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3D Exterior Soundfield Capture Using Pressure and Gradient Microphone Array on 2D Plane

3D Laser Imaging and Sparse Points Grouping for Pavement Crack Detection

3D Point Cloud Segmentation Using a Fully Connected Conditional Random Field

Atop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

A Blind Deconvolution Approach to Discontinuity Location and Characterization in Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing

A Bootstrap Method for Sinusoid Detection in Colored Noise and Uneven Sampling. Application to Exoplanet Detection

A Closed-Form Transfer Function of 2-D Maximally Flat Half-Band FIR Digital Filters with Arbitrary Filter Orders

A Collaborative Method for Positioning Based on GNSS Inter Agent Range Estimation

A Connectedness Constraint for Learning Sparse Graphs

A Continuous Cost Function for the Reconstruction of Wired Networks from Reflection Measurements

A Curriculum Learning Method for Improved Noise Robustness in Automatic Speech Recognition

A Design Methodology for the Gaussian KLMS Algorithm

A Distributed Learning Architecture for Big Imaging Problems in Astrophysics

A Fast and Accurate Chirp Rate Estimation Algorithm Based on the Fractional Fourier Transform

A Fast Matrix Completion Method for Index Coding

A General Framework for Adversarial Bandits

A General Non-Smooth Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Scheme Using Bayesian Proximity Operator Calculation

A Generalization of Weighted Sparse Decomposition to Negative Weights

A Global Optimization Approach for Rational Sparsity Promoting Criteria

A GLRT Approach for Detecting Correlated Signals in White Noise in Two MIMO Channels

A Gridless Sparse Method for Super-Resolution of Harmonics

A Hybrid Approach with Multi-channel I-Vectors and Convolutional Neural Networks for Acoustic Scene Classification

A Kernel Density-Based Particle Filter for State and Time-Varying Parameter Estimation in Nonlinear State-Space Models

A Low-Complexity Equalizer for Massive MIMO Systems Based on Array Separability

A Machine Learning Approach to Reducing Image Coding Artifacts

A Micro-Motion Information Reconstruction Method Based on Compressed Sensing for Precession Ballistic Targets

A Minimax Dictionary Expansion for Sparse Continuous Reconstruction

A Model for Music Complexity Applied to Music Preprocessing for Cochlear Implants

A Multi-Objective Optimization for Video Orchestration

A Multimodal Asymmetric Exponential Power Distribution: Application to Risk Measurement for Financial High-Frequency Data

A Mutual Coupling Model for Massive MIMO Applied to the 3GPP 3D Channel Model

A Neural Network Approach for Sound Event Detection in Real Life Audio

A New Adaptive Video SRR Algorithm with Improved Robustness to Innovations

A New Algorithm for Training Sparse Autoencoders

A New Approach to Dictionary-Based Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

A New Height-Estimation Method Using FMCW Radar Doppler Beam Sharpening

A New Method for Breast Cancer Identification Using Multi-modal Features in Quaternionic Form

A New Multiplicative Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Method for Unmixing Hyperspectral Images Combined with Multispectral Data

A New SA-PNC Scheme for Uplink HetNets

A Nonuniform Quantization Scheme for High Speed SAR ADC Architecture

A Normalized Mirrored Correlation Measure for Data Symmetry Detection

A Novel Channel Estimation Scheme for Multicarrier Communications with the Type-I Even Discrete Cosine Transform

A Novel Filterbank for Epoch Estimation

A Novel Global Image Description Approach for Long Term Vehicle Localization

A Novel Hybrid Analog-Digital Transmitter for Multi-antenna Base Stations

A Novel Non-Iterative Algorithm for Low-Multilinear-Rank Tensor Approximation

A Page-Hinkley Based Method for HFOs Detection in Epileptic Depth-EEG

A Perceptually-Weighted Deep Neural Network for Monaural Speech Enhancement in Various Background Noise Conditions

A Post-Nonlinear Mixture Model Approach to Binary Matrix Factorization

A Preprocessing Technique for Improving the Compression Performance of JPEG 2000 for Images with Sparse or Locally Sparse Histograms

A Primal-Dual Line Search Method and Applications in Image Processing

A Rate Optimal Switching Bandit Algorithm

A Reassigned Front-End for Speech Recognition

A Robust Algorithm for Gait Cycle Segmentation

A Robust Ellipse Fitting Algorithm Based on Sparsity of Outliers

A Robust Signal Quantization System Based on Error Correcting Codes

A Sequential Constraint Relaxation Algorithm for Rank-One Constrained Problems

A Smartphone-based Indoor Localisation System Using FM and Wi-Fi Signals

A Sparsity-Aware Proportionate Normalized Maximum Correntropy Criterion Algorithm for Sparse System Identification in Non-Gaussian Environment

A Statistical Model of Tristimulus Measurements Within and Between OLED Displays

A Study on the Physical Layer Performance of GFDM for High Throughput Wireless Communication

A Subjective Evaluation on Mixtures of Crowdsourced Audio Recordings

A Two-Stage Subspace Trust Region Approach for Deep Neural Network Training

A Two-term Penalty Function for Inverse Problems with Sparsity Constrains

A Variational EM Method for Pole-Zero Modeling of Speech with Mixed Block Sparse and Gaussian Excitation

ACMTF for Fusion of Multi-Modal Neuroimaging Data and Identification of Biomarkers

Acoustic Scene Classification Based on Generative Model of Acoustic Spatial Words for Distributed Microphone Array

Active Learning with Cross-Dataset Validation in Event-Based Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

Adaptive Automotive Communications Solutions of 10 Years Lifetime Enabled by ETSI RRS Software Reconfiguration Technology

Adaptive Colour-Space Selection in High Efficiency Video Coding

Adaptive Diffusion-Based Track Assisted Multi-Object Labeling in Distributed Camera Networks

Adaptive Time Corrected Gain for Ultrasound Through Time-Varying Wiener Deconvolution

