Network Architecture & Reconfigurability

Wednesday, 22 June 2005, 09:00-10:30
Room: Konferenz 3
Chair: Didier Bourse

A Network Architecture for Personal Networks
Jacobsson, M., Hoebeke, J., Groot, S. Heemstra de, Lo, A., Moerman, I., Niemegeers, I., Munoz, L., Alutoin, M., Louati, W., Zeghlache, D.
Network Composition using Existing and New Technologies
Kappler, C., Akhtar, N., Campos, R., Pöyhönen, P.
Siemens AG
Plug and Play Configuration for Composable Networks
Schuetz, S., Brunner, M., Kis, Z. L., Simon, C., Szabo, R., Molnar, G.
NEC Europe Ltd
Reconfiguration Management in Self-Organizing Systems beyond 3G
Alonistioti, N., Anagnostopoulos, Ch., Stamatelatos, G.
University of Athens
A Dynamically Extensible Control Space for Next-Generation Networks
Ahlgren, B., Eggert, L., Niebert, N., Ohlman, B., Prehofer, Ch., Smirnov, M.