Sensor Networks: Estimation Accuracy vs. Energy Consumption

Randomized methods for higher-order subspace separation

Rapid Digital Architecture Design of Orthogonal Matching Pursuit

Rare Signals Detection in Nonwhite Noise Environment Based on Multidimensional Signal Subspace for Hyperspectral Image

Real-time incident detection: An approach for two interdependent time series

Real-Time Kinematic Positioning with GPS and Glonass

Real-time UHD Scalable multi-layer HEVC encoder architecture

Real-Time Vibration Control of An Electrolarynx based on Statistical F0 Contour Prediction

Recovery Guarantees for Mixed Norm $\ell_{p_1,p_2}$ Block Sparse Representations

Rectified Binaural Ratio: A Complex T-Distributed Feature for Robust Sound Localization

Recursive Functional Link Polynomial Filters: an Introduction

Reflector Localization based on Multiple Reflection Points

Region-Based Image Retrieval Using a Joint Scalable Bayesian Segmentation and Feature Extraction

Regularized Low Coherence Overcomplete Dictionary Learning for Sparse Signal Decomposition

Relaxed concentrated MLE for robust calibration of radio interferometers

Reliability Problems and Pareto-Optimality in Cognitive Radar

Renormalized maximum likelihood for multivariate autoregressive models

Resource-Constrained Implementation and Optimization of a Deep Neural Network for Vehicle Classification

Restoration of Intensity and Depth images Constructed Using Sparse Single-Photon Data

Reverberation Time Estimation based on a Model for the Power Spectral Density of Reverberant Speech

Reverberation-robust underdetermined source separation with non-negative tensor double deconvolution

Reversible Watermarking Based on Complementary Predictors and Context Embedding

Rhythm Transcription of MIDI Performances Based on Hierarchical Bayesian Modelling of Repetition and Modification of Musical Note Patterns

Robust 3D MIMO-OFDM Channel Estimation with Hybrid Analog-Digital Architecture

Robust Adaptive Detection of Buried Pipes using GPR

Robust and Rapid Estimation of the Parameters of Harmonic Signals in Three Phase Power Systems

Robust Compressive Shift Retrieval in Linear Time

Robust Non-Negative Least Squares Using Sparsity

Robust Phonetic Segmentation Using Multi-taper Spectral Estimation for noisy and clipped speech

Robust Reconstruction for CS-Based Fetal Beats Detection

Robust Resource Allocation for Full-Duplex Cognitive Radio Systems

Robust Scoring of Voice Exercises in Computer-Based Speech Therapy Systems

Robust Time-of-Arrival Self Calibration with Missing Data and Outliers

Robust Visual Tracking Using Dynamic Feature Weighting Based on Multiple Dictionary Learning

Stop 2 3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Sampling approach to sparse approximation problem:determining degrees of freedom by simulated annealing

SAR Imaging Using the Sparse Fourier Transform

Second Generation QKD System over Commercial Fibers

Secrecy Outage Probability of Wirelessly Powered Wiretap Channels

Secure Beamforming and Artificial Noise Design for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer in Interference Networks

Secure Identification Based on Fuzzy Commitment Scheme for JPEG XR Images

Secure matching of Dutch car license plates

Secure Wireless Communications with Relay Selection and Wireless Powered Transfer

Segment-level pyramid match kernels for the classification of varying length patterns of speech using SVMs

Seizure onset zone localization from many invasive EEG channels using directed functional connectivity

Self-adaptive ground calibration in binocular Surveillance system

Self-Backhauling Full-Duplex Access Node with Massive Antenna Arrays: Power Allocation and Achievable Sum-Rate

Self-Organizing Binary Encoding for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search

Semi-Automatic Detection of Calcified Plaque in Coronary CT Angiograms with 320-MSCT

Semi-non-intrusive objective intelligibility measure using spatial filtering in hearing aids

Sensing Throughput Optimization in Cognitive Fading Multiple Access Channels With Energy Harvesting Secondary Transmitters

Sensitivity of Nonlinear Precoding to Imperfect Channel State Information in

Separable Autoregressive Moving Average Graph-Temporal Filters

Sequential image completion for high-speed large-pixel number sensing

Sequential Low Rank Representation For Blood Glucose Measurements

Sequential Stack Decoder for Multichannel Image Restoration

Ship Detection Using SAR and AIS Raw Data for Maritime Surveillance

SIGIBE: Solving Random Bilinear Equations via Gradient Descent with Spectral Initialization

Signal and System Spaces with Non-Convergent Sampling Representation

Signal processing techniques for on-line partial discharge detection and classification

Simulation of Distributed Contact in String Instruments: a Modal Expansion Approach

Single-Channel Noise Reduction in the STFT Domain from the Fullband Output SNR Perspective

