List of Papers

A 60 GHz OFDM Indoor Localization System Based on DTDOA
Winkler, F. , Fischer, E. , Grass, E. , Fischer, G.

A 900MHz CMOS RF Transceiver Including Digital Baseband and Hardware-MAC for IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Applications
Göpfert, L. , Hofmann, F. , Jacobasch, G.
in Hardware III: Dirty RF

A Backoff Algorithm for Improving Saturation Throughput in IEEE 802.11 DCF
Takahashi, K. , Tsuboi, T.
in QoS & Scheduling I

A Bidirectional List-Sequential (BI-LISS) Equalizer for Turbo Schemes
Kuhn, Ch.
in Equalization & Interference Cancellation

A Cognitive Radio Approach for Usage of Virtual Unlicensed Spectrum
Cabric, D. , Mishra, S. M. , Willkomm, D. , Brodersen, R. , Wolisz, A.
in RRM & Dynamic Spectrum Management

A Comparative Analysis of STBC-OFDM Systems under Rayleigh Fading Environments
Jung, H.-Ch. , Kim, Ch.-J. , Kim, J.-H. , Park, H.-R.

A Comparison between Satellite DVB Conditional Access and Secure IP Multicast
Cruickshank, H. S. , Howarth, M. P. , Iyengar, S. , Sun, Z.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

A Comprehensive and Flexible Security Concept for CDNs in Heterogeneous Environments
Falk, R. , Jerichow, A. , Schäfer, M.
in Services, Security & Context Management

A Configurable IP Core for Combined Blind Frequency and Phase Synchronization of MPSK Bursts
Brack, T. , Wasenmüller, U. , Wehn, N.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

A Delay Constrained Routing Algorithm for LEO Satellite Networks
Luo, Z. , Sun, Z. , Cruickshank, H. S.
in Satellite Systems I

A Dynamically Extensible Control Space for Next-Generation Networks
Ahlgren, B. , Eggert, L. , Niebert, N. , Ohlman, B. , Prehofer, Ch. , Smirnov, M.
in Network Architecture & Reconfigurability

A Flexible Communication System for High-Speed Broadband Wireless Access from High Altitude Platforms: a CAPANINA Candidate
Boch, A. , Falletti, E. , Laddomada, M. , Mondin, M. , Sellone, F.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

A General Purpose Low-Complexity Spectral Equalizer for 3G and 4G, not Requiring a Cyclic Prefix
Marinis, E. de , Gasparini, O. , Hart, M. J.
in Equalization & Interference Cancellation

A Highperformance CPFSK Phase-Reconsturction Receiver with Viterbi Decoding
Brückmann, D.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

A L-MMSE DS-CDMA Detector for MIMO/BLAST Systems with Frequency Selective Fading
Silva, J. C. , Souto, N. , Rodrigues, A. , Correia, A. , Cercas, F. , Dinis, R.
in Advanced Receivers for MIMO & MUD

A Low-Complexity High-Throughput Soft-Output MIMO Decoder
Guo, Z. , Nilsson, P. , Öwall, V.
in Advanced Receivers for MIMO & MUD

A Low-Complexity Iterative MIMO Detection Scheme Using the Soft-Output M-Algorithm
Wong, K. K. Y. , McLane, P. J.
in Advanced Receivers for MIMO & MUD

A Mobile Access Gateway for Managing Intermittent Connectivity
Ott, J. , Kutscher, D.
in Service Access & Mobility

A Multi-Radio Access Architecture for Ambient Networking
Lundsjö, J. , Agüero, R. , Alexandri, E. , Berggren, F. , Cedervall, C. , Dimou, K. , Gebert, J. , Jennen, R. , Jorguseski, L. , Karimi, H. R. , Meago, F. , Tang, H. , Veronesi, R.
in Multi-Radio Access

A Multi-User Detection Implementation Approach for UMTS Uplink Channel
Touzri, M. , Saoudi, S. , Kerouedan, S. , Adde, P.
in PHY I

A Network Architecture for Personal Networks
Jacobsson, M. , Hoebeke, J. , Groot, S. Heemstra de , Lo, A. , Moerman, I. , Niemegeers, I. , Munoz, L. , Alutoin, M. , Louati, W. , Zeghlache, D.
in Network Architecture & Reconfigurability

A new Approach to IP-based Transmission of Audio and Video Content via DVB-Networks
Foellscher, H.
in Broadcast Systems & Convergence

