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Paper #401 Tammi Mikko, Jelinek Milan Signal Modification for Coding Purely Voiced Sections in a Wideband ACELP Speech Coder
Paper #402 Safar Zoltan, Liu K.J. Ray Space-Time Correlation of MIMO Flat Rayleigh Fading Channels
Paper #403 Silva Magno, Gerken Max A RNN-LC Hybrid Equalizer
Paper #404 Jacovitti Giovanni, Neri Alessandro Anisotropic Wavelet Thresholding For Bayesian Image Denoising
Paper #406 Deguillaume Frédéric, Voloshynovskiy Sviatoslav, Pun Thierry Hybrid Robust Watermarking Resistant Againts Copy Attack
Paper #409 Misic Vladimir, Parker Kevin, Buckley Robert MRC for Compression of Colored Engravings
Paper #410 Wen Yu, Chan S.C., Ho K.L. Robust Subspace Tracking Based Blind Channel Identification In Impulsive Noise Environment
Paper #412 Lu Xiaojian, Champagne Benoit Pitch analysis-based acoustic echo cancellation over a nonlinear channel
Paper #415 Pesquet-Popescu Beatrice, Piella Gemma, Heijmans Henk Construction of adaptive wavelets using update lifting and quadratic decision criteria
Paper #416 Yu Eric, Chan Cheung Fat Phase modeling and quantization for low-rate harmonic+noise coding
Paper #417 Glentis George A pipelined Fast Newton Transversal Filter
Paper #420 Verbert Pierre, Guédon Jean-Pierre An exact discrete backprojection operator
Paper #422 Kuo Ching-Chih, Chang Wen-Thong Reduction of Quantization Error With Adaptive Wiener FIlter in Low Bit Rate Coding
Paper #423 Macleod Malcolm Implementation of Median-LMS Adaptive Filters Using Power-of-Two Multiplication in the Adaptation Arithmetic
Paper #425 Salvador Elena, Ebrahimi Touradj Cast Shadow Recognition in Color Images
Paper #429 Maby Emmanuel, Chaillou Stéphane, Marquis Patrick, Le Bouquin-Jeannès Régine Characterization of auditory evoked potentials recorded in radiofrequency fields
Paper #430 Boussakta Said, Alshibami Osama 3-D Fast algorithm for the 3-D new Mersenne number transform
Paper #434 Völcker Björn, Händel Peter Optimizing Correlation Based Frequency Estimators
Paper #437 Djemal Khalifa, Puech William, Rossetto Bruno Active Contours Propagation in a Medical Images Sequence With a Local Estimation
Paper #438 Ysebaert Geert, Vanbleu Koen, Cuypers Gert, Moonen Marc, Van Acker Katleen Double Talk Cancellation in Echo Cancelled DMT-systems
Paper #447 Fekkai Souhila, Al-Akaidi Marwan, Blackledge Jonathan A New Speech Synthesis Based on Fractal
Paper #448 Kikuchi Hisakazu, Muramatsu Shogo, Ishida Takuma, Kuge Tetsuro Reversible Conversion between Interlaced and Progressive Scan Formats and Its Efficient Implementation
Paper #451 Bilcu Eniko Beatrice, Salmela Petri, Suontausta Janne, Saarinen Jukka Application of the Neural Networks for Text-to-Phoneme Mapping
Paper #452 Spriet Ann, Moonen Marc, Proudler Ian Feedback Cancellation in Hearing Aids: an unbiased modelling Approach
Paper #453 Karim Ben Chehida, Michel Auguin, Sebastien Raimbault Architecture and application partitionning for reconfigurable system design
Paper #454 Chan Yuk-Hee, Fung Yik-Hing Regularized Restoration of Color-Quantized Images
Paper #456 Bhattacharya Mrinmoy, Saramäki Tapio Multiplierless implementation of all-pole digital filters using a low-sensitivity structure
Paper #458 Saramäki Tapio, Bhattacharya Mrinmoy Multiplierless implementation of bandpass and bandstop recursive digital filters using low-sensitivity transformation
Paper #459 Panci Giampiero, Campisi Patrizio, Colonnese Stefania, Scarano Gaetano The Bussgang algorithm for multichannel blind image restoration
Paper #460 Boulgouris Nikolaos, Thomos Nikolaos, Strintzis Michael Error-Resilient Coding and Forward Error Correction for Image Transmission over Unreliable Channels
Paper #461 Yasukawa Hiroshi, Niwa Shinji, Hata Masayasu, Takumi Ichi A simple signal detection method for great earthquake prediction by observation of seismic electromagnetic wave radiations
Paper #463 Fung C. Y., Chan S.C., Tse K.W. Space-time decorrelating RAKE receiver in multipath CDMA channel
Paper #465 Alturki Faisal, Mersereau Russell Secure, blind image watermarking technique for copyright protection
Paper #468 Yeung Kim Sang, Chan Shing Chow On the design and multiplier-less realization of digital IF for software radio receivers
Paper #469 Cariou Claude, Chehdi Kacem Segmentation of fractal objects : application to the measure of algae deposit density in the 'green tide' phenomenon
Paper #470 Chan Kin-Lok, Chan Shing Chow Video Object Coding and Rendering for Panoramic Video
Paper #472 Stasinski Ryszard DCT computation using real-valued DFT algorithms
Paper #473 Uncini Aurelio, Nalin Andrea, Parisi Raffaele Acoustic echo cancellation in the presence of distorting loudspeakers
Paper #476 Mansour Mohamed, Tewfik Ahmed Secure detection of public watermarks with fractal decision boundaries
Paper #479 Durney Hugo, Sala Josep Rational characterization for memoryless adaptive pre-distortion
Paper #482 Guillemot Ludovic, Voinson Teddy, Moureaux Jean-Marie Lattice vector quantization with dead zone for an efficient combined compression and watermarking algorithm
Paper #484 Touzni Azzedine, Endres Tom, Fu Haosong, Casas Raul Behavior and corrections of constant modulus equalization with a DC offset
Paper #485 Matsumoto Mitsuo, Yamanaka Susumu, Toyama Mikio, Nomura Hiroaki Moving sound image representation method
Paper #487 Gabrea Marcel Adaptive Kalman Filtering for Speech Signal Recovery in Colored Noise
Paper #488 Dasgupta Soura, Pandharipande Ashish Subband Coding of Cyclostationary Signals with Overdecimated Filter Banks
Paper #489 Parisot Christophe, Antonini Marc, Barlaud Michel High Performance Coding using a Model-based Bit Allocation and EBCOT
Paper #490 Ye Hua, Deng Guang, Devlin John Parametric probability models for lossless coding of natural images
Paper #493 Houcke Sebastien, Chevreuil Antoine, Ciblat Philippe Estimation of the symbol period: the frequency offset case
Paper #494 Valbonesi Lucia, Ansari Rashid, McNeill David, Quek Francis, Duncan Susan, McCullough Karl-Eric Detection of focal points in speech prosody
Paper #498 Pereira Manuela, Antonini Marc, Barlaud Michel Low Complexity Multiple Description Coding Scheme using Wavelet Transform