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Keywords by alphabetical order

Face Recognition Malasne Nicolas, Yang Fan, Paindavoine Michel Real time implementation of a face tracking Paper #346
Ramesh S, Palanivel S, Das Sukhendu, Yegnanarayana B Eigenedginess vs. eigenhill, eigenface and eigenedge Paper #594
Facial Expression Recognition Dubuisson Séverine, Davoine Franck Facial expression recognition by combination of classifiers Paper #181
Facial Feature Marqués Ferran, Sobrevals Carles Facial feature segmentation from frontal view images Paper #212
Factorization Zhang Jianqiu, Huang Yufei, Djuric Petar Multiuser Detection with Particle Filtering Paper #728
Fading Channels Poor H. Vincent, Tanda Mario Asymptotic performance of a robust multiuser detector for fast-fading channels with impulsive noise Paper #094
Fading correlation Mestre Xavier, Fonollosa Javier R., Pagès Alba Capacity of MIMO Channels: Asymptotic Results for Correlated Fading Paper #715
Fast Algorithms Boussakta Said, Alshibami Osama 3-D Fast algorithm for the 3-D new Mersenne number transform Paper #430
Stasinski Ryszard DCT computation using real-valued DFT algorithms Paper #472
Sayadi Mounir, Fnaiech Farhat, Mahlouthi Ahmed, Chaari Abdelkader, Najim Mohamed A New Two-Dimensional Fast Adaptive Filter Based on the Chandrasekhar Algorithm Paper #629
Saruwatari Hiroshi, Kawamura Toshiya, Sawai Katsuyuki, Shikano Kiyohiro, Kaminuma Atsunobu, Sakata Masao Evaluation of Fast-Convergence Algorithm for ICA-Based Blind Source Separation of Real Convolutive Mixture Paper #656
Fast Fourier Transform Garcia Begoña, Vicente Javier, Aramendi Elisabete Time-spectral technique for esophageal voice regeneration Paper #106
Fast Marching Methods Dargent Régis, Lavialle Olivier, Orsoni Bruno, Baylou Pierre, Melchior Pierre Fast Marching and Traveltime Images: 8-Neighbourhood Approach Paper #632
FDD Garcia-Alis Daniel, Stirling Iain, Rice Garrey, Macpherson Kenneth, Freeland Graham 3G FDD Rapid Prototyping and Training Paper #278
FEC Lawabni Abed Elhamid, Tewfik Ahmed A Scalable and Reliable Hybrid Scheme for Image Multicast Applications Paper #507
Feedback Cancellation Spriet Ann, Moonen Marc, Proudler Ian Feedback Cancellation in Hearing Aids: an unbiased modelling Approach Paper #452
Feedback Synthesis Glotin Herve Posteriors correction using feedback synthesis loop in robust ASR Paper #674
FFT Algorithm Rodríguez Paul Radix-2 Multi-Dimensional Transposition-Free FFT Algorithm for Modern Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) Architectures Paper #086
Field Programmable Gate Array Mullins Sinead, Heneghan Conor Alternative Least Mean Square Adaptive Filter Architectures for Implementation on Field Programmable Gate Arrays Paper #389
Filter Torokhti Anatoli, Howlett Phil, Pearce Charles A Causal Optimal Filter of the Second Degree Paper #128
Filter Banks Kwan Man-Wai, Kok Chi-Wah Channel Precoder with Nonuniform Sampling Equalizer Paper #384
Sartenaer Thierry, Vandendorpe Luc ML DA timing estimation for multiuser FB uplink transmission over static time dispersive channels Paper #724
Filtered LMS Tobias Orlando J., Seara Rui Performance Comparison of the FXLMS, Nonlinear FXLMS and Leaky FXLMS Algorithms in Nonlinear Active Control Applications Paper #393
Filtering Lu Wu-Sheng Minimax Design of 2-D FIR Filters with Low Group Delay Using Convex Optimization Paper #161
Monin Andre, Salut Gerard Optimal filtering of LORAN-C signal via particle filtering - Simulation results Paper #617
Fine Granularity Scalability Domanski Marek, Mackowiak Slawomir, Blaszak Lukasz Efficient Structure of Video Coders with Motion-Compensated Fine-Granularity Scalability Paper #668
FIR Lu Wu-Sheng Minimax Design of 2-D FIR Filters with Low Group Delay Using Convex Optimization Paper #161
FIR Filters Vainio Olli Design of FIR predictors as a tapped cascaded interconnection of subfilters Paper #118
Ito Rika, Fujie Tetsuya, Suyama Kenji, Hirabayashi Ryuichi New design method of FIR filters with SP2 coefficients based on a new linear programming relaxation with triangle inequalities Paper #303
Fire Detection Bernabeu Pablo, Vegara Luís, Bosch Ignacio Nonlinear prediction of infrared data by the Wiener system Paper #022
Fixed-point Arithmetic Menard Daniel, Quemerais Philippe, Sentieys Olivier Influence of fixed-point DSP architecture on computation accuracy Paper #341
Flat Fading Huang Yufei, Djuric Petar A blind particle filtering detector for joint channel estimation, tracking and data detection over flat fading channels Paper #505
Djuric Petar, Zhang Jianqiu, Ghirmai Tadesse, Huang Yufei, Kotecha Jayesh Applications of Particle Filtering to Communications: A Review Paper #727
