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SAT Definition

EURASIP Technical Area Committees (TACs) Framework

 SATs elevated to Technical Area Committees (TACs)

  1. Objectives
    The main objective of the Special Area Teams (SATs) is to facilitate the interaction and communication of EURASIP members in a specific scientific area, notably by:
    • Sharing knowledge and visions
    • Discussing trends
    • Spreading information about innovations
    • Creating ties
    • Facilitating collaboration beyond EURASIP
    • Organizing meetings and events

  2. Establishment
    SATs are established by the EURASIP Board of Directors following a proposal to the EURASIP President by at least 15 EURASIP members. The proposal should define/include
    • The special area to be addressed
    • The motivation and an indication of why it is of benefit to establish a SAT in that specific scientific area
    • A specific plan of activities
    • A list of SAT founding members
    • Proposed Chair and Vice-Chair
    The EURASIP Board of Directors may accept or reject the proposal, or may also mandate changes, notably to have a balanced SAT membership with the established minimum number of members. While proposals may be made at any time, the establishment of new SATs will be announced every year at EUSIPCO.

  3. Size
    To be efficient and relevant, SATs must have a maximum size of 25 members and a minimum size of 15 members. Renewal of the SAT membership should be planned in a way that these size limits are not violated.

  4. Review
    To assure that SATs remain relevant and useful, they will be reviewed at least every 3 years. Additional reviews may be defined at the discretion of the EURASIP Board of Directors. The review will be conducted by a review committee created under the auspices of the EURASIP Board of Directors with at least three EURASIP members; non-EURASIP members may be invited to serve on this committee if considered appropriate. Following a negative review, the EURASIP Board of Directors may take actions to improve the situation.

  5. Closing
    Following a negative review, SATs may be closed by the EURASIP Board of Directors. Otherwise, a recovery plan should be established, eventually including SAT leadership elections.

  6. Governance
    SATs shall have a Chair and a Vice-Chair, who is a substitute for the Chair when needed. The terms of the Chair and Vice-Chair are 3 years and can only the renewed once. The Chair and Vice-Chair (who should be already SAT members at the time of election) are elected by the SAT members by a secret ballot. To improve the SAT ‘memory’, the past Chair and Vice-Chair should automatically become SAT members after the end of their terms for a 3 year term.

  7. Membership
    SAT members are elected by the current SAT members after proposal by a current SAT member. It is suggested that an appropriate percentage of the SAT membership is renewed every year in a sliding way. The term of the SAT members is 3 years and can only be renewed once; retiring SAT members cannot be candidates again before resting for a minimum of 1 year. The SAT founding membership, as well as the founding Chair and Vice-Chair, are defined by the EURASIP Board of Directors when establishing the SAT, following the proposal received.

  8. Meetings
    The SAT Chair will organize meetings, which can be online or face to face. SATs are expected to meet at EUSIPCO under the logistic constraints allowed by the conference organizers.
    SAT members are expected to participate in person at the yearly EUSIPCO SAT meeting at least every other year.

  9. Reporting
    Every year before end of March, the SAT should submit to the EURASIP Board of Directors a report of the previous year’s activities, events and achievements.

  10. SAT Coordination and Communication
    To assure the coordination and communication between the SATs, a SAT Coordination and Communication (SAT-CC) group is created, the members of which are the SAT Chairs. The SAT-CC group is chaired by the EURASIP External Relations Director.

  11. Advertizing
    The SATs will be advertized at the EURASIP Web Page, notably the SAT areas, activities and membership.