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A constant power algorithm for partial-band interference rejection in frequency-hopping communication systems

Kamiya Yukihiro, ENSICA, Department of Avionics and Systems
Besson Olivier, ENSICA, Department of Avionics and Systems

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Volume III pp 229-232

Beamforming and Spatial Filtering

Paper abstract
We consider the rejection of partial-band interferences in frequency-hopping communication systems using an array of sensors. A simple yet effective method is proposed based on a constant power algorithm. The principle behind this method is that partial-band interferences contribute to power variations in the received signal, hence the idea to constrain the output power of the array to be constant in order to reject interferences. It is shown that the algorithm converges in a reasonably low number of hops. Additionally, it achieves a nearly optimal signal to interference and noise ratio without requiring any information about the location of the desired user.

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