Satellite Systems II: Mobile Satellite session - supported by the ASMS-TF through the EC MoSSA

Monday, 20 June 2005, 14:00-15:30
Room: Saal 1
Chair: Giovanni Corazza

SDMB Deployment and Coverage Investigation with Radio Network Planning Tool
Hoppe, R., Franšon, M.-G., W÷lfle, G.
AWE Communications
Adaptation of MBMS Architecture and Protocols for SDMB
Kueh, V. Y. H., Martin, B., Peyrusse, O., Cole, M., Bourdin, E., Selier, C., Evans, B. G., Bertrand, Y., Braun, D.
Centre for Communication Systems Research
Designing the Reliable Transport Layer for Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
Chipeta, M., Karaliopoulos, M., Evans, B. G., Garnier, B., Roullet, L.
University of Surrey
File Broadcast in the Land-Mobile Satellite Channel
Hernßndez, I. M., Ernst, H.
The SatNEx Platform: A Pan-European Satellite Network for Integration, Spreading of Excellence and Training
Birnbacher, U., Raber, S., Fairhurst, G., Rumeau, R., Sheriff, R.
Graz University of Technology