EUSIPCO 2012 Technical Program

Session Legend
L – Lecture; L-SS – Lecture, Special Session; P – Poster

Time Session

Tuesday, August 28th

 9:00 PT-1: Automatic Speech Recognition: Past, Present and Future
10:00 L-SAMP-1: Adaptive Beamforming,
L-SP-1: Speaker Recognition,
L-SPC-1: Signal Detection and Estimation,
L-SS-1A: Tensor Decompositions and Source Separation Part I,
P-DSP-1: Filter Design and Adaptive Implementation,
P-IVP-1: Image/Video Feature Extraction,
P-SPA-1: Localization, Navigation, and Geophysical Signal Processing
11:40 L-DSP-1: Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems,
L-IVP-1: Image/Video Enhancement,
L-SS-1B: Tensor Decompositions and Source Separation Part II,
L-SS-2A: Digital Signal Processing for Hearing Instruments Part I,
P-SP-1: Speech Processing I,
P-SPA-2: Multimedia Signal Processing and Applications,
P-SPT-1: Spectrum Sensing and Estimation
14:40 PT-2: Computable Performance Analysis of Sparsity Recovery with Application
15:40 L-SPA-1: Biomedical Signal Processing I,
L-SS-2B: Digital Signal Processing for Hearing Instruments Part II,
L-SS-3: DSP for Localization: GNSS, Cooperation, Signals-of-Opportunity... What Else?,
L-SS-4: Recent Advances in Distributed Source Coding,
P-AE-1: Audio and Electroacoustics,
P-ML-1: Machine Learning,
P-SPC-1: Wireless Sensor Networks

Wednesday, August 29th

 9:00 PT-3: Source Separation in Nonlinear Mixtures: How and Why?
10:00 L-IVP-2: Multiview and 3D Video Coding,
L-SPC-2: Wireless Sensor Networks,
L-SS-5: Localization, Diversity and Uncertainty in Signal Representations,
L-SS-6: Mixed-Integer Programming in Signal Processing and Wireless Communications,
P-SPT-2: Sparse Signal Representation,
P-SPT-3: Statistical Signal Processing Applications
11:40 L-SPA-2: Biomedical Signal Processing II,
L-SPT-1: Compressive Sampling,
L-SS-7: Latency Aspects in Cellular and Ad-Hoc Networks,
L-SS-8: Applications of Acoustic Scene Analysis and Rendering,
P-DSP-2: Design and Implementation of DSP Systems,
P-IVP-2: Multiview and 3D Image/Video,
P-SPT-4: Signal Processing Detection and Estimation
14:40 PT-4: A New Theory for Designing Socio-Computational Systems
15:40 L-IVP-3: Image and Video Coding,
L-SS-10: Uncovering the Processing History of Multimedia Objects,
L-SS-11: Audio Processing Algorithms for Ad-Hoc Microphone Arrays and Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks,
L-SS-9: Audio Summarization,
P-SAMP-1: Sensor Arrays,
P-SPC-2: MIMO and Relay Communications,
P-SPT-5: Compressive Sampling and Sparsity

Thursday, August 30th

 9:00 PT-5: Shannonian Abstractions, Real-Time Interactive Communications Calamities and Near-Capacity Multimedia Transceivers...
10:00 L-AE-1: Content-Based Audio Processing,
L-ML-1: Blind Source Separation and Independent Component Analysis,
L-SS-12: Biometrics and Forensics Synergies,
L-SS-13: Analysis of Large Scale Efficient and Collaborative Streaming,
P-IVP-3: Image and Video Processing,
P-SPC-3: Signal Processing for Communications I
11:40 L-SP-2: Speech Recognition,
L-SS-14: Audio Analysis in Smart Homes,
L-SS-15: Watermarking,
L-SS-16: Selected Topics in Bio-Medical 1D Signal Analysis,
P-SPA-3: Multimedia Security,
P-SPA-4: Biomedical Signal Processing,
P-SPT-6: Statistical Signal Processing
14:40 PT-6: Sensing the Universe: Signal Processing Challenges for Large Radio Telescope Arrays
15:40 L-IVP-4: Image and Video Coding and Transmission,
L-SPA-3: Object Detection and Tracking,
L-SS-17: New Trends in Adaptive Signal Processing for Acoustic and Audio: Smart Algorithms and Applications,
L-SS-O: Kinect Imaging: Beyond Gaming,
P-AE-2: Audio and Musical Signal Processing,
P-SP-2: Speech Processing II,
P-SPT-7: Signal and System Modelling: Representation and Estimation

Friday, August 31th

 9:00 PT-7: Information Theoretic Aggregation for Sparse Prediction
10:00 L-AE-2: Audio Coding, Analysis and Synthesis,
L-DSP-2: Digital Filter Design,
L-ML-2: Clustering and Classification,
L-SS-18: Multimedia Delivery over Content Aware Networks,
P-IVP-4: Image Segmentation,
P-SAMP-2: Sensor Array Signal Processing
11:40 L-SP-3: Speech Enhancement,
L-SPT-2: Signal Detection and Estimation,
L-SS-19: Ubiquitous Media: Semantic Visual Entities, Connected TV and Immersive Applications,
L-SS-20A: Informed Audio Source Separation, Trends and Perspectives Part I,
P-AE-3: Audio Signal Processing,
P-IVP-5: Remote Sensing and Geo. Signal Processing,
P-SPC-4: Signal Processing for Communications II
14:40 PT-8: Space-from-Time Imaging: Acquiring Reflectance and Depth With Less Optics
15:40 L-IVP-5: Biomedical Image Analysis,
L-SAMP-2: Adaptive Signal Processing,
L-SS-20B: Informed Audio Source Separation, Trends and Perspectives Part II,
L-SS-21: Cognitive and Cooperative Radio,
P-AE-4: Audio Signal Processing Applications,
P-IVP-6: Image and Video Processing Applications,
P-SP-3: Speech Processing III

Tuesday, August 28th

09:00 - 10:00

PT-1: Automatic Speech Recognition: Past, Present and Future

Jean-Paul Haton
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
The use of speech as a man-machine communication medium has been extensively studied during the past few decades. This presentation will address one aspect of this domain, i.e., automatic speech recognition (ASR) that consists of interacting with a machine by voice. Commercial products have existed for more than 20 years, at first for isolated word recognition, and then for connected words and continuous speech, with applications of increasing complexity: dictation and data entry, interactive voice response, control, telecommunications, medias and meetings transcription, etc. Most of these systems are based on statistical modeling, both at the acoustic and linguistic levels.
If automatic speech recognition systems perform remarkably well, even for large vocabulary or multi-speaker tasks, their performance degrades dramatically in adverse situations, especially in the presence of noise or distortion. In particular, problems are created by differences that may occur between training and testing conditions (noise level as measured by the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), distance to the microphone and orientation, type of speakers, etc.). Speech recognition in adverse conditions has received much attention since system robustness has become one of the major bottlenecks for practical use of speech recognizers in real life.
After briefly recalling the basic principles of speech signal acquisition and parameterization, we will present the statistical approach to ASR (especially in a Bayesian framework) that is now the most widely used, based on Hidden Markov Models (HMM) for acoustic modeling. We will then turn to the types of solutions that have been proposed so far to increase the robustness of ASR systems in order to obtain good performance in real life conditions, including robust feature extraction and model adaptation.

10:00 - 11:20

L-SAMP-1: Adaptive Beamforming

Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chair: Patrick A Naylor (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
10:00 Low-Complexity Blind Beamforming Based on Cyclostationarity
W. Zhang and W. Liu
pp. 1-5
10:20 An Extended Interior-Point Method for Transmit Beamforming in Multi-Group Multicasting
N. Bornhorst, P. Davarmanesh and M. Pesavento
pp. 6-10
10:40 A Subband Hybrid Beamforming for In-car Speech Enhancement
C. Fox, G. Vitte, M. Charbit, J. Prado, R. Badeau and B. David
pp. 11-15
11:00 A Linearly-Constrained Approach for Filtered-x Wiener Filtering
L. Resende and J. C. M. Bermudez
pp. 16-20

L-SP-1: Speaker Recognition

Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chair: Dragos Burileanu (Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania)

L-SPC-1: Signal detection and estimation

Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chair: Stephan Weiss (University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom)
10:00 Blind Channel-Shortening for Wireless Communication with a Recursive Delayed Prediction-Error Filter
W. Dalzell and C. Cowan
pp. 41-45
10:20 Interference Mitigation and Error Correction Method for AIS Signals Received by Satellite
R. Prévost, M. Coulon, D. Bonacci, J. LeMaitre, J. P. Millerioux and J. Y. Tourneret
pp. 46-50
10:40 Lattice Reduction Aided Selective Spanning with Fast Enumeration for Soft-Output MIMO Detection
U. Ahmad, M. Li, S. Pollin, C. Desset, L. Van der Perre and R. Lauwereins
pp. 51-55
11:00 Block-Based Decision-Feedback Equalizers with Reduced Redundancy
W. Martins and P. Diniz
pp. 56-60

L-SS-1A: Tensor Decompositions and Source Separation Part I

Special Session
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chair: Eric Moreau (University of Sud Toulon Var & Lseet Umr CNRS 6017, France)
Organizers: E. Moreau and P. Comon
10:00 IVA and ICA: Use of Diversity in Independent Decompositions
T. Adali, M. Anderson and G. Fu
pp. 61-65
10:40 Inpainting Color Images in Learned Dictionary
M. Filipovic, I. Kopriva and A. Cichocki
pp. 66-70
11:00 Nonnegative 3-way Tensor Factorization Taking Into Account Possible Missing Data
J. P. Royer, N. Thirion and P. Comon
pp. 71-75

P-DSP-1: Filter design and adaptive implementation

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chair: Michel Kieffer (L2S - CNRS - SUPELEC - UniversityParis-Sud, France)

P-IVP-1: Image/Video Feature Extraction

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: Pascal Frossard (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - EPFL, Switzerland)
Do We Really Need Gaussian Filters for Feature Point Detection ?
L. K. Liu, T. Nguyen and S. H. Chan
pp. 131-135
People Counting System in Crowded Scenes Based on Feature Regression
H. Fradi and J. L. Dugelay
pp. 136-140
2DT Conical Wavelet with High Aperture-Selectivity for Directional Speed Capture in Video Sequences
P. Brault and J. P. Antoine
pp. 141-145
Depth Analysis for Surveillance Videos in the H.264 Compressed Domain
H. Nicolas
pp. 146-149
Zero-Crossing Based Image Projections Encoding for Eye Localization
L. Florea, C. Florea, R. Vranceanu and C. Vertan
pp. 150-154
Compressive Video Classification in a Low-Dimensional Manifold with Learned Distance Metric
G. Tzagkarakis, G. Tsagkatakis, J. L. Starck and P. Tsakalides
pp. 155-159
A Robust and Lightweight Feature System for Video Fingerprinting
T. J. Liu, H. J. Han, A. Katsaggelos, X. Xin and Z. Li
pp. 160-164
Multimode Spatiotemporal Background Modeling for Complex Scenes
Li Sun, Q. De Neyer and C. De Vleeschouwer
pp. 165-169
Color Textured Image Retrieval by Combining Texture and Color Features
C. Bai, K. Kpalma and J. Ronsin
pp. 170-174

P-SPA-1: Localization, Navigation, and Geophysical Signal Processing

Room: Gallery C5-A
Chair: Abdelhak M Zoubir (Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany)
Ultrasonic Array Sensor for Indoor Presence Detection
D. Caicedo and A. Pandharipande
pp. 175-179
Experimental Evaluation of Simultaneous 3D Localization of Sensor Nodes and Tracking Moving Targets
P. Oguz Ekim, J. Gomes, J. Xavier and P. Oliveira
pp. 180-184
A Boltzmann Machine to Model the Multipath Environment for Particle Filtering Based GPS Navigation
V. Pereira, A. Giremus and E. Grivel
pp. 185-189
Wireless Positioning Using Ellipsoidal Constraints
G. Soldi and A. Jakobsson
pp. 190-194
Efficient Training for Fingerprint Based Positioning Using Matrix Completion
S. Nikitaki, G. Tsagkatakis and P. Tsakalides
pp. 195-199
RFI Subspace Estimation Techniques for New Generation Radio Telescopes
G. Hellbourg, T. Trainini, R. Weber, E. Moreau, C. Capdessus and A. J. Boonstra
pp. 200-204
Real Time Indoor Tracking of Tagged Objects with a Network of RFID Readers
Li Geng, M. Bugallo, A. Athalye and P. Djuric
pp. 205-209
Navigation System for Elderly Care Applications Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
A. Correa, A. Morell, M. Barcelo and J. López Vicario
pp. 210-214
A Convex Variational Approach for Multiple Removal in Seismic Data
D. Gragnaniello, C. Chaux, J. C. Pesquet and L. Duval
pp. 215-219

