List of Papers

Ultra Lightweight Encapsulation for Efficient IPv6 Transport
Collini-Nocker, B. , Linder, H. , Stering, W.
in Broadcast Systems & Convergence

Ultra-Wideband Transmission with Polarization Diversity for Constant QoS in Short-Range Communications
Argenti, F. , Bianchi, T. , Mucchi, L. , Ronga, L. S.
in UWB Systems

Ultra-WideBand Transmitter for Wireless Body Area Networks
Ryckaert, J. , Desset, C. , Heyn, V. de , Badaroglu, M. , Wambacq, P. , Plas, G. Van der , Poucke, B. Van
in UWB I

Use of Random Building Height Model for Fixed Wireless Access System in Urban and Suburban Environments
Abhayawardhana, V. S. , Crosby, D. , Wassell, I. J. , Sellars, M. P. , Brown, M. G.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

User Terminal Antennas for DVB-H Systems: An Overview
Haro, L. de , Redondo, C. , Puebla, M. de la , Arias, J. M.
in Hardware II: Antennas & RF