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3top 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

3D Localization of multiple sound sources with intensity vector estimates in single source zones

3D sound field analysis using circular higher-order microphone array

3D Video Watermarking Using DT-DWT To Resist Synthesis View Attack

Atop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

A Bayesian Approach for Extreme Learning Machine-based Subspace Learning

A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach for Blind Multiuser Channel Estimation

A Blind Deblurring and Image Decomposition Approach for Astronomical Image Restoration

A blind source separation method for chemical sensor arrays based on a second order mixing model

A CBIR-based evaluation framework for Visual attention models

A Comparison of Thermal Image Descriptors for Face Analysis

A Computationally Efficient Implementation of Fictitious Play in a Distributed Setting

A Directional Noise Suppressor with a Constant Beamwidth for Multichannel Signal Enhancement

A Discriminative Approach for speaker Selection in Speaker De-identification Systems

A fast algorithm for joint eigenvalue decomposition of real matrices

A Fast Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood-based Fundamental Frequency Estimation

A generalization of the fixed point estimate

A Generalized Method for the Derivation of Non-Linear State-Space Models from Circuit Schematics

A High Performance FPGA-GPU-CPU Platform for a Real-Time Locating System

A Kernel Based Technique for MSER Equalisation for non-linear channels

A learning-based visual saliency fusion model for high dynamic range video (LBVS-HDR)

A Linearization System for Parametric Array Loudspeakers Using the Parallel Cascade Volterra Filter

A Low-Latency, Real-Time-Capable Singing Voice Detection Method with LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks

A methodology for Estimating the Radiation Pattern of a violin during the Performance

A modular Framework for efficient Sound Recognition using a Smartphone

A multi-sensor approach for real-time detection and classification of impact sounds

A multifractal level set algorithm for segmenting human skin ultrasound images

A Multilevel Memory-Assisted Lossless Compression algorithm for Medical Images

A New Method for Heart Rate Monitoring During Physical Exercise Using Photoplethysmographic Signals

A Nonlinear Architecture Involving a Combination of Proportionate Functional Link Adaptive Filters

A Nonparametric Cusum Scheme Based On Sequential Ranks And Adaptive Control Limits

A Novel Algorithm for the Estimation of the Parameters of a Real Sinusoid in Noise

A novel deterministic method for large-scale blind source separation

A novel feature selection in the case of brain PET image classification

A Novel Line Search Method for Nonsmooth Optimization Problems

A novel method with a deep network and directional edges for automatic detection of a fetal head

A parallel block-coordinate approach for primal-dual splitting with arbitrary random block selection

A PEM-Based Frequency-Domain Kalman Filter for Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

A Perturbed Linear Mixing Model Accounting for Spectral Variability

A predictive function optimization algorithm for multi-spectral skin lesion assessment

A primal-dual framework for mixtures of regularizers

A QR-code based audio watermarking technique for tracing traitors

A quasi-orthogonal, invertible, and perceptually relevant time-frequency transform for audio coding

A revisit of the unique polar representation of the vector-valued hyperanalytic signal

A robust speech/music discriminator for switched audio coding

A robust student's-t distribution PHD filter with OCSVM updating for multiple human tracking

A sequential Monte Carlo approximation of the HISP filter

A simple sequential outlier detection with several residuals

A Source Separation Evaluation Method in Object-Based Spatial Audio

A Structured nonnegative matrix factorization for source separation

A Technique for Fake 3D (2D-to-3D Converted) Video Recognition

A Tensor Decomposition Approach to Noninvasive Atrial Activity Extraction in Atrial Fibrillation ECG

A Useful Feature-engineering Approach for a LVCSR system based on CD-DNN-HMM Algorithm

Abnormal-respiration detection by considering correlation of observation of adventitious sounds

Acoustic context recognition on mobile devices using a reduced complexity SVM

Acoustic Direction Finding In Highly Reverberant Environment With Single Acoustic Vector Sensor

Acoustic modeling and parameter generation using relevance vector machines for speech synthesis

Adaptive and online speaker diarization for meeting data

Adaptive Approximate Filtering of State-Space Models

Adaptive clustering for multitask diffusion networks

Adaptive Cyclic and Randomized Coordinate Descent for the Sparse Total Least Squares Problem

Adaptive Identification of Oscillatory Bands from Subcortical Neural Data

Adaptive linear prediction filters based on maximum a posteriori estimation

Adaptive Noise Dictionary Design for Noise Robust Exemplar Matching of Speech

Adaptive RF Stealth Beamforming For Frequency Diverse Array Radar

Addressing the data-association problem for multiple sound source localization using DOA estimates

Affect Prediction in Music using Boosted Ensemble of Filters

Aliasing Reduction in Soft-Clipping Algorithms

Alternate level clustering for drum transcription

Alternate multibit embedding method for reversible watermarking

An Adaptive Penalty Approach to Multi-Pitch Estimation

An adaptive perception-based image preprocessing method

An Adaptively Focusing Measurement Design for Compressed Sensing Based DOA Estimation

An Algorithm for Cross-layer Subcarrier and Power Allocation in Cellular Networks

An analysis of collaborative representation schemes for the classification of hyperspectral images

An efficient audiovisual saliency model to predict eye positions when looking at conversations

An efficient k-SCA based underdetermined channel identification algorithm for online applications

An Efficient Policy for D2D Communications and Energy Harvesting in Cognitive Radios: Go Bayesian!

