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Signal Processing for Communications and Networking

  1. SAT Name:
    Signal Processing for Communications and Networking

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  3. SAT Technical Area:
    The SAT SPCN is devoted to signal processing conceived for communication and networking with applications in the fields of next generation systems designed for crowd sensing, smart cities, autonomy, and Internet of Things. By embracing information theory, communication theory, statistical inference, and optimisation, this SAT addresses signal processing techniques for synchronisation, coded modulation, cooperation, diversity, localization, and quantum systems and networks.

    EURASIP Position Paper on Signal Processing Challenges for Communications beyond 5G
    Editor: Giuseppe Caire
    Contributors: Members of EURASIP SAT SPCN

  4. SAT Chair and Co-Chair:

    Christoph Mecklenbräuker
    TU Wien
    cfm at
    Raymond Knopp
    Eurecom - Mobile Communications
    Raymond.Knopp at
    Phone: 04 93 00 81 54
    Fax: 04 93 00 82 00

  5. SAT membership:18
  6. Former Members
    Name Affiliation Email Term
    Geert Leus  Delft University, Netherlands  g.j.t.leus at 2016-2017
    Björn Ottersten  University of Luxemburg and KTH, Sweden  otterste at 2016-2017