Adaptive Zero Padded CB-FMT for LTE Uplink Transmission in the High Mobility Scenario

ADMM-Based Audio Reconstruction for Low-Cost-Sound-Monitoring

Age Group Detection Using Smartphone Motion Sensors

Airfare Prices Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques

Amplitude and Phase Dereverberation of Monocomponent Signals

An Adaptive Clarke Transform Based Estimator for the Frequency of Balanced and Unbalanced Three-Phase Power Systems

An Approach for Self-Training Audio Event Detectors Using Web Data

An Approach to Power Allocation in MIMO Radar with Sparse Modeling for Coherence Minimization

An Approximate Hardware Check Node for $\lambda$-min-based LDPC Decoders

An Approximate Minimum Variance Filter for Nonlinear Systems with Randomly Delayed Observations

An Auto-Calibration Method for Uniform Linear Array Subject to Phase Errors

An Effective Feature Selection Method Based on Pair-Wise Feature Proximity for High Dimensional Low Sample Size Data

An Elliptical-Shaped Density-Based Classification Algorithm for Detection of Entangled Clusters

An Embedded Solution for Multispectral Palmprint Recognition

An Empirical Study on Gamma Shadow Fading Based Localization

An Image-Inspired Audio Sharpness Index

An NLMS Algorithm for the Identification of Bilinear Forms

An Online Algorithm for Joint Long-Term Base Station Activation and Beamforming in Green Downlink MISO Networks

An Optimized Embedded Target Detection System Using Acoustic and Seismic Sensors

An Unsupervised Bayesian Approach for the Joint Reconstruction and Classification of Cutaneous Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Images

Analog Transmit Signal Optimization for Undersampled Delay-Doppler Estimation

Analysis of the Performance of a Non-Coherent Large Scale SIMO System Based on M-DPSK Under Rician Fading

Analysis of the Photic Driving Effect via Joint EEG and MEG Data Processing Based on the Coupled CP Decomposition

Analysis of the Robustness of Neural Network-Based Target Activity Detection

Angle-of-Arrival-Based Gesture Recognition Using Ultrasonic Multi-Frequency Signals

Antarctic Blue Whale Calls Detection Based on an Improved Version of the Stochastic Matched Filter

Archetypal Analysis Based Sparse Convex Sequence Kernel for Bird Activity Detection

Array Spatial Thinning for Interference Mitigation by Semidefinite Programming

ASePPI, an Adaptive Scrambling Enabling Privacy Protection and Intelligibility in H.264/AVC

Astronomical Image Reconstruction with Convolutional Neural Networks

AUDASCITY: AUdio Denoising by Adaptive Social CosparsITY

Audio/Video Supervised Independent Vector Analysis Through Multimodal Pilot Dependent Components

Automated Analysis of Collagen Networks via Microscopy

Automated Detection of Geometric Defects on Connecting Rod via Acoustic Resonance Testing

Automatic Atlas-Guided Constrained Random Walker Algorithm for 3D Segmentation of Muscles on Water Magnetic Resonance Images

Automatic Characterization of Ambulatory Patterns of Utilitarian and Leisure Trips

Automatic Characterization of Sleep Need Dissipation Using a Single Hidden Layer Neural Network

Automatic Crater Detection and Age Estimation for Mare Regions on the Lunar Surface

Automatic Detection of Bird Species from Audio Field Recordings Using HMM-based Modelling of Frequency Tracks

Automatic Frequency Feature Extraction for Bird Species Delimitation

Automatic Music Transcription Using Low Rank Non-Negative Matrix Decomposition

Automatic Organisation and Quality Analysis of User-Generated Content with Audio Fingerprinting

Automatic Prediction of Spirometry Readings from Cough and Wheeze for Monitoring of Asthma Severity

Autonomous State Space Models for Recursive Signal Estimation Beyond Least Squares

Btop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Bayesian Framework for Mobility Pattern Discovery Using Mobile Network Events

Bayesian Method with Sparsity Enforcing Prior of Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Coefficients for X-ray CT Image Reconstruction

Bayesian Restoration of Reflectivity and Range Profiles from Subsampled Single-Photon Multispectral Lidar Data

Beat-to-beat ECG Features for Time Resolution Improvements in Stress Detection

Billboard Deformation via 3D Voxel by Using Optimization for Free-viewpoint System

Binaural Beamforming Using Pre-Determined Relative Acoustic Transfer Functions

Binaural Speech Enhancement with Spatial Cue Preservation Utilising Simultaneous Masking

Biometric Symmetry: Implications on Template Protection

Blind Parallel Interrogation of Ultrasonic Neural Dust Motes Based on Canonical Polyadic Decomposition: a Simulation Study

Blind Spatial Sound Source Clustering and Activity Detection Using Uncalibrated Microphone Array

Block Sparse Vector Recovery via Weighted Generalized Range Space Property

Boosted Multiple Kernel Learning for First-Person Activity Recognition

Boosting LINC Systems Combiners Efficiency Through Ring-type Magnitude Modulation

Botnet Identification in Multi-Clustered DDoS Attacks

Buffer Dimensioning for Throughput Improvement of Dynamic Dataflow Signal Processing Applications on Multi-Core Platforms

Ctop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Canonical Piecewise-Linear Representation of Curves in the Wave Digital Domain

CFO and Channel Estimation for MISO-OFDM Systems

CFO Estimation over Complex-Valued Non-Circular AR(1) Modeling for Rayleigh Flat Fading Channel

Challenges and Lessons from the Successful Implementation of Automated Road Condition Surveys on a Large Highway System

Channel Estimation and Training Design for Hybrid Multi-Carrier MmWave Massive MIMO Systems: The Beamspace ESPRIT Approach