11:40 - 13:20

L-DSP-1: Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems

Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chair: Silviu Ciochina (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)
11:40 Comparison of Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Implementations
B. Sturm and M. Christensen
pp. 220-224
12:00 Continuous Time Digital Systems with Asynchronous Sigma Delta Modulation
N. Tavangaran, D. Brückmann, R. Kokozinski and K. Konrad
pp. 225-229
12:20 A Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer Based on Automatic Nonuniform Piecewise Function Generation
J. Rust and S. Paul
pp. 230-234
12:40 Convergence Analysis of the ε NSRLMMN Algorithm
M. M. U. Faiz and A. Zerguine
pp. 235-239
13:00 Common Factor Decomposition of HRTF with Efficient IIR Modeling of Directional Factors
Z. Wang and C. F. Chan
pp. 240-244

L-IVP-1: Image/Video Enhancement

Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chair: Anil A Bharath (Imperial College & Cortexica Vision Systems, United Kingdom)
11:40 Upsampling and Denoising of Depth Maps Via Joint-Segmentation
M. Tallón, D. Babacan, J. Mateos, M. Do, R. Molina and A. K. Katsaggelos
pp. 245-249
12:00 Combining Depth Information and Local Edge Detection for Stereo Image Enhancement
W. Hachicha, A. Beghdadi and F. Cheikh
pp. 250-254
12:20 A Novel Shock Filter for Image Restoration and Enhancement
R. Terebes, M. Borda, C. Germain and O. Lavialle
pp. 255-259
12:40 Generalized Non-local Means for Iterative Denoising
E. Luo, S. Pan and T. Nguyen
pp. 260-264
13:00 A Directional Total Variation
I. Bayram and M. Kamasak
pp. 265-269

L-SS-1B: Tensor Decompositions and Source Separation Part II

Special Session
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chairs: Tulay Adali (University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA), Eric Moreau (University of Sud Toulon Var & Lseet Umr CNRS 6017, France)
Organizers: E. Moreau and P. Comon

L-SS-2A: Digital Signal Processing for Hearing Instruments Part I

Special Session
Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chair: Simon Doclo (University of Oldenburg, Germany)
Organizers: S. Doclo and H. G. Göckler
11:40 Maximum Likelihood Based Noise Covariance Matrix Estimation for Multi-Microphone Speech Enhancement
U. Kjems and J. Jensen
pp. 295-299
12:00 Improved Noise Estimation for the Binaural MWF with Instantaneous ITF Preservation
D. Marquardt, L. Wang, V. Hohmann and S. Doclo
pp. 300-304
12:20 On the Limitations of Binaural Reproduction of Monaural Blind Source Separation Output Signals
K. Reindl, W. Kellermann and M. Zhang
pp. 305-309
12:40 Sound-Localization-Preserved Binaural MMSE STSA Estimator with Explicit and Implicit Binaural Cues
H. Saruwatari, R. Wakisaka, K. Shikano, F. Mustiere, L. Thibault, H. Najaf-Zadeh and M. Bouchard
pp. 310-314
13:00 Adaptive Filter Algorithms and Misalignment Criteria for Blind Binaural Channel Identification
G. Enzner, I. Merks and T. Zhang
pp. 315-319

P-SP-1: Speech processing I

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chair: Gavril Toderean (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

P-SPA-2: Multimedia Signal Processing and Applications

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: Ion Marghescu (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)
Automatic Web Video Categorization Using Audio-Visual Information and Hierarchical Clustering RF
B. Ionescu, K. Seyerlehner, I. Mironica, C. Vertan and P. Lambert
pp. 375-379
On the Amount of Regularization for Super-Resolution Interpolation
Y. Traonmilin, S. Ladjal and A. Almansa
pp. 380-384
Simplified Frame Rate Up-conversion Algorithm with Low Computational Complexity
H. S. Jung, U. S. Kim and M. H. Sunwoo
pp. 385-389
An Invariant Similarity Registration Algorithm Based on the Analytical Fourier-Mellin Transform
M. Sellami and F. Ghorbel
pp. 390-394
N-dimensional Surface Reconstruction From a Noisy Normal Vector Field
G. Zinck, M. Donias and O. Lavialle
pp. 395-399
Pedestrian Detection Based on Bidirectional Local Template Patterns
J. Xu, N. Jiang and S. Goto
pp. 400-404
Markov Chains Fusion for Video Scenes Generation
A. Piacenza, F. Guerrini, N. Adami and R. Leonardi
pp. 405-409
Mixture of Designer Experts for Multi-regime Detection in Streaming Data
E. Kriminger, J. Príncipe and C. Lakshminarayan
pp. 410-414
A Novel Feature Selection Approach Applied to Underwater Object Classification
T. Fei, D. Kraus and A. Zoubir
pp. 415-419
Fusion of Eye-Tracking Data From Multiple Observers for Increased 3D Gaze Tracking Precision
M. Hanhela, A. Boev, A. Gotchev and M. Hannuksela
pp. 420-424

P-SPT-1: Spectrum Sensing and Estimation

Room: Gallery C5-A
Chair: Andreas Jakobsson (Lund University, Sweden)

14:40 - 15:40

PT-2: Computable performance analysis of sparsity recovery with application

Arye Nehorai
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
The last decade has witnessed burgeoning development in the reconstruction of signals based on exploiting their low-dimensional structures, particularly their sparsity, block-sparsity, and low-rankness. The reconstruction performance of these signals is heavily dependent on the structure of the operating matrix used in sensing. The quality of these matrices in the context of signal recovery is usually quantified by the restricted isometry constant and its variants. However, the restricted isometry constant and its variants are extremely difficult to compute. We present a framework for analytically computing the performance of the recovery of signals with sparsity or block-sparsity structures. We define a family of incoherence measures to quantify the goodness of arbitrary sensing matrices. Our primary contribution is the association of the incoherence measures with fixed points of certain scalar functions. These scalar functions are defined by a set of optimization problems and computed by series of programs. Linear programs, second-order cone programs, or semi-definite programs can be used, depending on the specific problem. We then use fixed-point theory and bisection search to generate an efficient algorithm to compute the incoherence measures with guaranteed global convergence. As a by-product, we implement efficient algorithms to verify sufficient conditions for exact signal recovery in the noise-free case. The utility of the proposed incoherence measures lies in their relation to the performance of reconstruction methods. We derive bounds on the recovery errors of convex relaxation algorithms in terms of these measures. We then discuss applications of these bounds to numerically assess the performance of sparsity systems arising in radar and other practical areas.

15:40 - 17:40

L-SPA-1: Biomedical Signal Processing I

Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chair: Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu (Membru Corespondent al Academiei Romane)
15:40 Beat-to-beat P and T Wave Delineation in ECG Signals Using a Marginalized Particle Filter
C. Lin, A. Giremus, C. Mailhes and J. Y. Tourneret
pp. 479-483
16:00 A Hybrid ICA-Hermite Transform for Removal of Ballistocardiogram From EEG
S. Ferdowsi, S. Sanei and V. Abolghasemi
pp. 484-488
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Hyperparameters Estimation for the Bayesian Localization of the EEG Sources with TV Priors
A. López, J. Cortés, D. López-Oller, R. Molina and A. Katsaggelos
pp. 489-493
17:00 Analysis of Ongoing EEG Elicited by Natural Music Stimuli Using Nonnegative Tensor Factorization
F. Cong, A. H. Phan, Q. Zhao, A. Nandi, V. Alluri, P. Toiviainen, H. Poikonen, M. Huotilainen, A. Cichocki and T. Ristaniemi
pp. 494-498
17:20 1-D Local Binary Patterns for Onset Detection of Myoelectric Signals
P. McCool, N. Chatlani, L. Petropoulakis, J. Soraghan, R. Menon and H. Lakany
pp. 499-503

L-SS-2B: Digital Signal Processing for Hearing Instruments Part II

Special Session
Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chair: Heinz G. Göckler (University of Bochum & Digital Signal Processing Group, Germany)
Organizers: S. Doclo and H. G. Göckler

L-SS-3: DSP for localization: GNSS, cooperation, signals-of-opportunity... what else?

Special Session
Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chair: Marco Luise (University of Pisa & WISER srl, Italy)
Organizer: M. Luise
15:40 Nonlinear Bayesian Filtering in the Gaussian Scale Mixture Context
J. Vilà-Valls, P. Closas, C. Fernández-Prades and J. Fernandez-Rubio
pp. 529-533
16:00 Enhanced Localization Coverage with Non-Regenerative UWB Relays
D. Dardari, N. Decarli, A. Guerra and A. Conti
pp. 534-538
16:20 Coffee break
16:40 Testing OFDM-Based Positioning Using the Digital TV Signals
D. Serant, O. Julien, P. Thevenon, L. Ries and M. Dervin
pp. 539-543
17:00 Distributed Target Tracking Based on Belief Propagation Consensus
V. Savic, H. Wymeersch and S. Zazo
pp. 544-548
17:20 Signals of Opportunity in Mobile Radio Positioning
A. Dammann, S. Sand and R. Raulefs
pp. 549-553

L-SS-4: Recent Advances in Distributed Source Coding

Special Session
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chairs: Frederic Dufaux (Télécom ParisTech & CNRS, France), Adrian Munteanu (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
Organizers: F. Dufaux and A. Munteanu
15:40 Distributed Source Coding: Application in Biometrics
M. Ramalho, S. Singh, P. Correia and L. Ducla Soares
pp. 554-558
16:00 Joint Reconstruction of Correlated Images From Compressed Images
V. Thirumalai and P. Frossard
pp. 559-563
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Adaptive Slepian-Wolf Decoding Using Laplace Propagation
L. Cui, S. Wang, S. Cheng, L. Stankovic and V. Stankovic
pp. 564-568
17:00 Joint Successive Correlation Estimation and Side Information Refinement in Distributed Video Coding
N. Deligiannis, F. Verbist, J. Slowack, R. Van de Walle, P. Schelkens and A. Munteanu
pp. 569-573
17:20 Fusion of Global and Local Side Information Using Support Vector Machine in Transform-Domain DVC
A. Abou-Elailah, F. Dufaux, J. Farah and M. Cagnazzo
pp. 574-578

P-AE-1: Audio and Electroacoustics

Room: Gallery C5-A
Chair: Alexandru Isar (Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania)

P-ML-1: Machine Learning

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chair: Wenwu Wang (University of Surrey, United Kingdom)

P-SPC-1: Wireless Sensor Networks

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: Toon van Waterschoot (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven & Delft University of Technology, Belgium)
Optimal Channel Assignment for IEEE 802.11 Multi-cell WLANs
M. Elwekeil, M. Alghoniemy, M. El-Khamy, H. Furukawa and O. Muta
pp. 694-698
Distributed Estimation of Statistical Correlation Measures for Spatial Inference in WSNs
G. Hernández-Peñaloza, C. Asensio-Marco and B. Beferull-Lozano
pp. 699-703
Collaborative Diffusive Source Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Zejnilovic, J. Gomes and B. Sinopoli
pp. 704-708
Compression Scheme for Increasing the Lifetime of Wireless Intelligent Sensor Networks
D. I. Sacaleanu, R. Stoian, D. M. Ofrim and N. Deligiannis
pp. 709-713
Compressive Linear Network Coding for Efficient Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks
F. Bassi, C. Liu, L. Iwaza and M. Kieffer
pp. 714-718
Traffic Estimation for MAC Protocols in Distributed Detection Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Aldalahmeh and M. Ghogho
pp. 719-723
Performance of the Distributed KLT and Its Approximate Implementation
M. Lara and B. Mulgrew
pp. 724-728
Performance of Chaotic Modulation Over Rayleigh Fading Channels Using FFT-OFDM and DWT-OFDM
L. Bernardo and P. Lopes
pp. 729-733
Reducing Correlation Noise in Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
J. Micallef, R. Farrugia and C. Debono
pp. 734-738
Multi-sensor Joint Kernel Sparse Representation for Personnel Detection
N. Nguyen, N. Nasrabadi and T. D. Tran
pp. 739-743
Optimal Local Detection for Sensor Fusion by Large Deviation Analysis
D. Duan, L. Yang and L. Scharf
pp. 744-748
A Diffusion LMS Strategy for Parameter Estimation in Noisy Regressor Applications
R. Abdolee, B. Champagne and A. Sayed
pp. 749-753

Wednesday, August 29th

09:00 - 10:00

PT-3: Source Separation in Nonlinear Mixtures: How and Why?

