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Per-Tone Chip Equalization for Space-Time Block Coded Single-Carrier Block Transmission DS-CDMA Downlink

Petre Frederik, IMEC
Leus Geert, KULeuven
Deneire Luc, IMEC
Moonen Marc, KULeuven
Engels Marc, IMEC

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume II pp 425-428

Space-Time Processing / Coding for Communications (1/2)

Paper abstract
In this paper, we extend space-time block coding techniques, originally proposed for point-to-point communication links, to point-to-multipoint communication links. In specific, we combine space-time block coding with single-carrier block transmission DS-CDMA for downlink multi-user MIMO communications. Moreover, we propose a pilot-trained space-time chip equalizer that acts on a per-tone basis in the frequency-domain. With Mt transmit antennas at the base station, Mr receive antennas at the mobile station and L the order of the multi-path channel, it comes close to extracting the full diversity of order Mt.Mr.(L+1) in reduced as well as full load settings.

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