Characterization of Discrete Linear Shift-Invariant Systems

Characterizing Absence Epileptic Seizures from Depth Cortical Measurements

Class Specific GMM Based Sparse Feature for Speech Units Classification

Classification of Bird Song Syllables Using Wigner-Ville Ambiguity Function Cross-Terms

Classification of One-Dimensional Non-Stationary Signals Using the Wigner-Ville Distribution in Convolutional Neural Networks

Classification of Partial Discharge EMI Conditions Using Permutation Entropy-based Features

Clustering and Causality Inference Using Algorithmic Complexity

CNN-Based Transform Index Prediction in Multiple Transforms Framework to Assist Entropy Coding

Co-Prime Arrays and Difference Set Analysis

Co-Prime Sampling Jitter Analysis

Code Properties Analysis for the Implementation of a Modulated Wideband Converter

Cognitive State Signature Analyses Using Single Channel EEG Data

Collaborative Adaptive Exponential Linear-in-the-parameters Nonlinear Filters

Collaborative Filtering via Graph Signal Processing

Collision and Packet Loss Analysis in a LoRaWAN Network

Collision Resolution and Interference Elimination in Multiaccess Communication Networks

Combining Null-Steering and Adaptive Filtering for Acoustic Feedback Cancellation in a Multi-Microphone Earpiece

Compact Framework for Reproducible Analysis of Finite Wordlength Effects in Linear Digital Networks

Comparing a Complex-Valued Sinusoidal Process with an Autoregressive Process Using Jeffrey's Divergence

Comparison of I-vector and GMM-UBM Approaches to Speaker Identification with TIMIT and NIST 2008 Databases in Challenging Environments

Complex Domain Nonlocal Block-Matching Denoising Based on High-Order Singular Value Decomposition (HOSVD)

Complex Representations for Learning Statistical Shape Priors

Complexity Reduction of 3D-HEVC Based on Depth Analysis for Background and ROI Classification

Compressed Sensing Technique for Synchronization and Channel Estimation in OFDMA Uplink Transmissions

Compressive Multispectral Model for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks

Compressive Sensing and Sparse Antenna Arrays for Indoor 3-D Microwave Imaging

Computationally Efficient Heart Rate Estimation During Physical Exercise Using Photoplethysmographic Signals

Computationally Efficient Online Regression via LSTM Neural Networks

Concept Detection and Face Pose Estimation Using Lightweight Convolutional Neural Networks for Steering Drone Video Shooting

Conjugate-Prior-Regularized Multinomial pLSA for Collaborative Filtering

Constant Modulus Beamforming for Large-Scale MISOME Wiretap Channel

Constrained Subspace Estimation via Convex Optimization

Context Incorporation Using Context - Aware Language Features

Convergence Acceleration of Alternating Least Squares with a Matrix Polynomial Predictive Model for PARAFAC Decomposition of a Tensor

Convolutional Neural Network-Based Infrared Image Super Resolution Under Low Light Environment

Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Bird Audio Detection

Coordinate Descent Accelerations for Signal Recovery on Scale-free Graphs Based on Total Variation Minimization

Coordinate-Descent Adaptation over Networks

Covariance Estimation with Projected Data: Applications to CSI Covariance Acquisition and Tracking

Crowdsource-based Signal Strength Field Estimation by Gaussian Processes

Cyclostationary Analysis of ECG Signals Acquired Inside an Ultra-High Field MRI Scanner

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Data Subset Selection for Efficient SVM Training

Data-driven and Physical Model-based Designs of Probabilistic Spatial Dictionary for Online Meeting Diarization and Adaptive Beamforming

Data-Driven Method of Reverse Modelling for Multi-Function Radar

Deconvolution-Segmentation for Textured Images

Decorrelation Measures for Stabilizing Adaptive Feedback Cancellation in Hearing Aids

Deep Structured Features for Semantic Segmentation

Defending Surveillance Sensor Networks Against Data-Injection Attacks via Trusted Nodes

Denoising Galaxy Spectra with Coupled Dictionary Learning

Densely Connected CNNs for Bird Audio Detection

Depth Modeling Modes Complexity Control System for the 3D-HEVC Video Encoder

Design and Analysis of Second-order Steerable Differential Microphone Arrays

Design of Binary Sequences with Low PSL/ISL

Design of Multi-Carrier MIMO Radar Array for DOA Estimation

Design of Orthonormal Haar-like Features for Fast Pattern Matching

Design of Pre-coding and Combining in Hybrid Analog-Digital Massive MIMO with Phase Noise

Designing Optimal Sampling Schemes

Detecting Conversational Gaze Aversion Using Unsupervised Learning

Detection of Alarm Sounds in Noisy Environments

Dictionary Learning for Spontaneous Neural Activity Modeling

Dictionary Learning from Incomplete Data for Efficient Image Restoration

Differential SART for sub-Nyquist Tomographic Reconstruction in Presence of Misalignments

Direct Nonparametric Estimation of the Period and the Shape of a Periodic Component in Short Duration Signals

Discriminant Kernel Learning for Acoustic Scene Classification with Multiple Observations

Distributed Approach for Deblurring Large Images with Shift-Variant Blur

Distributed Compressive Sensing: Performance Analysis with Diverse Signal Ensembles

Distributed Computational Load Balancing for Real-Time Applications

Distributed Dictionary Learning via Projections onto Convex Sets

Distributed Efficient Multimodal Data Clustering

Distributed Greedy Sparse Learning over Doubly Stochastic Networks

Distributed Object Tracking Based on Information Weighted UAV Selection with Priory Objects

Distributed Particle Filtering Under Real-Time Constraints

Distributed Recursive Least Squares Strategies for Adaptive Reconstruction of Graph Signals

Dual-band PWM Audio Coding for Ultrasound Artefact Reduction

Etop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Edge-Aware Depth Motion Estimation - A Complexity Reduction Scheme for 3D-HEVC

EEG Seizure Detection by Integrating Slantlet Transform with Sparse Coding

EEG-based Attention-Driven Speech Enhancement for Noisy Speech Mixtures Using N-fold Multi-Channel Wiener Filters

