EURASIP Advisory Committee and Board of Directors

EURASIP was founded in 1978 under the first Presidency of Prof A.G. Constantinides, and organized its first EUSIPCO in 1980 in Lausanne, Switzerland under the General Chairmanship of Prof. M. Kunt and Prof. F. de Coulon. EURASIP was officially registered as a non-profit organization in 1996. It is now lead by an Advisory Committee and managed by a Board of Directors (BoD, formerly know as Administrative Committee or AdCom). The EURASIP Official Statutes are available on the EURASIP website.

The Advisory Committee (a.k.a. the committee of Working Members) consists of former EURASIP presidents and AdCom/BoD members.  The current list of Working Members is as follows: Prof. Maurice Bellanger, Prof. Paulo Lobato Correia, Prof. Tariq S. Durrani, Prof. Moncef Gabbouj, Prof. Fulvio Gini, Prof. Peter M. Grant, Prof. Ulrich Heute, Prof. Ferran Marqués, Prof. Wolfgang F.G. Mecklenbraeuker, Prof. Marc Moonen, Prof. Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu, Prof. Markus Rupp, Prof. Bulent Sankur, Prof. Giovanni Sicuranza, Prof. Sergios Theodoridis, Prof. Robert Vich.

EURASIP is managed by the Board of Directors (BoD), composed of maximum seven (voting) members (a.k.a. Directors). All BoD members are elected by the EURASIP members, and serve four year terms. BoD elections are held every two years. The Advisory Committee confirms the BoD election results and appointments.

The BoD appoints a President amongst its members, for an office period of two years. Before the end of the President's term, the BoD appoints a President-Elect, who will serve as President in the next period of two years. If the mandate as Director of the President-Elect is expiring, the BoD nominates the President-Elect for a two year mandate renewal to the Advisory Committee. The immediate past President serves as Past-President. If the mandate as Director of the Past-President has expired, the Past-President is invited to the BoD meetings as non-voting observer.

Call for Candidates for 2012 BoD Elections

During the EURASIP General Assembly, at EUSIPCO-2012 in Bucharest, August 2731, elections will be conducted for vacant positions on the BoD (terms starting January 2013). All EURASIP members who have an interest in becoming a candidate are invited to contact one of the current BoD members.

The list of candidates will be published in March 2012. An electronic procedure will be used to collect votes prior to the General Assembly. Members who have not voted electronically will receive a paper ballot at the General Assembly. The results of the 2012 AdCom Elections will be announced at the General Assembly.

Marc Moonen