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Propagation model choice for rapid SAR measurement

Merckel Olivier, SUPELECDRE
Fleury Gilles, SUPELECSdM
Bolomey Jean-Charles, SUPELECDRE

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume III pp 157-160

Biomedical Processing

Paper abstract
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) designates the electromagnetic power density deposited per unit mass of biological tissue. SAR measurements are required to assess the compliance of mobile phones with existing standards and recommendations. This paper presents a new approach where SAR calculation is based on a parametric reconstruction of the E-field distribution in the phantom to assess rapid SAR measurements. This approach allows a drastic reduction of the measurement points, from which the field distribution in the phantom can be adequately described by means of an ellipsoidal model with only 11 parameters. The estimation of these parameters is achieved from two different approaches, depending on the choice of the distribution of the measurement points in the phantom: from a reduced number of real data points exclusively, and from a combination of real data points and E-field extrapolation with a plane wave expansion model. The two reconstruction procedures are compared, and their respective application domains discussed.

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