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Video Object Coding and Rendering for Panoramic Video

Chan Kin-Lok, Department of EEE, The University of Hong Kong
Chan Shing Chow, Department of EEE, The University of Hong Kong

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Volume II pp 506-509

Video Coding and Processing

Paper abstract
Panoramic video is a simple representation of a dynamic scene or static environment. It allows the users to change their viewpoints interactively in time or along a given path in space. For better users' experience, it is desirable to incorporate synthetic or real objects into a panoramic video. This paper studies the coding and rendering of these objects in panoramic video using the concept of video objects developed in the MPEG-4 standard. Experimental results showed that better user experience are achieved by incorporating these time varying objects into a static walkthrough application, only at the expenses of slightly more bandwidth and decoding complexity.

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