An efficient statistical-based retrieval approach for JPEG2000 compressed images

An Efficient Two-step Procedure for Compressed Sensing 3D MIMO Radar

An Enhanced Spectrum Sensing Algorithm with Maximum Ratio Combination of Spectral Correlation

An evaluation of stereo speech enhancement methods for different audio-visual scenarios

An Extended Reverberation Decay Tail Metric as a Measure of Perceived Late Reverberation

An Improved ADPCM Decoder by Adaptively Controlled Quantization Interval Centroids

An improved variational mode decomposition method for internal waves separation

An iterative hard thresholding algorithm with improved convergence for low-rank tensor recovery

An Ocular Artefacts Correction Method for Discriminative EEG Analysis based on Logistic Regression

An Online Background Subtraction Algorithm Using a Contiguously Weighted Linear Regression Model

An Overview of Robust Compressive Sensing of Sparse Signals in Impulsive Noise

An SVD Approach to Forensic Image Resampling Detection

An Unified Approach for Blind Source Separation Using Sparsity and Decorrelation

An unsupervised approach to the semantic description of the sound quality of violins

Analog Joint Source Channel Coding for MIMO Broadcast Channels

Analysis and simulations of multifractal random walks

Analysis of the Harmonics Contribution on the Three-Point Interpolated DFT Frequency Estimator

Analysis of the Performance and Limitations of ICA-Based Relative Impulse Response Identification

Analytical Model of the KL Divergence for Gamma Distributed Data: Application to Fault Estimation

Angular Information Resolution from Co-prime Arrays in Radar

Antenna array design for MUSIC in the presence of spatially distributed sources

Application of cyclic block generalized gradient projection methods to Poisson blind deconvolution

Application of Sequential Quasi-Monte Carlo to autonomous positioning

Applications of large empirical spatio-temporal covariance matrix in multipath channels detection

Approximate Bayesian Filtering using Stabilized Forgetting

Arabic speaker emotion classification using rhythm metrics and neural networks

Array Calibration using Array Response Interpolation and Parametric Modeling

Assessment of Source Separation Techniques to Extract Vital Parameters from Videos

Association of array processing and statistical modelling for seismic event monitoring

Asymptotic Detection Performance of the Robust ANMF

Asymptotic Normality of Cyclic Autocorrelation Estimate with Estimated Cycle Frequency

Attack detectors for data aggregation in clustered sensor networks

Audio Phrases for Audio Event Recognition

Audio Salient Event Detection and Summarization using Audio and Text Modalities

Automated Scoring of Rehabilitative Tests with Singular Spectrum Analysis

Automatic Cattle Location Tracking Using Image Processing

Automatic detection and measurement of fetal nuchal translucency from 3D ultrasound data

Automatic Lesion Segmentation for Melanoma Diagnostics in Macroscopic Images

Automatic recognition of environmental sound events using all-pole group delay features

Averaging covariance matrices for EEG signal classification based on the CSP: an empirical study

Btop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Band selection in RKHS for fast nonlinear unmixing of hyperspectral images

Base Station Cluster Patterns For Semi-Static Multi-Cell Cooperation In Irregular Network Topologies

Bayes Classification for Asynchronous Event-Based Cameras

Bayesian estimation of the multifractality parameter for images via a closed-form Whittle likelihood

Bayesian Gaussian Mixture Model for Spatial-Spectral Classification Of Hyperspectral Images

Bayesian Learning for Robust Principal Component Analysis

Bayesian learning for time-varying linear prediction of speech

Bayesian Multi-Target Tracking with Superpositional Measurements using Labeled Random Finite Sets

Bayesian Parameter Estimation for Asymmetric Power Distributions

Bayesian Suppression of Memoryless Nonlinear Audio Distortion

Bayesian Track-Before-Detect for Closely Spaced Targets

Benchmarking Superpixel Descriptors

Beyond Compressed Sensing: The Effectiveness of Convex Programming in the Information and Physical Sciences

Beyond the Eye of the Beholder: on a Forensic Descriptor of the Eye Region

Bias Analysis of An Algebraic Solution for TDOA Localization with Sensor Location Errors

Binaural coherent-to-diffuse-ratio estimation for dereverberation using an ITD model

Bistatic Coherent MIMO Clutter Rank Analysis

Bit loading in MIMO-PLC systems with the presence of interference

Blind Biometric Source Sensor Recognition Using Advanced PRNU Fingerprints

Blind Sampling Rate Offset Estimation Based on Coherence Drift in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks

Block expectation propagation equalization for ISI channels

Block Prediction Using Approximate Template Matching

Block-based distributed adaptive filter for active noise control in a collaborative network

Bootstrap-based SVM aggregation for class imbalance problems

Breath and Repeat: An Attempt At Enhancing Speech-laugh Synthesis Quality

Ctop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Can contact-free measurement of heartbeat signal be used in forensics?

