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Technical Activity Board (TAB)

EURASIP Technical Activity Board (TAB) Framework

The EURASIP Board of Directors has created the Technical Activities Board, composed of the chairs of the Technical Area Committees (TACs) and chaired by the Technical Activities Director.

  1. Objectives

The Technical Area Committees (TACs) form the backbone of EURASIP’s technical activities as described in the EURASIP TAC document. The TAC chairs and vice-chairs lead the TAC activities and are responsible for reporting to the Board of Directors (BoD). For the purpose of coordination, information sharing and community building, the TAC chairs are members of the EURASIP Technical Activities Board chaired by the Director of Technical Activities (DTA).
In addition to coordinating activities among the TACs, the TAB can take initiatives and make proposals to the BoD. Furthermore, the BoD may resort to the TAB for opinions on topics of a technical character. 

  1. Responsibilities

The TAC chairs have the following responsibilities:

  • Lead the TAC according to the EURASIP TAC document
  • Solicit nominations for new TAC members well before the end of each calendar year
  • Organize the voting procedure for new members
  • Ensure the nomination and vote for a new Chair and Vice-chair before the end of term
  • Provide an annual report of activities to the BoD
  • Ensure that the TAC website is up to date and inform the EURASIP office of changes
  • Ensure that the TAC email list is maintained

The TAC chairs are expected to be members of EURASIP. 

    1. Meetings 

The TAB will organize meetings, which can be online or face-to-face. A face-to-face TAB meeting is held annually at EUSIPCO. The DTA is responsible for organizing the meeting and providing an agenda as well as minutes. Should the TAC chair be unable to attend a meeting, the vice-chair of the corresponding TAC will replace the chair.

To be efficient and relevant, TACs are composed of a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 25 members. Renewal of the TAC membership should be planned to respect these constraints.  

  1. Travel/Accommodation Reimbursement

Since the TAC chair (or vice-chair if replacing the chair) is expected to attend the TAB meeting and EUSIPCO and organize the TAC meeting, EURASIP provides reimbursement for travel/accommodation expenses.  Upon presentation of original receipts to the EURASIP office, expenses will be covered up to a limit defined in the EURASIP rules document. To be eligible of reimbursement, the TAC chair (or vice-chair if replacing the chair) must register for EUSIPCO, attend the Technical Activities Board meeting, and organize the TAC meeting. The registration cost for EUSIPCO can be included in the travel expenses mentioned above.