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Double Talk Cancellation in Echo Cancelled DMT-systems

Ysebaert Geert, Catholic University Leuven (Belgium)/ESAT-SISTA
Vanbleu Koen, Catholic University Leuven (Belgium)/ESAT-SISTA
Cuypers Gert, Catholic University Leuven (Belgium)/ESAT-SISTA
Moonen Marc, Catholic University Leuven (Belgium)/ESAT-SISTA
Van Acker Katleen, Alcatel Bell Antwerp (Belgium)

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume II pp 381-384


Paper abstract
The existing ADSL standard allows for two possible transmission systems: frequency division duplexing (FDD) and echo cancelling (EC). Echo cancelling is particularly attractive for its ability to achieve higher data rates compared with FDD schemes. A disadvantage of EC is that adaptive schemes exhibit slow tracking properties in the presence of a far end signal or double talker. This paper presents an efficient method for updating echo canceller taps in ADSL transceivers in the presence of a far end signal, by effectively cancelling most of the received far end energy. The presented scheme extends existing multicarrier echo cancelling schemes with a feedback of decisions on the far end signal. As a result the convergence is much faster and hence fast tracking properties are possible at a low computational complexity.

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