Christian Jutten
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
The problem of source separation has been addressed mainly for linear mixtures, either memoryless or convolutive. Methods for solving the problem are based on source assumptions like statistical independence (ICA), time properties (coloration or nonstationarity), positivity or sparsity. However, although linearity is very often a convenient approximation, there are some applications in which the mixing process is clearly nonlinear. In this talk, in a first part, we explain what are the main problems encountered by source separation in nonlinear mixtures and how they can be overcome. Then, in a second part, we will consider actual strongly nonlinear problems: one in image processing and another one in chemical sensor array processing. For each problem, we will derive the nonlinear models, show how source separation can be applied and experiment results which can be achieved.

10:00 - 11:20

L-IVP-2: Multiview and 3D Video Coding

Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chair: Marco Cagnazzo (Télécom ParisTech, France)
10:00 Improved Depth Maps Coding Efficiency of 3D Videos
B. Micallef, C. Debono and R. Farrugia
pp. 754-758
10:20 Frequency Based Adaptive Spatial Resolution Selection for 3D Video Coding
P. Aflaki, D. Rusanovskyy, M. Hannuksela and M. Gabbouj
pp. 759-763
10:40 Theoretical Distortion Estimation in L-infinite Wavelet-Based Coding of Semi-Regular Meshes
R. Florea, L. Denis, J. Lievens, P. Schelkens and A. Munteanu
pp. 764-768
11:00 L1-adapted Non Separable Vector Lifting Schemes for Stereo Image Coding
M. Kaaniche, B. Pesquet and J. C. Pesquet
pp. 769-773

L-SPC-2: Wireless Sensor Networks

Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chair: Sergios Theodoridis (University of Athens, Greece)
10:00 Exploiting Structure of Spatio-Temporal Correlation for Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Ali, J. A. López-Salcedo and G. Seco-Granados
pp. 774-778
10:20 Cooperative Parameter Estimation Using PSO in Ad-Hoc WSN
S. Arastu, A. Zerguine, M. O. Bin Saeed and A. Al-Awami
pp. 779-783
10:40 Joint Pre-coder Design and Greedy Power Allocation for Compressed Spatial Field Estimation
J. Matamoros and C. Antón-Haro
pp. 784-788
11:00 Energy Aware Greedy Subset Selection for Speech Enhancement in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
J. Szurley, A. Bertrand, M. Moonen, P. Ruckebusch and I. Moerman
pp. 789-793

L-SS-5: Localization, diversity and uncertainty in signal representations

Special Session
Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chairs: Darian Onchis-Moaca (NuHAG - University of Vienna, Austria), Benjamin Ricaud (Aix-Marseille University, France)
Organizers: D. Onchis-Moaca, B. Ricaud, D. Shuman
10:00 Uncertainty and Spectrogram Geometry
P. Flandrin, E. Chassande-Mottin and F. Auger
pp. 794-798
10:20 Uncertainty Principles, Minimum Uncertainty Samplings and Translations
D. Lantzberg, F. Lieb, H. G. Stark, R. Levie and N. Sochen
pp. 799-803
10:40 A Method for Optimizing the Ambiguity Function Concentration
H. Feichtinger, D. Onchis-Moaca, B. Ricaud, B. Torrésani and C. Wiesmeyr
pp. 804-808
11:00 Gradually Improving the Readability of the Time-Frequency Spectra
D. Onchis-Moaca, G. R. Gillich and R. Frunza
pp. 809-813

L-SS-6: Mixed-integer programming in signal processing and wireless communications

Special Session
Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chair: Marius Pesavento (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)
Organizer: M. Pesavento

P-SPT-2: Sparse Signal Representation

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chair: James Fowler (Mississippi State University, USA)
A Blind Sparse Approach for Estimating Constraint Matrices in PARALIND Data Models
F. Caland, S. Miron, D. Brie and C. Mustin
pp. 839-843
A Novel Method for Quick On-Line Segmentation Based on Sparsity
J. Vihonen, J. Rauhamaa, T. Huotilainen and A. Visa
pp. 844-848
How to Use Real-Valued Sparse Recovery Algorithms for Complex-Valued Sparse Recovery?
A. Sharif-Nassab, M. Kharratzadeh, M. Babaie-Zadeh and C. Jutten
pp. 849-853
Asynchronous Sampling and Reconstruction of Sparse Signals
A. Can, E. Sejdic and L. Chaparro
pp. 854-858
A Greedy Algorithm to Extract Sparsity Degree for l1/l0-equivalence in a Deterministic Context
N. Pustelnik, C. Dossal, F. Turcu, Y. Berthoumieu and P. Ricoux
pp. 859-863
Sparsity-based Radar Imaging of Building Structures
E. Lagunas, M. Amin, F. Ahmad and M. Nájar
pp. 864-868
Choosing Analysis or Synthesis Recovery for Sparse Reconstruction
N. Cleju, M. Jafari and M. Plumbley
pp. 869-873
An Alternating Descent Algorithm for the Off-Grid DOA Estimation Problem with Sparsity Constraints
A. Gretsistas and M. Plumbley
pp. 874-878
Matching Pursuit with Stochastic Selection
T. Peel, V. Emiya, L. Ralaivola and S. Anthoine
pp. 879-883
Non-Linear Phase Retrieval Combined with Iterative Thresholding in Wavelet Coordinates
V. Davidoiu, B. Sixou, M. Langer and F. Peyrin
pp. 884-888

P-SPT-3: Statistical Signal Processing Applications

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: Xavier Mestre (CTTC, Spain)
On the Asymptotic Resolvability of Far-field Stochastic Sources
X. Zhang, M. N. El Korso and M. Pesavento
pp. 889-893
Active IR Thermography Processing Based on Higher Order Statistics for Nondestructive Evaluation
V. Vrabie, E. Perrin, J. L. Bodnar, K. Mouhoubi and V. Detalle
pp. 894-898
Motion Artifact Removal in ECG Signals Using Multi-Resolution Thresholding
F. Strasser, M. Muma and A. Zoubir
pp. 899-903
On Spectral Analysis with Nonuniform Frequency Resolution of Nonstationary Stochastic Processes
A. Napolitano and I. Perna
pp. 904-908
Sequential Design of Computer Experiments for Parameter Estimation
M. Jala, C. Lévy-Leduc, E. Moulines, E. Conil and J. Wiart
pp. 909-913
Fast Source Separation Based on Selection of Effective Temporal Frames
Y. Mizuno, K. Kondo, T. Nishino, N. Kitaoka and K. Takeda
pp. 914-918
Recursive Inverse Basis Function (RIBF) Algorithm for Identification of Periodically Varying Systems
Q. Mayyala, O. Kukrer and A. Hocanin
pp. 919-923
A Fine Search Method for the Cubic-Phase Function-Based Estimator
M. Simeunovic, S. Djukanovic and I. Djurovic
pp. 924-928
Inter-beat (R-R) Intervals Analysis Using a New Time Delay Estimation Technique
S. Rezk, C. Join and E. A. Sadok
pp. 929-933
Shape Model Fitting Algorithm Without Point Correspondence
C. Arellano and R. Dahyot
pp. 934-938

11:40 - 13:20

L-SPA-2: Biomedical Signal Processing II

Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chair: Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu (Membru Corespondent al Academiei Romane)
11:40 Synchrosqueezing to Investigate Cardio-Respiratory Interactions Within Simulated Volumetric Signals
C. Franco, P. Y. Guméry, N. Vuillerme, A. Fleury and J. Fontecave-Jallon
pp. 939-943
12:00 Bayesian Linear Unmixing of Time-Evolving Gene Expression Data Using a Hidden Markov Model
C. Bazot, N. Dobigeon, J. Y. Tourneret and A. Hero III
pp. 944-948
12:20 Fetal ECG Extraction From a Single Sensor by a Non-Parametric Modeling
M. Niknazar, B. Rivet and C. Jutten
pp. 949-953
12:40 Amelioration of Physical Activity Estimation From Accelerometer Sensors Using Prior Knowledge
A. Ataya and P. Jallon
pp. 954-958
13:00 The Limited Applicability of Wiener Filtering to ECG Signals Disturbed by the MHD Effect
J. Krug, G. Clifford, G. Rose and J. Oster
pp. 959-963

L-SPT-1: Compressive Sampling

Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chair: Rafael Molina (Universidad de Granada, Spain)
11:40 CoSaMP and SP for the Cosparse Analysis Model
R. Giryes and M. Elad
pp. 964-968
12:00 Robust Greedy Algorithms for Compressed Sensing
S. A. Razavi, E. Ollila and V. Koivunen
pp. 969-973
12:20 A Fast Algorithm for the Bayesian Adaptive Lasso
A. Rontogiannis, K. Themelis and K. Koutroumbas
pp. 974-978
12:40 When "Exact Recovery" is Exact Recovery in Compressed Sensing Simulation
B. Sturm
pp. 979-983
13:00 Compressive Sampling of LIDAR: Full-Waveforms as Signals of Finite Rate of Innovation
J. Castorena and C. Creusere
pp. 984-988

L-SS-7: Latency aspects in cellular and ad-hoc networks

Special Session
Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chair: Markus Rupp (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
Organizer: Markus Rupp
11:40 Evaluation of Latency-Aware Scheduling Techniques for M2M Traffic Over LTE
I. Delgado-Luque, F. Blánquez, M. Garcia Fuertes, G. Gomez, M. C. Aguayo-Torres, J. T. Entrambasaguas and J. Baños
pp. 989-993
12:00 On ACK/NACK Messages Detection in the LTE PUCCH with Multiple Receive Antennas
Yi Wu, D. Danev and E. G. Larsson
pp. 994-998
12:20 Adaptive Transmission and Multiple-access for Sparse-traffic Sources
K. Zhou, T. Villa, N. Nikaein, R. Knopp and R. Merz
pp. 999-1003
12:40 Cooperative Communications with HARQ in a Wireless Mesh Network Based on 3GPP LTE
A. Cipriano, P. Agostini, A. Blad and R. Knopp
pp. 1004-1008
13:00 Low-latency Transmission of Low-Rate Analog Sources
A. Unsal and R. Knopp
pp. 1009-1013

L-SS-8: Applications of Acoustic Scene Analysis and Rendering

Special Session
Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chair: Augusto Sarti (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
Organizer: A. Sarti
11:40 Sound Speed Estimation From Time of Arrivals: Derivation and Comparison with TDOA-based Estimation
P. Annibale and R. Rabenstein
pp. 1014-1018
12:00 Localization of Planar Acoustic Reflectors From the Combination of Linear Estimates
J. Filos, A. Canclini, F. Antonacci, A. Sarti and P. Naylor
pp. 1019-1023
12:20 Environment Aware Estimation of the Orientation of Acoustic Sources Using a Line Array
P. Svaizer, A. Brutti and M. Omologo
pp. 1024-1028
12:40 A Room-Compensated Virtual Surround System Exploiting Early Reflections in a Reverberant Room
A. Canclini, D. Markovic, F. Antonacci, A. Sarti and S. Tubaro
pp. 1029-1033
13:00 A Direct Derivation of Transforms for Wave-Domain Adaptive Filtering Based on Circular Harmonics
M. Schneider and W. Kellermann
pp. 1034-1038

