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A low-complexity postprocessing algorithm for block based video coding

Maddikonda Ravikanth, Emuzed India Pvt. Ltd.
K. Adhikary Tushar, Emuzed India Pvt. Ltd.

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume II pp 137-140

Image and Video Coding

Paper abstract
This paper presents a low-complexity algorithm to remove quantization effects in low bit rate video coding, such as blocking artifacts and ringing noise. The postprocessing algorithms presented in literature and MPEG-4 standard are of high computational complexity and apply low pass filtering twice to remove the two quantization effects mentioned above. The proposed algorithm uses the information contained in the compressed bit stream for processing. In this method, the deblocking and deringing operations are combined effectively and filtering is done only once to remove both the noises. This results in reduction of computational complexity. The efficiency of the proposed algorithm is compared with MPEG-4 postprocessing algorithm in terms of computational complexity and peak signal to noise ratio for several video sequences.

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