A new Distributed Coordination Function for W-LANs with multiple channel structure
Orfanos, G. , Habetha, J. , Butsch, W.
in QoS & Scheduling I

A New Joint AOA/Delay Estimator for Wideband Spread Spectrum Systems
Al-Jazzar, S. , Caffery, J.
in PHY I

A New MAC Approach for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Raviraj, P. , Sharif, H. , Hempel, M.
in Ad Hoc Networks

A New Utility Based Channel Allocation Scheme in P2P Enabled TDD CDMA System
Zhang, Y. , Shang, D.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

A Next Generation QoS Signaling Protocol for IP-based Mobile Networks
Lee, S.-H. , Jeong, S.-H. , Lee, B.-J. , Bang, J.
in QoS & Scheduling

A Novel Multi-User Interference Statistics Estimator for UWB-IR based on Gaussian Mixture Model
Cellini, V. , Donà, G.

A Radio over Fiber based Wireless Access Network Architecture for Rural Areas
Kim, H. B. , Wolisz, A.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

A Reservation Scheme Satisfying Bandwidth QoS Constraints for Ad-hoc Networks
Cerdà, L. , Voorhaen, M. , Guimaraes, R. , Barceló, J. M. , García, J. , Blondia, Ch.
in Ad Hoc Networks

A Robust Block-Shanno Adaptive Blind Multiuser Receiver for DS-CDMA Systems
Elnashar, A. , Elnoubi, S. , Elmikati, H.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

A Simple Upper Bound on Mutual Information for Ricean-Fading MIMO Channel
Sieskul, B. T. , Kaiser, T.

A Single DSP Core Communication Engine Solution for Wireless Handsets and Convergence Devices
Lazare, F. , Angioni, S.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

A Software-Programmable Multiple-Standard Radio Platform
Blüthgen, H.-M. , Graßmann, C. , Ramacher, U.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

A Survey of Adaptive Layered Video Multicast using MPEG-2 Streams
Mayer, A. , Linder, H.
in Services, Security & Context Management

A User-Centric Approach for Dynamic Resource Allocation in CDMA systems based on Hopfield Neural Networks
Garcia, N. , Agusti, R. , Pérez-Romero, J.
in QoS & Scheduling

Access Network Control within the Simplicity Brokerage Framework
Blefari-Melazzi, N. , Sorte, D. Di , Femminella, M. , Reali, G.
in Service Access & Mobility

Achieving Single-User Performance in a FEC-Coded DS-CDMA System Using the Low-Complexity Soft-Output M-Algorithm
Wong, K. K. Y. , McLane, P. J.
in Advanced Receivers for MIMO & MUD

Adaptation of MBMS Architecture and Protocols for SDMB
Kueh, V. Y. H. , Martin, B. , Peyrusse, O. , Cole, M. , Bourdin, E. , Selier, C. , Evans, B. G. , Bertrand, Y. , Braun, D.
in Satellite Systems II: Mobile Satellite session - supported by the ASMS-TF through the EC MoSSA

Adaptive Beam-Forming with Interference Suppression and Multi-User Detection in Satellite Systems with Terrestrial Reuse of Frequencies
Zheng, D. , Karabinis, P. D.
in Satellite Systems I

Adaptive Bit-Interleaved Coded Irregular Modulation
Schreckenbach, F. , Bauch, G.
in Coding & Modulation

Adaptive Control for Delay and Throughput in Broadband GEO Satellite Interactive Channels
Lee, K.-D. , Oh, D.-G. , Lee, H.-J.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

Adaptive LINC Structure applied to Power Amplifier with Memory Effects for Wideband Signal Transmission
García-Dúcar, P. , Mingo, J. de , Valdovinos, A.
in Hardware III: Dirty RF

Adaptive Multi-Path Channel Estrimation in CDMA based on Prefiltering; Combination with a Linear Equalizer
Simon, E. , Ros, L.
in PHY I

Adaptive Switching Between Spatial Diversity and Multiplexing: a Cross-Layer Approach
Vicario, J. L. , Anton-Haro, C.