Canonical polyadic tensor decomposition in the presence of non Gaussian noise

CARMA: A Robust Motion Artifact Reduction Algorithm for Heart Rate Monitoring from PPG Signals

Carrier Frequency and Direction of arrival Estimation with Nested Sub-Nyquist Sensor Array Receiver

Channel Shortening Equalizer for Enhancing Passive UHF RFID Performance

Channel-Aware Energy Optimization of OFDM Receivers Using Dynamic Precision Scaling in FPGAs

Characterisation of tremor in normophonic voices

Chromatographic signal processing for PAH in methanol solution

Class-Specific Model Mixtures for the Classification of Time-Series

Class-specific nonlinear subspace learning based on optimized class representation

Classification of bird song syllables using singular vectors of the multitaper spectrogram

Classification of compressed audio signals via compressive sensing in a tele-monitoring context

Classification Of Normal And Pathological Infant Cries Using Bispectrum Features

Classification of rainfall radar images using the scattering transform

Classifying Autoregressive Models Using Dissimilarity Measures: A Comparative Study

clustering-based fast intra prediction mode algorithm for hevc

Coalitional Games for a Distributed Signal Enhancement Application

Coding and modulation techniques for high spectral efficiency transmission in 5G and Satcom

Coexistence of and VDSL in FTTdp and FTTC Deployments

Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Opportunistic Beamforming with Quantized Feedback

Combined classification and regression for simultaneous and proportional EMG control of wrist forces

Combining NdHMM and Phonetic Feature Detection for Speech Recognition

Combining Single-Image and Multiview Super-Resolution for Mixed-Resolution Image Plus Depth Data

Comparison of Multichannel Doubletalk Detectors for Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Comparison of Two Methods for Detection of North Atlantic Right Whale Upcalls

Comparison of Windowing Schemes for Speech Coding

Compensating Power Amplifier Distortion In Cognitive Radio System With Adaptive IMM

Complex kernels for proper complex-valued signals: a review

Composite Real Principal Component Analysis of Complex Signals

Compressed Sensing and Radio Interferometry

Compressed Sensing for unit selection based Speech Synthesis

Compressive Computed Tomography Image Reconstruction with Denoising Message Passing Algorithms

Compressive Imaging with Complex Wavelet Transform and Turbo AMP Reconstruction

Considerations on the Benchmarking of Media Forensics

Constraint Kalman Filter for Indoor Bluetooth Localization

Continuous measurement of impulse responses on a circle using a uniformly moving microphone

Cooperative Game-Theoretic Approach to Load Balancing in Smart Grids with Community Energy Storage

Cooperative Non-orthogonal Multiple Access in 5G System with SWIPT

Cooperative Simultaneous Localization and Tracking for Mobile Ad-hoc Sensor Networks

Corpus Based Reconstruction of Speech Degraded by Wind Noise

Cortical Network Modulation during Paced Arm Movements

Cramér-Rao Bounds for Particle Size Distribution Estimation from Multiangle Dynamic Light Scattering

crossing-tree partition functions

Cyclostationarity-based detection and identification of binary offset carrier -modulated signals

Dtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Daily Activity Recognition Based on DNN Using Environmental Sound and Acceleration Signals

Data-Driven Statistical Modelling of Room Impulse Responses in the Power Domain

Dealing with additive noise in speaker recognition systems based on i-vector approach

Decentralized Clustering Over Adaptive Networks

Decentralized Cooperative DOA Tracking using non-Hermitian generalized eigendecomposition

Decentralized Reconstruction from Compressive Random Projections Driven by Principal Components

Decoding MT motion response for optical flow estimation: an experimental evaluation

Deep neural networks for audio scene recognition

Derivative-augmented features as a dynamic model for time-series

Design of a New High-Energy Concentration Kernel Quadratic TFD for EEG Spike Signal

Design of a sparse planar array for optimized 3D medical ultrasound imaging

Design of optimal matrices for compressive sensing: application to environmental sounds

Design of PR oversampled DFT transmultiplexers with minimal dimension

Detection of time-varying support via rank evolution approach for effective joint sparse recovery

Development and assessment of a localization algorithm implemented in binaural hearing aids

DFE/THP duality for FBMC with Highly Frequency Selective Channels

Dialogue Enhancement of Stereo Sound

Dictionary-decomposition-based One-class SVM for Unsupervised Detection of Anomalous Time Series

Digital Image Self-Recovery Using Unequal Error Protection

Direction of Arrival Estimation using Pseudo-Intensity Vectors with Direct-Path Dominance Test

Discovery of Repeated Vocal Patterns in Polyphonic Audio: a Case Study on Flamenco Music

Distributed acoustic SLAM

Distributed Blind Sparse Channel Identification in Sensor Networks

Distributed Clustering Algorithms in Group-Based Ad Hoc Networks

Distributed estimation of cross-correlation functions in ad-hoc microphone arrays

Distributed Massive MIMO in Cellular Networks: Impact of Imperfect Hardware & Number of Oscillators

Distributed Multichannel Adaptive Filtering

Distributed Network Topology Reconstruction in Presence of Anonymous Nodes

Distributed Rao-Blackwellized Point Mass Filter for Blind Equalization in Receiver Networks

Distributed Robust Subspace Tracking

Distributed signal subspace estimation based on local generalized eigenvector matrix inversion

Distributive Estimation of Frequency Selective Channels for Massive MIMO Systems

Do not build your TTS training corpus randomly

DOA Estimation with Co-prime Arrays in the Presence of Mutual Coupling

DoA-estimation based on a complex Watson kernel method

Does diversity improve deep learning?

Double Relay Communication Protocol for Bandwidth Management in Cellular Systems

DPM-Based Bayesian Nonparametric Method For Markov Switching Process Estimation

Drum transcription using partially fixed nonnegative matrix factorization

Dual-Function Radar-Communications Using Phase-Rotational Invariance

Dynamic Speech Emotion Recognition with State-Space Models

Etop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

EEG Signal Classification in Non-Linear Framework with Filtered Training Data

Effectiveness of multiscale fractal dimension for improvement of frame classification rate

Effects Of Compressed Sensing on Classification of Bearing Faults with Entropic Features

Efficient Algorithms for 'Universally' Constrained Matrix and Tensor Factorization

Efficient Cooperative Localization Algorithm in LOS/NLOS Environments

Eigen-Patch Iris Super-Resolution for Iris Recognition Improvement

Elbow Flexion And Extension Identification Using Surface Electromyography Signals

ELPA: a new key agreement scheme based on linear prediction of ECG features for WBAN

Embodied Audition for Robots

Emergence of Core-Periphery Structure from Local Node Dominance in Social Networks

Empirical Mode Decomposition for Noninvasive Atrial Fibrillation Dominant Frequency Estimation

Energy Efficient Monitoring of ADLs using WASN in Clean and Noisy Conditions

Energy Efficient Telemonitoring of Wheezes

Energy-vs-Performance trade-offs in speech enhancement in wireless acoustic sensor networks

Enforcing consistency in spectral masks using Markov random fields

Engineering Wireless Full-duplex Nodes and Networks

Enhanced Lasso Recovery on Graph

Envelope Modeling for Speech and Audio Processing Using Distribution Quantization

Environmental Field Estimation by Consensus Based Dynamic Sensor Networks and Underwater Gliders

Equalization of nonlinear systems modeled using the Burgers equation

Error control for the detection of rare and weak signatures in massive data

Errors-In-Variables Identification of Noisy Moving Average Models

Estimating The HEVC Decoding Energy Using High-Level Video Features

Estimation of gene expression by a bank of particle filters

Estimation of the Battery State of Charge: a Switching Markov State-Space Model

Estimation of the difference between peak airway and tracheal pressures during HFPV

Estimation of the nonlinearity degree for polynomial autoregressive processes with RJMCMC

Evaluation of denoising algorithms applied to the reduction of speckle in digital holography

Evaluation of PNCC and extended spectral subtraction methods for robust speech recognition

Event-triggered real-time metering in smart grids

Exact fast smoothing in switching models with application to stochastic Volatility

Exploiting Symmetry in Two-Dimensional Clustering-Based Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition

Exploring discrete approaches to lossy compression schemes for natural image patches

Exploring the brain's activity: a signal and image modeling challenge

Exploring the epileptic network with parallel ICA of interictal EEG-fMRI

Extended GLRT Detectors for Correlation and Sphericity: the Undersampled Regime

Ftop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Fast Implementation of Iterative Adaptive Approach for Wideband Unambiguous Radar Detection

Fast Jacobi Algorithm for Non-Orthogonal Joint Diagonalization of Non-Symmetric Third-Order Tensors

Fast Millimeter Wave Threat Detection Algorithm

Fast Non-Negative Orthogonal Least Squares

Fast sound field reproduction in box-shaped rooms: rigid walls case

Faster than Nyquist-An enabler for achieving maximum spectral efficiency in coexistence scenarios?

FAµST: speeding up linear transforms for tractable inverse problems

Feasibility Analysis and Adaptive Thresholding for Mobile Applications Controlled by EEG Signals

Feature Classification By Means Of Deep Belief Networks For Speaker Recognition

feature extraction using pre-trained convolutive bottleneck nets for dysarthric speech recognition

Feature Learning with Deep Scattering for Urban Sound Analysis

Feature selection based on weighted distance minimization, application to biodegradation evaluation

Features for speaker localization in multichannel bilateral hearing aids

Fine landmark-based synchronization of ad-hoc microphone arrays

Fire-Control RADAR Model Laboratory Work

Fixed-point Arithmetic Detectors for Massive MIMO-OFDM Systems

Fixed-Point implementation of Lattice Wave Digital Filter: comparison and error analysis

Forensic and anti-forensic analysis of indoor/outdoor classifiers based on acoustic clues


From Biometric to Forensic Hashing: Challenges in Digital Crime Scene Trace Analysis

Fuzzy Selecting Local Region Level Set Algorithm

Gtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Gamma curve determination for each individual pixel on high-resolution flat panel display

Generalization of GLRT-Based Magnetic Anomaly Detection

Generalized EEG Classification Framework

Generalized Ricci Curvature Based Sampling and Reconstruction of Images

Generalized Targets Detection and Counting in Dense Wireless Sensors Networks

GNU Radio Based Digital Beamforming System: BER and Computational Performance Analysis

Gossip Algorithms for Principal Component Analysis in Networks

Gradient-Based Approaches to Learn Tensor Products

Graph Inference enhancement with clustering: application to Gene Regulatory Network reconstruction

Graph Linear Prediction Results in Smaller Error than Standard Linear Prediction

Graph-based and sparse variational analysis of biological networks

Greedy Pursuits Assisted Basis Pursuit for Compressive Sensing

Group Sparse LMS for Multiple System Identification

Htop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Hands, Face and Joints for Multi-modal Human-Action Temporal Segmentation and Recognition

Harmonic Model for MDCT based Audio Coding with LPC Envelope

Hidden Relations in Data - A Signal Processing on Graphs Approach

High Accuracy Frequency Analysis using Instantaneous Frequency Attractors

high resolution depth image recovery algorithm using grayscale image

High-frequency tonal components restoration in low-bitrate audio coding

HOG and Subband Power Distribution image features for acoustic scene classification

