Applications & Business Models

Monday, 20 June 2005, 16:00-17:30
Room: Saal 1
Chair: Mika Klemettinen

Mobile Telecommunications Landscape in Associate Candidate and Western Balkan Countries
Verikoukis, Ch., Angelidis, P.
Business Models for Personal Networks
Henten, A., Saugstrup, D.
Charging, Accounting and Billing of Multimedia Streaming in 3G Mobile Networks
Jursonovics, T., Imre, S.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
WIDENS: Wireless Ad-Hoc Network for Public Safety
Aiache, H., Conan, V., Guibé, G., Leguay, J., Martret, Ch. Le, Barcelo, J. M., Cerdà, L., García, J., Knopp, R., Nikaein, N., Gonzalez, X., Zeini, A., Apilo, O., Boukalov, A., Karvo, J., Koskinen, H., Bergonzi, L.R., Diaz, J.C., Meessen, J., Blondia, Ch., Decleyn, P., Velde, E. Van de, Voorhaen, M.
Content-based Query Support in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks using Information-Fading and Narrow-Casting for Efficient Resource Handling in Disaster Management
Bhaumik, P., Scalem, M, Roy, S., Bandyopadhyay, S.
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta