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Paper #700 Yahiaoui Itheri, Merialdo Bernard, Huet Benoit Image Similarity For Automatic Video Summarization
Paper #701 Babaie-Zadeh Massoud, Jutten Christian, Nayebi Kambiz A Geometric Approach For Separating Post Non-Linear Mixtures
Paper #702 Lamel Lori, Gauvain Jean-Luc Automatic Processing of Broadcast Audio in Multiple Languages
Paper #703 Klang Göran, Ottersten Björn Interference Rejection in Systems Employing Transmit Diversity
Paper #704 Liew Michael, Lee Dominic, Chia Nicholas, Cheng Kok Ping Bayesian algorithms for the passive location of a stationary emitter by a moving platform
Paper #705 Schafhuber Dieter, Matz Gerald, Hlawatsch Franz, Loubaton Philippe MMSE Estimation of Time-Varying Channels for DVB-T Systems with Strong Co-Channel Interference
Paper #706 Parisot Christophe, Antonini Marc, Barlaud Michel Scan-based Quality Control for JPEG2000 using R-D Models
Paper #707 Jordi Solé- i -Casals, Enric Monte-Moreno Nonlinear Prediction Based on Score Function
Paper #708 Hélard Jean-François, Bougeard Stéphane Optimized directed decision frequency synchronization systems in presence of Gaussian noise and oscillator phase noise
Paper #709 Barbarossa Sergio, Scutari Gesualdo On the maximum common rate in multiple access channels
Paper #710 Pascual Iserte Antonio, Pérez-Neira Ana I., Lagunas Hernández Miguel Ángel Joint Transceiver Optimization in Wireless Multiuser MIMO-OFDM Channels based on Simulated Annealing
Paper #711 Larabi Mohamed-Chaker, Fernandez-Maloigne Christine, Richard Noël Psychovisual evaluation of the effect of color spaces and color quantification in JPEG2000 image compression
Paper #712 Ghogho Mounir On blind frequency-offset synchronization for OFDM communications
Paper #713 Ye Sigen, Blum Rick S. Optimum signaling for MIMO-OFDM systems with interference
Paper #714 Boelcskei Helmut, Borgmann Moritz, Arogyaswami J. Paulraj Performance of Space-Frequency Coded Broadband OFDM under Real-World Propagation Conditions
Paper #715 Mestre Xavier, Fonollosa Javier R., Pagès Alba Capacity of MIMO Channels: Asymptotic Results for Correlated Fading
Paper #716 Giugno Luca, Lottici Vincenzo, Luise Marco Another Turbo-Something: Carrier Synchronization
Paper #717 Xin Yan, Giannakis Georgios Layered Space-Time OFDM with High-Performance and High-Rate
Paper #718 Rouat Jean, Pichevar Ramin nonlinear speech processing with oscillatory neural networks for speaker segregation
Paper #719 Deville Yannick Analysis and control of the stability of a differential separation method for underdetermined convolutive mixtures
Paper #720 Noels Nele, Steendam Heidi, Moeneclaey Marc The true Cramer-Rao bound for carrier and symbol synchronization
Paper #721 Peláez-Moreno Carmen, Gallardo-Antolín Ascensión, Parrado-Hernández Emilio, Díaz-de-María Fernando SVM-based lost packets concealment for ASR applications over IP
Paper #722 Iregui Marcela, Chevalier Philippe, Macq Benoit Optimal Caching Mechanism for JPEG 2000 Communications
Paper #723 Morlet Catherine, Boucheret Marie-Laure Impact of phase noise on carrier phase estimation at Ka-Band
Paper #724 Sartenaer Thierry, Vandendorpe Luc ML DA timing estimation for multiuser FB uplink transmission over static time dispersive channels
Paper #725 Zerubia Josiane Image Processing for High Resolution Satellite and Aerial Data
Paper #726 Nguyen Anthony, Chandran Vinod, Sridharan Sridha, Prandolini Robert Progressive coding in JPEG2000 - Improving content recognition performance using ROIs and importance maps
Paper #727 Djuric Petar, Zhang Jianqiu, Ghirmai Tadesse, Huang Yufei, Kotecha Jayesh Applications of Particle Filtering to Communications: A Review
Paper #728 Zhang Jianqiu, Huang Yufei, Djuric Petar Multiuser Detection with Particle Filtering
Paper #729 Pérez-Cruz Fernando, Artes-Rodriguez Antonio Adaptive SVC for nonlinear channel equalization
Paper #730 Fong William, Godsill Simon Sequential Monte Carlo simulation of dynamical models with slow-varying parameters: An extension
Paper #731 Adelsbach Andre, Katzenbeisser Stefan, Sadeghi Ahmad-Reza Cryptography Meets Watermarking: Detecting Watermarks with Minimal or Zero Knowledge Disclosure
Paper #732 Davy Manuel, Andrieu Christophe, Doucet Arnaud A Particle filtering Technique for Jump Markov Systems
Paper #733 Armbruster Philippe, Gasti Wahida On-Board Payload Data Processing Systems / On-board Networks for Future Missions
Paper #734 Petre Frederik, Leus Geert, Deneire Luc, Moonen Marc, Engels Marc Per-Tone Chip Equalization for Space-Time Block Coded Single-Carrier Block Transmission DS-CDMA Downlink
Paper #735 Amblard Pierre-Olivier Tracking of a Brownian phase with linear drift : algorithms and performances.