P-DSP-2: Design and Implementation of DSP systems

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chair: Bogdan Dumitrescu (Tampere University of Technology, Finland)
AES S-box Using Fermat's Little Theorem for the Highly Constrained Embedded Devices
M. M. Wong, M. L. D. Wong, A. Nandi and I. Hijazin
pp. 1039-1043
Multi-Channel Analog-to-Digital Conversion Using a Single-Channel Quantizer
Y. Kim, A. Tewfik and B. V. Gowreesunker
pp. 1044-1048
Modeling Adaptive Coded Modulation in Real Time Partially Reconfigurable Mobile Terminals
L. Conde-Canencia, Y. Eustache, J. C. Prévotet and Y. Oliva
pp. 1049-1053
A 1991 Mpixels/s Intra Prediction Architecture for Super Hi-Vision H.264/AVC Encoder
G. He, D. Zhou, J. Zhou and S. Goto
pp. 1054-1058
Analysis and Modelling of the Optimal Command for a Ultrasound Pulse Inversion Imaging System
S. Ménigot and J. M. Girault
pp. 1059-1063
Recursive Fan-Type Filter Design From 1D Analog Transfer Functions
R. Matei
pp. 1064-1068
A Novel Method for Multichannel Spectral Factorization
A. Jafarian and J. McWhirter
pp. 1069-1073
Evaluation of a Sparse Coding Shrinkage Algorithm in Normal Hearing and Hearing Impaired Listeners
J. Sang, H. Hu, C. Zheng, G. Li, M. Lutman and S. Bleeck
pp. 1074-1078
Efficient TV White Space Filter Bank Transceiver
R. Elliot, M. Enderwitz, F. Darbari, L. Crockett, S. Weiss and R. Stewart
pp. 1079-1083
Sparsity-Promoting Adaptive Algorithm for Distributed Learning in Diffusion Networks
S. Chouvardas, K. Slavakis, Y. Kopsinis and S. Theodoridis
pp. 1084-1088
Indoor User Zoning and Tracking in Passive Infrared Sensing Systems
G. Monaci and A. Pandharipande
pp. 1089-1093
NT-SIM: A Co-Simulator for Networked Signal Processing Applications
S. Won, C. C. Shen and S. Bhattacharyya
pp. 1094-1098

P-IVP-2: Multiview and 3D Image/Video

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: Nikos Deligiannis (Vrije Universiteit Brussel – IBBT, Belgium)
Lossy and Near-Lossless Compression of Depth Images Using Segmentation Into Constrained Regions
I. Schiopu and I. Tabus
pp. 1099-1103
A Hybrid Error Concealment for Intra Frame in Stereoscopic Video
Y. Yang, M. Yang and P. Cosman
pp. 1104-1108
Multiview 3D Video Denoising in Sliding 3D DCT Domain
M. Joachimiak, D. Rusanovskyy, M. Hannuksela and M. Gabbouj
pp. 1109-1113
Local Stereo Matching Using Motion Cue and Modified Census in Video Disparity Estimation
Z. Lee, R. Khoshabeh, J. Juang and T. Nguyen
pp. 1114-1118
Depth Pixel Clustering for Consistency Testing of Multiview Depth
P. Rana and M. Flierl
pp. 1119-1123
Sampling-based Robust Multi-lateral Filter for Depth Enhancement
K. R. Lee, R. Khoshabeh and T. Nguyen
pp. 1124-1128
Multi-view Human Action Recognition Under Occlusion Based on Fuzzy Distances and Neural Networks
A. Iosifidis, A. Tefas and I. Pitas
pp. 1129-1133
Comparison of Two Proximal Splitting Algorithms for Solving Multilabel Disparity Estimation Problems
S. Hiltunen, J. C. Pesquet and B. Pesquet-Popescu
pp. 1134-1138
Efficient Stereo Matching Based on a New Confidence Metric
W. Lee, Y. Kim and J. B. Ra
pp. 1139-1143
Non-Local Smoothness Constraints for Disparity Estimation in a Variational Framework
R. Gaetano, G. Chierchia and B. Pesquet-Popescu
pp. 1144-1148
On the Performance of H.264/MVC Over Lossy IP-Based Networks
A. Kordelas, T. Dagiuklas and I. Politis
pp. 1149-1153
Mean Shift Algorithm for Robust Rigid Registration Between Gaussian Mixture Models
C. Arellano and R. Dahyot
pp. 1154-1158

P-SPT-4: Signal Processing Detection and Estimation

Room: Gallery C5-A
Chair: Petar M. Djuric (Stony Brook University, USA)

14:40 - 15:40

PT-4: A new theory for designing socio-computational systems

Mihaela van der Schaar
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall

15:40 - 17:40

L-IVP-3: Image and Video Coding

Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chair: Constantin Vertan (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)
15:40 Adaptive Selection of Colour Transformations for Reversible Image Compression
T. Strutz
pp. 1204-1208
16:00 Improving Screen Content Coding in HEVC by Transform Skipping
M. Mrak and J. Z. Xu
pp. 1209-1213
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Fast HEVC Intra Prediction Mode Decision Based on Edge Direction Information
T. Silva, L. Agostini and L. Cruz
pp. 1214-1218
17:00 A Content-Based Precoding Solution Designed for JPWL Transmission
J. Abot, Y. Pousset, C. Olivier and C. Perrine
pp. 1219-1223
17:20 A Fast Layer-based Multiview Image Coding Algorithm
A. Gelman, J. Oñativia and P. L. Dragotti
pp. 1224-1228

L-SS-10: Uncovering the processing history of multimedia objects

Special Session
Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chair: Marco Tagliasacchi (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
Organizers: M. Tagliasacchi and A. Piva
15:40 An Overview on Video Forensics
P. Bestagini, M. Fontani, S. Milani, M. Barni, A. Piva, M. Tagliasacchi and S. Tubaro
pp. 1229-1233
16:00 Discrimination Between Computer Generated and Natural Human Faces Based on Asymmetry Information
D. T. Dang-Nguyen, G. Boato and F. D. N. De Natale
pp. 1234-1238
16:20 Coffee break
16:40 Hiding Traces of Median Filtering in Digital Images
M. Fontani and M. Barni
pp. 1239-1243
17:00 Hybrid No-Reference Video Quality Metric Based on Multiway PLSR
C. Keimel, J. Habigt and K. Diepold
pp. 1244-1248
17:20 Audio Forensics Meets Music Information Retrieval - A Toolbox for Inspection of Music Plagiarism
C. Dittmar, K. Hildebrand, D. Gaertner, M. Winges, F. Müller and P. Aichroth
pp. 1249-1253

L-SS-11: Audio processing algorithms for ad-hoc microphone arrays and wireless acoustic sensor networks

Special Session
Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chairs: Alexander Bertrand (KU Leuven, University of Leuven & IBBT Future Health Department, Belgium), Toon van Waterschoot (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven & Delft University of Technology, Belgium)
Organizers: A. Bertrand and T. van Waterschoot
15:40 Distributed Distortionless Signal Estimation in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
A. Bertrand, J. Szurley and M. Moonen
pp. 1254-1258
16:00 Using Statistical Room Acoustics for Analysing the Output SNR of the MWF in Acoustic Sensor Networks
T. C. Lawin-Ore and S. Doclo
pp. 1259-1263
16:20 Coffee break
16:40 Blind Source Extraction for a Combined Fixed and Wireless Sensor Network
B. Bloemendal, J. van de Laar and P. Sommen
pp. 1264-1268
17:00 Sequential Remote Source Coding in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
J. Østergaard and M. Derpich
pp. 1269-1273
17:20 Distributed GSC Beamforming Using the Relative Transfer Function
S. Markovich-Golan, S. Gannot and I. Cohen
pp. 1274-1278

L-SS-9: Audio Summarization

Special Session
Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chair: Aggelos Pikrakis (University of Piraeus, Greece)
Organizer:A. Pikrakis
15:40 A System for Audio Summarization in Acoustic Monitoring Scenarios
D. Damm, D. von Zeddelmann, M. Oispuu, M. Häge and F. Kurth
pp. 1279-1283
16:00 Audio Thumbnailing in Video Sharing Sites
A. Pikrakis
pp. 1284-1288
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Detection and Clustering of Musical Audio Parts Using Fisher Linear Semi-Discriminant Analysis
T. Giannakopoulos and S. Petridis
pp. 1289-1293
17:00 A Saliency-Based Approach to Audio Event Detection and Summarization
A. Zlatintsi, P. Maragos, A. Potamianos and G. Evangelopoulos
pp. 1294-1298
17:20 A Method for Identifying Repetition Structure in Musical Audio Based on Time Series Prediction
P. Foster, A. Klapuri and S. Dixon
pp. 1299-1303

P-SAMP-1: Sensor Arrays

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chair: Magnus Schäfer (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Statistically Optimal Self-Calibration of Regular Imaging Arrays
S. Wijnholds and P. Noorishad
pp. 1304-1308
Geometrically-Constrained Robust Time Delay Estimation Using Non-Coplanar Microphone Arrays
X. Alameda-Pineda and R. Horaud
pp. 1309-1313
Passive Self-Localization of Microphones Using Ambient Sounds
P. Pertilä, M. Mieskolainen and M. Hämäläinen
pp. 1314-1318
An Extended Information PF for Wideband Acoustic Source Tracking Using a Distributed AVS Array
Z. Xionghu, A. B. Premkumar and C. T. Lau
pp. 1319-1323
A New Tool for Multidimensional Low-Rank STAP Filter: Cross HOSVDs
M. Boizard, G. Ginolhac, F. Pascal and P. Forster
pp. 1324-1328
Two Approaches for Wide Beam Synthesis: Second Order Cone Programming and Swarm Intelligence
Y. K. Alp, F. Altiparmak, G. Gok, A. Bayri and A. Arikan
pp. 1329-1333
Narrowband Detection in Ocean with Impulsive Noise Using an Acoustic Vector Sensor Array
V Hari, A. G. v., P Nagesha and A. B. Premkumar
pp. 1334-1338
A TDOA Gaussian Mixture Model for Improving Acoustic Source Tracking
Y. Oualil, F. Faubel, M. Magimai Doss and D. Klakow
pp. 1339-1343
A Biased Multichannel Adaptive Algorithm for Room Equalization
L. Fuster, M. de Diego, M. Ferrer, A. Gonzalez and G. Piñero
pp. 1344-1348
A Class of Robust Adaptive Beamforming Algorithms for Coherent Interference Suppression
L. Zhang and W. Liu
pp. 1349-1353

P-SPC-2: MIMO and Relay Communications

Room: Gallery C5-A
Chair: Dirk Slock (Eurecom, France)
Multi-Relay Cooperative NB-LDPC Coding with Non-Binary Repetition Codes Over Block-Fading Channels
V. Savin, D. Declercq and S. Pfletschinger
pp. 1354-1358
Multiple Description Analog Joint Source-Channel Coding for Parallel Channels with Side Information
I. Alustiza, A. Erdozain, P. Crespo and B. Beferull-Lozano
pp. 1359-1363
Subcarrier Allocation and Power Loading Strategies for Multi-User Broadcast FBMC/OQAM Systems
M. Caus and A. Perez-Neira
pp. 1364-1368
A Convex Inner Approximation Technique for Rank-Two Beamforming in Multicasting Relay Networks
A. Schad, K. L. Law and M. Pesavento
pp. 1369-1373
Robust Transceiver Design for MIMO Relay Systems with Tomlinson Harashima Precoding
A. Millar, S. Weiss and R. Stewart
pp. 1374-1378
User Selection in the MIMO BC
Y. Lejosne, D. Slock and Yi Yuan-Wu
pp. 1379-1383
Analog Joint Source-Channel Coding in MIMO Rayleigh Fading Channels
Ó. Fresnedo, F. Vazquez-Araujo, L. Castedo, M. González-López and J. Garcia-Frias
pp. 1384-1388
Joint User Selection and Beamforming in Interference Limited Cognitive Radio Networks
D. Ciochina and M. Pesavento
pp. 1389-1393
A Joint Precoding Scheme for Downlink Multi-user MIMO Systems
A. Bourdoux, Y. Lebrun and A. Dejonghe
pp. 1394-1398
Non-linear Precoding Approaches for Non-Regenerative Multiuser MIMO Relay Systems
I. Jimenez, M. Barrenechea, M. Mendicute and E. Arruti
pp. 1399-1403
Distributed Punctured LDPC Coding Scheme Using Novel Shuffled Decoding for MIMO Relay Channels
N. Qiu, X. Peng, Y. Lu and S. Goto
pp. 1404-1408
LMI Based Design of Optimal Precoder for MIMO Channels with Erasures
D. Jayasingha and J. Zhang
pp. 1409-1413

P-SPT-5: Compressive Sampling and Sparsity

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: Kjersti Engan (University of Stavanger, Norway)
Simultaneous Bayesian Compressive Sensing and Blind Deconvolution
L. Spinoulas, B. Amizic, M. Vega, R. Molina and A. Katsaggelos
pp. 1414-1418
Learning Scalable Dictionaries with Application to Scalable Compressive Sensing
B. Begovic, L. Stankovic and V. Stankovic
pp. 1419-1423
DPCM for Quantized Block-Based Compressed Sensing of Images
S. K. Mun and J. Fowler
pp. 1424-1428
Forward-Backward Search for Compressed Sensing Signal Recovery
N. B. Karahanoglu and H. Erdogan
pp. 1429-1433
Fusion of Greedy Pursuits for Compressed Sensing Signal Reconstruction
S. K. Ambat, S. Chatterjee and K. Hari
pp. 1434-1438
Use of Tight Frames for Optimized Compressed Sensing
E. Tsiligianni, L. Kondi and A. Katsaggelos
pp. 1439-1443
Compressive Sensing for WiFi-based Passive Bistatic Radar
P. Maechler, N. Felber and H. Kaeslin
pp. 1444-1448
A Comparison of Termination Criteria for A*OMP
N. B. Karahanoglu and H. Erdogan
pp. 1449-1453
Classification From Compressive Representations of Data
B. Coppa, R. Héliot, D. David and O. Michel
pp. 1454-1458

Thursday, August 30th

09:00 - 10:00

PT-5: Shannonian Abstractions, Real-Time Interactive Communications Calamities and Near-Capacity Multimedia Transceivers...