Horizontal Pairwise Reversible Watermarking

How task difficulty Influences eye movements when exploring natural scene images

Human vision model including age dependencies

Hybrid input spaces for exemplar-based noise robust speech recognition using coupled dictionaries

Hybrid Method for Multi-exposure Image Fusion based on Weighted Mean and Sparse Representation

Hybrid sparse and low-rank time-frequency signal decomposition

Hyperspectral Applications in the Global Transportation Infrastructure

Hyperspectral Imaging for Food Applications

Itop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Image Regularization with Higher-Order Morphological Gradients

Implementation method of Kernel Adaptive Filter as an Add-on for a Linear Adaptive Filter

Improved AMP (IAMP) for Non-Ideal Measurement Matrices

Improved Binary Key Speaker Diarization System

Improvement of robustness to change of positive elements in boolean compressive sensing

Improving Event Detection for Audio Surveillance using Gabor Filterbank Features

Improving piano note tracking by HMM smoothing

Improving Sensor Noise Analysis for CT-Scanner Identification

Improving state estimates over finite data using optimal FIR filtering with embedded unbiasedness

Inference of wired network topology using multipoint reflectometry

Instantaneous Frequency Estimation for a Sinusoidal Signal Combining DESA-2 and Notch Filter

Integral images compression scheme based on view extraction

Interacting Parallel Markov Adaptive Importance Sampling

Interpolation of graph signals using shift-invariant graph filters

Inverse Problems with Time-Frequency Dictionaries and Non-White Gaussian Noise

ISAR image formation with a combined Empirical Mode Decomposition and Time Frequency Representation

Iterative Windowed Parameter Estimation of Multiple Superimposed Damped Exponentials in Noise

Jtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Joint Inverse Covariances Estimation with Mutual Linear Structure

Joint Optimization of Transmit and Relay Beamformer for Single Group Multicast Transmission

Ktop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Kernel Estimation For Time-Frequency Distributions Using Epigraph Set of L1-Norm

Keyword spotting in singing with duration-modeled HMMs

Ltop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

L2 Registration for Colour Transfer

Large scale 3D image reconstruction in optical interferometry

Late Reverberant Spectral Variance Estimation Using Acoustic Channel Equalization

Least-square approximation of second-order nonlinear systems using quasi-perfect periodic sequences

Legendre Ramanujan Sums Transform

Lidar-based Gait Analysis in People Tracking and 4D Visualization

Likelihood-based Blind Separation Of QAM Signal In Time-varying Dual-polarized Channels

Linear embeddings of low-dimensional subsets of a Hilbert space to R^m

Local Relative Transfer Function for Sound Source Localization

Low Complexity Single Microphone Tonal Noise Reduction In Vehicular Traffic Environments

Low-Complexity Semi-Parametric Joint-Stereo Audio Transform Coding

Low-Feedback Cooperative Opportunistic Transmission for Dynamic Licensed Shared Access

Low-Sampling-Rate M-ary Multiple Access UWB Communications in Multipath Channels

Mtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Managing Trust In Diffusion Adaptive Networks With Malicious Agents

Mapping dynamical states to structural classes for Boolean networks using a classification algorithm

Marked Poisson Point Process PHD filter for DOA tracking

Matching pursuit via Continuous resolution cell rejection in presence of unresolved radar targets

Mathematical Scientific Challenges of 5G

Matrix Factorization for bilinear blind source separation: methods, separability and conditioning

Maximum Likelihood and Robust G-MUSIC Performance in K-Distributed Noise

Maximum-a-posteriori estimation with unknown regularisation parameters

Measurement of Cardiovascular State using Attractor Reconstruction Analysis

MEM-diffusion MRI framework to solve MEEG inverse problem

Metropolis-Hastings Improved Particle Smoother and Marginalized Models

MIMO and Massive MIMO - Analysis for a Local Area Scenario

MIMO Systems Outage Capacity based on Minors Moments of Wishart Matrices

Minimized Roundoff Noise and Pole Sensitivity Subject to l_2-Scaling Constraints for IIR Filters

MISO estimation of asynchronously mixed BPSK sources

Mobile Velocity and Direction of Movement Estimation in NLOS Multipath Environment

Model-based Superpixel Segmentation of SAR Images

Modeling a class of multi-port nonlinearities in wave digital structures

modeling accents for automatic speech recognition

Modeling and estimation of transient current signals

Modelling Source Directivity in Room Impulse Response simulation for Spherical Microphone Arrays

More efficient sparsity-inducing algorithms using inexact gradient

MotionMachine: A New Framework For Motion Capture Signal Feature Prototyping

Moving Target Localization Using Distributed Dual-Frequency Radars and Sparse Reconstruction

MT-based Artificial Hypothesis Generation for Unsupervised Discriminative Language Modeling

Multi-channel ANC System Using Optimized Reference Microphones Based on Time Difference of Arrival

Multi-dimensional Continuous Phase Modulation in uplink of MIMO systems

Multi-Group Multicast Beamforming For Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer

Multi-label vs. Combined Single-label Sound Event Detection With Deep Neural Networks

Multi-modal Service Operation Estimation Using DNN-based Acoustic Bag-of-features

Multi-Pitch Estimation and Tracking Using Bayesian Inference in Block Sparsity

Multi-room speech activity detection using a distributed microphone network in domestic environments

Multichannel Online Speech Dereverberation under Noisy Environments

Multilinear spectral unmixing of hyperspectral multiangle images

Multiple Metric Learning for Large Margin kNN classification of time series

Multiple Shift Second Order Sequential Best Rotation Algorithm for Polynomial Matrix EVD

Multiple Stage Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Near-Optimal Large-MIMO Detection

Multiscale Guided Deblurring: Chromatic Aberration Correction in Color and Near-infrared Imaging

Multistage generalized adaptive notch filter with improved accuracy

Music Boundary Detection Using Neural Networks on Spectrograms and Self-Similarity Lag Matrices

MUSIC-like Processing of Pulsed Continuous Wave Signals in Active Sonar Experiments

MVDR Broadband Beamforming Using Polynomial Matrix Techniques

Ntop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

New hierarchical joint classification method of SAR-optical multiresolution remote sensing data

New insights into time synchronization of MIMO systems with interference

New results in nonlinear state estimation using extended unbiased FIR filtering

New robust LASSO method based on ranks

Next Generation Multibeam Satellite Systems

Noise robust blind system identification algorithms based on a Rayleigh quotient cost function

Noise Robust Exemplar Matching with Coupled Dictionaries for Single-Channel Speech Enhancement

Noise-robust Voice Conversion Using A Small Parallel Data Based On Non-negative Matrix Factorization

Non Local Means Image Denoising using Noise-Adaptive SSIM

Non-Binary LDPC Coded OFDM in Impulsive Power Line Channels

Non-Unitary Joint Zero-Block Diagonalization of Matrices Using a Conjugate Gradient Algorithm

Nonlinear filtered-x second-order adaptive Volterra filters for listening-room compensation

Nonparametric Bayesian Matrix Factorization for Assortative Networks

Nonparametric Simultaneous Sparse Recovery: an Application to Source Localization

Normalized Recursive Least Adaptive Threshold Nonlinear Errors Algorithm

Numerical approximations for speeding up MCMC inference in the infinite relational model

Otop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Occlusion Reduction System for Hearing Aids with an Improved Transducer and an Associated Algorithm

On Channel Selection for Energy-Constrained Rateless-Coded D2D Communications

On Generative Models for Sequential Formation of Clusters

On Packing Laser Scanning Microscopy Images by Reversible Watermarking: a Case Study

On Quantized Compressed Sensing with Saturated Measurements via Greedy Pursuit

On signals denoising by emd in the frequency domain

On the Convergence, Steady-State, and Tracking Analysis of the SRLMMN Algorithm

On the degrees of freedom of signals on graphs

On the design of an FBMC based air interface enabling channel adaptive pulse shaping per sub-band

On the Effect of Random Snapshot Timing Jitter on the Covariance Matrix for JADE Estimation

On the estimation of time-delays for image sources method

'On The Fly' Dimensionality Reduction For Hyperspectral Image Acquisition

On the Robustness of Co-prime Sampling

On the Security of a Double-Scroll Based "True" Random Bit Generator

Online Bayesian group sparse parameter estimation using a Generalized Inverse Gaussian Markov chain

Online Bayesian Low-Rank Subspace Learning from Partial Observations

Online estimation of a time-varying delay based on a univariate cross-ambiguity function analysis

Online Estimation of Wind Turbine Blade Deflection with UWB Signals

Online nonnegative matrix factorization based on kernel machines

Online Path Loss Estimation for Localization Using Large Aperture Array Signal Processing

Online Sketching for Big Data Subspace Learning

Operationalization of Conceptual Imagery for BCIs

Operator-valued Kernel Recursive Least Squares Algorithm

Opportunities and challenges for ultra low power signal processing in wearable healthcare

Optimal Multiuser Scheduling Schemes for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer

Optimal Sensor-Target Geometries for Doppler-Shift Target Localization

Optimization of Amplitude Modulation Features for Low-Resource Acoustic Scene Classification

Optimized MIMO symbol mapping to improve the turbo cliff region of iterative precoded MIMO detection

Overhead-Aware Distributed CSI Selection in the MIMO Interference Channel

Oversampled Bipartite Graphs with Controlled Redundancy

Oversampled Receive Array Calibration

Ptop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

p-th Power Total Variation Regularization in Photon-Limited Imaging via Iterative Reweighting

Parallel Convolutional-Linear Neural Network for Motor Imagery Classification

Parallel Digital Signal Processing for Efficient Piano Synthesis

Parallelization of Non-Linear & Non-Gaussian Bayesian State Estimators (Particle Filters)

Parallelization of sequential Monte Carlo methods using particle islands: the BASIL algorithm

Parameter estimation of Gaussian Functions using the Scaled Reassigned Spectrogram

Parameter Estimation of Harmonic Linear Chirps

Parametric Elliptically-Shaped Zero-Phase 2D IIR Filter Design

Partial Fractional Fourier Transform (PFrFT)-OFDM for Underwater Acoustic Communication

Partial Update Even Mirror Fourier Non-linear Filters for Active Noise Control

Partially Adaptive Transmit Beamforming for Search Free 2D DOA Estimation in MIMO Radar

Particle filtering for Bayesian parameter estimation in a high dimensional state space model

Particle filtering with a soft detection based near-optimal importance function for visual tracking

Particle Volume Reconstruction based on a Marked Point Process and Application to Tomo-PIV

Parts-Based Shape Recognition Via Shape Geodesics

Perceptual loudness compensation in interactive object-based audio coding systems

Perceptually-Friendly Rate Distortion Optimization in High Efficiency Video Coding