Effect of a Humorous Audio-visual Stimulus on Autonomic Nervous System and Heart of Females

Effectiveness of Ideal Ratio Mask for Non-intrusive Quality Assessment of Noise Suppressed Speech

Efficient Parallel Architecture for a Real-time UHD Scalable HEVC Encoder

Electric Network Frequency Estimation Based on Linear Canonical Transform for Audio Signal Authentication

EMOEEG: a New Multimodal Dataset for Dynamic EEG-based Emotion Recognition with Audiovisual Elicitation

Empirical Study of Drone Sound Detection in Real-Life Environment with Deep Neural Networks

End-to-End Musical Key Estimation Using a Convolutional Neural Network

Enhancing Polynomial MUSIC Algorithm for Coherent Broadband Sources Through Spatial Smoothing

Error Correction Output Codding Coupled with the CSP for Motor Imagery BCI


Evaluating the RBM Without Integration Using PDF Projection

Event-based Particle Filtering with Point and Set-valued Measurements

Exact Diffusion Strategy for Optimization by Networked Agents

Experimental Analysis of Optimal Window Length for Independent Low-Rank Matrix Analysis

Exploring Deep Learning Image Super-Resolution for Iris Recognition

Exploring Sound Source Separation for Acoustic Condition Monitoring in Industrial Scenarios

Expression Recognition for Severely Demented Patients in Music Reminiscence-Therapy

Ftop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Feasibility of Vocal Emotion Conversion on Modulation Spectrogram for Simulated Cochlear Implants

Feature-based Characterization of Violin Timbre

Filtered Multitone Multicarrier Modulation with Partially Overlapping Sub-Channels

Fine-scale Patterns Driving Dynamic Functional Connectivity Provide Meaningful Brain Parcellations

Finger and Forehead PPG Signal Comparison for Respiratory Rate Estimation Based on Pulse Amplitude Variability

Fisher Information Matrix for Non-Circular Complex Elliptical Symmetric Distributions with Application to DOA Estimation

Flexible and Scalable Transform-Domain Codebook for High Bit Rate CELP Coders

Flexible Fusion of Electroencephalography and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Revealing Neural-Hemodynamic Coupling Through Structured Matrix-Tensor Factorization

Fractional Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning

Frequency Diverse Array Beamforming for Physical-Layer Security with Directionally-Aligned Legitimate User and Eavesdropper

Frequency Domain Multipath Fading Channel Simulator Integrated with OFDM Transmitter for E-UTRAN Baseband Traffic Generator

Frequency Estimation for Monophonical Music by Using a Modified VMD Method

Frequency Spectrum Regularization for Pattern Noise Removal Based on Image Decomposition

Full Proportionate Functional Link Adaptive Filters for Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Gtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Gait Recognition Using Normalized Shadows

Gender Classification Based on EEG Signal

Generalized CMAC Adaptive Ensembles for Concept-Drifting Data Streams

Global Error Control Procedure for Spatially Structured Targets

Glottal Mixture Model (GLOMM) for Speaker Identification on Telephone Channels

Gradient-based Algorithm for Designing Sequence with Low Autocorrelation Sidelobes

Graph Adjacency Matrix Learning for Irregularly Sampled Markovian Natural Images

Graph Clustering for Localization Within a Sensor Array

Graph Sampling with Determinantal Processes

Graph Scaling Cut with L1-Norm for Classification of Hyperspectral Images

Graph Spectral Domain Feature Representation for in-Air Drawn Number Recognition

Graph-Based Interpolation for Zooming in 3D Scenes

Gridless Compressed Sensing for Fully Augmentable Arrays

Group Metropolis Sampling

Htop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

H_{infinite} Estimator for Gearbox Diagnosis in Variable Speed Conditions

Hand Gesture Recognition Using Machine Learning and the Myo Armband

Harmonic and Percussive Source Separation Using a Convolutional Auto Encoder

HDR Image Compression with Optimized JPEG Coding

Heuristics for Tile Parallelism in HEVC

High-dimensional Optimization of Color Coded Apertures for Compressive Spectral Cameras

Higher-Order, Adversary-Aware, Double JPEG-Detection via Selected Training on Attacked Samples

Highly Efficient Representation of Reconfigurable Code Based on a Radio Virtual Machine: Optimization to Any Target Platform

Honey Dataset Standard Using Hyperspectral Imaging for Machine Learning Problems

Human Crowd Detection for Drone Flight Safety Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Hybrid Digital-Analog Joint Source Channel Coding for Broadcast Multiresolution Communications

Hybrid Optimization Method for Cognitive and MIMO Radar Code Design

Hyperparameter Estimation in Maximum a Posteriori Regression Using Group Sparsity with an Application to Brain Imaging

Hyperspectral Image Restoration Based on Spatio-Spectral Structure Tensor Regularization

Itop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Image Coding Based on Patch-Driven Inpainting

Image Deblurring Using a Perturbation-Based Regularization Approach

Impact of Temporal Subsampling on Accuracy and Performance in Practical Video Classification

Implementation Aspects of Nonlinear Precoding for - Coding and Legacy Receivers

Improved Image Discrimination Using Fast Non-linear Orthogonal Dictionary Learning

Improved Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Based on Reserving Room After Encryption and Pixel Prediction

Improvement of HEVC Inter-coding Mode Using Multiple Transforms

Independent Vector Analysis with Frequency Range Division and Prior Switching

Inference of Spatiotemporal Processes over Graphs via Kernel Kriged Kalman Filtering

Initializing Probabilistic Linear Discriminant Analysis

Inter-Carrier Interference of Multiple Access UFMC with Flexible Subcarrier Spacings

Interference MAC: Impact of Improper Gaussian Signaling on the Rate Region Pareto Boundary