Lajos Hanzo
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Commencing with a brief historical perspective on Shannon’s source- and channel-coding theorems, near-capacity multimedia transceivers are designed in a systematic manner. The lossless, but potentially infinite-length Shannonian entropy codes are extremely prone to loss of synchronization in the presence of channel-induced errors, especially for transmission over wireless channels exhibiting bursty, rather than randomly distributed transmission errors. Furthermore, most multimedia source signals are capable of tolerating lossy, rather than lossless delivery to the human ’receiver, namely to the eye, ear and other human sensors, when the associated psycho-visual and psycho-acoustic masking properties are exploited. However, the highly compressed source-coded signal becomes vulnerable to transmission errors, hence it has to be protected by powerful iteratively detected codes. As a lossless design example, the novel family of EXtrinsic Information Transfer (EXIT) chart aided Variable-Length Codes (VLCs) will be alluded to. Furthermore, as a lossy example, H.264-coded video will be protected by the novel family of EXIT-chart-Optimized Short Block Codes (EOSBCs) and transmitted with the aid of multi-dimensional Sphere Packing (modulation aided Layered Steered Space-Time Coding termed as LSSTC. The LSSTC scheme combines all the benefits of the known MIMO schemes in terms of achieveing a multiplexing gain, diversity gain and beamforming gain. It is demonstrated that the conventional twostage turbo-detection schemes may suffer from a Bit Error Rate (BER) floor. We circumvent this deficiency with the aid of a three-stage turbo detected scheme, which employs a low-complexity unity-rate code as the intermediate code between the outer and inner code of the proposed architecture. The iterative decoding convergence behaviour of the advocatedMIMO transceiver is also investigated with the aid of EXIT charts.

10:00 - 11:20

L-AE-1: Content-Based Audio Processing

Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chair: Petros Maragos (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)
10:00 Music Structure Analysis by Subspace Modeling
Y. Panagakis and C. Kotropoulos
pp. 1459-1463
10:20 A Framework for Fingerprint-Based Detection of Repeating Objects in Multimedia Streams
S. Fenet, M. Moussallam, Y. Grenier, G. Richard and L. Daudet
pp. 1464-1468
10:40 Detection of Human Activities in Natural Environments Based on Their Acoustic Emissions
S. Ntalampiras and I. Potamitis
pp. 1469-1473
11:00 Evolutionary Feature Generation for Content-based Audio Classification and Retrieval
T. Mäkinen, S. Kiranyaz, J. Pulkkinen and M. Gabbouj
pp. 1474-1478

L-ML-1: Blind Source Separation and Independent Component Analysis

Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chair: Alin M Achim (University of Bristol, United Kingdom)
10:00 On the Solution of Circular and Noncircular Complex KLD-ICA in the Presence of Noise
B. Loesch and B. Yang
pp. 1479-1483
10:20 A Treatment of EEG Data by Underdetermined Blind Source Separation for Motor Imagery Classification
Z. Koldovsky, A. H. Phan, P. Tichavsky and A. Cichocki
pp. 1484-1488
10:40 Permutation Alignment of Frequency-domain ICA by Maximization of Intra-source Envelope Correlations
J. Nikunen, T. Virtanen, P. Pertilä and M. Vilermo
pp. 1489-1493
11:00 Seismic Wave Separation by Means of Robust Principal Component Analysis
L. Duarte, E. Nadalin, K. Nose Filho, R. Zanetti, J. Romano and M. Tygel
pp. 1494-1498

L-SS-12: Biometrics and Forensics Synergies

Special Session
Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chair: Paulo Lobato Correia (Instituto Superior Tecnico - Universidade Tecnica Lisboa & Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Portugal)
Organizers: P. Lobato Correia and L. Ducla Soares
10:00 PP-RIDER: A Rotation-Invariant Degraded Partial Palmprint Recognition Technique
S. Singh, M. Ramalho, P. Correia and L. Ducla Soares
pp. 1499-1503
10:20 Challenges in Contactless Latent Fingerprint Processing in Crime Scenes
S. Kiltz, M. Hildebrandt, J. Dittmann and C. Vielhauer
pp. 1504-1508
10:40 Beyond Fingerprints Morphology: Chemical Mapping of Functional Groups
F. Cervelli, S. Carrato, A. Mattei, L. Benevoli and L. Vaccari
pp. 1509-1513
11:00 Robust Retina-based Person Authentication Using the Sparse Classifier
A. Condurache, J. Kotzerke and A. Mertins
pp. 1514-1518

L-SS-13: Analysis of large scale efficient and collaborative streaming

Special Session
Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chair: Riccardo Bernardini (University of Udine, Italy)
Organizer: R. Bernardini
10:00 A Seamless Web Integration of Adaptive HTTP Streaming
B. Rainer, S. Lederer, C. Müller and C. Timmerer
pp. 1519-1523
10:20 Statistical Properties of Chunkless Peer-To-Peer Streaming Systems
R. Rinaldo, R. Bernardini and R. Cesco Fabbro
pp. 1524-1528
10:40 Towards a P2P Videoconferencing System Based on Low-Delay Network Coding
A. Fiandrotti, A. Sheikh and E. Magli
pp. 1529-1533
11:00 P2P Scalable Video Streaming Using Data Priority and FEC-based Noncooperative Multiple Description
M. Gaggio, S. Milani, L. Lima, P. Migliorati and G. Calvagno
pp. 1534-1538

P-IVP-3: Image and Video Processing

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: Francois Cayre (Gipsa-Lab, INP Grenoble, France)
Automated Gaussian Filtering Via Gaussian Scale Space and Linear Diffusion
E. Rifkah and A. Amer
pp. 1539-1542
Bit-length Expansion by Inverse Quantization Process
A. Taguchi and J. Nishiyama
pp. 1543-1547
Modified Golomb Coding Algorithm for Asymmetric Two-Sided Geometric Distribution Data
J. J. Ding, W. Y. Wei and G. C. Pan
pp. 1548-1552
A Penalized Weighted Least Squares Approach for Restoring Data Corrupted with Signal-Dependent Noise
A. Repetti, E. Chouzenoux and J. C. Pesquet
pp. 1553-1557
Directional Decomposition Based Total Variation Image Restoration
D. Pipa, S. H. Chan and T. Nguyen
pp. 1558-1562
Adaptive Local Tone Mapping of Color Images
R. Bilcu, S. Alenius and M. Vehvilainen
pp. 1563-1567
Improved Intra Angular Prediction by DCT-based Interpolation Filter
S. Matsuo
pp. 1568-1572
The Influence of the Similarity Measure to Relevance Feedback
I. Mironica, B. Ionescu and C. Vertan
pp. 1573-1577
Face Recognition Using Ortho-diffusion Bases
S. Gudivada and A. Bors
pp. 1578-1582
Video Structuring: From Pixels to Visual Entities
R. Tapu and T. Zaharia
pp. 1583-1587
Restoration of Recto-Verso Archival Documents Through a Regularized Nonlinear Model
I. Gerace, F. Martinelli and A. Tonazzini
pp. 1588-1592

P-SPC-3: Signal Processing for Communications I

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chair: Liviu Goras (Technical University of Ia?i, Romania)
Distributed Margin Optimization Using Spectrum Balancing in Multi-user DSL Systems
D. Würtz, A. Klein and M. Kuipers
pp. 1593-1597
Characterization of the Distortion of OFDM/OQAM Modulations Under Frequency Selective Channels
X. Mestre, M. Sánchez-Fernández and A. Pascual-Iserte
pp. 1598-1602
Bandwidth-Reduction Analog Mappings for AWGN Channels with Side Information
I. Alustiza, A. Erdozain, P. Crespo and B. Beferull-Lozano
pp. 1603-1607
Zero Phase Smoothing of Radio Channel Estimates
M. McGuire, A. Movahedian and M. Sima
pp. 1608-1612
An Iterative Method for the Maximization of the Sum-Rate of Multicell Cooperative Systems
S. Fki, F. Abdelkefi, M. Siala and G. Ferré
pp. 1613-1617
Threshold-Based Channel Estimation for MSE Optimization in OFDM Systems
Z. Jellali and L. Najjar
pp. 1618-1622
Noncausal Zero-Forcing Precoding Subject to Individual Channel Power Constraints
S. Li, J. Zhang and Li Chai
pp. 1623-1627
Time Synchronization Algorithm in Ieee802.11a Communication System
C. L. Nguyen, A. Mokraoui, P. Duhamel and N. Linh-Trung
pp. 1628-1632

11:40 - 13:20

L-SP-2: Speech Recognition

Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chair: Corneliu Rusu (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
11:40 1-D Local Binary Patterns Based VAD Used in HMM-based Improved Speech Recognition
Q. Zhu, N. Chatlani and J. Soraghan
pp. 1633-1637
12:00 Robust Speech Recognition Under Noisy Environments Using Asymmetric Tapers
M. J. Alam, P. Kenny and D. O'Shaughnessy
pp. 1638-1642
12:20 Subspace High-Density Discrete Hidden Markov Model for Automatic Speech Recognition
G. Ye and B. Mak
pp. 1643-1647
12:40 ASR Domain Adaptation Methods for Low-Resourced Languages: Application to Romanian Language
H. Cucu, L. Besacier, C. Burileanu and A. Buzo
pp. 1648-1652
13:00 Tetra Channel Simulation for Automatic Speech Recognition
D. Stein, T. Winkler, J. Schwenninger and R. Bardeli
pp. 1653-1657

L-SS-14: Audio Analysis in Smart Homes

Special Session
Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chair: Michel Vacher (CNRS & LIG Laboratory, France)
Organizer: M. Vacher
11:40 Gammatone Wavelet Features for Sound Classification in Surveillance Applications
X. Valero and F. Alías
pp. 1658-1662
12:00 Recognition of Voice Commands by Multisource ASR and Noise Cancellation in a Smart Home Environment
M. Vacher, B. Lecouteux and F. Portet
pp. 1663-1667
12:20 Impulse Response Estimation for Robust Speech Recognition in a Reverberant Environment
M. Ravanelli, A. Sosi, P. Svaizer and M. Omologo
pp. 1668-1672
12:40 Daily Sound Recognition Using a Combination of GMM and SVM for Home Automation
M. A. Sehili, D. Istrate, B. Dorizzi and J. Boudy
pp. 1673-1677
13:00 Hands-free Speech-Sound Interactions At Home
P. Milhorat, D. Istrate, J. Boudy and G. Chollet
pp. 1678-1682

L-SS-15: Watermarking

Special Session
Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chairs: Patrick Bas (CNRS, France), Dinu Coltuc ("Valahia" University of Targoviste, Romania)
Organizers: D. Coltuc and P. Bas

L-SS-16: Selected topics in bio-medical 1D signal analysis

Special Session
Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chairs: Victor Grigoras (Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania), Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu (Membru Corespondent al Academiei Romane)
Organizer: H.-N.Teodorescu