Performance analysis of MVDR beamformer in WASN with sampling rate offsets and blind synchronization

Performance Bounds Analysis in Multichannel Diffusion-MRI

Performance bounds under misspecification model for MIMO Radar application

Performance Comparison of Data-Sharing and Compression Strategies for Cloud Radio Access Networks

Periodic ARMA models: Application to particulate matter concentrations

Periodic components estimation in chronobiological time series via a Bayesian approach

Permutation-Free Clustering of Relative Transfer Function Features for Blind Source Separation

Phase reconstruction of spectrograms with linear unwrapping: application to audio signal restoration

Phasor estimation using Conditional Maximum Likelihood: strengths and limitations

Phone adaptive training for short-duration speaker verification

Piecewise parameterised Markov random fields for semi-local Hurst estimation

Pipelined design of an instantaneous frequency estimation-based time-frequency optimal filter

Pitch Estimation of Stereophonic Mixtures of Delay and Amplitude Panned Signals

Plant Electrical Activity Analysis for Ozone Pollution Critical Level Detection

Plenoptic Imaging Representation

PMMW Image Super Resolution from Compressed Sensing Observations

Polyphonic Pitch Detection by Matching Spectral and Autocorrelation Peaks

Post-Reconstruction Deconvolution of PET Images by Total Generalized Variation Regularization

Power Allocation for Maximizing Energy Efficiency of Mixed RF/VLC Wireless Networks

Power control, coding and spectrum sensing optimization in cognitive transmission

Power Modulation: Application to Inter-Cell Interference Coordination

Principle and Implementation of Vector-based PMU Algorithm using Delay Devices

Properties of Ramanujan filter banks

Proportionate Algorithms for Two-Microphone Active Feedback Cancellation

Qtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Quaternion Common Factor Decomposition of Head-Related Impulse Response

Query by Example Search with Segmented Dynamic Time Warping for Non-Exact Spoken Queries

Rtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Randomized Simultaneous Orthogonal Matching Pursuit

Rate-distortion optimised quantisation for HEVC using spatial just noticeable distortion

Re-Panning of Directional Signals and its Impact on Localization

Real-time Loudspeaker Distance Estimation with Stereo Audio

Recognize and separate approach for speech denoising using nonnegative matrix factorization

Recovering Structured Signals in Noise: Comparison Lemmas and the Performance of Convex Relaxation Methods

Refining Fundamental Frequency Estimates using Time Warping

Rejection-based classification for action recognition using a spatio-temporal dictionary

Relative transfer function estimation exploiting instantaneous signals and the signal subspace

Relax and Unfold: Microphone Localization with Euclidean Distance Matrices

Relaxation of Rank-1 Spatial Constraint in Overdetermined Blind Source Separation

Relay Selection for Optimized Cooperative Jamming Scheme

Relay subset selection in cognitive networks with imperfect CSI and individual power constraints

Representation of signals by local symmetry decomposition

Restoration of instantaneous amplitude and phase of speech signal in noisy reverberant environments

RJMCMC-based Tracking of Vesicles in Fluorescence Time-Lapse Microscopy

Road Network Extraction by a Higher-Order CRF Model Built on Centerline Cliques

Robust Adaptive Beamforming Based on Low-Rank and Cross-Correlation Techniques

Robust adaptive method for speech signal waveform estimation using microphone array

Robust algorithm for active feedback control of narrowband noise

Robust and Reliable Audio Watermarking Based on Dynamic Phase Coding and Error Control Coding

Robust Decentralized Decision Making in Wireless Communications

Robust Multibeam Satellite Systems For Underlay Licensed Shared Access

Robust Multiuser Binary CPM Detection with Unkown modulation index

Robust real-time PPG-based heart rate monitoring

Robust Regression in RKHS - An overview

Robustness improvement of ultrasound-based sensor systems for speech communication

Room Impulse Response Estimation by Iterative Weighted l1-norm

Room impulse response estimation using perfect sequences for Legendre nonlinear filters

Row-Shift Corrected Truncation of Paraunitary Matrices for PEVD Algorithms

Stop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

S-Vector: A Discriminative Representation Derived From i-Vector For Speaker Verification

Sampling FRI Signals with the SoS Kernel: Bounds and Optimal Kernel

Scalable Bayesian Nonparametric Dictionary Learning

Scale invariant divergences for signal and image reconstruction

Scene-aware high dynamic range imaging

Selective Angle Measurements for a 3D-AOA Instrumental Variable TMA Algorithm

Semi-Blind Joint Super-resolution/Segmentation of 3D Trabecular Bone Images by a TV BOX approach

Semi-blind separation of galaxy spectra from a mixture obtained by slitless spectroscopy

Sensitivity Analysis Of The Sequential Test For Detecting Cyber-Physical Attacks

Separation matrix optimization using associative memory model for blind source separation

Sequential Monte Carlo sampling for systems with fractional Gaussian processes

Shape-Based Fish Recognition Via Shape Space

Shot Aggregating Strategy for Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval

Shrinkage methods for one-class classification

SIFT match removal and keypoint preservation through dominant orientation shift

sign language recognition and translation

Signal Processing Challenges from Audio-Video Coding to Telecommunication: A Living Piece of History

