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Automatic Video Structuring for Multimedia Messaging

Treetasanatavorn Siripong, Siemens Corporate Technology CT IC 2
Rauschenbach Uwe, Siemens Corporate Technology CT IC 2
Heuer Jörg, Siemens Corporate Technology CT IC 2
Kaup André, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume III pp 467-470

Content based Audio and Video Indexing (2/2)

Paper abstract
This paper proposes a low-complexity technique to structure video sequences and generate corresponding meta data supporting adaptive presentations for arbitrary communication terminals. The algorithm structures a video sequence into segments of coherent camera motion. The structured video is presented by representative key-frames, which are characterized by background and moving or stationary objects. The realized prototype incorporates algorithms for camera motion estimation, spatial-temporal segmentation, object tracking, key-frame selection, and meta data (MPEG-7) generation.

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