EURASIP National Representatives


The goals of L-Com are to coordinate and stimulate local EURASIP activities and to promote EURASIP at the national level. L-Com is composed of National Representatives (NRs) and chaired by the Membership Development Director of EURASIP.


The list of activities includes (but is not limited to):

Appointment and Terms

National Representatives are appointed by the EURASIP Board of Directors each year in December. Potential candidates can be nominated by any EURASIP member or self-nominated. The nomination process is to send a short biography by email to the Membership Development Director of EURASIP. The deadline for nominations to be received is November 30th each year.

The term of appointment for National Representatives is 3 calendar years and can only be renewed once. Retiring NRs can be nominated again after a minimum of 1 year has elapsed since their retirement.


NRs from European countries are expected to participate at least every other year, in person, at the annual L-Com meeting held at EUSIPCO. The meeting is organized by theDirector for Technical Programs and Membership.


Every year, one month before EUSIPCO, all NRs should submit to the Membership Development Director of EURASIP a short report of the previous year’s activities, events and achievements. Such reports should also include suggestions for future activities

Jean-Yves Tourneret 
(jean-yves.tourneret at
Director for Technical Programs and Membership

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