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Robust Fast Affine Projection Algorithm for Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Niemistö Riitta, Tampere University of Technology
Mäkelä Tuomo, Tampere University of Technology
Myllylä Ville, Nokia Research Center

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Volume I pp 523-526

Echo Cancellation and Speech Enhancement

Paper abstract
This paper introduces a robust affine projection algorithm for nonlinear acoustic echo cancellation using simplified Volterra filters. Numerically unstable step of affine projection algorithm, matrix inversion, is improved by approximating the symmetrical matrix with a Toeplitz matrix and applying Levinson-Durbin recursion. Furthermore, the adaptive filter weight update is simplified such that the complexity of the algorithm is comparable to the number of the filter parameters. The simulation results show a slightly better performance than that of the well known normalized LMS algorithm.

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