P-SPA-3: Multimedia Security

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chair: Octavian Fratu (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)
Statistical Detection of Information Hiding Based on Adjacent Pixels Difference
R. Cogranne, C. Zitzmann, F. Retraint, I. Nikiforov, P. Cornu and L. Fillatre
pp. 1737-1741
Robust Mesh Data Hiding Based on Irregular Wavelet Transform
M. Hachani, A. Ouled zaid and W. Puech
pp. 1742-1746
Camera Model Identification Based on Hypothesis Testing Theory
T. H. Thai, R. Cogranne and F. Retraint
pp. 1747-1751
The Improved Sign Bit Encryption of Motion Vectors for H.264/AVC
Y. Wang, M. O'Neill and F. Kurugollu
pp. 1752-1756
Identification of Image Acquisition Chains Using a Dictionary of Edge Profiles
T. Thongkamwitoon, H. Muammar and P. L. Dragotti
pp. 1757-1761
2D Bar-Codes for Authentication: A Security Approach
C. Baras and F. Cayre
pp. 1762-1766
Realistic Eavesdropping Attacks on Computer Displays with Low-Cost and Mobile Receiver System
F. Elibol, U. Sarac and I. Erer
pp. 1767-1771
Comprehensive Brainwave Authentication Using Emotional Stimuli
V. Tulceanu
pp. 1772-1776
3D Lighting-Based Image Forgery Detection Using Shape-From-Shading
W. Fan, K. Wang, F. Cayre and Z. Xiong
pp. 1777-1781
Semi-fragile Watermarking for Video Surveillance Applications
H. Marwen and M. Mitrea
pp. 1782-1786
Individual Authentication Through Hand Posture Recognition Using Multi-Hilbert Scanning Distance
J. Ryu and S. i. Kamata
pp. 1787-1790
Multibit Versus Multilevel Embedding in High Capacity Difference Expansion Reversible Watermarking
D. Coltuc and A. Tudoroiu
pp. 1791-1795

P-SPA-4: Biomedical Signal Processing

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: Wei Liu (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)
Study of Digital Blood Pressure and Laser Doppler Flowmetry Signals Through a Multiscale Analysis
E. Guerreschi, A. Humeau-Heurtier, S. Bricq, G. Mahé and G. Leftheriotis
pp. 1796-1800
Peak Modeling for Ion Mobility Spectrometry Measurements
D. Kopczynski, J. I. Baumbach and S. Rahmann
pp. 1801-1805
Weighted NMF for High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Analysis
R. Dubroca, C. Junot and A. Souloumiac
pp. 1806-1810
Information Rate of Human Manual Control of Unstable Systems
M. Lupu, M. Sun and Z. H. Mao
pp. 1811-1815
Kriging-based Possibilistic Entropy of Biosignals
T. Pham
pp. 1816-1820
Detection of Abnormal Lung Sounds Taking Into Account Duration Distribution for Adventitious Sounds
M. Himeshima, M. Yamashita, S. Matsunaga and S. Miyahara
pp. 1821-1825
Cardiovascular Signal Reconstruction Based on Shape Modelling and Non-Stationary Temporal Modelling
D. Martín-Martínez, P. Casaseca-de-la-Higuera, M. Martín-Fernández and C. Alberola
pp. 1826-1830
FCM Parameter Estimation Methods: Application to Infrared Spectral Histology of Human Skin Cancers
T. Happillon, D. Sebiskveradze, V. Vrabie, O. Piot, P. Jeannesson, M. Manfait and C. Gobinet
pp. 1831-1835
Combining Algebraic Approach with Extreme Value Theory for Spike Detection
N. Debbabi, M. Kratz, M. Mboup and E. A. Sadok
pp. 1836-1840
A Spline Quasi-Interpolant for Fitting 3D Data on the Sphere and Applications
A. Boujraf, D. Sbibih, C. Léger and R. Harba
pp. 1841-1844
Similarity Quantification Analysis to Detect Suffering Fetus
I. Voicu and J. M. Girault
pp. 1845-1849

P-SPT-6: Statistical Signal Processing

Room: Gallery C5-A
Chair: Mounir Ghogho (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)
Kullback-Leibler Distance Between Complex Generalized Gaussian Distributions
C. Nafornita, Y. Berthoumieu, I. Nafornita and A. Isar
pp. 1850-1854
SFM Signal Detection and Parameter Estimation Based on Pulse-repetition-interval Transform
B. Deng, Y. L. Qin, H. Q. Wang, X. Li and L. Nie
pp. 1855-1859
A Unified Approach to Structured Covariances: Polynomial Vandermonde Bezoutian Representations
R. Merched
pp. 1860-1864
On the Mode Synthesis in the Synchrosqueezing Method
T. Oberlin, S. Meignen and V. Perrier
pp. 1865-1869
Fast and Effective Model Order Selection Method to Determine the Number of Sources
F. Cong, A. Nandi, Z. He, A. Cichocki and T. Ristaniemi
pp. 1870-1874
Identifiability of Second-Order Multidimensional ICA
D. Lahat, J. F. Cardoso and H. Messer
pp. 1875-1879
A Multicomponent Proximal Algorithm for Empirical Mode Decomposition
N. Pustelnik, P. Borgnat and P. Flandrin
pp. 1880-1884
Orthogonal and Non-Orthogonal Joint Blind Source Separation in the Least-Squares Sense
M. Congedo, R. Phlypo and J. Chatel-Goldman
pp. 1885-1889
Multidimensional Laplace Formulas for Nonlinear Bayesian Estimation
P. Bui Quang, C. Musso and F. Le Gland
pp. 1890-1894
Complete Characterization of Bandlimited Signals with Bounded Hilbert Transform
H. Boche and U. Mönich
pp. 1895-1899

14:40 - 15:40

PT-6: Sensing the universe: Signal processing challenges for large radio telescope arrays

Alle-Jan van der Veen
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Radio astronomy is known for its very large telescope dishes, but currently there is a transition towards the use of large numbers of small elements. E.g., the recently commissioned LOFAR low frequency array uses 50 stations each with some 200 antennas, and the numbers will be even larger for the Square Kilometer Array, planned for 2020. Meanwhile some of the existing telescope dishes are being retrofitted with focal plane arrays. These instruments pose interesting challenges for array signal processing. One aspect, which we cover in this talk, is the calibration of such large numbers of antennas, especially if they are distributed over a wide area. Apart from the unknown element gains and phases (which may be directionally dependent), there is the unknown propagation through the ionosphere, which at low frequencies may be diffractive and different over the extent of the array. The talk will discuss several of the challenges, present the underlying data models, and propose some of the answers. We will also touch upon a recent initiative to develop a low-frequency telescope array in space, on a distributed platform formed by a swarm of nanosatellites.

15:40 - 17:40

L-IVP-4: Image and Video Coding and Transmission

Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chair: Marta Mrak (BBC, United Kingdom)
15:40 Tracking-Optimal Error Control Schemes for H.264 Compressed Video for Vehicle Surveillance
Z. Chen, E. Soyak, S. Tsaftaris and A. Katsaggelos
pp. 1900-1904
16:00 Video-Aware MIMO Precoding with Packet Prioritization and Unequal Modulation
A. Abdel Khalek, C. Caramanis and R. Heath
pp. 1905-1909
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Loss Concealment Based on Video Inpainting for Robust Video Communication
M. Ebdelli, O. Le Meur and C. Guillemot
pp. 1910-1914
17:00 A Network Coding Scheduling for Multiple Description Video Streaming Over Wireless Networks
C. Greco, I. Nemoianu, M. Cagnazzo and B. Pesquet-Popescu
pp. 1915-1919
17:20 Fast Lossless Image Compression with 2D Golomb Parameter Adaptation Based on JPEG-LS
Z. Wang, M. Klaiber, Y. Gera, S. Simon and T. Richter
pp. 1920-1924

L-SPA-3: Object Detection and Tracking

Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chair: Enis Çetin (Bilkent University, Turkey)
15:40 Visual Object Tracking Via Gabor-based Salient Features Extraction
O. Zoidi, A. Tefas and I. Pitas
pp. 1925-1929
16:00 Contextual Person Detection in Multi-Modal Outdoor Surveillance
N. Robertson
pp. 1930-1934
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Traffic Sign Recognition Using MSER and Random Forests
J. Greenhalgh and M. Mirmehdi
pp. 1935-1939
17:00 An Effective Hole Detection Method for 3D Models
W. Yuehong, R. Liu and F. Li
pp. 1940-1944
17:20 Unsupervised Object Extraction by Contour Delineation and Texture-Based Discrimination
L. Sun and T. Shibata
pp. 1945-1949

L-SS-17: New trends in adaptive signal processing for acoustic and audio: smart algorithms and applications

Special Session
Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chair: Felix Albu (Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania)
Organizers: F. Albu, M. Ferrer, and A. Gonzalez
15:40 A New Class of FLANN Filters with Application to Nonlinear Active Noise Control
A. Carini and G. Sicuranza
pp. 1950-1954
16:00 An Adaptive Multiple Position Room Response Equalizer in Warped Domain
S. Cecchi, A. Carini, A. Primavera and F. Piazza
pp. 1955-1959
16:20 Coffee break
16:40 Variable-Forgetting Factor RLS for Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation with Widely Linear Model
C. Stanciu, C. Paleologu, J. Benesty, S. Ciochina and F. Albu
pp. 1960-1964
17:00 Affine Projection Algorithms: Evolution to Smart and Fast Algorithms and Applications
A. Gonzalez, M. Ferrer, F. Albu and M. de Diego
pp. 1965-1969
17:20 Linearization of Dynamic Loudspeaker System Using Third-Order Nonlinear IIR Filter
K. Iwai and Y. Kajikawa
pp. 1970-1974

L-SS-O: Kinect Imaging: Beyond Gaming

Special Session
Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chair: Jean-Luc Dugelay (Institut EURECOM, France)
Organizers: G. Medioni, Z. Zhang, and J.-L. Dugelay
15:40 A Real Time System for Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition with a Depth Sensor
A. Kurakin, Z. Zhang and Z. Liu
pp. 1975-1979
16:00 What Can Computer Vision Tell You About Your Weight?
C. Velardo and J. L. Dugelay
pp. 1980-1984
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Extrinsic Camera Parameters Estimation for Shape-from-Depths
J. Ruttle, C. Arellano and R. Dahyot
pp. 1985-1989
17:00 Depth - Melody Substitution
V. Fristot, J. Boucheteil, L. Granjon, D. Pellerin and D. Alleysson
pp. 1990-1994
17:20 Laser Scan Quality 3-D Face Modeling Using a Low-Cost Depth Camera
M. Hernandez, J. Choi and G. Medioni
pp. 1995-1999

P-AE-2: Audio and musical signal processing

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chairs: Cristian Negrescu ("Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Romania), Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria)

P-SP-2: Speech Processing II

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: Mihnea Udrea (Politehnica Institute, Bucharest, Romania)

P-SPT-7: Signal and System Modelling: Representation and Estimation

Room: Gallery C5-A
Chair: Teodor Petrescu (Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania)
Algorithms for Nonorthogonal Approximate Joint Block-Diagonalization
P. Tichavsky and Z. Koldovsky
pp. 2094-2098
Polynomial Pulp Fiber Modeling
H. Huttunen, H. Oinonen, J. Selinummi, P. Ruusuvuori and V. Voipio
pp. 2099-2103
A Geometrical Stopping Criterion for the LAR Algorithm
C. Valdman, M. Campos and J. Apolinário Jr.
pp. 2104-2108
Fourier-Hermite Rauch-Tung-Striebel Smoother
J. Sarmavuori and S. Särkkä
pp. 2109-2113
Considering the Measurement Noise for a Nonlinear System Identification with Evolutionary Algorithms
Z. Sigrist, P. Legrand, E. Grivel and B. Alcoverro
pp. 2114-2118
Adaptive IIR Notch Filters for Tracking of Quasi-Harmonic Signals
A. Szczupak and L. W. Biscainho
pp. 2119-2123
Rational-Ordered Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform
W. L. Hsue and S. C. Pei
pp. 2124-2127
Signal Compression Using the Discrete Linear Chirp Transform (DLCT)
O. Alkishriwo and L. Chaparro
pp. 2128-2132
Short-Term Polynomial Phase Estimation: Application to Radar Signal in an Electronic Warfare Context
F. Digne, C. Cornu, B. Alexandre, A. Khenchaf and D. Jahan
pp. 2133-2137
Time Series Analysis Using Wavelets and GJR-GARCH Models
M. Gherman, R. Terebes and M. Borda
pp. 2138-2142
Higher Order Modulation and the Efficient Sampling Algorithm for Time Variant Signal
J. J. Ding, S. C. Pei and T. Y. Ko
pp. 2143-2147

Friday, August 31th

09:00 - 10:00

PT-7: Information Theoretic aggregation for sparse prediction

Eric Moulines
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Sparse regression addresses inference problems in which the number of parameters p to estimate is large compared to the sample size n. The main problem when the hypothesis space is high-dimensional problems is to propose estimators displaying favorable statistical performance but still having a manageable computational cost. Estimator based on penalized empirical risk minimization (with appropriately chosen sparsity inducing penalization) are known to perform theoretically well but are not able to address the combinatorial explosion of the hypothesis space. The Lasso estimator (and its many variants, like the group Lasso) makes the minimization problem convex, and leads to practical algorithms even when the number of regressors p is large. However stringent conditions (like the restricted isometry property) on the design have to be imposed to establish fast rates of convergence for this estimator. Recently, several authors have introduced new classes of estimators achieving good statistical performance for prediction without stringent assumption on the design and leading to practical algorithms. These methods are all based on some form of aggregation rather than selection of the active regressors; these estimators are obtained by sampling a quantity which might be interpreted as a posterior distribution, whose construction is based on some well-founded information theoretic principles. We will also discuss the statistical performance of this construction using a sparsity oracle inequality in probability.

