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Hybrid Robust Watermarking Resistant Againts Copy Attack

Deguillaume Frédéric, Computer Science Dept. - University of Geneva
Voloshynovskiy Sviatoslav, Computer Science Dept. - University of Geneva
Pun Thierry, Computer Science Dept. - University of Geneva

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Volume I pp 458-461

Security Issues in Digital Watermarking (2/2)

Paper abstract
Three major aspects in the protection of digital documents have been pointed out, each of them with different requirements: first copyright protection, protecting ownership and usage rights; secondly tamper-proofing, aiming at checking document integrity; and thirdly authentication, the purpose of which is to check the authenticity of a document. While robust watermarks are typically used for copyright protection, fragile or semi-fragile watermarks are proposed to solve tamperproofing and authentication. However both concepts are generally proposed separately; further, most of robust watermarking schemes are vulnerable to the copy attack, which allows copying a watermark from one document to another without need for any apriori knowledge. In this paper we propose an hybrid watermarking method which joins a highly robust watermark with a fragile/semi-fragile watermark, combining copyright protection and tamper-proofing, and being at the same time resistant against copy attack; the fragile information is inserted in a way which fully preserves the robust part.

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