List of Papers

On the Analysis of an Up/Down Power Controlled CDMA System in a Fast Rayleigh-Fading Environment
Dörpinghaus, M. , Schmitt, L. , Viering, I. , Klein, A. , Dieterich, H. , Ascheid, G. , Meyr, H.
in Cellular Systems II: CDMA

On the Architectural Design of Frequency-Agile Multi-Standard Wireless Receivers
Maurer, L. , Burger, T. , Dellsperger, T. , Stuhlberger, R. , Hueber, G. , Schmidt, M. , Weigel, R.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

On the Design and Performance of LDPC Coded MC-CDMA Systems
Duan, Z. , Valkama, M. , Renfors, M.

On the Design of a Configurable UMTS/NAVSAT Transceiver
Maurer, L. , Springer, A. , Stuhlberger, R. , Wicpalek, Ch. , Heinrichs, G. , Winkel, J. , Drewes, Ch.
in Hardware II: Antennas & RF

On the Downlink Capacity of WCDMA Systems with Transmit Diversity
Singh, V. , Yilmaz, O. , Wang, J. , Reddy, K. , Slimane, S. B.
in Cellular Systems I: Capacity & HSxPA

On the Duality of Wireless Systems with Multiple Cooperating Transmitters and Wireless Systems with Correlated Antennas
Mietzner, J. , Hoeher, P. A.
in Novel Networks & Relaying

On the Effects of Different User Speeds on the Performance of High Speed Downlink Packet Access
Mueller, A. , Chen, T.
in Cellular Systems I: Capacity & HSxPA

On The Outage Probability of Large DS-CDMA Systems Using Higher Order Modulation
Prätor, O. , Fettweis, G. P.
in Coding & Modulation

On the Performance of a Multi-Edge Type LDPC Code for Coded Modulation
Cronie, H. S.
in Coding & Modulation

On the Performance of Coded OFDM with and without Spreading in an Interference Limited Environment
Auer, G.
in OFDM & MC-CDMA Systems

On the Robustness of a Novel Reputation Mechanism for Centralized Clustered Ad-hoc Networks
Vassilaras, S. , Vogiatzis, D. , Yovanof, G. S.
in Ad Hoc Networks

On the Use of OFDM for beyond 3G Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
Cioni, S. , Corazza, G. E. , Neri, M. , Vanelli-Coralli, A.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

Opportunistic Beamforming vs. Space-Time Coding in a Queued Downlink
Kobayashi, M. , Caire, G. , Gesbert, D.

Opportunistic Subcarrier Management for Delay Sensitive Traffic in OFDMA-Based Wireless Multimedia Networks
Khattab, A. K. F. , Elsayed, K. M. F.
in Multiple Access & OFDMA

Optical Free-Space Communications Downlinks from Stratospheric Platforms - Overview on STROPEX, the Optical Communications Experiment of CAPANINA
Giggenbach, D. , Horwath, J.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

Optimal downlink Rate Allocation in multicell CDMA Networks

in QoS & Scheduling

Optimal Power Allocation in Zero-forcing MIMO-OFDM Downlink with Multiuser Diversity
Chan, P. W. C. , Cheng, R. S .K.

Optimising Simultaneous Interface Usage In A Converged Multimode Terminal
Pandolfi, A. , Surtees, A. , Finking, R. , McCann, St.
in Hardware IV: Reconfigurability

Optimization of Array Topology and Capacity for 3G CDMA Network with Adaptive Antennas
Karakoc, M. , Kavak, A.

Optimization of Multiple Description Quantizers for Stochastic and Time-Varying Loss Probabilities
Larsen, M. H. , Arnbak, K. D. , Andersen, S. V.
in Source & Channel Coding

Optimized Bit Rate Allocation for Iterative Source-Channel Decoding and its Extension towards Multi-Mode Transmission
Adrat, M. , Vary, P. , Clevorn, T.
in PHY I