Signal processing methods in Sleep Research

Signal Processing over Multi-task Networks

Signal Processing Tools for Big Data Analytics

Single Image Super-resolution via BM3D Sparse Coding

Skeletonization of 3D Plant Point Cloud Using a Voxel Based Thinning Algorithm

Sketchprint: Physical object micro-structure identification using mobile phones

Sleep stage classification using sparse rational decomposition of single channel EEG records

Soft-Feedback OMP for the Recovery of Discrete-Valued Sparse Signals

Sound classification in indoor environment thanks to belief functions

Spark under 2-D Fourier Sampling

Sparse Chroma Estimation For Harmonic Non-Stationary Audio

Sparse Coding Of Natural Images Using A Prior On Edge Co-Occurences

Sparse Reconstruction of Incomplete Relative Transfer Function: Discrete and Continuous Time Domain

Sparse Signal Recovery Using A Bernoulli Generalized Gaussian Prior

Sparse Support Recovery For DOA Estimation In The Presence Of Mutual Coupling

Spatial-Feature-Based Acoustic Scene Analysis Using Distributed Microphone Array

Speaker diarization through speaker embeddings

Speaker Emotional State Classification by DPM Models with Annealed SMC Samplers

Speaker Localization and Separation using Incremental Distributed Expectation-Maximization

Spectral Estimation in Highly Transient Data

Spectral Transition Measure for Detection of Obstruents

Spectrum awareness techniques for 5G Satellite Communications

Speech dereverberation by data-dependent beamforming with signal pre-whitening

Speeding up execution time of a smart wheelchair command technique using parallel computing

Split-Gaussian Particle Filter

Stability of Adaptive Filters with Linearly Interfering Update Errors

Standardization in Semantic Image annotation and Interaction

Stationary Graph Signals using an Isometric Graph Translation

Statistical efficiency of structured CPD estimation applied to Wiener-Hammerstein modeling

Step-adaptive Approximate Least Squares

Stereoscopic Video Description for Key-Frame Extraction In Movie Summarization

Structured Representation of Networked Data

Structured sparsity through reweighting and application to diffusion MRI

Super-resolution of Positive Spikes by Toeplitz Low-rank Approximation

Super-Resolution Using Multiple Structured Dictionaries Based on the Gradient Operator

SWIPT through eigen-decomposition of MIMO channels

Symmetrical EEG-fMRI Imaging by Sparse Regularization

Ttop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Tackling noise, artifacts and nonstationarity in BCI with robust divergences


Taylor-Fourier series analysis for fractional order systems

TDE Sign Based Homing Algorithm for Sound Source Tracking Using a Y-shaped Microphone Array

Temporal Error Concealment for Fisheye Video Sequences Based on Equisolid Re-Projection

Tensor-Based Blind System Identification with Focus on Big Data

The 2D Factor Analysis and its application to face recognition with a single sample per person

The Class of Generalized Hampel Filters

The Ensemble Kalman Filter and Its Relations to Other Nonlinear Filters

The Flexible Signature Dictionary

The Role of Satellites in 5G

The role of the image phase in cardiac strain imaging

The SAS project: Speech Signal Processing in High School Education

Throughput and energy optimization of a Cooperative ARQ scheme using Analog Network Coding

Timbral modeling for music artist recognition using i-vectors

Time-Frequency Ridge Analysis Based on the Reassignment Vector

Timing Mismatch Compensation in TI-ADCs Using Bayesian Approach

Topic Detection and Compressed Classification in Twitter

Toward An Uncertainty Principle For Weighted Graphs

Towards a Generalization of Relative Transfer Functions to More Than One Source

Towards zero-configuration condition monitoring based on dictionary learning

Transform Learning MRI with Global Wavelet Regularization

Two-Sided Diagonalization of Order-Three Tensors

Utop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Ultrasonic fatty liver imaging

Ultrasound Compressive Deconvolution with Lp-Norm Prior

Unequal Error Protection in Rate Adaptive Spectrum Management for Digital Subscriber Line Systems

Unified approach for audio source separation with multichannel factorial HMM and DOA mixture model

Unitary Transform-Based Template Protection and Its Properties

Universal Algorithm for Compressive Sampling

Unmixing Multitemporal Hyperspectral Images Accounting for Endmember Variability

Unsupervised approach to extract summary keywords in meeting domain

Unsupervised Feature Selection Method For Improved Human Gait Recognition

Using enhanced F0-trajectories for Multiple Speaker Detection in Audio Monitoring Scenarios

Using Oximetry Dynamics to Screen for Sleep Disordered Breathing at Varying Thresholds of Severity

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Variational Blind Source Separation Toolbox and its Application to Hyperspectral Image Data

Variational Gaussian Process for Sensor Fusion

Vector quantization with constrained likelihood for face recognition

Vectorization of binaural sound virtualization on the ARM cortex-A15 architecture

Video analysis and synthesis based on a retinal-inspired frame

Video saliency based on rarity prediction: HYPERAPTOR

Virtual Unrolling using X-Ray Computed Tomography

Wtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Wavelet based unsupervised variational Bayesian image reconstruction approach

Weak signal detection based on two dimensional stochastic resonance

What can industrial partnerships bring to projects to teach signal and image processing?

Wide-band source localization based on spatio-temporal structure of data

Wideband DOA Estimation for Uniform Linear Arrays Based on the Co-Array Concept

Wideband High Dynamic Range Surveillance

Wideband Speech Coding with Hybrid Digital-Analog Transmission

Wireless Speech and Audio Communications - A Time Warp

Word embeddings combination and neural networks for robustness in ASR error detection