Wednesday, 22 June 2005, 09:00-10:30
Room: Poster area
Chair: Einar Edvardsen

Some General Properties of the Covariation Matrix for MIMO Communication Channels
Alcocer-Ochoa, A., Kontorovitch, V. Ya., Parra-Michel, R.
A Simple Upper Bound on Mutual Information for Ricean-Fading MIMO Channel
Sieskul, B. T., Kaiser, T.
Adaptive Switching Between Spatial Diversity and Multiplexing: a Cross-Layer Approach
Vicario, J. L., Anton-Haro, C.
Analysis of MIMO Multi-Cell Correlations and Other Propagation Issues Based on Urban Measurements
Zetterberg, P., Jaldén, N., Yu, K., Bengtsson, M.
Royal Institute of Technology
An Alamouti-based Hybrid-ARQ Scheme for MIMO Systems
Acolatse, K., Bar-Ness, Y.
Amplitude and Phase Distortions in MIMO and Diversity Systems
Kuhnert, Ch., Saala, G., Waldschmidt, Ch., Wiesbeck, W.
University of Karlsruhe
Cutoff Rate based Throughput Analysis for HARQ Processing with V-BLAST and Space Time Codes
Dekorsy, A.
Lucent Technologies
Opportunistic Beamforming vs. Space-Time Coding in a Queued Downlink
Kobayashi, M., Caire, G., Gesbert, D.
Institut Eurecom
Satellite Channel Impairment Mitigation by Diversity Techniques
King, P. R., Horváth, P., Párez-Fontán, F., Frigyes, I., Stavrou, St.
University of Surrey
Design and Performance of MIMO Channel Simulators derived from the Two-Ring Scattering Model
Pätzold, M., Hogstad, B. O.
Agder University College
Optimization of Array Topology and Capacity for 3G CDMA Network with Adaptive Antennas
Karakoc, M., Kavak, A.
Kocaeli University
Fine Timing and Frequency Synchronization for MIMO System
Meghdadi, V., Saemi, A., Cances, JP., Syed, M. J., Ferre, G., Dumas, JM.
A Comparative Analysis of STBC-OFDM Systems under Rayleigh Fading Environments
Jung, H.-Ch., Kim, Ch.-J., Kim, J.-H., Park, H.-R.
Hankuk Aviation University
An Efficient Adaptive Space Time Coding Scheme for MIMO-OFDM Systems
Dagres, I., Zalonis, A., Polydoros, A.
University of Athens
Combined Spatial Multiplexing and STBC to Provide Throughput Enhancements to Next Generation WLANs
Doufexi, A., Nix, A., Beach, M. A.
University of Bristol
Coverage Enhancement for High-Quality Voice over WLAN Systems based on Diversity Techniques
Ettefagh, A., Kuhn, M., Lunn, A., Wittneben, A., Krause, F. M.
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich
System Level Evaluation of Space-Time Turbo Coded MIMO-OFDM for Wide Area Communications
Tölli, A., Juntti, M.
University of Oulu
Blind Widely Linear MMSE Criterion for Multicarrier CDMA
Asavaskulkeit, K., Jitapunkul, S.
On the Design and Performance of LDPC Coded MC-CDMA Systems
Duan, Z., Valkama, M., Renfors, M.
Tampere University of Technology
Improving Positioning Capabilities for Indoor Environments with WiFi
Evennou, F., Marx, F.
France Telecom R&D
A 60 GHz OFDM Indoor Localization System Based on DTDOA
Winkler, F., Fischer, E., Grass, E., Fischer, G.
Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin
Position Estimation by Improved Genetic Algorithm for Hyperbolic Location
Li, L., Wie, F.
Information Engineering University