Investigation of Electric Network Frequency for Synchronization of Low Cost and Wireless Sound Cards

Investigation of Nonlinear Granger Causality in the Context of Epilepsy

Jtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Jeffrey's Divergence Between Autoregressive Moving-Average Processes

Jeffrey's Divergence Between Complex-Valued Sinusoidal Processes

Joint Active Device Identification and Symbol Detection Using Sparse Constraints in Massive MIMO Systems

Joint Carrier Frequency Offset and Channel Impulse Response Estimation for Linear Periodic Channels

Joint Channel Estimation / Data Detection in MIMO-FBMC/OQAM Systems - A Tensor-Based Approach

Joint Detection and Classification Convolutional Neural Network on Weakly Labelled Bird Audio Detection

Joint Frequency and 2-D DOA Recovery with sub-Nyquist Difference Space-Time Array

Joint Learning of Local Fingerprint and Content Modulation

Joint Sensor Placement and Power Rating Selection in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

Joint Subsample Time Delay and Echo Template Estimations for Ultrasound Signals

Ltop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Landmine Detection from GPR Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Large Deviation Analysis of the CPD Detection Problem Based on Random Tensor Theory

Large Load-Controlled Multiple-Active Multiple-Passive Antenna Arrays: Transmit Beamforming and Multi-User Precoding

Lattice Boltzmann Method for Modelling of Biological Phenomena

Learning Directed-Acyclic-Graphs from Multiple Genomic Data Sources

Learning Fast Sparsifying Overcomplete Dictionaries

Learning Feature Extractors for AMD Classification in OCT Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Learning Local Feature Aggregation Functions with Backpropagation

Lightweight Two-Stream Convolutional Face Detection

Linear Complex Iterative Frequency Estimation of Sparse and Non-Sparse Pulse and Point Processes

Local Frame Match Distance: A Novel Approach for Exemplar Gesture Recognition

Log-Likelihood Score Level Fusion for Improved Cross-Sensor Smartphone Periocular Recognition

Low Complexity Channel Shortening for Discrete Multitone Modulation Systems

Low Complexity Hybrid Precoding in Finite Dimensional Channel for Massive MIMO Systems

Low Complexity Intra Mode Decision Algorithm for 3D-HEVC

Low Cost Subspace Tracking Algorithms for Sparse Systems

Low Rank Canonical Polyadic Decomposition of Tensors Based on Group Sparsity

Low Resource Point Process Models for Keyword Spotting Using Unsupervised Online Learning

Low-complexity Approximation to the Kalman Filter Using Convex Combinations of Adaptive Filters from Different Families

Low-Complexity Detection Based on Landweber Method in the Uplink of Massive MIMO Systems

Low-Complexity Non-Uniform Penalized Affine Projection Algorithms for Active Noise Control

Low-Rank and Nonlinear Model Approach to Image Inpainting

Low-rank and Sparse NMF for Joint Endmembers' Number Estimation and Blind Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images

Mtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Machine Learning for Automatic Classification of Volcano-Seismic Signatures

Malicious Users Discrimination in Organized Attacks Using Structured Sparsity

MAP Tomographic Reconstruction with a Spatially Adaptive Hierarchical Image Model

Masked Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Bird Detection Using Weakly Labeled Data

Maxout Filter Networks Referencing Morphological Filters

Measure-Transformed Gaussian Quasi Score Test

Microlens Image Sparse Modelling for Lossless Compression of Plenoptic Camera Sensor Images

Misspecified Cramér-Rao Bounds for Complex Unconstrained and Constrained Parameters

Modal Beamforming for Small Circular Arrays of Particle Velocity Sensors

Modeling and Estimation of Massive MIMO Channel Non-Reciprocity: Sparsity-aided Approach

Modeling Formant Dynamics in Speech Spectral Envelopes

Modification of Second-Order Nonlinear IIR Filter for Compensating Linear and Nonlinear Distortions of Electrodynamic Loudspeaker

Motor Parameters Estimation from Industrial Electrical Measurements

MoveHN-A Database to Support the Development of Motion Based Biosignal Processing Systems

Multi Denoising Approximate Message Passing for Optimal Recovery with Lower Computational Cost

Multi-Antenna Transmission Using ESPAR with Peak Power Constraints

Multi-Channel Estimation of Power Spectral Density Matrix Using Inter-Frame and Inter-Band Information

Multi-Doppler Resolution Automotive Radar

Multi-Frequency Image Reconstruction for Radio-Interferometry with Self-Tuned Regularization Parameters

Multi-Resolution Reconstruction Algorithm for Compressive Single Pixel Spectral Imaging

Multi-TOA Based Position Estimation for IR-UWB

Multi-Way Massive MIMO with Maximum-Ratio Processing and Imperfect CSI

Multi-Way Regression for Age Prediction Exploiting Speech and Face Image Information

Multimodal Detection of Fake Social Media Use Through a Fusion of Classification and Pairwise Ranking Systems

Multiple DOA Estimation Based on Estimation Consistency and Spherical Harmonic Multiple Signal Classification

Multiple Far Noise Suppression in a Real Environment Using Transfer-Function-Gain NMF

Multiplierless Unified Architecture for Mixed Radix-2/3/4 FFTs

Multivariance Nonlinear System Identification Using Wiener Basis Functions and Perfect Sequences

Multivariate Change Detection on High Resolution Monovariate SAR Image Using Linear Time-Frequency Analysis

Multivariate Iterative Hard Thresholding for Sparse Decomposition with Flexible Sparsity Patterns

Ntop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Near Field Targets Localization Using Bistatic MIMO System with Spherical Wavefront Based Model

Near Field Targets Localization Using Bistatic MIMO System with Symmetric Arrays

Near-Optimal Greedy Sensor Selection for MVDR Beamforming with Modular Budget Constraint

Network Topology Inference via Elastic Net Structural Equation Models

New Insights into the Role of the Head Radius in Model-Based Binaural Speaker Localization