10:00 - 11:20

L-AE-2: Audio Coding, Analysis and Synthesis

Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chair: Emanuël Habets (International Audio Laboratories Erlangen, Germany)
10:00 Hierarchical Multi-Channel Audio Coding Based on Time-Domain Linear Prediction
M. Schäfer and P. Vary
pp. 2148-2152
10:20 Score-informed Transcription for Automatic Piano Tutoring
E. Benetos, A. Klapuri and S. Dixon
pp. 2153-2157
10:40 Informed Multiple-F0 Estimation Applied to Monaural Audio Source Separation
D. Fourer and S. Marchand
pp. 2158-2162
11:00 Computationally Efficient IAA-Based Estimation of the Fundamental Frequency
J. Rindom Jensen, G. O. Glentis, M. Christensen, A. Jakobsson and S. H. Jensen
pp. 2163-2167

L-DSP-2: Digital Filter Design

Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chair: Masahiro Yukawa (Niigata University, Japan)
10:00 Constrained Eigenfilter Allpass Design for Photonic Systems
Y. Wang, A. Grieco, B. Slutsky and T. Nguyen
pp. 2168-2172
10:20 On the Implementation of Fully Adaptive Interpolated FIR Filters
E. Batista and R. Seara
pp. 2173-2177
10:40 A Realization of FIR Filters with Simultaneously Variable Bandwidth and Fractional Delay
H. Johansson and A. Eghbali
pp. 2178-2182
11:00 An Efficient Kernel Adaptive Filtering Algorithm Using Hyperplane Projection Along Affine Subspace
M. Yukawa and R. i. Ishii
pp. 2183-2187

L-ML-2: Clustering and Classification

Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chair: Bulent Sankur (Bogazici University, Turkey)
10:00 Clustering Before Training Large Datasets - Case Study: K-SVD
C. Rusu
pp. 2188-2192
10:20 Binarization of Consensus Partition Matrix for Ensemble Clustering
B. Abu-Jamous, R. Fa, A. Nandi and D. Roberts
pp. 2193-2197
10:40 SMART: Novel Self Splitting-Merging Clustering Algorithm
R. Fa and A. Nandi
pp. 2198-2202
11:00 Discriminative Algorithm for Compacting Mixture Models with Application to Language Recognition
Y. Bar-Yosef and Y. Bistritz
pp. 2203-2207

L-SS-18: Multimedia Delivery over Content Aware Networks

Special Session
Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chair: Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria)
Organizers: S. Obreja, D. Negru, G. Xilouris, C. Timmerer
10:00 Using Scalable Video Coding for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Over HTTP in Mobile Environments
C. Müller, D. Renzi, S. Lederer, S. Battista and C. Timmerer
pp. 2208-2212
10:20 Scalability Analysis of a Media Aware Network Element
M. Vochin, E. Borcoci, D. Niculescu and M. Stanciu
pp. 2213-2217
10:40 A Generic Video Adaptation Framework Towards Content - and Context - Awareness in Future Networks
W. Aubry, D. Négru, B. Le Gal, S. Desfarges and D. Dallet
pp. 2218-2222
11:00 Multi-domain Virtual Content-Aware Networks Mapping on Network Resources
E. Borcoci, R. Miruta and S. Obreja
pp. 2223-2227

P-IVP-4: Image Segmentation

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: William Puech (University of Montpellier & LIRMM, France)
Segmentation and Analysis of Insulin Granule Membranes in Beta Islet Cell Electron Micrographs
D. Nam, J. Mantell, D. Bull, P. Verkade and A. Achim
pp. 2228-2232
Multi-label Energy Minimization for Object Class Segmentation
C. Couprie
pp. 2233-2237
AAM Fitting Using Shape Parameter Distribution
Y. Shiraishi, S. Fujie and T. Kobayashi
pp. 2238-2242
Unsupervised Segmentation of Nonstationary Pairwise Markov Chains Using Evidential Priors
M. E. Y. Boudaren, E. Monfrini and W. Pieczynski
pp. 2243-2247
Color Hit-or-Miss Transform (CMOMP)
A. Ledoux, N. Richard and A. S. Capelle-Laizé
pp. 2248-2252
Image Segmentation Using Sparse Logistic Regression with Spatial Prior
P. Ruusuvuori, T. Manninen and H. Huttunen
pp. 2253-2257
Accurate Segmentation of 2D-PAGE Images
E. Kostopoulou, E. Zacharia and D. Maroulis
pp. 2258-2262
Patch-Based Feature Maps for Pixel-Level Image Segmentation
S. Cao, S. Iftikhar and A. Bharath
pp. 2263-2267
Adaptive Parameter Tuning for Morphological Segmentation of Building Facade Images
A. Serna, J. Hernández and B. Marcotegui
pp. 2268-2272
Preliminary Work on Dermatoscopic Lesion Segmentation
A. Sultana, M. Ciuc, T. Radulescu, W. Liu and D. Petrache
pp. 2273-2277

P-SAMP-2: Sensor Array Signal Processing

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chair: Fulvio Gini (University of Pisa, Italy)
Sequential Wireless Sensor Network Discovery Using Wide Aperture Array Signal Processing
M. Willerton, M. Banavar, X. Zhang, A. Manikas, C. Tepedelenlioglu, A. Spanias, T. Thornton, E. Yeatman and A. G. Constantinides
pp. 2278-2282
Wideband Zero-Forcing MUSIC for Aeroacoustic Sources Localization
C. Kassis and J. Picheral
pp. 2283-2287
Compressive Classification for Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging
M. Balthasar, M. Leigsnering and A. Zoubir
pp. 2288-2292
Time Delay Estimation for Motion Compensation and Bathymetry of SAS Systems
S. Leier and A. Zoubir
pp. 2293-2297
A CLT for the G-MUSIC DoA Estimator
P. Vallet, X. Mestre and P. Loubaton
pp. 2298-2302
Real-time Multiple Speaker DOA Estimation in a Circular Microphone Array Based on Matching Pursuit
A. Griffin, D. Pavlidi, M. Puigt and A. Mouchtaris
pp. 2303-2307
MMSE Beamformer Based on Partial FFT Demodulation for OFDM Underwater Acoustic Communications
G. Piñero and A. Singer
pp. 2308-2312
Robust Versions of the PAST Algorithm
M. Rupp and C. Reyes
pp. 2313-2317
Signal Parameters Estimation Using Time-Frequency Representation for Laser Doppler Anemometry
G. Baral-Baron, E. Lahalle, G. Fleury, X. Lacondemine and J. P. Schlotterbeck
pp. 2318-2322

11:40 - 13:20

L-SP-3: Speech Enhancement

Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chair: Constantin Paleologu (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)
11:40 Joint Filtering Scheme for Nonstationary Noise Reduction
J. Rindom Jensen, J. Benesty, M. Christensen and S. H. Jensen
pp. 2323-2327
12:00 Single Microphone Wind Noise Reduction Using Techniques of Artificial Bandwidth Extension
C. Nelke, N. Nawroth, M. Jeub, C. Beaugeant and P. Vary
pp. 2328-2332
12:20 Comparison of Post-Filtering Methods for Intelligibility Enhancement of Telephone Speech
E. Jokinen, P. Alku and M. Vainio
pp. 2333-2337
12:40 Detection of Stop Consonants in Continuous Noisy Speech Based on an Extrapolation Technique
R. Dokku and R. Martin
pp. 2338-2342
13:00 Joint Blind Dereverberation and Separation of Speech Mixtures
T. Jan and W. Wang
pp. 2343-2347

L-SPT-2: Signal Detection and Estimation

Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chair: Antonio Napolitano (Universita di Napoli Parthenope, Italy)
11:40 On Moving Average Parameter Estimation
P. Babu and P. Stoica
pp. 2348-2351
12:00 A Bayesian Approach to Covariance Estimation and Data Fusion
Z. Weng and P. Djuric
pp. 2352-2356
12:20 Likelihood Updating for Gauss-Gauss Detection
N. Klausner and M. r. Azimi-Sadjadi
pp. 2357-2361
12:40 Blind Compensation of Nonlinear Distortions Via Sparsity Recovery
L. Duarte, R. Suyama, R. Attux, J. Romano and C. Jutten
pp. 2362-2366
13:00 Iterated Sparse Reconstruction for Activity Estimation in Nuclear Spectroscopy
Y. Sepulcre and T. Trigano
pp. 2367-2371

L-SS-19: Ubiquitous Media: Semantic visual entities, Connected TV and Immersive Applications

Special Session
Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chairs: Patrick Gros (INRIA, France), Titus Zaharia (Institut TELECOM, France)
Organizers: T. Zaharia and P. Gros
11:40 Gestures Interactions for Immersive Communications
E. Marilly, O. Martinot and A. Gonguet
pp. 2372-2376
12:00 Immersion in Slideworld: A Methodological Case Study for Technology Selection and Evaluation
O. Martinot, A. Gonguet and S. Squedin
pp. 2377-2381
12:20 Recent Advances and Challenges in TV Structuring
P. Gros
pp. 2382-2386
12:40 2D/3D Semantic Categorization of Visual Objects
R. D. Petre and T. Zaharia
pp. 2387-2391
13:00 Dynamic Detection of Visual Entities
A. Bursuc, T. Zaharia and F. Preteux
pp. 2392-2396

L-SS-20A: Informed Audio Source Separation, Trends and Perspectives Part I

Special Session
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chairs: Manuel Moussallam (Institut Mines-Telecom - Télécom ParisTech - CNRS-LTCI, France), Gaël Richard (Institut Mines-Télécom, Télécom ParisTech, CNRS-LTCI, France)
Organizers: A. Liutkus, M. Moussallam, B. Fuentes, and G. Richard
11:40 Informed Audio Source Separation: A Comparative Study
A. Liutkus, S. Gorlow, N. Sturmel, S. Zhang, L. Girin, R. Badeau, L. Daudet, S. Marchand and G. Richard
pp. 2397-2401
12:00 Doping Audio Signals for Source Separation
G. Mahé, E. Nadalin and J. Romano
pp. 2402-2406
12:20 Spatial Coding-based Informed Source Separation
A. Liutkus, A. Ozerov, R. Badeau and G. Richard
pp. 2407-2411
12:40 User Assisted Separation Using Tensor Factorisations
D. FitzGerald
pp. 2412-2416
13:00 Score-informed and Timbre Independent Lead Instrument Separation in Real-world Scenarios
J. Bosch, K. Kondo, R. Marxer and J. Janer
pp. 2417-2421

