EUSIPCO 2009. 17th European Signal Processing Conference. August 25 - 28th, 2009. Glasgow, Scotland.

Meeting Brokerage

At this years conference we will be running a meeting brokerageservice sponsored by the UKElectronics Knowledge Transfer Network (E-KTN). This event will allow academic, industry and Government attendees to scheduleappointments/meetings for 20 minutes at the conference with otherinterested persons attending the conference.  All you need to do is list your organisations profile and interests on the web booking tool, then you accept or request meeting during the times you have made available.

Times and Location

The arrangement of meetings will commence on August 18, 2009,while the meetings will be scheduled to run in the Brokerage Cafe at EUSIPCO 2009 at the following times
  • Wednesday, August 26 2009, 13:00 - 17:30
  • Thursday, August 27 2009, 13:00 - 17:30
  • Friday, August 28 2009, 13:00 - 17:00

Joining Instructions

To join the meeting brokerage event, please complete the following steps
  1. Visit the EUSIPCO brokerage registration at the ElectronicsKTN website.
  2. Click on "Participate in Brokerage Event". You will then be asked toeither login or register with the E-KTN. Register (if you are notalready a member of the EKTN this is free and will take about 2minutes.)
  3. Once you have activated your account, click on the abovelink under step 1, then login, you will now be able to create your profile ready touse for the brokerage event. Create a profile of about 30-100 words ofwho you are, who your company / institution / organisation is, andperhaps the profile of who you might like to make contact with. Youcan add your mobile phone number if you want alerts on meetings to besent to your mobile phone as well as to your email . The more preciseyou are in formulating your profile, the more likely you will be to attract good meetingpartners during the brokerage session!

A guide to the brokerage process is also available here .

What happens after I put up my profile ?

On 18 th August 2009, the meeting booking tool will open. We will sendyou an e-mail to remind you, and you will be asked to login, reviewthe other participants who have registered, and schedule meetings withthem. You will be able to search for partners by company or byperson. New profiles can still be added . 20 minute meetings are thenset up at specific tables for the dates you request your meetings atthe "Brokerage Cafe" at the Conference. Remember, other people willalso request meetings with you, and it$.1òùs very important that youeither confirm or reject these requests to enable the process to flowsmoothly. You will be alerted of new meetings requests by SMS andemail.

What can I get from this Brokerage?

If you are a university, you can perhaps look for industry partners;or if you are a company you can review and introduce your sales,services, or look for EU partners perhaps; if you are a researcherlooking for a job, you can let people know you are interested inemployment and try and organise "interviews" (bring your CV). Thereare no limits. The aim of the event is networking.

Do I need to take meetings if asked when the booking tool opens?

No, you can decide when your receive the request. Of course, the wholepoint is to enable meetings and networks, therefore you might chooseto have just one or two strategic meetings over the event, or perhaps4 or 5, or if you a company marketing director ... 10 or more! We lookforward to you participating in this.


The EUSIPCO Organising Committee would like to thank the UK Electronics Knowledge TransferNetwork (E-KTN) and its chief executive Ashley Evans for theirsponsorship and the provision of this tool.
Sponsors of EUSIPCO 2009