Small Cycle Slip Detection using Singular Spectrum Analysis

Solving Physics-driven Inverse Problems via Structured Least Squares

Source Imaging of Simple Finger Movements Captured During Auditory Response Tasks

Sparse Channel Estimation Based on a Reweighted Least-Mean Mixed-Norm Adaptive Filter Algorithm

Sparse decomposition of the GPR useful signal from hyperbola dictionary

Sparse Microwave Breast Imaging with Differently Polarized Arrays

Sparse regularization methods in ultrafast ultrasound imaging

Sparse sliding-window RLS adaptive filter with dynamic regularization

Sparsity-Enforced Microwave Inverse Scattering using Soft Shrinkage Thresholding

Spatial and Time diversities for Canonical Correlation Significance Test in Spectrum Sensing

Speaker Localization with Moving Microphone Arrays

Speaker-Aware Long Short-Term Memory Multi-Task Learning for Speech Recognition

Spectrum Sensing Using Energy Detectors with Performance Computation Capabilities

Speech emotion recognition using kernel sparse representation based classifier

Speech Enhancement for Hearing-Impaired Listeners using Deep Neural Networks with Auditory-Model Based Features

Spoofing Attacks to I-vector Based Voice Verification Systems Using Statistical Speech Synthesis with Additive Noise and Countermeasure

Statistical models for SAR amplitude data: a unified vision through Mellin transform and Meijer functions

Stochastic Forward-Backward and primal-dual approximation algorithms with application to online image restoration

Sub-pixel Shift Estimation of Image based on the Least Squares Approximation in Phase Region

Sum Rate Maximization for Full Duplex Wireless-Powered Communication Networks

Super-resolution/Segmentation of 2D Trabecular Bone Images by a Mumford-Shah approach and comparison to Total Variation

Supervised Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Dual-Itakura-Saito and Kullback-Leibler Divergences for Music Transcription

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Tabu Search Vs Bio-inspired Algorithms for Antenna Selection in Spatially Correlated Massive MIMO Uplink Channels

TDOA-based Self-Calibration of Dual-Microphone Arrays

Testing General Relativity Using Galileo Satellite Signals

Text-informed speech inpainting via voice conversion

The CNN News Footage Datasets: Enabling Supervision in Image Retrieval

The Data-centre Whisperer: Relative Attribute Usage Estimation for Cloud Servers

Tomographic Reconstruction Using a New Voxel-Domain Prior and Gaussian Message Passing

Torso Orientation: A New Clue for Occlusion-Aware Human Pose Estimation

Total-activation regularized deconvolution of resting-state fMRI leads to reproducible networks with spatial overlap

Toward privacy-preserving diffusion strategies for adaptation and learning over networks

Towards Dynamic Classification Completeness in Twitter

Towards Overflow/Underflow Free PEE Reversible Watermarking

Transmission Policies in Wireless Powered Communication Networks with Energy Cooperation

Transmission Strategies for Remote Estimation under Energy Harvesting Constraints

TUT Database for Acoustic Scene Classification and Sound Event Detection

Two and Three Inputs Widely Linear FRESH Receivers for Cancellation of a Quasi-Rectilinear Interference with Frequency Offset

Two distributed algorithms for the deconvolution of large radio-interferometric multispectral images

Two Multimodal Approaches for Single Microphone Source Separation

Two-layer Precoding for Dimensionality Reduction in Massive MIMO

Two-Way Beamforming Optimization for Full-Duplex SWIPT Systems

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UAV Routing Protocol for Crop health Management

Ultrasound image reconstruction from compressed measurements using approximate message passing

Underdetermined Source Separation using a sparse STFT framework and Weighted Laplacian Directional Modelling

Unpredictability Assessment of Biometric Hashing Under Naive and Advanced Threat Conditions

Unsupervised change detection between multi-sensor high resolution satellite images

Unsupervised feature learning for Music Structural Analysis

Unsupervised Learning of Temporal Receptive Fields Using Convolutional RBM For ASR Task

Unsupervised Singing Voice Detection Using Dictionary Learning

Uplink and Downlink Rate Analysis of a Full-Duplex C-RAN with Radio Remote Head Association

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Variational Bayesian Image Reconstruction with an Uncertainty Model for Measurement Localization

Variational Bayesian Multi-channel Robust NMF for Human-voice Enhancement with a Deformable and Partially-occluded Microphone Array

Video Alignment for Phylogenetic Analysis

Video Selection for Visual Sensor Networks: a Motion-Based Ranking Algorithm

Video Semantic Indexing using Object Detection-Derived Features

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Wave Digital Filter Modeling of Circuits with Operational Amplifiers

Weighted Shooting Method for High-Resolution DOA Estimation Based on Sparse Spectrum Fitting

Worst-Case Jamming Signal Design and Avoidance for MIMO Radars