Special Sessions

EUSIPCO 2011 includes 18 special sessions in its program to discuss important, new, emerging areas of interest to the signal processing community that have little overlap with regular sessions. Each special session will be allocated 100 minutes which consists of 5 lectures (15 minutes presentation plus 5 minutes discussion each).

ID Session Title Organizers
Time slot
SS-01 Acoustic scene reconstruction and environment-aware space-time processing A. Sarti and P.A. Naylor Tu, 11:30
SS-02 Spectrum and infrastructure sharing between operators in wireless interference networks E. Jorswieck and M. Haardt Tu, 11:30
SS-03 Adaptive waveform design and diversity F. Gini and A. Farina Tu, 16:20
SS-04 Advances and future trends in Bayesian filtering J. Miguez; P. Closas and C. Fernandez-Prades We, 9:30
SS-05 Multimodal (audio-visual) speech separation W. Wang; J. Chambers and B. Rivet We, 16:20
SS-06 Energy efficient communications for future networks M. Kountouris We, 11:30
SS-07 Signal processing for disaster management and prevention E. Cetin and N. Grammalidis We, 11:30
SS-08 Interference alignment M. Rupp We, 16:20
SS-09 2D and 3D image analysis of paintings Robert Sablatnig and Martin Kampel Th, 9:30
SS-10 Recent advances in adaptive filtering for audio and acoustics M de Diego and J. Arenas-GarciĀ­aTh, 9:30
SS-11 Historical document analysis Robert Sablatnig and Martin Kampel Th, 11:30
SS-12 Processing and recovery using analysis and synthesis sparse models V. Cevher and M. Elad Th, 11:30
SS-13 Dependent component analysis E. E. Kuruoglu and F. Theis Th, 16:20
SS-14 Image and signal processing for 3DTV Nikos Nikolaidis and Ioannis Pitas Fr, 9:30
SS-15 Sparsity aware processing: theory and applications K. Slavakis and S. Theodoridis Fr, 9:30
SS-16 Joint source-channel encoding and decoding N. Gartz Fr, 11:30
SS-17 Secure biometrics P. Lobato Correia and L. Ducla Soares Fr, 16:20
Technical enablers and platforms for cognitive radio H. Bogucka and F. Bader Fr, 16:20

These sessions have been organized by the Special Session Chairs Ignacio Santamaria (nacho@gtas.dicom.unican.es), and Mats Bengtsson (mats.bengtsson@ee.kth.se).