President's Message

This issue of the EURASIP Newsletter is distributed to all current members as well as to all EUSIPCO-2011 participants. As EUSIPCO-2011 registration includes EURASIP membership,1,2 I would like to extend a warm welcome especially to our new members, and I truly hope they will appreciate and support the Association's activities and initiatives.

In this Newsletter issue, we aim to present a number of EURASIP activities, services and operational modes. EURASIP is well known for its annual EUSIPCO and for its 10 journals, but there is more to be discovered. We hope that the information provided in this issue will be useful, especially so for our new members. We also hope it will encourage many of our members to become actively involved in our operation, by contributing to our journals as an author, reviewer or editor, by organizing workshops and seminar days, by nominating candidates for our awards, by being a candidate in our Board of Directors elections, etc.

In particular, we also wish to invite everyone to visit and contribute to our Open Library.3 The Open Library currently contains all previous EUSIPCO proceedings (starting with the EUSIPCO-1980 proceedings!) as well as many other workshop and conference proceedings, all previous EURASIP newsletters, some 400 PhD theses, and a selection of signal processing books. All this material is freely downloadable not only to EURASIP members, but to every interested reader. We believe this is a very valuable source of information, and hope to be able to expand it further in the future.

Our nineteenth EUSIPCO is organized under the General Chairmanship of Prof. Ana I. Pérez-Neira and the Honorary Chairmanship of Prof. Miguel A. Lagunas. Twenty-one years and fourteen EUSIPCO's ago, EURASIP had its first EUSIPCO in Barcelona (check out the proceedings in our Open Library). For those who were there in 1990, I am sure it will be a pleasure to be back. I wish to thank Ana and her team for their impeccable organization. The conference has an extremely attractive technical program, featuring a strong selection of (free!) tutorials, special sessions, invited speakers and EURASIP Fellow Inaugural Lectures, as well as an attractive social program. The Conference Dinner will also feature our annual Awards Ceremony. The list of 2011 Awards is provided in a separate section in this Newsletter. I already wish to congratulate all award winners for their most important achievements!

I look forward to welcoming you all at EUSIPCO-2011 in Barcelona!

Marc Moonen


1 EURASIP membership included in EUSIPCO-2011 registration expires on December 31st, 2012.

2 For our current members, EUSIPCO-2011 registration includes automatic membership renewal for 2012. Current members who are not attending EUSIPCO-2011 will receive an invitation to renew their membership for 2012.

3 under EURASIP Open Library.