List of Papers

Market-Driven Dynamic Spectrum Allocation: Optimal End-User Pricing and Admission Control for CDMA
Rodriguez, V. , Moessner, K. , Tafazolli, R.
in RRM & Dynamic Spectrum Management

MC-SS for Personal Area Networks - A Combined PHY and MAC Approach
Schoo, K. , Choi, H. , Fazel, M. S. , Dahlhaus, D. , Mutti, C. , Sanctis, M. de , Balamuralidhar, P.
in Ad Hoc Networks

Measurement and Modelling of Scattering from Building Walls
Esposti, V. D. , Fuschini, F. , Vitucci, E. , Graziani, D.
in Propagation & Channel Measurements

Measurements and Modelling of the Small Scale Effects of Radio Channels for Rural and Suburban Beyond 3G Wireless Communications
Zhao, X. , Jämsä, T. , Meinilä, J. , Kyösti, P. , Nuutinen, J.-P. , Laselva, D. , Hentilä, L.
in Propagation & Channel Measurements

MEMS-driven Flexible Filters for Cognitive Radio
Carey-Smith, B. E. , Warr, P. A. , Beach, M. A.
in Hardware II: Antennas & RF

Method for Improving the CGI++ Mobile Location Technique by Exployting Past Measurements
Markoulidakis, J. G. , Desiniotis, C. , Kypris, K.
in Channel Estimation & Positioning

MHP-based Mobile Prototype Implementing the INSTINCT Middleware Concept
Schiek, U. , Steckel, Ph.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Millimeter Wave High Gain Antenna with Wide Radiation Angel in Azimuth Plane
Nesic, A. , Micic, Zoran , Radnovic, I. , Jovanovic, S. , Nesic, D.
in Hardware II: Antennas & RF

MIPv6 Extensions for seamless IP Mobility in Converged DVB-T/WLAN Networks
Negru, D. , Mehaoua, A. , Pallis, E.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Integration in the DAIDALOS Architecture
Sargento, S. , Calçada, T. , Barraca, J. P. , Crisóstomo, S. , Girão, J. , Natkaniec, M. , Vicari, N. , Cuesta, F. , Ricardo, M.
in Ad Hoc Networks

Mobile Devices: Secure Clients or Secure Peers?
Almenárez, F. , Marín, A. , Campo, C. , García R., C.
in Security

Mobile Telecommunications Landscape in Associate Candidate and Western Balkan Countries
Verikoukis, Ch. , Angelidis, P.
in Applications & Business Models

MobileIN: Harmonized Services over Heterogeneous Mobile, IN and WLAN Infrastructures
Kavadias, Ch. D. , Grabner, B. , Rupp, St. , Kabilafkas, D. , Pagomenos, G. , Mota, T. , Ritchie, L.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Modeling and Simulation of GNSS with NS2
Inzerilli, T. , Forti, D. Lo
in Satellite Systems I

Multi-User Diversity in the Cooperative Transmissions
Agustin, A. , Vidal, J. , Muñoz, O.
in Novel Networks & Relaying

Multi-user Opportunistic Scheduling using Power Controlled Hierarchical Constellations
Hossain, Md. J. , Alouini, M.-S. , Bhargava, V. K.
in QoS & Scheduling II