Satellite Systems I

Monday, 20 June 2005, 11:15-12:45
Room: Saal 1
Chair: Markus Werner

SATLIFE New Broadband Services over a Regenerative DVB-RCS Satellite Platform
Vallejo, F., Moreno, I.
Alcatel Espacio
A Delay Constrained Routing Algorithm for LEO Satellite Networks
Luo, Z., Sun, Z., Cruickshank, H. S.
University of Surrey
Spectral Shaping of Galileo Signals in the Presence of Frequency Offsets and Multipath Channels
Lohan, E. S., Lakhzouri, A., Renfors, M.
Tampere University of Technology
Adaptive Beam-Forming with Interference Suppression and Multi-User Detection in Satellite Systems with Terrestrial Reuse of Frequencies
Zheng, D., Karabinis, P. D.
Mobile Satellite Ventures, LP
Modeling and Simulation of GNSS with NS2
Inzerilli, T., Forti, D. Lo
University of Rome La Sapienza