Tuesday, 21 June 2005, 09:00-10:30
Room: Poster area
Chair: Kwang-Cheng Chen

Nonlinear Dynamics of PN-Sequences
Baranovski, A. L., Dachselt, F., Rave, W.
Institut Royal Meteorologique
Time Frequency Spacing Design for PACE in OFDM System
Gonzalez, R., Bader, F.
Centre Tecnol˛gic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya-CTTC
A New Joint AOA/Delay Estimator for Wideband Spread Spectrum Systems
Al-Jazzar, S., Caffery, J.
Hashemite University
Adaptive Multi-Path Channel Estrimation in CDMA based on Prefiltering; Combination with a Linear Equalizer
Simon, E., Ros, L.
LIS laboratory
Pilot and Data Aided Channel Estimator for Uplink MC-CDMA Mobile Systems
Marques, P., Pereira, A., Gameiro, A.
Instituto de Telecomunicaš§es
Slepian Subspace Projection in Time and Frequency for Time-Variant Channel Estimation
Zemen, T., Hofstetter, H., Steinb÷ck, G.
ftw. Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien
Frequency Domain Iterative Methods for Detection and Estimation
Ng, B., Falconer, D., Kansanen, K., Veselinovic, N.
University of Oulu
EXIT Chart-based Design of LDPC Codes for Inter-Symbol Interference Channels
Franceschini, M., Ferrari, G., Raheli, R.
University of Parma
The Design and Simulation of Q-ary LDPC Codes Based on the PEG algorithm
Li, Y., Wang, L., Chen, J.
Xiamen University
Optimized Bit Rate Allocation for Iterative Source-Channel Decoding and its Extension towards Multi-Mode Transmission
Adrat, M., Vary, P., Clevorn, T.
RWTH Aachen University
Performance Amelioration using Turbo Coded BICM-ID with 16 QAM over Gaussian and Flat Fading Rayleigh Channels.
Nour, Ch. A., Douillard., C.
Power Optimization of Nonlinear QAM Systems with Data Predistortion
Chang, L.-Ch., Krogmeier, J. V.
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Non-Uniform Constellations for Broadcasting and Multicasting Services in WCDMA Systems
Souto, N., Silva, J. C., Cercas, F., Dinis, R.
Instituto Superior TÚcnico
An Iterative Method for Blind Equalization of Multiple FIR Channels
Ueng, F.-B., Yu, S.-J.
Hybrid ARQ Schemes for Future Wireless Systems Based on MC-CDMA
Roman, J., Berens, F., Kirsch, M., Tanrikulu, St.
A Multi-User Detection Implementation Approach for UMTS Uplink Channel
Touzri, M., Saoudi, S., Kerouedan, S., Adde, P.