Paper #736 Punskaya Elena, Doucet Arnaud, Fitzgerald William On the use and misuse of particle filtering in digital communications
Paper #737 Benois-Pineau Jenny, Desainte-Catherine Myriam, Louis Nicolas A method for extraction of audio-visual leitmotif in movies by cross media analysis
Paper #738 Liavas Athanasios Robustness of the finite-length MMSE-DFE with respect to channel and second-order statistics estimation errors
Paper #739 Langlet Fabien, Abdulkader Hasan, Roviras Daniel Predistorsion of non-linear satellite channels using neural network: architecture, algorithm and implementation
Paper #740 Chollet Gérard, Faúndez-Zanuy Marcos, Kleijn Bastiaan, Kubin Gernot, McLaughlin Stephen, Petek Bojan Future work in cost action 277 on nonlinear speech processing
Paper #743 Trappe Wade, Wu Min, Liu K.J. Ray Joint Coding and Embedding for Collusion-Resistant Fingerprinting
Paper #744 Kopsinis Yannis, Theodoridis Sergios A novel cluster based MLSE equalizer for 2-PAM signaling scheme
Paper #745 Lefebvre Frédéric, Macq Benoit, Legat Jean-Didier RAdon Soft Hash Algorithm
Paper #746 van der Veen Michiel, Lemma Aweke, Bruekers Fons, Aprea Javier, Kalker Ton Security Issues in Digital Audio Watermarking
Paper #747 Cardoso Jean-Francois, Snoussi Hichem, Delabrouille Jacques, Patanchon Guillaume Blind separation of noisy Gaussian stationary sources. Application to cosmic microwave background imaging.
Paper #748 Leonardi Riccardo, Migliorati Pierangelo, Prandini Maria Modelling of visual features by Markov chains for sport content characterization
Paper #749 Erikson Jan, Koivunen Visa Blind Identifiability of Class of Nonlinear Instantaneous ICA Models
Paper #750 Nordlund Per-Johan, Gunnarsson Fredrik, Gustafsson Fredrik Particle Filters for Positioning in Wireless Networks
Paper #751 Yang Zigang, Wang Xiaodong Sequential Monte Carlo for Mobility Management in Wireless Cellular Networks
Paper #752 Gorokhov Alexei Bandwidth efficient SDMA multicarrier systems with frequency domain diversity
Paper #753 Garrido Luis, Salembier Philippe A framework for the retrieval of multiple regions using Binary Partition Trees and low level descriptors
Paper #754 Stoica Petre, Ganesan Girish Trained Space-Time Block Decoding For Fading Channels With Frequency Offsets
Paper #755 Rontogiannis Athanasios, Berberidis Kostas, Marava Alexandra A (semi)-blind equalization technique for wireless burst transmission systems
Paper #757 Ali R. Ayesha, Richardson Thomas S., Murua Alejandro, Roy Sumit Evaluation of sequential importance sampling for blind deconvolution via a simulation study
Paper #758 Moury Gilles, Ribes André, Lesthievent Guy Overview And General Principles Of Source Coding, Channel Coding & Modulation In CCSDS And DVB-S Standards
Paper #759 Adragna Frédéric, Datcu Mihai, Hajnsek Irena, Inglada Jordi, Papathanassiou Kostas, Petit David Information Extraction from high resolution SAR data
Paper #760 Datcu Mihai, Giros Alain New concepts for Earth observation data catalogues
Paper #761 Goudy Philippe, Kubik Philippe, Rougé Bernard, Latry Christophe From Image Processing Concepts to Instrument Design in Remote Sensing Satellites
Paper #762 Suchandt Steffen, Eineder Michael, Adam Nico, Holzner Jürgen Advances and Prospects in SAR missions and Instruments
Paper #763 Onno Patrice, Lambert-Nebout Catherine, Nicholson Didier JPEG2000 : present and future of the new standard
Paper #764 McCanny Paul, McCanny John, Masud Shahid VLSI Design and Implementation of 2-D Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform
Paper #765 Le Barz Cédric, Elmostadi Rachid, Nicholson Didier Real Time Implementation of JPEG2000
Paper #766 Poulliat Charly, Vila Pierre, Pirez Didier, Fijalkow Inbar Progressive Quality JPEG2000 Image Transmission over Noisy Channel
Paper #767 Marchand-Maillet Stephane Construction of a Formal Multimedia Benchmark
Paper #769 Hurley Neil, Silvestre Guénolé, Furon Teddy Side-informed watermarking using Nth order polynomial detectors
Paper #770 Miller Matthew Is asymmetric watermarking necessary or sufficient?
Paper #771 Cardoso Jean-Francois Looking for components in the Universe's oldest data set
Paper #772 Butz Torsten, Thiran Jean-Philippe Feature-space Mutual Information for Multi-modal Signal Processing with Application to Medical Image Registration
Paper #773 McLaughlin Stephen Nonlinear Speech Synthesis
Paper #774 Hachez Gaël, Quisquater Jean-Jacques Which directions for asymmetric watermarking?