Adaptive TDMA/OFDMA for Wide-Area Coverage and Vehicular Velocities
Sternad, M. , Falahati, S. , Svensson, T. , Aronsson., D.
in Multiple Access & OFDMA

Admission Control Policy for WLAN Systems based on the "Capacity Region"
Barbaresi, A. , Barberis, S. , Goria, P.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Advanced Channel Estimation Exploiting Second Order Statistics
Weber, T. , Meurer, M.
in Channel Estimation & Positioning

Advanced OFDM Modulators considered in the IST-WINNER Framework for Future Wireless Systems
Muck, M. , Javaudin, J.-Ph.
in OFDM & MC-CDMA Systems

Amplitude and Phase Distortions in MIMO and Diversity Systems
Kuhnert, Ch. , Saala, G. , Waldschmidt, Ch. , Wiesbeck, W.

An Adaptive Bandwidth Reservation Method for IEEE 802.16 BWA System: Using Data Mining Techniques
Mojdeh, M. , Alavi, H. S. , Yazdani, N. , Lucas, C.
in Broadband, Fixed Wireless Access & HAPs

An Advanced Authorization Framework for IP-based B3G Systems
Olivereau, A. , Skarmeta, A. F. G. , Lopez, R. M. , Weyl, B. , Brandão, P. , Mishra, P. , Hauser, Ch.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

An Aggregation-based QoS Architecture for Network Mobility
Wang, Y. , Fan, L. , Akhtar, N. , Chew, K. A. , Tafazolli, R.
in QoS & Scheduling

An Alamouti-based Hybrid-ARQ Scheme for MIMO Systems
Acolatse, K. , Bar-Ness, Y.

An Efficient Adaptive Space Time Coding Scheme for MIMO-OFDM Systems
Dagres, I. , Zalonis, A. , Polydoros, A.

An End to End Simulator for Performance Comparison of Different TCP Schemes Over UTRA Channels
Costamagna, E. , Favalli, L. , Lanati, M. , Tarantola, F.
in QoS & Scheduling

An Energy-Efficient Positioning-Enabled MAC Protocol (PMAC) for UWB Sensor Networks
Cheong, P. , Oppermann, I.
in UWB Systems

An Integrated Radio Resource Allocation Framework for Enhanced Uplink UTRA-FDD with Fixed Relay Stations
Liu, Y. , Hoshyar, R. , Yang, X. , Tafazolli, R.
in Novel Networks & Relaying

An Interleave-Division Multiple Access Based System Proposal for the 4G Uplink
Fricke, J. Ch. , Schoeneich, H. , Hoeher, P. A.
in Multiple Access & OFDMA

An Interpretation of Channel Overloading and Construction of Some Novel Schemes
Nadal, F. , Sari, H.
in Coding & Modulation

An Investigation of and a Proposal for Handover Decision-making in DVB-H
Yang, X. D. , Song, Y. H. , Owens, T. J. , Cosmas, J. , Itagaki, T.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

An Iterative Method for Blind Equalization of Multiple FIR Channels
Ueng, F.-B. , Yu, S.-J.
in PHY I

An Object-Oriented Data Model for a Centralized Subscriber Profile Database
Diehl, A. , Banet, F.-J. , Siegmund, G. , Rupp, St. , Fuhrmann, W.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Analysis of MIMO Multi-Cell Correlations and Other Propagation Issues Based on Urban Measurements
Zetterberg, P. , Jaldén, N. , Yu, K. , Bengtsson, M.

Analysis of Orthogonal Transmit Beamforming Using Statistical Channel Information
H.Xu, , Liu, J. , Rubio, F. , Perez-Neira, A. I.
in MIMO: Transmission Algorithms

Applicability of Repeaters for Hotspots in UMTS
Borkowski, J. , Niemelä, J. , Lempiäinen, J.
in Cellular Systems II: CDMA

Architecture for Profile Translation
Wuest, B. , Drögehorn, O. , David, K.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Assessment of Repeaters for WCDMA UL and DL Performance in Capacity-Limited Environment
Niemelä, J. , Lähdekorpi, P. , Borkowski, J. , Lempiäinen, J.
in Cellular Systems II: CDMA

Auctions Sequence as a New Spectrum Allocation Mechanism
Kloeck, C. , Jaekel, H. , Jondral, F. K.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Autonomous Optimized Interference Management of CDMA Cellular Access with Multichannel
Baiocchi, A. , Todini, A. , Valletta, A.
in Cross-Layer Optimization

AWARENESS: A Project on Context AWARE mobile NEtworks and ServiceS
Wegdam, M.
in Security