New Model Order Selection in Large Dimension Regime for Complex Elliptically Symmetric Noise

NLOS Identification and Compensation for UWB Ranging Based on Obstruction Classification

Non-Binary Turbo-Coded OFDM-PLC System in the Presence of Impulsive Noise

Non-Intrusive Bit-Rate Detection of Coded Speech

Non-intrusive Condition Monitoring for Manufacturing Systems

Non-Intrusive Intelligibility Prediction Using a Codebook-Based Approach

Non-iterative Filter Bank Phase (Re)Construction

Nonconvulsive Epileptic Seizures Detection Using Multiway Data Analysis

Nonlinear Least Squares Updating of the Canonical Polyadic Decomposition

Nonlinear Model Selection for PARMA Processes Using RJMCMC

Nonparametric Detection Using Empirical Distributions and Bootstrapping

Novel Energy Separation Based Instantaneous Frequency Features for Spoof Speech Detection

Novel TEO-based Gammatone Features for Environmental Sound Classification

Otop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

On Characterization and Application of Oscillatory Almost-Cyclostationary Processes

On Differential Modulation in Downlink Multiuser MIMO Systems

On Joint Order and Bandwidth Selection for Identification of Nonstationary Autoregressive Processes


On the Feasibility of Personal Audio Systems over a Network of Distributed Loudspeakers

On the Improvement of Modulation Features Using Multi-Microphone Energy Tracking for Robust Distant Speech Recognition

On the Number of Iterations for the Matching Pursuit Algorithm

On the Use of Tight Frames for Optimal Sensor Placement in Time-Difference of Arrival Localization

On the Value of Graph-based Segmentation for the Analysis of Structural Networks in Life Sciences

Ongoing Tests and Improvements of the MPS Algorithm for the Automatic Crack Detection Within Grey Level Pavement Images

Online Convex Optimization for Dynamic Network Resource Allocation

Online Group-Sparse Estimation Using the Covariance Fitting Criterion

Online Learning in L2 Space with Multiple Gaussian Kernels

Optimal Compression of Vibration Data with Lifting Wavelet Transform and Context-based Arithmetic Coding

Optimal Decentralized Coded Caching for Heterogeneous Files

Optimal Design of Sparse MIMO Arrays for Near-Field Ultrawideband Imaging

Optimal High-Dimensional Shrinkage Covariance Estimation for Elliptical Distributions

Optimal Number of Measurements for Compressed Sensing with Quadratically Decreasing SNR

Optimal Sampling Strategies for Adaptive Learning of Graph Signals

Optimized Block-Diagonalization Precoding Technique Using Givens Rotations QR Decomposition

Optimizing Acoustic Feature Extractor for Anomalous Sound Detection Based on Neyman-Pearson Lemma

Order Adaptive Golomb Rice Coding for High Variability Sources

Oriented Asymmetric Kernels for Corner Detection

Orthogonally Constrained Independent Component Extraction: Blind MPDR Beamforming

Ptop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Pairwise Markov Models for Stock Index Forecasting

PARAFAC2 and Its Block Term Decomposition Analog for Blind fMRI Source Unmixing

Parameter Estimation in Spike and Slab Variational Inference for Blind Image Deconvolution

Parametrisable Digital Design of a Sphere Decoder with High-Level Synthesis

Patch-based Image Denoising: Probability Distribution Estimation vs. Sparsity Prior

Path Planning and Localization for Mobile Anchor Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Pathwise Least Angle Regression and A Significance Test for the Elastic Net

Penalty Learning for Changepoint Detection

Perception and Production of L2 Mandarin Tones by Swedish Learners

Performance Analysis of Multi-frequency GNSS Carrier Tracking for Strong Ionospheric Scintillation Mitigation

Performance Analysis of PLNC Using Hierarchical Modulation

Performance Analysis of Several Pitch Detection Algorithms on Simulated and Real Noisy Speech Data

Performance and Energy Consumption Analysis of the X265 Video Encoder

Performance Bounds for Cooperative RSS Emitter Tracking Using Diffusion Particle Filters

Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Filters for Sparse Wireless Channel Estimation

Performance Evaluation of Nonlinear Speech Enhancement Based on Virtual Increase of Channels in Reverberant Environments

Performance Improvement for Wideband Beamforming with White Noise Reduction Based on Sparse Arrays

Person Identity Recognition on Motion Capture Data Using Label Propagation

Person Re-identification Based on Deep Multi-instance Learning

PharmaPack: Mobile Fine-Grained Recognition of Pharma Packages

Phase Contrast Computed Tomography Using Continuous THz Source

Phase Vocoder Done Right

Pitch Prediction from Mel-generalized Cepstrum — a Computationally Efficient Pitch Modeling Approach for Speech Synthesis

Precision Analysis of the Imaging Pipeline in the Square Kilometre Array

Precoder Design in User-Centric Virtual Cell Networks

Precoding Under Instantaneous Per-Antenna Peak Power Constraint

Prediction Mode Based Reference Line Synthesis for Intra Prediction of Video Coding

Predominant Vocal Melody Extraction from Enhanced Partial Harmonic Content

Prequalification of VDSL2 Customers for Services

Privacy-Safe Linkage Analysis with Homomorphic Encryption

Private Authentication Keys Based on Wearable Device EEG Recordings

Probabilistic Cross-Validation Estimators for Gaussian Process Regression

Prognostic Prediction of Histopathological Images by Local Binary Patterns and RUSBoost

Projector's Weighting for W-MUSIC: An Alternative to RMT

Pseudo-CT Generation by Conditional Inference Random Forest for MRI-based Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

Pseudo-Ground Truth Data Collection on Pavement Images

Pyramid Encoding for Fast Additive Quantization

Qtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Qualitative Assessment of Recurrent Human Motion

