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Forthcoming Seminar

“EURASIPSeminaronHardwareDesignofDSPSystems: Floating-Point and Fixed-PointSystems”

Description Activity (Program): Seminar composed of talks about practical issues regarding the hardware implementation of communication systems. The target audience is composed of grad and PhD students, researchers and hardware designers from industry.


12:30-13:15 “Implementation of Fixed-Point Systems using FPGAs”

J.A.Lécnicade Madrid opez, Universidad Polit´

13-15-14:00 “DesignofFloating-PointArithmeticOperators using FPGAs”

G.Sutter, Universidad Aut´onoma de Madrid.


Universidad San Pablo-CEU


Urb.Monteprincipe Boadilla del Monte 28668

Madrid, Spain

Date:27April 2011

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Ana Perez-Neira
Local Liaison Coordinator