P-AE-3: Audio Signal Processing

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chair: Nicolae Militaru (Politehnica Institute, Bucharest, France)
Transform Domain Prediction Error Method for Improved Acoustic Echo and Feedback Cancellation
J. M. Gil-Cacho, T. van Waterschoot, M. Moonen and S. H. Jensen
pp. 2422-2426
Novel Low Complexity Coherence Estimation and Synthesis Algorithms for Parametric Stereo Coding
Y. Lang, D. Virette and C. Faller
pp. 2427-2431
Sparsity Level in a Non-negative Matrix Factorization Based Speech Strategy in Cochlear Implants
H. Hu, N. Mohammadiha, J. Taghia, A. Leijon, M. Lutman and S. Wang
pp. 2432-2436
An Analysis Prior Based Decomposition Method for Audio Signals
O. Akyildiz and I. Bayram
pp. 2437-2441
The Effect of Inverse Filter Length on the Robustness of Acoustic Multichannel Equalization
I. Kodrasi and S. Doclo
pp. 2442-2446
Hybrid Pre-Processor Based on Frequency Shifting for Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation
B. Bispo and D. Freitas
pp. 2447-2451
Monaural Sound Source Separation Using Covariance Profile of Partials
P. Goel and K. Ramakrishnan
pp. 2452-2456
A New Doubletalk and Channel Change Detection Algorithm Based on Hypothesis Testing
J. Liu and S. Grant
pp. 2457-2461
Piano Sound Analysis Using Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Inharmonicity Constraint
F. Rigaud, B. David and L. Daudet
pp. 2462-2466
Instantaneous Frequency Attractors and Auditory Masking Threshold Calculus
A. Ciobanu, C. Negrescu and D. Stanomir
pp. 2467-2471
Perception-based Nonlinear Loudspeaker Compensation Through Embedded Convex Optimization
B. Defraene, T. van Waterschoot, M. Diehl and M. Moonen
pp. 2472-2476

P-IVP-5: Remote Sensing and geo. signal processing

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: Bogdan E Ionescu (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)
Hyperspectral Data Deconvolution for Galaxy Kinematics with MCMC
E. Villeneuve and H. Carfantan
pp. 2477-2481
A Projected Gradient-based Algorithm to Unmix Hyperspectral Data
A. Zandifar, M. Babaie-Zadeh and C. Jutten
pp. 2482-2486
A Whitening Method for the Despeckling of SAR Images Affected by Correlated Speckle Noise
A. Lapini, T. Bianchi, F. Argenti and L. Alparone
pp. 2487-2491
Semantic Analysis of Satellite Image Time Series
T. Costachioiu, R. Constantinescu, B. AlZenk and M. Datcu
pp. 2492-2495
A Remote Sensing Image Processing Framework for Damage Assessment in a Forest Fire Scenario
A. Popescu, C. Vaduva, D. Faur, I. Gavat and M. Datcu
pp. 2496-2500
Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images by Combining Bilateral Filter and Ihs Transform
N. Kaplan, I. Erer and F. Elibol
pp. 2501-2505
Deep Learning in Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Information Mining. Communication Concept
C. Vaduva, I. Gavat and M. Datcu
pp. 2506-2510
Classification of Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Images Using an Adaptive Hierarchical Markovian Model
A. Voisin, V. Krylov, G. Moser, S. Serpico and J. Zerubia
pp. 2511-2515
Parametric SAR Image Formation - A Promising Approach to Resolution-Unlimited Imaging
Y. Gao, K. Wang and X. Liu
pp. 2516-2520
Using CFAR Algorithm to Further Improve A Combined Through-Wall Imaging Method
O. Benahmed daho and M. Menard
pp. 2521-2525
A Survey of Density Estimation for SAR Images
J. Singh, S. Cui, M. Datcu and D. Gleich
pp. 2526-2530
Acoustic Tomography of the Atmosphere Using Unscented Kalman Filter
S. Kolouri and M. r. Azimi-Sadjadi
pp. 2531-2535

P-SPC-4: Signal Processing for Communications II

Room: Gallery C5-A
Chair: Calin Vladeanu (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)

14:40 - 15:40

PT-8: Space-from-Time Imaging: Acquiring Reflectance and Depth With Less Optics

Vivek Goyal
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Traditional cameras use lenses to form an optical image of the scene and thus obtain spatial correspondences between the scene and the film or sensor array. These cameras do not sample the incident light fast enough to record any transient variations in the light field. This talk describes space-from-time imaging -- a signal processing framework in which spatial resolution comes from computationally processing samples of the response to time-varying illumination. Examples of this concept enable imaging using only omnidirectional illumination and sensing. Along with the formation of ordinary reflectance images in extraordinary configurations, we show a range sensing system that uses neither scene scanning by laser (as in LIDAR) nor multiple sensors (as in a time-of-flight camera). These technologies depend on novel parametric signal modeling and sampling theory.

15:40 - 17:40

L-IVP-5: Biomedical image analysis

Room: N. Balcescu Hall
Chairs: Bogdan E Ionescu (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania), Aleksandra Pižurica (Ghent University, Belgium)
15:40 Local Binary Patterns Used on Cardiac MRI to Classify High and Low Risk Patient Groups
L. Kotu, K. Engan, T. Eftestøl, L. Woie, S. Ørn and A. K. Katsaggelos
pp. 2586-2590
16:00 A Novel Method for 3D Prostate MR-Histology Registration Using Anatomical Landmarks
C. Hughes, O. Rouviere, F. Mege-Lechevallier, R. Souchon and R. Prost
pp. 2591-2595
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Efficient Image Registration for the Analysis of Different Phases of Contrast-Enhanced Liver CT Data
R. Verdú-Monedero, J. Larrey-Ruiz, J. Morales-Sánchez, F. López-Mir, V. Naranjo, M. Alcañiz and R. López-Andújar
pp. 2596-2599
17:00 Regularized Bayesian Compressed Sensing in Ultrasound Imaging
N. Dobigeon, A. Basarab, D. Kouamé and J. Y. Tourneret
pp. 2600-2604
17:20 Automatic Detection of Optic Disc Based on PCA and Stochastic Watershed
S. Morales, V. Naranjo, D. Pérez, A. Navea and M. Alcañiz
pp. 2605-2609

L-SAMP-2: Adaptive Signal Processing

Room: N. Iorga Hall
Chair: Constantin Paleologu (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)
15:40 New Insights Into the Weight Behaviour of the Affine Projection Algorithm
M. Costa, S. Almeida, J. C. M. Bermudez and R. Barcelos
pp. 2610-2614
16:00 Elimination of Clicks From Archive Speech Signals Using Sparse Autoregressive Modeling
M. Niedzwiecki and M. Ciolek
pp. 2615-2619
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Adaptive Proximal Forward-Backward Splitting for Sparse System Identification Under Impulsive Noise
T. Yamamoto, M. Yamagishi and I. Yamada
pp. 2620-2624
17:00 Adaptive Regularization in Frequency-Domain NLMS Filters
A. Faza, S. Grant and J. Benesty
pp. 2625-2628
17:20 Low Complexity Approximate Cyclic Adaptive Matching Pursuit
A. Onose and B. Dumitrescu
pp. 2629-2633

L-SS-20B: Informed Audio Source Separation, Trends and Perspectives Part II

Special Session
Room: I.I.C. Bratianu Hall
Chairs: Benoit Fuentes (Télécom ParisTech, France), Antoine Liutkus (Institut Mines Telecom, Télécom ParisTech, France)
Organizers: A. Liutkus, M. Moussallam, B. Fuentes, G. Richard
15:40 Improving PLCA-based Score-Informed Source Separation with Invertible Constant-Q Transforms
J. Ganseman, P. Scheunders and S. Dixon
pp. 2634-2638
16:00 Score Guided Musical Source Separation Using Generalized Coupled Tensor Factorization
U. Simsekli and A. T. Cemgil
pp. 2639-2643
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Audio Source Separation Informed by Redundancy with Greedy Multiscale Decompositions
M. Moussallam, G. Richard and L. Daudet
pp. 2644-2648
17:00 Detection, Separation and Recognition of Speech From Continuous Signals Using Spectral Factorisation
A. Hurmalainen, J. Gemmeke and T. Virtanen
pp. 2649-2653
17:20 Blind Harmonic Adaptive Decomposition Applied to Supervised Source Separation
B. Fuentes, R. Badeau and G. Richard
pp. 2654-2658

L-SS-21: Cognitive and Cooperative Radio

Special Session
Room: Drepturilor Omului Hall
Chair: António J. Rodrigues (IT / Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal)
Organizer: A. Rodrigues
15:40 A Network Shadow Fading Model for Autonomous Infrastructure Wireless Networks
B. Golkar and E. Sousa
pp. 2659-2663
16:00 Cooperative Scheduling for Distributed Antenna Systems
E. Castañeda-Trujillo, R. Samano-Robles and A. Gameiro
pp. 2664-2668
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Spatial Diversity Aware Data Fusion for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing
N. Pratas, N. Prasad, A. Rodrigues and R. Prasad
pp. 2669-2673
17:00 A Consensus Approach for Cooperative Communications in Cognitive Radio Networks
I. Stupia, R. Andreotti, V. Lottici and L. Vandendorpe
pp. 2674-2678
17:20 Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing in Cognitive Radio
R. Datta, N. Michailow, S. Krone, M. Lentmaier and G. Fettweis
pp. 2679-2683

P-AE-4: Audio Signal Processing Applications

Room: Gallery C6-A
Chair: Serban Obreja (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)

P-IVP-6: Image and Video Processing Applications

Room: Gallery C5-A
Chair: Constantin Vertan (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)
Optimized 2D Array Design for Ultrasound Imaging
B. Diarra, H. Liebgott, M. Robini, P. Tortoli and C. Cachard
pp. 2718-2722
Image Analysis Techniques for Cultural Heritage Restoration Methods Evaluation
O. L. Buzatu, B. Goras, L. Goras and E. G. Ioanid
pp. 2723-2727
ECG-gated C-arm Computed Tomography Using L1 Regularization
C. Mory, Bo Zhang, V. Auvray, M. Grass, D. Schäfer, F. Peyrin, S. Rit, P. Douek and L. Boussel
pp. 2728-2732
A Multi-Frequency Approach to Increase the Native Resolution of Ultrasound Images
F. Varray, C. Cachard, J. Kybic, A. Novell, A. Bouakaz and O. Basset
pp. 2733-2737
Approximate Alpha-Stable Markov Random Fields for Video Super-resolution
J. Chen, J. Nunez-Yanez and A. Achim
pp. 2738-2742
Ricci Curvature and Flow for Image Denoising and Super-resolution
E. Appleboim, E. Saucan and Y. Zeevi
pp. 2743-2747
Automatic Static Hand Gesture Recognition Using Tof Cameras
S. Oprisescu, C. Rasche and B. Su
pp. 2748-2751
Early Smoke Detection in Forest Areas From DCT Based Compressed Video
A. Benazza, N. Hamouda, F. Tlili and S Ouerghi
pp. 2752-2756
Geometrical Design Concept for Panoramic 3D Video Acquisition
O. Schreer, P. Kauff, P. Eisert, C. Weissig and J. C. Rosenthal
pp. 2757-2761
An H.264/AVC Inverse Transform Adaptation Method for Video Streaming Applications
R. Galvão de Oliveira, M. Trocan and B. Pesquet
pp. 2762-2766

P-SP-3: Speech Processing III

Room: Gallery C6-B
Chair: Mircea Giurgiu (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Wide-Band Speech Coding Using Kernel Methods and Bandwidth Extension Based on Parametric Stereo
G. Alipoor and M. H. Savoji
pp. 2767-2771
Automatic LF-Model Fitting to the Glottal Source Waveform by Extended Kalman Filtering
H. Li, R. Scaife and D. O'Brien
pp. 2772-2776
F0 Estimation Using SRH Based on TV-CAR Speech Analysis
K. Funaki and T. Higa
pp. 2777-2781
Robust Tracking of Glottal LF-Model Parameters by Multi-Estimate Fusion
H. Li, D. O'Brien and R. Scaife
pp. 2782-2786
Instantaneous Pitch Estimation Based on RAPT Framework
E. Azarov, M. Vashkevich and A. Petrovsky
pp. 2787-2791
Performance Evaluation of Quality Degradation Indicators on Super-Wideband Speech Signals
S. Tiemounou, R. Le Bouquin Jeannès and V. Barriac
pp. 2792-2796
Improved Estimation of Probabilities in Pronunciation by Analogy
J. Kujala and A. Nandi
pp. 2797-2801
Time-Frequency Relevant Features for Critical Articulators Movement Inference
A. Sepulveda Sepulveda and G. Castellanos-Dominguez
pp. 2802-2806
Multimodal Speech Animation From ElectroMagnetic Articulography Data
G. Gibert, V. Attina, M. Tiede, R. Bundgaard-Nielsen, C. Kroos, B. Kasisopa, E. Vatikiotis-Bateson and C. Best
pp. 2807-2811
Catalog-Based Single-Channel Speech-Music Separation with the Itakura-Saito Divergence
C. Demir, A. T. Cemgil and M. Saraclar
pp. 2812-2816