Quasi-Newton Least-Mean Fourth Adaptive Algorithm

Quaternion Adaptive Line Enhancer

Rtop 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Radar Detection Schemes for Joint Temporal and Spatial Correlated Clutter Using Vector ARMA Models

RAKE: a Simple and Efficient Lossless Compression Algorithm for the Internet of Things

Random Phase Center Motion Technique for Enhanced Angle-Doppler Discrimination Using MIMO Radars

Range Migrating Target Detection in Correlated Compound-Gaussian Clutter

Ranging Precision Analysis of LTE Signals

Rapid Bird Activity Detection Using Probabilistic Sequence Kernels

Rapid Prototyping and FPGA-in-the-Loop Verification of a DFrFT-based OFDM System

Raspberry Pi for Image Processing Education

Real Life Radio-Location Examples for Enhanced Signal Processing Teaching

Real Time Noise Suppression in Social Settings Comprising a Mixture of Non-stationary and Transient Noise

Real-Time Adaptive Equalization for Headphone Listening

Reconfiguration of 5G Radio Interface for Positioning and Communication

Reconstructing the Forest of Lineage Trees of Diverse Bacterial Communities Using Bio-inspired Image Analysis

Recovery of Boolean Sparse-Signals with Unknown Sparsity Level

Recovery of Missing Samples in Fetal Heart Rate Recordings with Gaussian Processes

Recursive Multikernel Filters Exploiting Nonlinear Temporal Structure

Recycling Gibbs Sampling

Reducing Computational Complexity in HEVC Decoder for Mobile Energy Saving

Refinement of Time-Difference-Of-Arrival Measurements via Rank Properties in Two-Dimensional Space

Registration of Images to Unorganized 3D Point Clouds Using Contour Cues

Relevance of Empirical Mode Decomposition for Fetal Heartbeat Detection on Smartphone Devices

Residual Neural Networks for Speech Recognition

Restoration from Multispectral Blurred Data with Non-Stationary Instrument Response

Restoration of Multilayered Single-Photon 3D LiDAR Images

Retrieval of Individualized Head-Related Transfer Functions for Hearing Aid Applications

Road Surface Crack Detection: Improved Segmentation with Pixel-based Refinement

Robust Distributed Multi-Speaker Voice Activity Detection Using Stability Selection for Sparse Non-Negative Feature Extraction

Robust Distributed Sequential Detection via Robust Estimation

Robust Distributed Sequential Hypothesis Testing for Detecting a Random Signal in Non-Gaussian Noise

Robust Low-rank Tensor Modelling Using Tucker and CP Decomposition

Robust Object Characterization from Lensless Microscopy Videos

Robust Precoding Scheme for Multi-user MIMO Visible Light Communication System

Robust Statistical Processing of TDOA Estimates for Distant Speaker Diarization

Robust Time-Of-Arrival Estimation in Multipath Channels with OFDM Signals

Robust Trajectory-based Density Estimation for Geometric Structure Recovery

RSS-based Respiratory Rate Monitoring Using Periodic Gaussian Processes and Kalman Filtering

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SAR Deception Jamming Target Recognition Based on the Shadow Feature

Scalable Source Localization with Multichannel Alpha-Stable Distributions

Scheduling and Precoding in Hybrid Analog-Digital Multiantenna Spectrum Sharing Systems

Secure Communication Protocol for a Low-Bandwidth Audio Channel

Semi-Blind Student's t Source Separation for Multichannel Audio Convolutive Mixtures

Semi-Unsupervised Bayesian Convex Image Restoration with Location Mixture of Gaussian

Sensitivity Analysis of the Multi-Frame MVDR Filter for Single-Microphone Speech Enhancement

Sensor-based Predictive Communication for Highly Dynamic Multi-Hop Vehicular Networks

Separation of Delayed Parameterized Sources

Separation of Vibration-Derived Sound Signals Based on Fusion Processing of Vibration Sensors and Microphones

Signal Processing on Kernel-Based Random Graphs

Simplified Analysis of HARQ Cooperative Networks Using Finite-State Markov Chains

Skill Robot Library: Intelligent Path Planning Framework for Object Manipulation

Smart Signal Interconnection by the Use of a Photosensitive Polymer

Solution of the Inverse Frobenius-Perron Problem for Semi-Markov Chaotic Maps via Recursive Markov State Disaggregation

Solving Large-scale Systems of Random Quadratic Equations via Stochastic Truncated Amplitude Flow

Sound-Environment Monitoring Technique Based on Computational Auditory Scene Analysis

Source Enumeration in Large Arrays Using Corrected Rao's Score Test and Relatively Few Samples

Space-Time CUSUM for Distributed Quickest Detection Using Randomly Spaced Sensors Along a Path

SparkDict: A Fast Dictionary Learning Algorithm

Sparse Frequency Extrapolation of Spectrograms

Sparse Linear Nested Array for Active Sensing

Sparse Parametric Modeling of the Early Part of Acoustic Impulse Responses

Sparse Reconstruction Algorithms for Nonlinear Microwave Imaging

Sparse-Low Rank Matrix Decomposition Framework for Identifying Potential Biomarkers for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Sparsity Promoting LMS for Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

Sparsity-based Direction of Arrival Estimation in the Presence of Gain/Phase Uncertainty

Spatial Peak Power Minimization for Relaxed Phase M-PSK MIMO Directional Modulation Transmitter

Spatio-Spectro-Temporal Coded Aperture Design for Multiresolution Compressive Spectral Video Sensing

Speaker Extraction Using LCMV Beamformer with DNN-based SPP and RTF Identification Scheme

Speaker Verification Anti-Spoofing Using Linear Prediction Residual Phase Features

Spectral Detection and Localization of Radio Events with Learned Convolutional Neural Features

Spectrum Reconstruction with Nonuniform Fast Fourier Transform for MIMO SAR Azimuth Nonuniform Sampling

Speech Enhancement Using Modulation-Domain Kalman Filtering with Active Speech Level Normalized Log-Spectrum Global Priors