FMT Cornet Frederic, Bazile Caroline, Duverdier Alban Use of fade mitigation techniques for broadcasting and news gathering satellite applications in Ka band Paper #554
Focal Points Valbonesi Lucia, Ansari Rashid, McNeill David, Quek Francis, Duncan Susan, McCullough Karl-Eric Detection of focal points in speech prosody Paper #494
Forward-backward Baudry Severine, Ngueyen Philippe, Maitre Henri Use of synchronisation pattern to estimate geometric distortions Paper #675
Fourier Analysis Sidorov Denis, Kokaram Anil Removing Moire from Degraded Video Archives Paper #134
Fourier-Mellin Transform Derrode Stephane, Ghorbel Faouzi Shape distance for rotation estimation and rotational symmetry detection in gray-level images Paper #015
FPGA Amira Abbes, Bouridane Ahmed, Roula Mohammed Ali, Kurugollu Fatih An FPGA Based Parametrisable System for Discrete Orthogonal Transforms Implementation Paper #587
Fractal Accardo Agostino, D'addio Gianni, Maestri Roberto, Vitale Dario, Furgi Giorgio, Rengo Fabio fractal dimension and power-law behavior reproducibility and correlation in chronic heart failure patients Paper #279
Fekkai Souhila, Al-Akaidi Marwan, Blackledge Jonathan A New Speech Synthesis Based on Fractal Paper #447
Fractal Image Compression Mukhopadhyay Jayanta, Ghosh S.K. Low bit rate video compression using relative fractal coding Paper #180
Fractal Pattern Detection Kamejima Kohji Structure Sensitive Sampling of Noisy Fractal Patterns Paper #294
Fractal Signals Portefaix Christophe, Cavaro-Ménard Christine, Chapeau-Blondeau François Identification and modeling of fractal signals with iterated function systems Paper #236
Fractals Cariou Claude, Chehdi Kacem Segmentation of fractal objects : application to the measure of algae deposit density in the 'green tide' phenomenon Paper #469
Mansour Mohamed, Tewfik Ahmed Secure detection of public watermarks with fractal decision boundaries Paper #476
Fractional Decimation Babic Djordje, Renfors Markku Programmable Modified Fractional Comb Decimation Filter Paper #336
Fractional Fourier Transform Bastiaans Martin, Alieva Tatiana Rotation-type input-output-relationships for Wigner distribution moments in fractional Fourier transform systems Paper #272
Fractional Interval Lopez Francisco, Vesma Jussi, Renfors Markku Defining the wordlength of the fractional interval in interpolation filters Paper #045
Frame Erasure Concealment Bouteille Franck, Scalart Pascal, Kovesi Balazs Packet Loss Concealment Using Audio Morphing Paper #344
Freqeuncy-offset estimation Ghogho Mounir On blind frequency-offset synchronization for OFDM communications Paper #712
Frequencies Estimation For Mixed Spectra Time Series Delmas Jean-Pierre, Meurisse Yann Asymptotically minimum variance second-order estimation of frequencies for mixed spectra time series Paper #138
Frequency Marti Pere, Sala Josep Fine Frequency Offset Estimation for OFDM Signals in Frequency Selective Channels Paper #265
Frequency Estimation So H.C., Ip S.K. A novel frequency estimator and its comparative performances for short record lenghts Paper #264
Völcker Björn, Händel Peter Optimizing Correlation Based Frequency Estimators Paper #434
Frequency Hopping Kamiya Yukihiro, Besson Olivier A constant power algorithm for partial-band interference rejection in frequency-hopping communication systems Paper #012
Frequency Offset Houcke Sebastien, Chevreuil Antoine, Ciblat Philippe Estimation of the symbol period: the frequency offset case Paper #493
Stoica Petre, Ganesan Girish Trained Space-Time Block Decoding For Fading Channels With Frequency Offsets Paper #754
Frequency Warping Paatero Tuomas An Audio Motivated Hybrid of Warping and Kautz Filter Techniques Paper #620
Frequency-domain approaches Dapena Adriana, Serviere Christine A new way to invert the sliding Fourier transform and its application to signal separation Paper #619
Frequency-domain Independent Component Analysis Nishikawa Tsuyoki, Saruwatari Hiroshi, Shikano Kiyohiro Comparison of Time-Domain ICA, Frequency-Domain ICA and Multistage ICA for Blind Source Separation Paper #154
Frequency-selective Channel Ciblat Philippe, Vandendorpe Luc On the Maximum-Likelihood based data-aided frequency offset and channels estimates Paper #551
Functions Bergen Stuart, Antoniou Andreas Generation of Ultraspherical Window Functions Paper #144
Fuzzy Color Models Vertan Constantin, Stoica Adrian, Fernandez-Maloigne Christine Color Texture Recognition and Indexing by Fuzzy Color Spatial Distributions Paper #122
FxLMS Vicente Luis, Masgrau Enrique Analysis of LMS algorithm with delayed coefficient adaptation for sinusoidal reference Paper #650