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Blind deconvolution of seismic data

Lacoume Jean-Louis, LIS INPG, OSUG, CNRS
Guy Canadas,

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume II pp 87-90

Blind Identification and Deconvolution

Paper abstract
A great number of blind deconvolution methods have been presented in the litterature. In seismic prospecting the observed signal results from the convolution of the ground response by the wavelet due to the emitter and to the wave propagation. The wavelet is generally not known. In order to recover the ground response it is necessary to apply a blind deconvolution. Using HOS blind deconvolution methods, we develop two deconvolution schemes taking into account the specificity of the data collected in seismic prospecting. We introduce new tools in order to take into account the finite lenght of the data and to correct the time delay non-observable in blind deconvolution. The potentialities of these new algorithms are illustrated on experimental data.

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