Spoofing Detection Employing Infinite Impulse Response - Constant Q Transform-based Feature Representations

Stacked Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Bird Audio Detection

Steady-State Analysis of the Maximum Correntropy Volterra Filter with Application to Nonlinear Channel Equalization

Stereophonic Music Separation Based on Non-negative Tensor Factorization with Cepstrum Regularization

Structurally Random Fourier Domain Compressive Sampling and Frequency Domain Beamforming for Ultrasound Imaging

Study of Widely Linear Multichannel Wiener Filter for Binaural Noise Reduction

Sub-Antenna Sparse Processing for Coherence Loss in Underwater Source Localization

Sub-band Equalization Filter Design for Improving Dynamic Range Performance of Modulated Wideband Converter

Successive Relative Transfer Function Identification Using Single Microphone Speech Enhancement

Surgical Tool Tracking by On-line Selection of Structural Correlation Filters

Synthesis of a Spatially Band-Limited Plane Wave in the Time-Domain Using Wave Field Synthesis

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Target Detection by GPS Forward-Scattering System

TDOA Estimation Based on Phase-Voting Cross Correlation and Circular Standard Deviation

Teaching Multi-Core DSP Implementation on EVM C6678 Board

Telecom Showcase: An Exhibition of Old Technology Useful for Students and Teachers

Tensor-Based Sparsity Order Estimation for Big Data Applications

The ASTRES Toolbox for Mode Extraction of Non-Stationary Multicomponent Signals

The Design of a Homotopy-based 1-D Seismic FIR F-X Wavefield Extrapolation Filters

The Design of Seismic Migration Complex-Valued Finite Impulse Response Filters

The Impact of Diverse Preprocessing Pipelines on Brain Functional Connectivity

The Iterative 2D Windowed Fourier Transform: A SOS Approach to Speckle Noise Reduction in Digital Holography

The Outlier-Corrected-Data-Adaptive Lasso: A New Robust Estimator for the Independent Contamination Model

The Scaled Reassigned Spectrogram Adapted for Detection and Localisation of Transient Signals

Thinned Coprime Arrays for DOA Estimation

Three-dimensional Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging in Confocal Microscopy of Living Cells

Throughput-Based Performance Evaluation of 5G-Candidate Waveforms in High Speed Scenarios

Timbre Analysis of Music Audio Signals with Convolutional Neural Networks

Time-Data Trade-off in the Sparse Fourier Transform

Time-difference of Arrival Model for Spherical Microphone Arrays and Application to Direction of Arrival Estimation

Time-Domain Kalman Filter for Active Noise Cancellation Headphones

Time-Domain Realisation of Model-Based Rendering for 2.5D Local Wave Field Synthesis Using Spatial Bandwidth-Limitation

Time-Scale Wavelet Scattering Using Hyperbolic Tangent Function for Vessel Sound Classification

Time-series Classification Using Neural Bag-of-Features

Topographical Pattern Analysis Using Wavelet Based Coherence Connectivity Estimation in the Distinction of Meditation and Non-meditation EEG

Topology Design to Increase Network Lifetime in WSN for Graph Filtering in Consensus Processes

Topology-Aware Space-Time Network Coding

Toward Green Communications Using Semi-Blind Channel Estimation

Traffic-Aware Transmission Mode Selection in D2D-enabled Cellular Networks with Token System

Transform Learning Algorithm Based on the Probability of Representation of Signals

Trapezoidal Block Split Using Orthogonal C2 Transforms for HEVC Video Coding

Triaxial Rehabilitative Data Analysis Incorporating Matching Pursuit

Trust the Biometric Mainstream: Multi-biometric Fusion and Score Coherence

Trust-based Strategies for Wireless Networks Under Partial Monitoring

Tunable Load MIMO with Quantized Loads

Two Convolutional Neural Networks for Bird Detection in Audio Signals

Two-layer Tracking for Occlusion Handling and Inter-sensor Identification in Multiple Depth Sensors-based Object Detection and Tracking

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Unmixing Dynamic PET Images with a PALM Algorithm

Unmixing Multitemporal Hyperspectral Images Accounting for Smooth and Abrupt Variations

Unsupervised Feature Extraction, Signal Labeling, and Blind Signal Separation in a State Space World

Unsupervised Time Domain Nonlinear Post-Equalization for ACO-OFDM Visible Light Communication Systems

Unveiling Bias Compensation in Turbo-Based Algorithms for (discrete) Compressed Sensing

User Adaptation of Convolutional Neural Network for Human Activity Recognition

Using Deep Learning to Detect Price Change Indications in Financial Markets

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Variants of Mel-frequency Cepstral Coefficients for Improved Whispered Speech Speaker Verification in Mismatched Conditions

Variational Stabilized Linear Forgetting in State-Space Models

Video Phylogeny Tree Reconstruction Using Aging Measures

Visual Color Difference Evaluation of Standard Color Pixel Representations for High Dynamic Range Video Compression

Visualization of Feature Evolution During Convolutional Neural Network Training

Visually Evoked Potential for EEG Biometrics Using Convolutional Neural Network

Voice Activity Detection Using Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Machines

Voice Pathology Distinction Using Autoassociative Neural Networks

Volumetric Segmentation of Human Eye Blood Vessels Based on OCT Images

VTLN-Warped Gaussian Posteriorgram for QbE-STD

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Weighted MSE Based Spatially Adaptive BM3D

What Makes Audio Event Detection Harder than Classification?

Wheels Coating Process Monitoring in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters Using Sequential Change-Point Detection Method

Wideband DoA Estimation Based on Joint Optimisation of Array and Spatial Sparsity

Wind Turbine Gearbox Vibration Signal Signature and Fault Development Through Time

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Your Gaze Betrays Your Age

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Zadoff-Chu Coded Ultrasonic Signal for Accurate Range Estimation