EURASIP Member Services on the Web

In April 2011, EURASIP launched a new membership server that was built with contemporary, cost effective web technologies. From the member's perspective, this new service has an improved user interface and from an administrative point of view, it provides enhanced functionality for member indexing, report generation and message broadcasting. The new membership server can be accessed via, or directly, at

The next major service upgrade is also expected to take place in 2011 and its outcome will be a new search engine for the EURASIP Open Library and the Theses Repository. As its name suggests, the Open Library is a publicly available service that provides access to all EUSIPCO proceedings, as well as the proceedings of several other EURASIP sponsored events. In addition, the Theses Repository, since its launch in 2008, has grown to include over 380 signal processing theses from universities around the world, with the majority of theses stemming from European institutions. So far, the library has been providing standard search facilities and a top-10 list of most downloaded theses that is updated on a monthly basis. The earliest thesis dates back to 1990 and there are already seven theses that were defended in 2011. On the average, the theses of the top-10 list receive, each month, a sum of more than 700 downloads. The new search engine, which is now at a design stage, is expected to facilitate significantly content-based information retrieval from the Open Library and the Theses database and also provide real-time statistics. The two services, in their current form, can be accessed via

Aggelos Pikrakis

Director/Web Services